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Ancient Abyss: Epilogue

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1/28/2023 20:47:45   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Ancient Abyss: Epilogue

Location: Ancient Abyss -> To War! -> Epilogue
Requirements: Completion of The Dreamers' Abyss
Release Date: January 28th, 2023

Objective: With the Abyssal temple secured, there's just one last thing to do.
Objective completed: What makes a hero?

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0



Remthalas' Mask

Access to Shattered Dream.


*In the Abyssal temple, before you and your companions give Remthalas a proper burial, Aquella examines his corpse as Lock and Key create a rotating magical wisp from one of their fingers respectively.*

Uaanta: Well?
Aquella: Please, do not rush me. I must be certain.
Notha: If there's anything I can learn about what happened to him...
<Character>: You know, you could just visit Aquella again if you want to learn more about Kathool.
<Character>: I'm sure the Water Elves have studied their foe, after all.
Notha: It's not the same as a hands-on experience. And those Adepts we fought on the way down didn't really leave anything behind.
Uaanta: Speaking of hands-onó I thought you were busy stopping us all from being crushed!
Notha: I was! But Lock and Key can do that too.
Uaanta: So you were just being lazy!
Notha: It's still hard work! I've earned a break.
Myalos: Please, let us not fight amongst ourselves.
Notha: We're not fighting, Myalos. Relax.
Uaanta: Not yet we're not.
<Character>: Er, Aquella, how's the examination going?
Aquella: Just about finished!
Aquella: I must say, this is the first time I've seen an Abyssal Elf in person that has not been... twisted.
Aquella: I've seen ancient paintings, carvings... what little we've recovered.

*Aquella briefly examines Remthalas' lifeless face and his diminished lure, just in case to find anything she missed.*

Aquella: Hm. Curious.
Notha: Did you find something?
Aquella: Ah. No, nothing relevant.
Aquella: I can safely say, though, that his remains do not have any residual corruption from The Ancient One.
[Aquella: Besides his biology, which is quite similar to that of Water Elves, I doubt there's anything for you to uncover, Notha.
Notha: How unfortunate. Are you certain? Perhaps, if I had some of my instruments I couldó
Aquella: I'm sure.
Uaanta: Then let's give him a proper... whatever it is Water Elves do.
Notha: ...Yeah. Okay.
Aquella: You know, some legends say that certain members of the Abyssal Tribe would carve up their remains...
Aquella: ...And scatter them to the sea, for the myriad of scavengers and tiny creatures to feed on.
Aquella: Returning to the depths from the very height of existence.
Uaanta: Um.
Notha: Go on, get chopping.
Aquella: Not quite what you had in mind?
Uaanta: Far be it for me to oppose tradition...
Aquella: There are other rites too, of course. Many less grisly. Mostly.
Aquella: ...How would you describe Remthalas in life?
Aquella: You explained his story to me earlier, but what kind of person was he?
<Character>: Well, he certainly wasn't a hero.
Myalos: I concur.
Uaanta: Despite all he did, I think he was trying his best to save his people...
Uaanta: ...Notha, you knew him best.
Notha: I suppose I did.

*Notha pauses before describing Remthalas' expressions and his dreams to Aquella.*

Notha: He... was obsessive. He wasn't great at expressing himself.
Notha: He was a dreamer. But he also never gave up on those dreams. Even if he got a bit too carried away.
Notha: I think he always knew... at some level, that he never entirely escaped Kathool's clutches. Tried to find some way to break free.
Notha: Even if it meant pursuing the unobtainable. He was...
Notha: He was a defier of fate.

*Notha stops describing Remthalas, allowing Aquella to understand his dream prior to Kathool's corruption.*

Aquella: I think I understand. His dream for his people must have been his driving force. That dream, then, became twisted by Kathool's influence.
Uaanta: ...I want to believe that. That his dream was for his people and his family. Let that be his legacy.
Aquella: ...Then I shall release him into the water whence he came.
Aquella: There, he may watch over this temple, the start of the reclamation of the Abyssal depths.
<Character>: That sounds good to me.
Uaanta: Beautiful.
Notha: ...Sure.
Myalos: A fitting end.
Aquella: Then I shall begin. It will be quick.

*Notha looks solemnly as she holds his Maleurous mask; afterwards, Remthalas is buried with his Maleurous mask in his arms before Aquella disintegrates his corpse into bubbles, leaving only his mask behind.*

Aquella: May you watch over our endeavors, Remthalas.
Uaanta: Well done, Aquella.
<Character>: Thank you. It feels good to close that chapter.
Aquella: I'm glad I could help! Now, shall we return to the Locker? I can prepare some seaweed sandwiches if you'd like!
Notha: ...
Myalos: Is there something wrong, Notha?
<Character>: Uhh... Notha?
Notha: ...

*Notha's face turns orange red as she was holding her breath; she exhales in a sense of relief.*

Notha: Ió I didn't want to breathe him in! That would have been really... weird.
Notha: I'm surprised it didn't cross your mind!

*Uaanta is not amused.*

Uaanta: ...Did you really have to say that?!
Notha: It's a valid concern!
Aquella: Do not worry. I sent his water along a current to the outer boundaries of the temple. There was never any risk of... um...
Aquella: Disrespect.
<Character>: Thank you, Aquella. Now, I think it really is about time for us to get going.
Lock: Pressure barrier integrity is dropping.
Key: Ascension is suggested.
Notha: Right you are!
Uaanta: A seaweed sandwich sounds delightful after all this.
<Character>: Let's go, then!

*You and presumably your companionsówith the exception of Myalosórun off to leave the Abyssal temple to return to the Locker; scene shifts to focus on Myalos, who is contemplating Aquella's words of fighting Kathool.*

Myalos: ...
Myalos: "If not me and my kind, then who else...?"

*Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Shattered Dream - opens Shattered Dream shop.

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