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Location: The Firmament, Sinnocence (Boss Fight), Falconreach (Book 3) -> Up -> Left, Ex Somniis Fabula, Child's Play, Alone Together, Breaking the Mold

Quests given
Friday the 13th Sinnocence
Ex Somniis Fabula
Child's Play / Friday the 13th - Mr. Nameless / Friday the 13th - Remthalas
The Lucky Undead
Welcome, Guest / Archive E-189-L

Shops owned

The Firmament

???: Who's there!? Show yourself, fiend! I hear your cries!

???: I'm the one asking questions! Why have you brought me here, to this... place?
???: And so suddenly! Do you want to give me a heart attack!? Is this what you want?!

???: ...
Uaanta: I'm Uaanta. Also a hero. And an adventurer. And I come in confusion!
Uaanta: Where are we?

Uaanta: I was on my way to my grandson's.

Uaanta: I don't know any of these continents...

Uaanta: I'm pretty sure I'm from it...
Uaanta: Just... not this side?

Uaanta: Makers!!!

Uaanta: Avatars?

Uaanta: A priest tried bringing the sun closer to Lore, to bring the planet into an age of illumination and enlightenment.

Uaanta: Exactly.
Uaanta: On the other hand, I noticed a lack of sun, for a period of time, many winters ago. I
Uaanta: I see. Well, at least my world saving was without a hitch.

Uaanta: -huff-

Uaanta: *gasp* The gall! They are our Makers!

Uaanta: Blasphemy! Young one, y-you shouldn't speak like that!

Uaanta: I apologize for his/her behaviour, my Makers! This generation has absolutely no-

Uaanta: Oh, hello, strapping young gentleman!

Uaanta: Cute town. I'm sure you're doing a fine job here.

Sinnocence (Boss Fight)

Uaanta: This is Sinnocence!?

Uaanta: You will perish, foul be-

Uaanta: It doesn't matter! This... abomination must be destroyed! The Makers have decreed it so!

Uaanta: It's out of its mind! It's crazy! Don't try to reason with it.

Uaanta: Told you to stop wasting time!

Uaanta: It's down! Die, fiend!

Uaanta: Oh, what now? Going to try talking to it again?

Uaanta: And?

Uaanta: Hmm. You're right. What are Darkness elementals doing attacking a peaceful settlement? Alongside the Light?

Uaanta: Is it not, here? Don't tell me you just let crazy Light warriors rampage around where they please? And call them Heroes-

Uaanta: Silence, fiend! Your trickery may work on heroes of this side of Lore, but not on me!

Uaanta: Are you insane, too?
Uaanta: I've been deferring to your judgement since this is your "jurisdiction", but this is the kind of thing that leads to the Sun going dark!

Uaanta: No more. I will not listen to the ramblings of this thing any longer, while evil still marches onward!

Uaanta: I'd hope so!

Uaanta: Satisfied, <Character>?

Uaanta: One adventure at a time, Hero. This Hero's adventure is coming to its close. Do your duty.

Uaanta: Show yourself!

Uaanta: What's done is done. The Makers have decided for us, it seems.

Uaanta: Well, we certainly haven't been kidnapped again yet.

Uaanta: Ha! I haven't had this much fun in years! Home? Home can wait. My children can take care of my grandkids well enough without me.

Uaanta: So be it! I shall stay, and I shall pray to the Makers. I suppose you heathens don't even have a proper shrine to them. I will have to get on that.
Uaanta: And that handsome young man hangs out near the inn, doesn't he?

Falconreach (Book 3)

Uaanta: Well met, <Character>!

Ex Somniis Fabula

Uaanta: O—oh.

Uaanta: W—when I asked how you were doing, I... I didn't expect you to tell me your entire life story...
Uaanta: Makers...

Uaanta: Me?

Uaanta: Are you calling me old?

Uaanta: I'm joking. I'm well aware of my age. And my experience.
Uaanta: We still have some time before the "13th day" you people dread so much begins, so I suppose I could share some of my story.
Uaanta: I come from Lhe'Shyiac, the Land of Adventures. I was raised by wolves in the Bhigtri Forest.

Uaanta: Yes. I never knew my real parents.

Uaanta: They were my family, <Character>. And they were all killed by bandits when I was still young.

Uaanta: Of course you didn't.

Uaanta: I swore revenge and left Bhigtri.
Uaanta: In my travels, I met a hermit living in the deepest glades of the Endless Marsh, who taught me the ways of humans...
Uaanta: ...introduced me to the glory of the Makers, and bestowed upon me the sword I now carry.

Uaanta: With the tracking skills I learned in my youth, I eventually found the very same bandit group that slew my family, and I had my revenge.
Uaanta: After I had cut down the last of the bandits, when going through their belongings, I found that they had been hired by a woman named Ly'Vhil.
Uaanta: High Priestess Ly'Vhil, the advisor to the Holy Throne. It was her who was responsible for my family's deaths!
Uaanta: And so, I travelled the breadth of Lhe'Shyiac, gathering allies and training...
Uaanta: ...in order to ultimately infiltrate the Dhark Palace in the city of Rheax'Makene, the seat of the Holy Watch of Lhe'Shyiac.

Uaanta: The use of the element of Darkness is very prominent in Lhy'Shyiac.
Uaanta: I believe the Dhark Palace was named thus by our ancestors in a rather less creative time.

Uaanta: The Makers are not the same as magic, <Character>.
Uaanta: Just because we have an affinity for a specific element, does not mean we do not worship the Makers equally.

Uaanta: Anyway, eventually, our party of I, Uaanta Dens the swordcerer...
Uaanta: ...Don Fayt the healer, Ehyes Emhaar the bard, and Pulin Stryngs the archer, infiltrated the Dhark Palace under the guise of pilgrims.
Uaanta: We confronted the High Priestess with her heresy, and as I prepared to behead her before the Holy Throne...
Uaanta: My sword burst with the vibrance of the Makers, and all in attendance watched as it, guided by the Makers, eradicated that Evil from our lands.

Uaanta: Afterward, we were hailed as heroes, saviours of the Holy Watch of Lhe'Shysiac.
Uaanta: With a period of peace, Don Fayt and I married and settled down in the outskirts of Rheax'Makene.
Uaanta: But the peace could not last forever.
Uaanta: After many years of harmony, word came that Ehyes and Pulin had gone missing during a routine pilgrimage to the shrines of the Makers.
Uaanta: Turns out a Priest of the Light had somehow come into unimaginable power.
Uaanta: The Holy Throne requested the Fayt family to once more come to its aid.
Uaanta: Thus began my quest to stop Braytes San, the priest, spanning many, many years...
Uaanta: ...ultimately concluding with his destruction and the salvation of Lore!

Uaanta: It wasn't a competition.

Uaanta: Perhaps.
Uaanta: It's very late, <Character>. While this was educational, I really must head to bed. You should too.

???: Who's there!? Show yourself, fiend! I hear your cries!

Uaanta: I'm the one asking questions! Why have you brought me here, to this... place?
Uaanta: And so suddenly! Do you want to give me a heart attack!? Is this what you want?!

Uaanta: I'm Uaanta. Also a hero. And an adventurer. And I come in confusion!
Uaanta: Where are we?

Uaanta (briefly): I was on my wa—

Uaanta: How do you know about him?!

Uaanta: What do you know about my grandkids?!

Uaanta (briefly): Just... not this side?

Uaanta: You will rue the day you kidnapped me, fiend!

Uaanta: <Character>!

Uaanta: A little respect, <Character>!

Uaanta: Is this a problem?

Uaanta: Of course. From the moment I wake up, I'm ready for an adventure.

Uaanta: *Gasp*

Uaanta: You must have faith, <Character>. The Makers know their enemies.

Child's Play

Uaanta: Oh, isn't that where we were headed before the Makers brought us here?

Uaanta: Where you celebrate Frostval, yes? And there are Frost Moglins?

Uaanta: It sounds quite comfortable.

Uaanta: Apologies, Makers.

Uaanta: Makers! Not the Frost Moglins!

Uaanta: Abominable!

Uaanta: You aid us every day, Makers, in our daily lives.

Uaanta: A child?!

Uaanta: I must agree with <Character>, Makers. With all due respect, she is merely a child!

Uaanta: Don't worry, little lady! We'll keep you safe!

Uaanta: On it!

Uaanta: That was... an outstanding display of Darkness magic! Good job, Sally!

Uaanta: Understood, <Character>. Be careful.

Alone Together

Uaanta: Sally, get back here, young lady!

Uaanta: What?

Uaanta: Shh.

Uaanta: I'm not entirely sure. We better be on guard.

Uaanta: I... I don't know, <Character>. The Makers told us to... but...

Uaanta: Neither did I...

Uaanta: What have you done to her, demon?!

Uaanta: I'll put you to rest!

Breaking the Mold

Uaanta: Hngh.

Uaanta: I've... been better. What a nightmare.

Uaanta: Sally?

Uaanta: I have a great granddaughter who's about your age. She's very brave, just like you!
Uaanta: You did really well with Mr. Nameless. Stopping him would have been a lot more difficult without you.

Uaanta: I...
Uaanta: Here! Why don't you show me how you celebrate Frostval? It's my first one! Maybe that will help take your mind off of this... business.

Uaanta: S-Sally?!

Uaanta: My Makers, if I may be allowed to speak freely...

Uaanta: I agree with <Character>. There is no doubt that Sally was powerful... And her presence did aid us.
Uaanta: But she was put in too much risk. Had we been unable to save her...
Uaanta: I... was not comfortable with this, my Makers.

Uaanta: Sally had almost... neutralized Mr. Twinkles.

Uaanta: Neutralized Mr. Nameless, when Remthalas appeared and destroyed the Maleurous.

Uaanta: Maybe the Maleurous aren't really working together.

Uaanta: The Makers... work in mysterious ways, <Character>.

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