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4/13/2019 20:24:23   


Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Ash -> Quests -> Six Heroes -> Reminiscence
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Bargain
Release Date: April 12th, 2019

Objective: Time to learn about Faust and Sophie's past.
Objective completed: Is there any way you and Falwynn can help?

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0





*A young Faust stands before a group of bandits he has defeated.*

Sophie (narrating): He was... different.
Faust: You must be joking.
Sophie (narrating): He loved to fight. It was all he lived for.
Sophie: Stop! That's enough!

*A young Sophie lunges at and successfully tackles Faust to the ground.*

Sophie: I beat you. Now stop!
Faust: ...
Faust (narrating): She was the first person to ever defeat me.
Faust (narrating): She was... odd.

*Young Faust and Sophie appear to bond after the incident.*

Sophie: Look, Faust! It's smaller and less restrictive than a cravat!
Sophie: I'll call it... a necktie!
Faust: Your fashion sense is as odd as ever.

*Young Faust looks down pensively.*

Faust: ...I don't understand. Why do you keep talking to me?
Sophie: Well... you always seem so lonely.
Sophie: I think you just need someone to talk to, you know?

*Young Faust appears to be surprised by Sophie's answer.*

Sophie (narrating): It wasn't long before we became the best of friends.

*Many years later, a grown Faust is offering a grown Sophie a barrel of fruit.*

Faust: I've brought you nourishment.
Sophie: Faust! You can't steal food!
Faust: It's not stealing if it's through trial by combat.
Sophie: Oh, what am I going to do with you... ?
Sophie (narrating): My parents died when I was very young, so Faust is like the family I never had.
Sophie (narrating): He's... very special to me.

*Someone appears to be spying on Sophie through a telescope.*

Chancellor: That's the one, Lysander. I want her gone. Erased.
Lysander: I should hardly think one girl is worth the effort.
Chancellor: Silence. I don't donate to your... organization... for you to make small talk.
Chancellor: It's appalling. A peasant like her with a face like that?
Chancellor: No vassal of mine should be more beautiful than I.
Lysander: And therefore, you've enlisted my services... correct?
Chancellor: That's right. It's time to make an example of these peasants.
Lysander: You'd burn an entire village just to get one girl?
Chancellor: Should I care about the ants beneath my heel?
Lysander: You're a cruel man, Chancellor.

*Some time later, Faust and Sophie are running from the burning village.*

Sophie (narrating): One day, soldiers came for us in the middle of the night.
Sophie (narrating): What they wanted, I'll never know.

*Faust and Sophie continue to search for a path to safety, avoiding raging fires.*

Sophie: What's happening...?!
Faust: I don't know. Stay close to me.
Sophie (narrating): The villagers had always been kind to us. They never treated us differently because we were orphans.
Sophie (narrating): And just like that, they were all... gone.
???: There they are!

*Faust and Sophie are surrounded by the Chancellor and Hooded Knights, who capture Faust.*

Sophie: Faust!
Chancellor: That's the one. Dispose of her.

*A pair of Hooded Knights react in shock as one of their own is thrown past them. Soon only one is left, Faust holding him up by his neck.*

Faust: Sophie! Hold on!
Sophie: NoŚno!
Chancellor: You dare defy me?
Chancellor: Me, you stupid girl?

*The Chancellor has grabbed Sophie from behind. He appears irate. Sophie headbutts him with the back of her head, breaking his nose, and freeing herself.*

Chancellor: RRAAGHHH!!!
Chancellor: ENOUGH! Just burn like the rest of them!

*The Chancellor pushes Sophie from behind into the flames.*

Sophie (screaming): AAAGGHHHH!!!
Faust: NO!!!

*The Chancellor appears pleased with his victory, if only for a moment. Faust jumps on him from behind, before striking with a hit to the face, causing the Chancellor to trip on a piece of rubble. Faust assists the Chancellor's fall with a boot to the face, pushing him backwards with a backflip. During his fall, the Chancellor is impaled on a spike, fatally injuring him.*

Faust: *pant* *pant*

*Faust catches his breath, before remembering of Sophie's current status.*

Faust: Sophie? Sophie?!

*Faust's pupils contract, presumably at the sight of Sophie's burning body, although it is not shown.*

Sophie (narrating): I... I don't remember much from that night.
Sophie (narrating): Only that I was in pain. A lot of pain.

*Sophie, while not shown, pauses to reflect on this difficult time.*

Sophie (narrating): It was agonizing...

*Faust appears to have dragged Sophie's badly burned body to safety from further harm.*

Faust: Sophie!?

Faust: Please...
???: Interesting.

*A younger Lysander is standing over Faust and Sophie, observing.*

Lysander: You exceeded all my expectations.
Faust: G E T ... A W A Y.
Lysander: Don't worry. I have no interest in harming your friend.
Lysander: On the contrary, I should thank you.
Lysander: You eliminated the Chancellor for me. And saved me the effort on my part.

*Faust does not move or say a word, silently watching Lysander out of the corner of his eye.*

Lysander: I wonder. To defy fate at such a young age...
Lysander: The two of you... will you change the world someday?

*Lysander turns to walk away, but keeps an eye on Faust in a similar manner.*

Lysander: If so, then I look forward to it.
Lysander: Until then...

*Lysander walks away. Meanwhile back at Faust and Sophie's house, you and Falwynn appear to be reacting to their history very emotionally, tears streaming down Falwynn's face.*

Sophie: I've had... a lot of trouble breathing since that night. And sometimes... the pain is too much to bear.
Sophie: ...But I'm still alive. Thanks to Faust, I'm still here.

*Faust looks down, seemingly unable to accept gratitude until Sophie can be healed.*

Faust: I've... been searching.

*Your attention is now directed at Faust, with a sense of optimism, who is opening up a little more as well.*

Faust: Tonics and potions. Tinctures and ointments.
Faust: Anything and everything to help Sophie.

*Sophie is still wearing her helm to cover the burns on her face, but the burns on her neck, chest and arms are still exposed and visible.*

Faust: And after all these years... I've finally found what she needs.
Faust: There's just one ingredient left...
Sophie: ...

*Faust clenched his fist with his last trailing statement, Sophie does not know what to say, and Falwynn and you are still deeply emotional after hearing about their past.*

*Elsewhere, an older Lysander is shown to be standing alone in the dark, deep in thought, when something catches his attention.*

Lysander: I thought I told you to stay at the villa.
???: Apologies, my Lord. Your safety is paramount.

*Lysander looks back at the unnamed Hooded Knight from the corner of his eye. The darkness is illuminated by distant flames, and silhouettes of villagers can be seen fleeing the source.*

Lysander: No matter.
Lysander: And so the wheel of fate turns.

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