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1/14/2023 23:21:13   

ArchKnight DragonFable


Location: Book of Lore -> Recreation / To War! / Ancient Abyss,
Location: Falconreach (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Uaanta -> Defiers of Fate,
Location: Ancient Abyss -> To War! -> Recreation
Requirements: None Completion of Maleurous Epilogue: Remembrance
Release Date: January 14th, 2023

Objective: With the Maleurous and the Avatars dealt with, it's time for our "heroes" to take some well earned rest! Maybe explore other hobbies... like fishing!
Objective completed: Remthalas may be gone, but the Abyssal Tribe remains, long lost to the Ancient One, Kathool. With Aquella's help, do your best to reclaim a small portion of the depths...

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0





*It's a clear day in Falconreach Bay as Uaanta is fishing; meanwhile, while your dragon is sleeping, you try to help Myalos and Notha with fishing as Lock and Key observes them.*

Myalos: Excuse me, <Character>. This worm-bait does not appear to be cooperating.
<Character>: It's... not supposed to.
<Character>: You pierce it on the hook, and it lures the fish to bite. It's going to be moving.
Notha: Ah, I see. It's supposed to be slowly tortured and drowned, its death-throes triggering the primordial bloodlust of the awaiting fish!
<Character>: I... I suppose when you put it that way it's kind of...
Uaanta: I'm telling you, just use some cheese or fruit!
Notha: And how's that working for you?
Uaanta: Worked fine back in Lhe'Shyiac!

*Myalos looks solemnly on his worm-bait as its sacrifice is needed to fish.*

Myalos: Your sacrifice will bring sustenance to many. Your suffering will not be in vain.
Myalos: You are a hero, small one.
<Character>: Fishing is supposed to be relaxing!
Notha: Clearly not for the worms. And not for us!
Notha: I will not be outdone by Uaanta in this endeavor!

*Willing to beat Uaanta in a fishing competition, Notha leaves to fish.*

<Character>: Do you still need some help, Myalos?
Myalos: I am fine. The hero worm-bait, less so.
Myalos: However, my sensors indicate that a storm is approaching fast. Will this have a negative effect on our day out?
<Character>: Um. It shouldn't be a problem.
<Character>: You know, they say rainy weather is better for fishing! So even if we get a bit soaked, we'll be fine.
Myalos: The precipitation will increase our chances of success? That is good.
<Character>: Yeah, although, if it's a big storm, we might want to be careful.
<Character>: Do your sensors tell you when—

*As you and Myalos speak about the precipitation, the sky darkens and is now raining.*

Myalos: <Character>! My sensors indicate that it is currently raining.
<Character>: Right.
<Character>: Thanks, Myalos.
Myalos: I am glad to assist.
Myalos: Come, hero worm-bait! The time has come for us to forge our own fate!

*After Myalos leaves to fish, you ask Lock and Key to try fishing.*

<Character>: Are you sure you don't want to try, Lock, Key?
<Character>: The others seem to be having fun.
Lock: It is not necessary.
Key: We shall observe.
<Character>: Suit yourself. Now, where did I put my Angler outfit...?

*Scene briefly flashes white as you look at the other direction while your dragon ask what happened to Uaanta.*

<Dragon>: Hm. Where did the old lady go? | *Curious grumble*

*Notha appears to you as she tells what happened to Uaanta.*

Notha: <Character>, have you seen Uaanta anywhere? I need to keep an eye on the competition!
<Character>: She was just here a moment ago, wasn't she? Maybe she went down the shore for a different spot.
Notha: A different spot, eh? I see! Can't say fishing has grabbed my attention entirely yet, but at least there's something to learn.
<Character>: It takes skill, knowledge, and patience. I'm sure you'll do well.
Notha: This rain is a bit of a bother, isn't it? I could create a barrier, perhaps.
Notha: But if I do that, I'm not focusing on the bobber...
Notha: There is quite a bit of strategy involved, it would seem.

*Scene briefly flashes white as lightning strikes in a distance, signifying that the time of day has changed to that of a thunderstorm.*

Lock: Error.
Key: Alert.
<Character>: What's wrong?
Lock: We are no longer able to detect the presence of Myalos in the nearby vicinity.
Key: A search and rescue operation is recommended.
Notha: Myalos? Myalos!
Notha: Oh, I hope they didn't fall into the water. I haven't finished adjusting the frame for underwater operations yet.
Notha: Like swimming.

*Notha runs off to find Myalos.*

<Character>: Notha, hold on! We shouldn't be splitting up like this!
<Character>: First Uaanta, now Myalos. Something's going on here.
<Character>: Something...
<Character>: ...Fishy.

*Your dragon glares.*

<Character>: Let's go after her, Lock, Key, <Dragon>. We need to stick together.
Key: A logical conclusion.
Lock: We shall follow.

*In an another part of Falconreach Bay, you, your dragon, Lock, and Key find Notha fishing instead of looking for Myalos.*

<Character>: Notha! There you are!
<Character>: I thought you were looking for Myalos!

*As you try to speak with Notha, she does not respond back.*

<Character>: ...Notha?

*Scene briefly flashes white as Notha vanishes.*

Key: Error.
Lock: Alert.
<Character>: Yes, I can see she's gone!
Key: Another lifeform is present.

*You try to take a moment to decipher about Lock and Key's words.*

Lock: It is watching.

*Your eyes widen while you are still deciphering Lock and Key's words.*

Key: Waiting.

*Scene briefly flashes white as it zooms in to The Johnnyfish, Bearer of Souls, who appeared from the waters of the Bay.*

<Character>: ...You. You!

*Scene shifts back to the Johnnyfish as you prepare to deal with it.*

<Character>: I should have known!

*The Johnnyfish goes back to the water.*

<Character>: Okay, hop in my bag, <Dragon>! We're going swimming!
<Character>: To The Locker!

*You and your dragon run off to pursue the Johnnyfish in The Locker; despite the thunderstorm, Lock and Key makes plans to follow them.*

Lock: Please note, it is inadvisable to go swimming during a thunderstorm.
Key: There is a significant risk to your health and safety.
Lock: However, in this story, we are currently disregarding common sense.
Key: ...
Lock: ...
Key: Do we follow?
Lock: We do.

*In The Locker, you, your dragon, and the other companions meet with Aquella; this is Aquella's first meeting with your other companions.*

Aquella: Oh, hello, <Character>. Looks like we're getting all sorts of visitors today.
Notha: We can breathe! Underwater! And there is somehow enough light to see! How fascinating!
Uaanta: You're an elf, right? A water elf?

*Myalos looks at his worm-bait as it is now perished.*

Myalos: ...Hero worm-bait appears to have perished.
<Character>: Hi, Aquella! And it's a relief to see you all safe! After you started vanishing one by one...
Aquella: Oh, do you know these people, <Character>?
<Character>: Yeah, they're um... acquaintances. Heroes.
<Character>: This is Uaanta, hero of Lhe'Shyiac.
Uaanta: A pleasure to meet you.
<Character>: Lock and Key, ancient storage devices from a time before ours.
Lock, Key (in unison): Greetings.
<Character>: Myalos, a hero from another space and time entirely.
Myalos: Hello.
<Character>: And Notha. A... researcher from Lhe'Shyiac's past.
Notha: That's me!
<Character>: I hope they haven't been giving you any trouble.
Aquella: None at all. While there is always danger down here, I welcome the change of pace.
Aquella: Greetings, friends of <Character>.
Aquella: I am Aquella, a water elf, and protector of the seas.
Aquella: While you are welcome as guests here, please be sure not to leave anything behind when it comes time for you to leave.
Aquella: Our ecosystem is a precious one. If it falls out of—
Uaanta: Hold on. You said you're a water elf, right? The one from <Character>'s stories?
Aquella: Er. Yes? I am a water elf.
Aquella: Thanks to the efforts of <Character>, my people have been restored from the clutches of the Ancient One.
Uaanta: Then... Do you know anything about the Abyssal Elves? There was someone we knew...

*Notha smiles as they prepare to tell Remthalas' story.*

<Character>: Oh! That's right. Has anything happened in the depths, recently, Aquella? We met an elf named Remthalas and...

You and your companions explain Remthalas' story to Aquella!

*Your dragon wiggles its feet after you and your companions tell Remthalas' story to Aquella.*

Aquella: Hmm. I see. So this Remthalas was one of the Abyssal Elves...
Aquella: Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there has been no change from the depths.
Aquella: The Ancient One's hold over that long-abandoned place is as strong as ever.
Myalos: Then Remthalas' sacrifice was in vain?
Notha: Even if his people are still corrupted, at least, he's free. That's something.
<Character>: Is there anything we can do to help them? The remaining Abyssal Elves, that is.
Uaanta: It was his wish. His goal.

*Aquella processes Remthalas' story.*

Aquella: There is no easy answer.
Aquella: In ages past, the Abyssal Elves were charged by Neso with securing the depths of the seas— maintaining order, and defending from threats.
Aquella: But when the Ancient One woke, chaos spread.
Aquella: Spread throughout the entire ocean, until all were lost.
<Character>: You restored the Water Elves, didn't you? From the Ancient One's influence?
Aquella: I did. But for the Abyssal Tribe, it has been far, far too long.
Aquella: Even if I were to try, there is likely nothing left of them to bring back.

*You and your companions processes Aquella's words of Kathool's influence on the Abyssal Elves.*

Uaanta: There has to be something we can do.
Myalos: Anything. Even the smallest assistance.
Aquella: There is... one thing.
Aquella: But it will be a dangerous and perilous journey.
Uaanta: That won't be a problem.
Aquella: While purifying the entire ocean of the Ancient One's corruption is outside of my current ability...
Aquella:I can lead you into the depths. To a sacred site of the Abyssal Elves.
Notha: Somewhere new to see? I'm in.
Aquella: The Abyssal Elf civilization spanned the seas. There were many, many of them.
Aquella: What I mean is...
Aquella: The ancient adepts will seek us out in great numbers. They will try to stop our descent.
Aquella: And once we reach the bottom, I will need to be defended as I purify the area.
<Character>: Will this... disturb the Ancient One's slumber?
Aquella: It's a possibility. But I will be there to protect you.
<Character>: Then let's do this. For Remthalas.
Uaanta: For Remthalas.
Myalos: It must be done.
Notha: I wonder if we will be able to breathe further down...?

*Scene fades to black.*

Other information
  • After first completion, Book of Lore and Falconreach (Book 3) access points no longer directs you to this quest, but Ancient Abyss instead.

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