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Location: The Firmament, Sinnocence (Boss Fight), Falconreach (Book 3) -> Up -> Left, Ex Somniis Fabula, Child's Play, Alone Together, Breaking the Mold, No Rest For Dragons, Await The Calm, The Angel's Tomb, Remnants at Rest, Myalos, Reactivation, Revelation, Reclamation, Iconoclasm, Respite, Revolution, Reality, Uaanta's Dream, Myalos' Dream, Notha's Dream, Rebirth, Maleurous Epilogue: Remembrance, Recreation!, The Dreamers' Abyss, Ancient Abyss: Epilogue

Quests given
The Maleurous
The Firmament / Friday the 13th Sinnocence
Ex Somniis Fabula
Child's Play / Friday the 13th - Mr. Nameless / Friday the 13th - Remthalas
The Lucky Undead
Welcome, Guest / Archive E-189-L
No Rest For Dragons / Friday the 13th 14th - The Angel of Azaveyr
Remnants at Rest
Reactivation / A Friendly Contest
Iconoclasm / Reckoning
Reality / Reawakening
Maleurous Epilogue: Remembrance

Defiers of Fate
Recreation! / Ancient Abyss

Shops owned
Uaanta's Blaster
Uaanta's Blaster Amalgam
Stability Core Adaptation
Blaster Reconfiguration

The Firmament

???: Who's there!? Show yourself, fiend! I hear your cries!

???: I'm the one asking questions! Why have you brought me here, to this... place?
???: And so suddenly! Do you want to give me a heart attack!? Is this what you want?!

???: ...
Uaanta: I'm Uaanta. Also a hero. And an adventurer. And I come in confusion!
Uaanta: Where are we?

Uaanta: I was on my way to my grandson's.

Uaanta: I don't know any of these continents...

Uaanta: I'm pretty sure I'm from it...
Uaanta: Just... not this side?

Uaanta: Makers!!!

Uaanta: Avatars?

Uaanta: A priest tried bringing the sun closer to Lore, to bring the planet into an age of illumination and enlightenment.

Uaanta: Exactly.
Uaanta: On the other hand, I noticed a lack of sun, for a period of time, many winters ago. I assume that was on you?

Uaanta: I see. Well, at least my world saving was without a hitch.

Uaanta: -huff-

Uaanta: *gasp* The gall! They are our Makers!

Uaanta: Blasphemy! Young one, y-you shouldn't speak like that!

Uaanta: I apologize for his/her behaviour, my Makers! This generation has absolutely no-

Uaanta: Oh, hello, strapping young gentleman!

Uaanta: Cute town. I'm sure you're doing a fine job here.

Sinnocence (Boss Fight)

Uaanta: This is Sinnocence!?

Uaanta: You will perish, foul be—

Uaanta: It doesn't matter! This... abomination must be destroyed! The Makers have decreed it so!

Uaanta: It's out of its mind! It's crazy! Don't try to reason with it.

Uaanta: Told you to stop wasting time!

Uaanta: It's down! Die, fiend!

Uaanta: Oh, what now? Going to try talking to it again?

Uaanta: And?

Uaanta: Hmm. You're right. What are Darkness elementals doing attacking a peaceful settlement? Alongside the Light?

Uaanta: Is it not, here? Don't tell me you just let crazy Light warriors rampage around where they please? And call them Heroes—

Uaanta: Silence, fiend! Your trickery may work on heroes of this side of Lore, but not on me!

Uaanta: Are you insane, too?
Uaanta: I've been deferring to your judgement since this is your "jurisdiction", but this is the kind of thing that leads to the Sun going dark!

Uaanta: No more. I will not listen to the ramblings of this thing any longer, while evil still marches onward!

Uaanta: I'd hope so!

Uaanta: Satisfied, <Character>?

Uaanta: One adventure at a time, Hero. This Hero's adventure is coming to its close. Do your duty.

Uaanta: Show yourself!

Uaanta: What's done is done. The Makers have decided for us, it seems.

Uaanta: Well, we certainly haven't been kidnapped again yet.

Uaanta: Ha! I haven't had this much fun in years! Home? Home can wait. My children can take care of my grandkids well enough without me.

Uaanta: So be it! I shall stay, and I shall pray to the Makers. I suppose you heathens don't even have a proper shrine to them. I will have to get on that.
Uaanta: And that handsome young man hangs out near the inn, doesn't he?

Falconreach (Book 3)

Uaanta: Well met, <Character>!

Ex Somniis Fabula

Uaanta: O—oh.

Uaanta: W—when I asked how you were doing, I... I didn't expect you to tell me your entire life story...
Uaanta: Makers...

Uaanta: Me?

Uaanta: Are you calling me old?

Uaanta: I'm joking. I'm well aware of my age. And my experience.
Uaanta: We still have some time before the "13th day" you people dread so much begins, so I suppose I could share some of my story.
Uaanta: I come from Lhe'Shyiac, the Land of Adventures. I was raised by wolves in the Bhigtri Forest.

Uaanta: Yes. I never knew my real parents.

Uaanta: They were my family, <Character>. And they were all killed by bandits when I was still young.

Uaanta: Of course you didn't.

Uaanta: I swore revenge and left Bhigtri.
Uaanta: In my travels, I met a hermit living in the deepest glades of the Endless Marsh, who taught me the ways of humans...
Uaanta: ...introduced me to the glory of the Makers, and bestowed upon me the sword I now carry.

Uaanta: With the tracking skills I learned in my youth, I eventually found the very same bandit group that slew my family, and I had my revenge.
Uaanta: After I had cut down the last of the bandits, when going through their belongings, I found that they had been hired by a woman named Ly'Vhil.
Uaanta: High Priestess Ly'Vhil, the advisor to the Holy Throne. It was her who was responsible for my family's deaths!
Uaanta: And so, I travelled the breadth of Lhe'Shyiac, gathering allies and training...
Uaanta: ...in order to ultimately infiltrate the Dhark Palace in the city of Rheax'Makene, the seat of the Holy Watch of Lhe'Shyiac.

Uaanta: The use of the element of Darkness is very prominent in Lhy'Shyiac.
Uaanta: I believe the Dhark Palace was named thus by our ancestors in a rather less creative time.

Uaanta: The Makers are not the same as magic, <Character>.
Uaanta: Just because we have an affinity for a specific element, does not mean we do not worship the Makers equally.

Uaanta: Anyway, eventually, our party of I, Uaanta Dens the swordcerer...
Uaanta: ...Don Fayt the healer, Ehyes Emhaar the bard, and Pulin Stryngs the archer, infiltrated the Dhark Palace under the guise of pilgrims.
Uaanta: We confronted the High Priestess with her heresy, and as I prepared to behead her before the Holy Throne...
Uaanta: My sword burst with the vibrance of the Makers, and all in attendance watched as it, guided by the Makers, eradicated that Evil from our lands.

Uaanta: Afterward, we were hailed as heroes, saviours of the Holy Watch of Lhe'Shysiac.
Uaanta: With a period of peace, Don Fayt and I married and settled down in the outskirts of Rheax'Makene.
Uaanta: But the peace could not last forever.
Uaanta: After many years of harmony, word came that Ehyes and Pulin had gone missing during a routine pilgrimage to the shrines of the Makers.
Uaanta: Turns out a Priest of the Light had somehow come into unimaginable power.
Uaanta: The Holy Throne requested the Fayt family to once more come to its aid.
Uaanta: Thus began my quest to stop Braytes San, the priest, spanning many, many years...
Uaanta: ...ultimately concluding with his destruction and the salvation of Lore!

Uaanta: It wasn't a competition.

Uaanta: Perhaps.
Uaanta: It's very late, <Character>. While this was educational, I really must head to bed. You should too.

???: Who's there!? Show yourself, fiend! I hear your cries!

Uaanta: I'm the one asking questions! Why have you brought me here, to this... place?
Uaanta: And so suddenly! Do you want to give me a heart attack!? Is this what you want?!

Uaanta: I'm Uaanta. Also a hero. And an adventurer. And I come in confusion!
Uaanta: Where are we?

Uaanta (briefly): I was on my wa—

Uaanta: How do you know about him?!

Uaanta: What do you know about my grandkids?!

Uaanta (briefly): Just... not this side?

Uaanta: You will rue the day you kidnapped me, fiend!

Uaanta: <Character>!

Uaanta: A little respect, <Character>!

Uaanta: Is this a problem?

Uaanta: Of course. From the moment I wake up, I'm ready for an adventure.

Uaanta: *Gasp*

Uaanta: You must have faith, <Character>. The Makers know their enemies.

Child's Play

Uaanta: Oh, isn't that where we were headed before the Makers brought us here?

Uaanta: Where you celebrate Frostval, yes? And there are Frost Moglins?

Uaanta: It sounds quite comfortable.

Uaanta: Apologies, Makers.

Uaanta: Makers! Not the Frost Moglins!

Uaanta: Abominable!

Uaanta: You aid us every day, Makers, in our daily lives.

Uaanta: A child?!

Uaanta: I must agree with <Character>, Makers. With all due respect, she is merely a child!

Uaanta: Don't worry, little lady! We'll keep you safe!

Uaanta: On it!

Uaanta: That was... an outstanding display of Darkness magic! Good job, Sally!

Uaanta: Understood, <Character>. Be careful.

Alone Together

Uaanta: Sally, get back here, young lady!

Uaanta: What?

Uaanta: Shh.

Uaanta: I'm not entirely sure. We better be on guard.

Uaanta: I... I don't know, <Character>. The Makers told us to... but...

Uaanta: Neither did I...

Uaanta: What have you done to her, demon?!

Uaanta: I'll put you to rest!

Breaking the Mold

Uaanta: Hngh.

Uaanta: I've... been better. What a nightmare.

Uaanta: Sally?

Uaanta: I have a great granddaughter who's about your age. She's very brave, just like you!
Uaanta: You did really well with Mr. Nameless. Stopping him would have been a lot more difficult without you.

Uaanta: I...
Uaanta: Here! Why don't you show me how you celebrate Frostval? It's my first one! Maybe that will help take your mind off of this... business.

Uaanta: S-Sally?!

Uaanta: My Makers, if I may be allowed to speak freely...

Uaanta: I agree with <Character>. There is no doubt that Sally was powerful... And her presence did aid us.
Uaanta: But she was put in too much risk. Had we been unable to save her...
Uaanta: I... was not comfortable with this, my Makers.

Uaanta: Sally had almost... neutralized Mr. Twinkles.

Uaanta: Neutralized Mr. Nameless, when Remthalas appeared and destroyed the Maleurous.

Uaanta: Maybe the Maleurous aren't really working together.

Uaanta: The Makers... work in mysterious ways, <Character>.

No Rest For Dragons

Uaanta: Makers, is-is everything okay?

Uaanta: Can't say it is.

Uaanta: It looks real–
Uaanta: –fancy though.

Uaanta: You know, you kind of do get used to all this teleporting after a while.

Uaanta: <Character>!

Uaanta: We apologize as well, Makers.

Uaanta: We should have been able to–

Uaanta: What are we to do then, Makers?

Uaanta: I am, Makers.

Uaanta: ...

Uaanta: Yes... yes, I am. It's just... difficult to see the Makers in a moment of weakness.

Uaanta: Thoughts for another time. What are we dealing with here?

Uaanta: It's... horrible. You can feel the weight of the tragedy that transpired in this cursed place...

Uaanta: Ah, in all of this chaos, I don't think we've been properly introduced.
Uaanta: You must be <Dragon>. My name is Uaanta. It is my honor to finally formally meet you.

Uaanta: The very few dragons I know of are ancient and revered, guardians of the oldest temples.
Uaanta: Who knew they were so majestic, even when young?

Uaanta: Perhaps we should start digging?

Uaanta: Well done, <Dragon>! Now that's an entrance if I've ever seen one.

Uaanta: Agreed.

Await The Calm

Uaanta: Let's keep moving before more show up.

Uaanta: I'm fine. I've been through much worse in all my years.
Uaanta: But it does pain me to see Darkness used against the Makers in such a way.

Uaanta: So much wasted power and potential...

Uaanta: I didn't see her either!

Uaanta: What should we do? I'm all for attacking her, but if you want to talk... Well, it's worked before.

Uaanta: If she makes any wrong moves, I'll blast her.

Uaanta: It's okay, <Character>.
Uaanta: Voyna, you wish to know how I would use this immense power of Darkness?
Uaanta: I would wield it to protect those that could not protect themselves, and to strike down those who would dare oppose the decree of the Makers.

Uaanta: No. You stole from the Makers, and you use this Darkness against their will.

Uaanta: <Character>, may I strike this Maleurous yet?

Uaanta: Don't worry, <Character>. We're not letting this one get away.

The Angel's Tomb

Uaanta: Agreed.

Uaanta: You'll have to get through me as well!

Uaanta: I would very much like to put an end to this affront to the Makers.
Uaanta: But I empathize with her. She sought justice for her people.

Uaanta: I suppose some of your soft-heartedness has influenced me, <Character>.
Uaanta: How about this, Voyna.
Uaanta: You seem to hold promises and deals in great regard.

Uaanta: I will spare you if you swear to stop opposing the Makers- and stop hunting dragons.

Uaanta: Otherwise, I can put an end to your entire being right now.

Uaanta: I must admit, I myself am curious.

Uaanta: Makers, please. <Character> has done nothing but comply with your demands.
Uaanta: S/he may have her/his own way of trying to resolve issues, but there is no disloyalty here!

Uaanta: Makers, we trust you, and so you must trust us.

Remnants at Rest

Uaanta: Shh!

Uaanta: It is an honor to serve you, Makers.

Uaanta: ...Is that actually a sport?

Uaanta: It will be done.

Uaanta: Yes, my Makers.

Uaanta: The Makers seemed to believe you've dealt with something similar to Myalos before.
Uaanta: What are we up against?

Uaanta: I see. Let's go then, <Character>.

Uaanta: Hmm, maybe I could try making a hole–

Uaanta: Who goes there?

Uaanta: You know them, <Character>?

Uaanta: Are they going to be a problem?

Uaanta: I don't like these two, <Character>.

Uaanta: This is the most talkative ambush I've ever been a part of.

Uaanta: These two seem to know Myalos quite well.

Uaanta: Wait... you knew this, <Character>? I don't remember you telling the Makers about a strange pair of... whatever these are.

Uaanta: You are a champion! And you've been... consorting with these Maleurous, just as the Makers warned you against!

Uaanta: <Character> is most certainly not following the exact orders of the Makers, but we will not give in to you. We will not be shaken by your words.
Uaanta: Maleurous, begone, or I will make it so.


Uaanta: What is... all this?

Uaanta: Maybe it's asleep?
Uaanta: HEY! WAKE UP!

Uaanta: So, <Character>, are we talking to this one or breaking it?

Uaanta: I don't know about you, <Character>, but I'm here under orders of the Avatars, not this "Lock and Key" pair.
Uaanta: And my orders are to destroy this Maleurous.

Uaanta: But...
Uaanta: I must admit, I am very curious about what's going on here.
Uaanta: You're a bad influence.

Uaanta: Hmph.

Uaanta: Then if everything here is you, and you wanted us here, why were we attacked on the way in?

Uaanta: They couldn't just destroy the uh, seed mechanism?

Uaanta: So... if we do this for you, destroy this seed, what then? You'll regain full control?

Uaanta: So you're sacrificing yourself to prevent a calamity.

Uaanta: Respectable.

Uaanta: Very well. If this seed is truly the source of the corruption, destroying it would indeed be neutralizing the threat.
Uaanta: Count me in.

Uaanta: If this doesn't work, then I get to turn Myalos into a new set of armor.

Uaanta: That should do it!

Uaanta: Agreed.

Uaanta: You don't suppose something went wrong?

Uaanta: What do you usually do in these situations?

Uaanta: You're not going to turn on us now, are you?

Uaanta: You just had to say something, didn't you, <Character>?

Uaanta: Agreed. Myalos, are you going to be okay?

Uaanta: Never.
Uaanta: As heroes, it is our duty to help those in need.
Uaanta: We just did our jobs. No repayment is necessary.

Uaanta: We're heroes.

Uaanta: I don't think they're here to talk, <Character>.

Uaanta: Are you two done being pals? What do you want, if not to fight?

Uaanta: It is true that there is conflict, but there is bravery and sacrifice such that most may live in peace and comfort.
Uaanta: I am not so naive as to imagine that the world of the Makers is perfect.
Uaanta: But it is the best of their design.

Uaanta: How... dare you!


Uaanta: Uuuugh...

Uaanta: What's... Oh. And I was having the most pleasant dream, too.

Uaanta: I don't know much, but they definitely fought against the other Maleurous. They defended us, and Myalos.
Uaanta: I can't speak for any other motives, but I think I would trust them.
Uaanta: To an extent.
Uaanta: ...I'd let them speak, at least.

Uaanta: ...

Uaanta: That's the kind of thing that Remthalas talks about. Be wary, Makers.

Uaanta: I know I don't look it, but I think I'm getting too old for this.

Uaanta: You again!

Uaanta: You can step away from Myalos and leave this place for good!

Uaanta: No more warnings.

Uaanta: We will not let you pass, enemy of the Makers.

Uaanta: A what? Speak plainly.

Uaanta: Or we could just stop you now!

Uaanta: I have a bad feeling about this. I don't trust them.

Uaanta: Hmm...

Uaanta: We can't take Myalos and flee either. The Maleurous is interested in the ruins now.

Uaanta: What's going on? What choice are you making?

Uaanta: Makes sense to me.

Uaanta: Let's go, then. We're not changing their mind, and we have a job to do.


Uaanta: I've got more than enough fight left in me.

Uaanta: You and your Maleurous are hardly what's "best for Lore".

Uaanta: Myalos, now!

Uaanta: I- Impossible! You're... You're dead!

Uaanta: I slew you with this very blade!
Uaanta: I watched your head roll, your body burn!
Uaanta: Whatever magic this is...
Uaanta: Ly'Vhil!
Uaanta: I know not how you managed to escape the justice of the Makers...
Uaanta: But you will not escape it again!

Uaanta: I would recognize that face anywhere.

Uaanta: Empty vessel?

Uaanta: Then you are still at fault for creating the monster she became!

Uaanta: Ly'Ehr... I know my history and geography. And I recognize no city by the name of Ehr.

Uaanta: The... Avatars are learning. They're changing, and learning to change.

Uaanta: Explain.

Uaanta: Deceiver. Liar! Stay strong, <Character>!

Uaanta: I really don't like her, <Character>.
Uaanta: She's lying. She's wrong.

Uaanta: From what I've heard of your stories and adventures, I can see why.

Uaanta: You saw it earlier, with Lock and Key. The Avatars can learn. They can be reasoned with.
Uaanta: I do admit, I'm having doubts of my own, but such is a test of conviction.
Uaanta: Regardless of the truth, Notha's path isn't the only way. I know that. You know that.
Uaanta: Stay strong, <Character>. We're Champions for a reason!


Uaanta: That's none of your business.

Uaanta: Incredible!

Uaanta: That's the end, then.

Uaanta: I know I wasn't about to force Myalos to stay against their will.

Uaanta: We had it under control.

Uaanta: I really don't like her, <Character>.

Uaanta: There is hope yet, <Character>. My faith in the Makers will not be shaken, but you've shown me there are other paths than destruction.

Uaanta: Makers, please–

Uaanta: It's worked for Lhe'Shyiac.

Uaanta: Is that safe? They are- sorry, were, Maleurous.

Uaanta: I am.


Uaanta: What, that's it? This is all the tantrum of a spoiled brat who couldn't accept what the Makers provided?

Uaanta: There has to be order in the world or it will devolve into chaos!

Uaanta: And what about you, Remthalas? Is this the freedom you desired? Serving at the whim of this heretic?

Uaanta: ...

Uaanta: ...Is it true?

Uaanta: Is all of Lhe'Shyiac... The culture... our faith... Is it all a lie?

Uaanta: But what of you? Are you truly our Makers?

Uaanta: And yet, I still trust you, Makers. To guide our path.

Uaanta: What sorcery is this?

Uaanta: Begone, Notha!


Uaanta: There are... So many of them...

Uaanta: You know I'm not. These old bones aren't even close to breaking.
Uaanta: Maybe the Makers didn't make me, but I am who I am.
Uaanta: And I'm not ready to rest just yet.

Uaanta: I don't need to know Draconic to understand that! What's our next target?

Uaanta: Come to face us yourself? Or only to flee should things not go your way?

Uaanta: Could have fooled me, with your endless army of golems and machines.

Uaanta: And if I just take you down here and now?

Uaanta: The Void?

Uaanta: He made his choice. And don't you talk of his dreams and ambitions.
Uaanta: You only wanted to use him. As a tool!

Uaanta: ...

Uaanta: And if I were to tell you that the Makers... have indeed been...
Uaanta: ...corrupted... by this balancing force, this Doom...

Uaanta: We were not made to understand the workings of the gods.

Uaanta: Well? What do you think, <Character>? That's certainly some story...
Uaanta: But she clearly doesn't have the whole picture, either.
Uaanta: Even if... even if what she says is all true...
Uaanta: Then that just makes me feel better in my choice.
Uaanta: I've seen what the Makers have done for Lhe'Shyiac. And I trust them, and Lock and Key as well.

Uaanta: Well said!


Uaanta: Lock, Key, isn't there anything you can do to help?

Uaanta: No. No! There has to be something we can do. Something...

Uaanta: I won't let it happen, Notha!

Uaanta: The Makers- Myalos–

Uaanta: Step away, heretic. You've wrought enough destruction!

Uaanta: You will not harm the Makers any further, heretic! <Character>, to my side!

  • Side with Uaanta
      Uaanta: She isn't just yet. Step aside and let me finish it, as I did her clone so many years ago!

      Uaanta: You are a fool! She will never change! If you let her live, she'll only come back again, and again.

      Uaanta: Hmph.
      Uaanta: What do you think, Notha? Can you change?

      Uaanta: Do you even want to live?

      Uaanta: You'll find the people of Lhe'Shyiac more resistant to your "freedom" than you might think.
      Uaanta: Do not make me regret sparing your life.

      Uaanta: I'll be going with you. You won't escape my watch.

      Uaanta: No, I don't. And if you take one step out of line...
  • Side with Notha
      Uaanta: You as well, <Character>? If not for your hesitation...
      Uaanta: I shall bear the Makers to Lhe'Shyiac. There, they shall be entrusted to the priestesses until they regain their strength.
      Uaanta: Do not try to stop me.

      Uaanta: They are our Makers, <Character>! Our Avatars!
      Uaanta: And I am their champion!

      Uaanta: So be it.
      Uaanta: <Character>, if you would stand in the way of the Makers, then you shall be the first before our might!

      Uaanta: It... it cannot end like this... Makers... I've failed you...

      Uaanta: And yet...

      Uaanta: Our faith... our prayers...

      Uaanta: Where... Where do I go from here? Where does Lhe'Shyiac go from here?

      Uaanta: ...

      Uaanta: The land would be thrown into chaos. You do not know... you cannot...
      Uaanta: And what of those who oppose you? You'd be sowing the seeds for revolution, or civil war!

      Uaanta: ...
    Uaanta: Oh? Is taking them to Lhe'Shyhiac out of the option?

    Uaanta: I don't like this. The Makers...
    Uaanta: This doesn't feel right to me.

    Uaanta: ...That's not very reassuring, you know. But it's better than giving them to her.


    Uaanta: It's not that I dislike your company, <Character>. You've been a... a fine companion.
    Uaanta: But with the gods of Lhe'Shyiac locked up in an ancient sentient relic; no offense, Key...

    Uaanta: ...and my journey home being a prospective adventure in itself, and Notha shutting herself in her room with Myalos...
    Uaanta: Yes, there's quite a lot weighing on my mind, <Character>.
    Uaanta: Remthalas is still out there, too. And something about that doesn't feel... right.
    Uaanta: Makes my sword arm twitch.

    Uaanta: Finally! Alright, I'm ready to grill some anglerfish! Let's do this!

    Uaanta: Release us at once, Remthalas!

    Uaanta: Never heard of them. I think this is getting a bit too existential for me.

    Uaanta: This sounds beyond me. I am not interested. So let us free, you hypocrite!

    Uaanta: Ugh. I can't move! I swear, I'm going to make stew out of that fish!

    Uaanta: Oh shut it, fish boy. What's Myalos doing here, by the way?

    Uaanta: I'm... trying! Grrraaargh!

    Uaanta's Dream

    Uaanta: Ah. And here I thought your voice was simply another illusion.

    Uaanta: Whatever happened to the Voyna we met, this Voyna was born from my own dreams.

    Uaanta: I... I was thrown into a nightmare. My family, gone, my old companions, turned against me...
    Uaanta: And the Makers...
    Uaanta: I'm not foolish. I knew it was a dream. I know this is still a dream.
    Uaanta: I tried calling out for you, Myalos, or even the Ly'Ehr woman.
    Uaanta: No response.
    Uaanta: And the next honorable warrior that came to mind, that I have known... was Voyna.

    Uaanta: Her story of standing against the odds for justice, her fury ever-burning...

    Uaanta: I saw some of myself in her.

    Uaanta: Some parts I'm proud of. Some I'm not.

    Uaanta: This... manifestation of Voyna helped calm me. Helped block out the nightmares.

    Uaanta: ...It's a lot less reassuring when you say it like that.
    Uaanta: Never mind that, how did you find me, <Character>?

    Uaanta: Ha! And by the Makers' divine will, you just happened to find your way to me!
    Uaanta: Well, I've wasted enough time sitting around like an old lady!
    Uaanta: If Remthalas is in here somewhere, my sword and my wand have an appointment with his face to keep.

    Uaanta: That's not me! I'm not doing that!

    Uaanta: Remthalas can make all the excuses he wants, but his actions are those of a villain.

    Uaanta: Maybe, but he doesn't need to imprison and torment us to simply speak to us.
    Uaanta: No. His words and his deeds do not match in the slightest.
    Uaanta: Lead the way, <Character>. I will steel myself for whatever trials await us ahead.

    Myalos' Dream

    Uaanta: I don't see them anywhere. And I don't remember this room in the ancient ruins.

    Uaanta: Be careful, <Character>. We don't know what Remthalas might have planned for us.

    Uaanta: By the Makers... You did it, <Character>! Well, you did something, at least.

    Uaanta: ...I didn't see anything except the sheep. That was really weird.

    Uaanta: How do we get you here, with us, Myalos? ...Where are you?

    Uaanta: About time they... showed up...? More disembodied voices.

    Uaanta: You don't have to tell us twice!

    Notha's Dream

    Uaanta: None of that now, Ly'Ehr. We have to work together to stop Remthalas!

    Uaanta: That's nonsense. It may be too soon for me to consider you a friend...
    Uaanta: But you have nothing to fear from us!

    Uaanta: By the Makers!

    Uaanta: You nearly blasted a hole right through <Character>!

    Uaanta: ...

    Uaanta: Absolutely.

    Uaanta: <Character> has just been destroying things.

    Uaanta: That power of friendship worked to save you!

    Uaanta: That's our way forward, then. Let's go.

    Uaanta: ...I may be happy if I never dream again.


    Uaanta: So this is Remthalas' dream, huh?

    Uaanta: I don't know about you, but I can't breathe underwater.

    Uaanta: ...Right...

    Uaanta: Did they abandon us?

    Uaanta: ...May the Dark shadow of the Makers shroud us from peril.

    Uaanta: It is reassuring before the unknown.

    Uaanta: Ow! Stop pushing!

    Uaanta: Wonderful.

    Uaanta: We lost the mad scientist.

    Uaanta: ...

    Uaanta: If Remthalas finds us like this we'll be in trouble.

    Uaanta: Reveal yourself!

    Uaanta: ...You have far greater patience than I ever will, <Character>. But...
    Uaanta: This can't be what you want, right, Remthalas?

    Uaanta: How did you end up like... this...?

    Uaanta: Hmph. So with your talk of freedom and such: Do you serve this embodiment of Doom?

    Uaanta: I do.

    Uaanta: ...If you've dealt with something like this before, <Character>...
    Uaanta: Remthalas.
    Uaanta: Maybe...
    Uaanta: Maybe we can help you.
    Uaanta: Release us from this dream.
    Uaanta: We can find a way to save you. To free you.

    Uaanta: <Character>? What's our plan?

    Uaanta: Remthalas! Is Remthalas okay?

    Uaanta: He isn't responding.

    Uaanta: We... could have saved him.
    Uaanta: ...We failed.

    Uaanta: ...

    Uaanta: No.
    Uaanta: No! There had to have been something!

    Uaanta: ...So it was all for nothing? All the effort, all the words...

    Uaanta: ...

    Uaanta: ...May They provide him shade.

    Uaanta: And when his soul's adventure ends...

    Uaanta: May he be shown Their mercy.

    Uaanta: Ha. And we didn't set up the right candles or wear the right attire either.
    Uaanta: ...Thank you, Notha.

    Uaanta: And thank you, <Character>.

    Uaanta: Do you remember how I was when we first met?
    Uaanta: So... zealous.
    Uaanta: Look at me now, offering a prayer for my defeated foe.
    Uaanta: Wondering if there was anything we could have done to prevent this outcome.
    Uaanta: You helped me open my mind.

    Uaanta: You...
    Uaanta: Well, you freed me. So thank you.

    Maleurous Epilogue: Remembrance

    Uaanta: I don't know...This doesn't feel right.

    Uaanta: No...the stew's fine. Delicious even.

    Uaanta: Was it really okay to have Remthalas just...

    Uaanta: You say that, but I find it hard to believe they're infallible.
    Uaanta: The Makers are inside them too, after all. And if the madness that took Remthalas were to spread...
    Uaanta: It seems risky.

    Uaanta: Hm.
    Uaanta: Aequilibria, Whispers, Kathool...
    Uaanta: I'm still trying to make sense of everything.
    Uaanta: What...What happened to Remthalas?

    Uaanta: ...I...I see.
    Uaanta: What we fought then, that was this...Kathool?

    Uaanta: It sounded like Kathool had some knowledge of Aequilibria and Whispers beyond your understanding, Notha.

    Uaanta: It's okay, Myalos. We're just trying to make sense of everything.

    Uaanta: ...You don't suppose we get reincarnated or reborn after we die, do you?

    Uaanta: I'm only asking the question as a hypothetical.

    Uaanta: ...

    Uaanta: ...Maybe it isn't right to keep the Makers as they are, if this is the sort of threat that they were protecting us from.

    Uaanta: We can't protect everyone.

    Uaanta: That was all? That seems like a rather...lopsided transaction.

    Uaanta: Ah, I recall the Makers bringing it up when we first met them. Sepulchure was that villain you fought before, wasn't he?

    Uaanta: The Makers feared themselves becoming influenced by... something. But that seemed distinct from the Shadowscythe.

    Uaanta: Destructive forces of Doom.

    Uaanta: ...Right. So, Myalos. We freed you from the influence of Doom.
    Uaanta: Why turn against the Makers?

    Uaanta: You...you don't know that.

    Uaanta: ...

    Uaanta: I suppose I can try to understand...

    Uaanta: Enough, enough!
    Uaanta: That's enough heavy talk for one night!
    Uaanta: We should be celebrating our victory!
    Uaanta: There'll be plenty more time to talk later, before we head back to...
    Uaanta: ...back to Lhe'Shyiac.

    Uaanta: ...

    Uaanta: ...I suppose the grandkids can take care of themselves a little longer...

    Uaanta: And I'm sure your adventures will one day lead you to Lhe'Shyiac as well.
    Uaanta: You'll be welcome as a hero, of course!

    If you side with Uaanta in Revolution:
    Uaanta: Sounds like you have a lot on your mind, <Character>.

    Uaanta: I can't say I really know all the answers to this Destiny and Doom stuff either.
    Uaanta: And whatever happened to Remthalas. It makes me feel so...helpless!

    Uaanta: What, because I'm old?

    Uaanta: I'm kidding, <Character>.
    Uaanta: I'll admit, it's been a few years since my blade has had such a workout.
    Uaanta: And of course, I miss my children and grandchildren!
    Uaanta: And then there's...everything that happened to the Makers.
    Uaanta: It's an odd feeling, knowing that they're no longer watching over me. Over Lhe'Shyiac.
    Uaanta: ...Or perhaps they never really were.

    Uaanta: Not entirely.

    Uaanta: ...Something like that.

    Uaanta: ...
    Uaanta: Oh, I'm sure Notha will find some way to spread it, or the rumor will get out on its own.
    Uaanta: But I'm going to keep it to myself.
    Uaanta: So many in Lhe'Shyiac are happy, thanks to what the Makers started. To turn that over for the sake of what, a petty truth?

    Uaanta: Far from it! Lhe'Shyiac isn't perfect. And there are those that need protecting.
    Uaanta: Even those who doubt the Makers or the Holy Throne.
    Uaanta: Ha. Such blasphemy coming from the mouth of Uaanta Fayt!
    Uaanta: But I am no longer a tool of the Makers. I am a hero. And I choose to follow in your footsteps, <Character>.

    Uaanta: And if you ever find yourself visiting Lhe'Shyiac, do stop by for a visit! And maybe an adventure or two.

    Uaanta: Ah, I better head back in. I could do with another bowl of stew.
    Uaanta: And make sure Notha's not getting into any trouble.


    Uaanta: I'm telling you, just use some cheese or fruit!

    Uaanta: Worked fine back in Lhe'Shyiac!

    Uaanta: You're an elf, right? A water elf?

    Uaanta: A pleasure to meet you.

    Uaanta: Hold on. You said you're a water elf, right? The one from <Character>'s stories?

    Uaanta: Then... Do you know anything about the Abyssal Elves? There was someone we knew...

    Uaanta: It was his wish. His goal.

    Uaanta: There has to be something we can do.

    Uaanta: That won't be a problem.

    Uaanta: For Remthalas.

    The Dreamers' Abyss

    Uaanta: Guess we're going to have to fight a bit more, then. No complaints here.

    Uaanta: Hold on!
    Uaanta: Notha! Aren't you going to help?
    Uaanta: <Character> and I have been fighting our way through all those corrupted Adepts, Myalos did... whatever that was...
    Uaanta: Come on, you'll have time to research later!

    Uaanta: Hey. Notha.

    Uaanta: Notha!

    Uaanta: I know. I just... I wanted to apologize.
    Uaanta: You've been doing your part, and I just assumed you were hanging back and being lazy.
    Uaanta: So... I'm sorry for assuming.

    Uaanta: ...Thanks, Notha.

    Uaanta: Impressive!

    Uaanta: Hold on. There's one last thing I'd like to bring up while we're here.

    Uaanta: It's important.
    Uaanta: Remthalas' body. His remains.
    Uaanta: Would this be an appropriate place to lay them to rest?

    Uaanta: I do not mean to assume about elven rites, so I apologize if I've caused offense.
    Uaanta: But this seems as good as we're going to get.

    Uaanta: And what are you going to learn, really?!
    Uaanta: What are you going to learn that's worth more than his dignity?

    Uaanta: Notha...

    Ancient Abyss: Epilogue

    Uaanta: Well?

    Uaanta: Speaking of hands-on— I thought you were busy stopping us all from being crushed!

    Uaanta: So you were just being lazy!

    Uaanta: Not yet we're not.

    Uaanta: Then let's give him a proper... whatever it is Water Elves do.

    Uaanta: Um.

    Uaanta: Far be it for me to oppose tradition...

    Uaanta: Despite all he did, I think he was trying his best to save his people...
    Uaanta: ...Notha, you knew him best.

    Uaanta: ...I want to believe that. That his dream was for his people and his family. Let that be his legacy.

    Uaanta: Beautiful.

    Uaanta: Well done, Aquella.

    Uaanta: ...Did you really have to say that?!

    Uaanta: A seaweed sandwich sounds delightful after all this.

    Other information
  • Also known as Uaanta Fayt, formerly Uaanta Dens.
  • Uaanta previously appeared in the retired quests Await The Calm and The Angel's Tomb; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    Empowered Appearance
    Young Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image, other information, and corrections.
  • DemonicDarkwraith for Empowered and Young appearance images.

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