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2/26/2010 19:57:47   
Legendary AdventureGuide!


Location: The Locker -> Up, Pirate Attack, Aboard Alone, As You Lie Dreaming..., Rescue!, Deserted, The Bottom, Risen, Defending Against the Darkness, Recreation!, The Dreamers' Abyss, Ancient Abyss: Epilogue

Quests given
Explore The Locker!

Water Orb Saga
2 Leagues Under the Sea
Pirate Attack
Aboard Alone
As You Lie Dreaming...
The Tower
The Bottom

Shops owned

The Locker
(before Pirate Attack, after Rescue!)

Aquella: Another surface dweller? Can't you stay on land? Why do you have to keep invading my home?

  • Quests
    Aquella: Do you really think I would trust someone from the surface?
    • Random Quests - begins Explore The Locker! quest.
    • Two Leagues
      Aquella: How did you get down here anyways?

    • Attack!
      Aquella: Undead Pirates are attacking!

    • Aboard Alone
      Aquella: When Davey had me prisoner some of my other friends tried to help me escape too.

    • Dreaming
      Aquella: I had a terrible dream while trapped in that bubble!

    • The Rescue
      Aquella: Thank you so much for coming to save me!

    • Investigate
      Aquella: I can tell you where Tethys is…

    • The Tower
      Aquella: Were you brave enough to go inside the tower?

    • Nightmare
      Aquella: What happened when you got knocked out?

    • Descent
      Aquella: Some...Something is wrong... the voices... they're everywhere...

    • The Bottom
      Aquella: You want to take me somewhere? Where?
      Aquella: Are... are you ok, <Character>? You look like you haven't slept well…

    • Risen
      Aquella: Kathool has risen!
      • Quest! - begins Risen quest.
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Shipwrecks?
    Aquella: You litter the sea floor with your broken ships... barrels, ropes, bones thrown overboard.
    Aquella: Turning my beautiful sea floor into this!
    Aquella: And now, through some no doubt insidious magic... you can breathe underwater!
    Aquella: More and more of you humans keep coming down here... and now you gather your broken ships together and make a town!
    Aquella: "The Locker" is not a welcome sight and if I ever get my staff back I'll sweep it back to where it came from!

  • What happened to your staff?
    Aquella: It's lost.
    Aquella: One day I'll find it though...
    Aquella: ... and I'll sweep the sea clean of all the surface pollution.
    Aquella: So, if I were you I'd leave before I find my staff.

    Pirate Attack

    Aquella: You know what happened to the elves?!

    Aquella: Great One...?

    Aboard Alone

    Aquella: Ok, I'm coming out but don't hurt me... I'm just a kid.

    Aquella: Heehee!

    Aquella: !!!

    As You Lie Dreaming...

    Aquella: What happened to them? Tell me!

    Aquella: *sniff* ... *sniff*


    Aquella: *sniff* I...thank you, <Character>. I don't deserve to be saved though. It's all...*sniff* It's all my fault.

    Aquella: No, there's only me left. I'm the only one left who can protect the water and...and...I don't know how! It's all my fault the water elves are gone.
    Aquella: I made them disappear!


    Aquella: ...

    Aquella: They told me not to touch it, but it was so pretty and blue. I... I... just wanted to see it!
    Aquella: They were all so proud of it, they said it was what protected the waters... what protected us.
    Aquella: So I didn’t listen... I snuck in and...

    Aquella: *gasp*
    Aquella: PRETTY!!!
    Aquella: Hmm...
    Aquella: I'm just gonna play with it for a little while, that's all...

    Aquella: Hee hee!

    Aquella: ...Yes.

    Aquella: The other elves caught me...
    Aquella: I can still see their faces, how angry they were.

    Aquella: I ran away!
    Aquella: I didn’t mean to do anything bad! I... I just didn't want to see them looking so disappointed at me.
    Aquella: I found a place to sleep and... I had a terrible nightmare...
    Aquella: When I woke up, I went right back home... and everyone was gone! The whole city was deserted!
    Aquella: *Sniff*
    Aquella: I've tried to protect the water since then and now look at it. It's all my fault!

    Aquella: No! I don’t want to go there... I don't want to see it empty again.

    Aquella: ...Really?

    The Bottom

    Aquella: <Character>?
    Aquella: Where.... where are we going?

    Easter Egg:

    Aquella: ... <Character>?

    Aquella: <Character> why won't you answer me?

    Aquella: <Character> I don't know what you're talking about!

    Aquella: Just tell me! Where are we going?

    Aquella: You're so weird, <Character>. Why are we here?

    Aquella: Bu...but why into the trench?

    Aquella: What? Who does?
    Aquella: <Character>... please, I'm scared. I don't want to go.

    Aquella: Have to what? What are you saying, <Character>?

    Aquella: <Character>?

    Aquella: What?
    Aquella: Told me what?

    Aquella: <Character> is my friend, he/she saved me from you!

    Aquella: I... I...

    Aquella: Tell me what?

    Aquella: ...
    Aquella: You... you know what happened?

    Aquella: Tell me what happened!

    Aquella: Nooo....
    Aquella: *(sniff)* No, please...


    Aquella: Me? But... but, I can't do it alone.

    Aquella: I... I don't know how though.

    Aquella: But... but... it's all my fault.... all the elves are gone.

    Aquella: Lilithe! But how?

    Aquella: But if I hadn't played with the Orb...

    Aquella: It's gone...

    Defending Against the Darkness

    Aquella: <Character>, it's been a long time.

    Aquella: I thought I warned you before about you humans leaving broken things in my waters.

    Aquella: There's something even worse in the water, <Character>.
    Aquella: It looked... it looked like it was once human but now... now Darkness has seeped through it.

    Aquella: Whatever it's called... it's trying to find out more about you, I think. It visited The Locker... Tethys... it almost woke the Ancient One.

    Aquella: I don't think it was prepared for... whatever it was shown.
    Aquella: Even in sleep, the Ancient One plays games if you get too close.

    Aquella: No, but it emerged close to here. Be careful, <Character>...
    Aquella: ...you humans need to survive to eventually start cleaning up your messes. Good luck...


    Aquella: Oh, hello, <Character>. Looks like we're getting all sorts of visitors today.

    Aquella: Oh, do you know these people, <Character>?

    Aquella: None at all. While there is always danger down here, I welcome the change of pace.
    Aquella: Greetings, friends of <Character>.
    Aquella: I am Aquella, a water elf, and protector of the seas.
    Aquella: While you are welcome as guests here, please be sure not to leave anything behind when it comes time for you to leave.
    Aquella: Our ecosystem is a precious one. If it falls out of—

    Aquella: Er. Yes? I am a water elf.
    Aquella: Thanks to the efforts of <Character>, my people have been restored from the clutches of the Ancient One.

    Aquella: Hmm. I see. So this Remthalas was one of the Abyssal Elves...
    Aquella: Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there has been no change from the depths.
    Aquella: The Ancient One's hold over that long-abandoned place is as strong as ever.

    Aquella: There is no easy answer.
    Aquella: In ages past, the Abyssal Elves were charged by Neso with securing the depths of the seas— maintaining order, and defending from threats.
    Aquella: But when the Ancient One woke, chaos spread.
    Aquella: Spread throughout the entire ocean, until all were lost.

    Aquella: I did. But for the Abyssal Tribe, it has been far, far too long.
    Aquella: Even if I were to try, there is likely nothing left of them to bring back.

    Aquella: There is... one thing.
    Aquella: But it will be a dangerous and perilous journey.

    Aquella: While purifying the entire ocean of the Ancient One's corruption is outside of my current ability...
    Aquella: I can lead you into the depths. To a sacred site of the Abyssal Elves.

    Aquella: The Abyssal Elf civilization spanned the seas. There were many, many of them.
    Aquella: What I mean is...
    Aquella: The ancient adepts will seek us out in great numbers. They will try to stop our descent.
    Aquella: And once we reach the bottom, I will need to be defended as I purify the area.

    Aquella: It's a possibility. But I will be there to protect you.

    The Dreamers' Abyss

    Aquella: ...This looks like the place.
    Aquella: Yes. The Ancient One's presence here is not as strong as the surrounding depths.
    Aquella: This will do.

    Aquella: You've done so much already, clearing the way here. But...
    Aquella: It will take me some time to draw upon my magic and purify the area.
    Aquella: And while The Ancient One's grasp over this place is weaker, it is still powerful.
    Aquella: He will not relinquish his hold so easily.

    Aquella: Hopefully it won't come to that. The Ancient One still slumbers, and I'll do my best not to disturb that rest.

    Aquella: Thank you. Now, I'll begin preparations—

    Aquella: Oh. Oh!
    Aquella: Oh no. Oh my goodness. I'm so sorry! I completely forgot about the water pressure!
    Aquella: My people, the Water Elves, we're adapted to the underwater depths.
    Aquella: We don't have to worry about such things and it completely slipped my mind!
    Aquella:Maybe we should turn back. This was a bad idea. Oh no.
    Aquella: If I got you hurt, or worse, <Character>, after everything you've done for me and my people—

    Aquella: Yes. Yes, you're right. Just... Oh, be careful on our way up. Don't surface too fast, um...

    Aquella: Right. I apologize! I shall begin.

    Aquella: Okay! I've got a connection!

    Aquella: Hold on...!
    Aquella: Yes, it's definitely fighting back. The corruption won't let go so easily!

    Aquella: Begone! Begone from this place!

    Aquella: Disperse the shade!

    Aquella: It... It is done.
    Aquella: The Ancient One no longer holds sway over this place.

    Aquella: He can try. But my people will defend it. I didn't choose this location at random.
    Aquella: This is the entrance to an ancient temple. From among the oldest of our stories, it's said a... creature of massive size once made this its home.
    Aquella: The Abyssal Tribe received its blessings, and together, they kept the depths in balance.
    Aquella: We'll make sure it's secure, and we'll see if there's anything we can uncover that can aid us in our battle against the Ancient One.

    Aquella: What a curious question.
    Aquella: I would. I will, and I do.
    Aquella: If not me and my kind, then who else?
    Aquella: I have the power to fight back against The Ancient One.

    Aquella: I will not squander it.

    Aquella: We should get you back to the surface safely before Notha tires out.

    Aquella: I can't say I'm all too familiar with the exact methods of the Abyssal Tribe's funerary customs, but I can try.
    Aquella: Um. Would we have to go back to get the body?

    Aquella: Inside. Yes. Of course.

    Aquella: How about this? If you bring the remains out, I'll examine them.
    Aquella: If there is any risk of him becoming a conduit for The Ancient One, I'll return him to your care.
    Aquella: If, on the other hand, I sense nothing amiss, then I'll see what I can do about a proper Water Elf send off.

    Ancient Abyss: Epilogue

    Aquella: Please, do not rush me. I must be certain.

    Aquella: Just about finished!
    Aquella: I must say, this is the first time I've seen an Abyssal Elf in person that has not been... twisted.
    Aquella: I've seen ancient paintings, carvings... what little we've recovered.
    Aquella: Hm. Curious.

    Aquella: Ah. No, nothing relevant.
    Aquella: I can safely say, though, that his remains do not have any residual corruption from The Ancient One.
    Aquella: Besides his biology, which is quite similar to that of Water Elves, I doubt there's anything for you to uncover, Notha.

    Aquella: I'm sure.

    Aquella: You know, some legends say that certain members of the Abyssal Tribe would carve up their remains...
    Aquella: ...And scatter them to the sea, for the myriad of scavengers and tiny creatures to feed on.
    Aquella: Returning to the depths from the very height of existence.

    Aquella: Not quite what you had in mind?

    Aquella: There are other rites too, of course. Many less grisly. Mostly.
    Aquella: ...How would you describe Remthalas in life?
    Aquella: You explained his story to me earlier, but what kind of person was he?

    Aquella: I think I understand. His dream for his people must have been his driving force. That dream, then, became twisted by Kathool's influence.

    Aquella: ...Then I shall release him into the water whence he came.
    Aquella: There, he may watch over this temple, the start of the reclamation of the Abyssal depths.

    Aquella: Then I shall begin. It will be quick.
    Aquella: May you watch over our endeavors, Remthalas.

    Aquella: I'm glad I could help! Now, shall we return to the Locker? I can prepare some seaweed sandwiches if you'd like!

    Aquella: Do not worry. I sent his water along a current to the outer boundaries of the temple. There was never any risk of... um...
    Aquella: Disrespect.

    Other information
  • After completion of Pirate Attack, Aquella will be replaced by the Quest Chest until completion of Rescue!.

    Book 3 Image Preview
    Book 3 Appearance
    Book 3 Side View Appearance

    Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for image, Book 3 side view image, and corrections.
  • Stephen Nix for information.
  • Peachii for corrections.
  • Voodoo Master for additional dialogue.
  • Slayer Zach for Book 3 image.
  • Dove for Book 3 image preview.

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