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11/22/2020 21:53:00   


Location: Book of Lore -> Myalos, Falconreach (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Uaanta -> The Maleurous -> Myalos -> Myalos
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Remnants at Rest
Release Date: November 20th, 2020

Objective: It's time to find Myalos... and get some answers.
Objective completed: Wait, how did Lock and Key get teleported along with you?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(5) Awakened Brawler
(6) Awakened Crusher
(10) Awakened Turret
(1) The Seed - Boss



Access to Myalos Loot for DCs.


*You are inside Myalos' construct; fight various awakened golems in search of Myalos; you must locate and pull two levers in order to unlock a hatch and proceed; through the hatch, you and Uaanta find an almost humanoid machine connected to various wires.*

Uaanta: What is... all this?
<Character>: I... I don't know.
<Character>: It kind of looks like a human.
Uaanta: Maybe it's asleep?
Uaanta: HEY! WAKE UP!

*Shortly after Uaanta's request, the humanoid machine initiates, and appears to scan your face, somewhat replicating it as if to appear less threatening.*

???: Greetings.
???: You must be the champions of the Avatars.
<Character>: And you... must be Myalos.
Myalos: I am.
Uaanta: So, <Character>, are we talking to this one or breaking it?
<Character>: Well, Lock and Key said–
Uaanta: I don't know about you, <Character>, but I'm here under orders of the Avatars, not this "Lock and Key" pair.
Uaanta: And my orders are to destroy this Maleurous.

Uaanta: But...
Uaanta: I must admit, I am very curious about what's going on here.
Uaanta: You're a bad influence.
Myalos: I appreciate your... mercy.
Myalos: Regarding Lock and Key, if I may ask, where are they?
<Character>: Last we saw, they were holding off Remthalas above ground.
Myalos: I see. Then we are safe, for a time. I imagine you have many questions.
Uaanta: Hmph.
<Character>: What exactly are you? What do you want?
Myalos: This construct, the entirety of this mech, is designated "Myalos". It is my body, and I am the mind.
<Character>: This whole thing is... you?
Uaanta: Then if everything here is you, and you wanted us here, why were we attacked on the way in?
Myalos: There lies the problem at hand.
Myalos: While most of my memory is fragmented, I can recall small pieces of my origins.
Myalos: I remember a war against a foe that threatened to consume all.
Myalos: I remember an explosion, one that knocked out my systems and set me adrift.
Myalos: I remember... a feeling of loss. Of a mission not failed, but simply ended.
Myalos: And then an awakening. Systems normal, save one error.
Myalos: An extraneous mechanism had been implanted at my core.

Myalos: A seed.
Myalos: When I attempted to remove it, I discovered its purpose.
Myalos: It was gradually wresting control, rewriting me.
Myalos: First I lost control of the power supply, and then I lost control of the internal defenses.
<Character>: And that's why we were attacked?
Myalos: Yes. It is also why I was originally imprisoned by the Avatars.
Myalos: As the seed mechanism took control of me, it began repurposing parts of this mech, my body, to create and send out machines of war.
Myalos: These destructive machines did not go unnoticed. Nor did their apparent source.

Myalos: Me.
Myalos: The Avatars sent an army of their servants who forced their way in and retrieved the core of my mind and sealed it away.
Myalos: By doing so, they halted the corruption process, and the seed mechanism could no longer use me for its purposes.
Uaanta: They couldn't just destroy the uh, seed mechanism?
Myalos: Regrettably, I had degraded to such a state where I could only sense that there were invaders.
Myalos: I knew not their motives, and so with my attention split between holding off the corruption and holding off the unknown force...
Myalos: ...the corruption took advantage.
Myalos: My saviors did not know where they were going, nor exactly what they were seeking, only that this was the source of the machines.
Myalos: They found me and took me, stopping the corruption, but did not find the seed.
<Character>: I assume that's what we're here for?
Myalos: When we, designated the Maleurous, were released...
Myalos: ...Lock and Key realized that despite the distance, the corruption process had begun anew.
Myalos: They returned me here to attempt to slow down the corruption, and thus far, I have managed.
Myalos: Lock and Key were unable to disable the seed mechanism. They refused to enter its chamber, and could not explain why.
Myalos: And so I waited, holding the corruption at bay, until they returned with a plan. With word of you, the champions of the Avatars.
Uaanta: So... if we do this for you, destroy this seed, what then? You'll regain full control?
Myalos: Regrettably, in exchange for delaying full corruption, I allowed it to seize some vital aspects of this mech.
Myalos: As mentioned before, the power source has been under its control since nearly the beginning.
Myalos: When the seed falls, so too will my supply of energy.
Uaanta: So you're sacrificing yourself to prevent a calamity.

Uaanta: Respectable.
Myalos: Not... entirely.
Myalos: As you may see, I am currently in the process of creating a new, smaller, less catastrophic body for myself.
Myalos: However, for the next vital steps of construction, I do not trust the corruption to simply leave me be.
Myalos: You will destroy the seed mechanism. With the reserve power, Lock and Key will aid me in finishing my new body.
Myalos: And without a viable power source, none will have to worry about this mech wreaking havoc.
<Character>: That sounds like a good plan to me.

<Character>: Uaanta?
Uaanta: Very well. If this seed is truly the source of the corruption, destroying it would indeed be neutralizing the threat.
Uaanta: Count me in.
<Character>: One final question. Remthalas mentioned that he wanted to use you to "release many from their shackles".
<Character>: Do you know what he meant by that?
Myalos: Assuming he does not mean mere death and destruction, I do not. Nor do I intend to become corrupted enough to understand.
<Character>: I see. Anything else, Uaanta?
Uaanta: If this doesn't work, then I get to turn Myalos into a new set of armor.

*You glare at Uaanta, unamused.*

<Character>: Fair enough. Let's go!

*You continue through Myalos' construct in search of The Seed; once located, you battle it, attempting to destroy it.*

Uaanta: That should do it!
<Character>: Let's head back and check on Myalos.
Uaanta: Agreed.

*You and Uaanta head back to Myalos' location.*

<Character>: Myalos, it's done. We destroyed the seed.

*Myalos does not respond.*

Uaanta: You don't suppose something went wrong?
<Character>: Maybe Remthalas broke through Lock and Key's defenses?
Uaanta: What do you usually do in these situations?
<Character>: I'm not usually in this kind of situation. Maybe we can try... poking it?

*Before you or Uaanta can do anything, Myalos initiates once again.*

Myalos: That will not be necessary.
Myalos: I apologize for the inconvenience. When I sensed the presence of the seed fade, I could not wait.
Myalos: I initiated a system refresh to finally cleanse myself of its foul influence. It appears that my boot sequence went longer than I anticipated.
<Character>: A system refresh? Boot sequence?
Myalos: A refreshing nap. Waking up.
Uaanta: You're not going to turn on us now, are you?
Myalos: I am not. The seed no longer corrupts or controls me. I am finally free.
Myalos: My power reserves are draining, but I should have enough to complete my body.
Myalos: Thank you, champions of the Avatars.
<Character>: This is usually when we get teleported away, or something terrible happens, isn't it?
Uaanta: You just had to say something, didn't you, <Character>?

*You look around, sensing something is wrong as you haven't yet been teleported back to the Firmament, and decide to leave Myalos' construct.*

<Character>: Something isn't right. We should check back topside.
Uaanta: Agreed. Myalos, are you going to be okay?
Myalos: Most assuredly. Please send Lock and Key in when you reach them.
Myalos: And thank you once again. It is difficult for me to convey this, but you have done me a priceless service.
Myalos: I am free, but I will forever be in your debt.
Uaanta: Never.
Uaanta: As heroes, it is our duty to help those in need.
Uaanta: We just did our jobs. No repayment is necessary.
<Character>: Well...
Uaanta: We're heroes.
<Character>: Right, right. Let's see what's going on outside then. Take care, Myalos.

*After you and Uaanta leave, Myalos contemplates your words.*

Myalos: Heroes...

Myalos: Freedom...

*Back outside Myalos' construct, you find Lock and Key have been... disabled.*

<Character>: Lock! Key!

*Only their lock and key components remain, lying motionless on the ground.*

Remthalas: Do not worry, they are unharmed.

Remthalas: Relatively.

*You and Uaanta stand opposite Remthalas and another still-masked, mystery Maleurous member, with Lock and Key's remains between both parties.*

???: And these are the "champions".

*You and Uaanta both glare at the Maleurous duo.*

???: Regardless of the title, servants of the Avatars are servants nonetheless.
Uaanta: I don't think they're here to talk, <Character>.
???: Ah, the Lhe'Shyian. Uaanta Fayt, was it?

???: On the contrary.
???: My dear colleague Remthalas has perhaps been... over-enthusiastic with his methods.
Remthalas: I'm not... good at communication.
???: There, there, friend. Mistakes happen.
Uaanta: Are you two done being pals? What do you want, if not to fight?
???: A fight would be counterproductive. The two of you are merely following the paths laid out for you.
???: It is no fault of your own. Such is the structure you have come to embrace.
<Character>: We already told Remthalas before. We're doing this because we want to. Because it's right.
???: Right for whom? From whose perspective? Yours? Or the Avatars?
???: You already doubt their judgement, <Character>, do you not?
???: Who is to say that their laws, their order is correct?
<Character>: Lore is doing perfectly fine under their–
???: Is it? What has the rule of the Avatars done?
???: Ever there is conflict. Ever there is pain, and suffering.
???: There must be a reckoning against those who would allow such injustices.
???: A revolution. And at its head, there must be heroes.
Uaanta: It is true that there is conflict, but there is bravery and sacrifice such that most may live in peace and comfort.
Uaanta: I am not so naive as to imagine that the world of the Makers is perfect.
Uaanta: But it is the best of their design.
???: And just how long have these "Makers" had to set the world in order? Thousands of years? Tens of thousands of years?
???: Hundreds of thousands?
???: And what do they have to show for it but indecisive and inconsistent fleeting action?
<Character>: The Avatars do not control us, or anyone.
???: And do you think they don't want to?
???: The fools forget their place.

*Uaanta attempts to attack the mystery Maleurous, to no avail.*

Uaanta: How... dare you!
Remthalas: Maybe you aren't as uninteresting as I thought.

*With the click of his fingers, Remthalas sends Uaanta to sleep once again.*

<Character>: Remthalas! Release her!
???: Please, Remthalas, I do not believe there is a need for such theatrics.
Remthalas: You do not command me.
???: No, but you requested my assistance, did you not?

???: I ask you to do me this favor.

*Remthalas glances at the mystery Maleurous, and decides to grant them this favor.*

Remthalas: ...Very well.

*Remthalas clicks his fingers once more, however Uaanta remains fast asleep on the ground.*

???: Good enough.
<Character>: Good enough? She's still sleeping!
Remthalas: I have left her dreams be. Worry not.
???: Ah, which reminds me, it is about time we said our farewells.
???: What we were after is no longer here, Remthalas.

???: A pity.
???: I am leaving. Do what you wish.

*The mystery Maleurous teleports away, and Lock and Key's remains simultaneously levitate again, spinning as they did before.*

Remthalas: You could be the savior of the oppressed, a breaker of chains.
Remthalas: Consider our words, <Character>.

*Remthalas also teleports away; you grimace, staring at the unconscious Uaanta and disabled Lock and Key before you.*

<Character>: What a mess I've gotten myself into this–
<Character>: –-time?

*At once, you, Uaanta, and Lock and Key have all been teleported to the Firmament.*

<Character>: Um.

*Knowing how terrible this must look to the Avatars, you grin awkwardly.*

<Character>: I can explain!

*Scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens Myalos Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • The red mushroom acts as a healing source during the quest (How did this strange mushroom grow down here? Do you want to eat it to recover HP/MP?), as well as the mysterious orb through a hatch two rooms before the boss.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • This looks like a door of some kind. There must be a way to open it!
  • You pull the lever.
  • The lever is stuck!
  • The green glow of the lever in the next room reassures you that everything will be okay.
  • The green glow of the lever in the next room comforts you in this strange and unknown ruin.
  • You hear the hum of energy grow louder. Maybe the path will open now!
  • One of these times eating random fungi isn't going to turn out well...
  • Placing your hands on this mysterious orb makes you feel better! Lucky!

  • Next Up: Reactivation

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