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7/20/2018 23:49:59   


Location: Sinnocence (Boss Fight), Myalos, Reactivation, Revelation, Reclamation, Iconoclasm, Respite, Revolution, Reality

Quests given

Shops owned

Sinnocence (Boss Fight)

???: Doubts.

???: Whispers.

???: Yes, this will do nicely.


???: And these are the "champions".

???: Regardless of the title, servants of the Avatars are servants nonetheless.

???: Ah, the Lhe'Shyian. Uaanta Fayt, was it?

???: On the contrary.
???: My dear colleague Remthalas has perhaps been... over-enthusiastic with his methods.

???: There, there, friend. Mistakes happen.

???: A fight would be counterproductive. The two of you are merely following the paths laid out for you.
???: It is no fault of your own. Such is the structure you have come to embrace.

???: Right for whom? From whose perspective? Yours? Or the Avatars?
???: You already doubt their judgement, <Character>, do you not?
???: Who is to say that their laws, their order is correct?

???: Is it? What has the rule of the Avatars done?
???: Ever there is conflict. Ever there is pain, and suffering.
???: There must be a reckoning against those who would allow such injustices.
???: A revolution. And at its head, there must be heroes.

???: And just how long have these "Makers" had to set the world in order? Thousands of years? Tens of thousands of years?
???: Hundreds of thousands?
???: And what do they have to show for it but indecisive and inconsistent fleeting action?

???: And do you think they don't want to?
???: The fools forget their place.

???: Please, Remthalas, I do not believe there is a need for such theatrics.

???: No, but you requested my assistance, did you not?

???: I ask you to do me this favor.

???: Good enough.

???: Ah, which reminds me, it is about time we said our farewells.
???: What we were after is no longer here, Remthalas.

???: A pity.
???: I am leaving. Do what you wish.


???: That was very convincing.

???: Well done!

???: Me again!
???: And here I thought you wouldn't be back so soon.
???: But- one moment, please, I would like to try something before we continue.

???: Hmm... that wasn't enough. Oh well.
???: Now, what can I do for you, champions of the Avatars? Pleasant day, isn't it?

???: Make me? Now that is an interesting idea. Is a conversation really no longer an option?

???: Well, when you put it like that, I seem kind of unreasonable!

???: That's unfair.

???: Oh, and I see the Avatars let you keep your toys too. Curious.

???: Well, when they get bored of you, can I have a turn playing with you?
???: There's so much we could learn from each other, I'm sure.

???: So heartless.
???: But... Hmm... This... this situation presents an opportunity!
???: You see, I am interested in the ruins of Myalos behind you.

???: I have no use for the entity known as Myalos. The ruins themselves though, well, I certainly like to believe I'm resourceful.

???: Ugh. Them again. Avatars this, Makers that.

???: Don't you ever think of anything else?
???: You already know how I feel about the Avatars, I'm sure. A shame you're still so attached to their commands.
???: But that means we find ourselves at an unfortunate impasse. And I've been so polite, too!

???: Remthalas has very clearly warned me so many times that I shouldn't underestimate you.
???: So why not a different tactic? This conversation has been quite pleasant, has it not?
???: Why don't we have a friendly contest?

???: You'll defend the ruins from whatever odds and ends I have at my command.
???: And if I find your performance satisfactory, I'll leave this place.
???: If not, then you will leave me to my research. Or you can help me with some of it! I'm sure there's much we can discover together.

???: Ahahaha!

???: Oh.
???: I'm sorry, were you serious?

???: Stop me... now?
???: No, if you want an "epic final encounter", that will have to wait. We need to build some tension, raise the stakes...
???: And have some fun!

???: Ah, which reminds me, I should get prepared.
???: See you soon, heroes!


???: Hello again!
???: I am impressed, even with heroes such as yourselves. Not getting tired yet, are you?

???: Good, good to see such strength and defiance. After all, we're on the same team here.
???: We all want what's best for Lore and those that call it home.

???: And who told you that? The Avatars? And you just believe them?

???: The Avatars stand in the way of progress with their pathetic attempts at balancing that which balances itself.
???: They stand in the way of true freedom–

???: Now that was uncalled for! Here I am, trying to explain my perspective when–

???: Am I? That's news to me.

???: Nope, still in one piece.

???: You must be mistaken. Although...

???: Ly... Vhil, you called me?

???: My... face? Oh! That must be it! What a funny coincidence!

???: Well, to prevent any further unfortunate misunderstandings, I suppose a proper introduction is in order, if you'll allow me.

Notha: My name is Notha.

Notha: Notha Ly'Ehr.

Notha: From your glares, I take it you aren't going to introduce yourselves?
Notha: "Hi, I'm <Character>, nice to meet you!"
Notha: "Uaanta Fayt. Sorry for the mix up earlier!"

Notha: ...No? Okay.
Notha: But Ly'Vhil... Some... villain who shared my face...
Notha: I was wondering what became of the empty vessel.

Notha: It was some research funded by the Holy Throne at the time. Research into potential ways to extend life without necromancy.
Notha: That empty vessel was a duplicate of my body. A soulless husk that I thought locked away and discarded.
Notha: Couldn't have been me. I was imprisoned for oh, who knows how long by the... Avatars.

Notha: Can't claim credit for any monstering, sorry. I don't know whose soul was piloting that body, but it wasn't mine.

Notha: Born and raised! But that's all behind me now. I like to think I'm... beyond that.
Notha: I... am the one and only Ly'Ehr!

Notha: Well spotted!
Notha: No, I earned that name. I earned it myself.
Notha: I've uncovered secrets. Knowledge the Avatars sought to keep out of reach. To hold us back.
Notha: I know what tugs at our threads.
Notha: Their balance is nothing more than shoddily constructed chains binding us to perpetual mediocrity!
Notha: Chains that we strive and push against, searching for any foothold, any progress, only to be quashed beneath their arrogant fists!
Notha: That is the oppression I fight against. A freedom just out of reach that I would die for.
Notha: And I extend my hand to you as well, heroes.
Notha: Join me.

Notha: Entities as old as them don't just change.

Notha: And they'll keep trying, long after you're gone.
Notha: All the while suppressing the people of Lore, imposing their so-called balance that they themselves can't understand.
Notha: As Maleurous, I fight to bring freedom to those who do not know they are oppressed.

Notha: The Maleurous... An unfortunate collection of souls that the Avatars felt the need to categorize. Another of their mistakes.

Notha: A good question.

Notha: Yes... and no.

Notha: Gladly! It's a very interesting topic. You see, the Maleurous are all connected by a common factor.
Notha: Doom, Evil, whispers. Or perhaps... "the influence"?
Notha: Such... menacing titles. But what is it, really?
Notha: It is freedom. It is ambition.
Notha: It is progress, invention, and innovation!
Notha: It is what drives a forsaken hero home, rather than simply forgetting his past.
Notha: It is what drives the former servant, abandoned by so many masters, to seek his own path.
Notha: It is what drives the lost and alone to find a new family.
Notha: It is what gives spark to life from that which there was none.
Notha: It is what lets us cross boundaries to pursue the impossible.
Notha: It is what drives us to become more than we are, to better ourselves.
Notha: It is that which the Avatars seek to suppress!
Notha: Their perfect balance would leave us nothing more than obedient worshippers and mindless husks...
Notha: ...trusting only in their Good; Their farcical balance!

Notha: Ah, excuse me, I got carried away there.

Notha: You must have had some suspicion before, yes?
Notha: For there is Good and Evil in us all. In a way, every one of us could be considered Maleurous.

Notha: I may be many things, but a liar, I am not.
Notha: Consider that as we move into the next part of our contest, yes?
Notha: Although... if Myalos is entering the fray, I suppose I could spice things up.
Notha: Watch your step, okay?


Notha: Oh! Oh! I see what you're doing now! Myalos is planning to activate the ruins!
Notha: ...They can still be activated?

Notha: Very interesting.
Notha: Well, that makes me even more curious, so I hope you'll excuse me this... additional challenge.

Notha: Whatever gave you the impression that I was?
Notha: This one is a project I've been working on for a while now.
Notha: Do you mind giving it a test run?
Notha: Well done! It's a pity to lose so much work, but... such might...
Notha: No wonder the Avatars–

Notha: Oh? This should be interesting!

Notha: Fascinating!

Notha: Yes! That's it! Precisely!
Notha: That is the balance we make for ourselves.
Notha: The balance that the Avatars fear.
Notha: We make our own decisions. We consider our own Good and Evil.

Notha: Good questions, <Character>! First, regarding Remthalas...
Notha: Well, I can't speak for him, but if I had to guess... He may have slightly overreacted.
Notha: I imagine he saw Mr. Nameless as entering into servitude of the champions of the Avatars.
Notha: It's not my place to share his story, but at one point, he too served the Avatars. And then, in his time of need, they were absent. Abandoned him.
Notha: As for Sinnocence... That... Well, I did that for you.

Notha: As I'm sure you know, Sinnocence was suffering. His end was inevitable, whether at my hands, or yours.
Notha: But if I let you follow through with your orders from the Avatars, you'd have just been fulfilling your pre-ordained role.
Notha: You would have merely been another obedient, unflinching pawn.

Notha: Which I can imagine only led to even more questions. More doubts. Sounds like a success to me.
Notha: Questions are important. Seeking answers is vital. That is how we grow.
Notha: But the Avatars don't ask questions. They only impose their will.

Notha: An interesting proposition. It is undeniable that they are allowing you some autonomy.
Notha: But perhaps it is out of fear. Perhaps they know that were you to oppose them, they wouldn't be able to stop you.
Notha: And how long do you think they'll remember these "lessons"?
Notha: How long until they "forget" and begin fighting amongst themselves again, with the people of Lore suffering at their whims?

Notha: And for my risk receive only secretive half-truths and denials?
Notha: No. They must be eliminated. There is no other certainty. The laws and decrees of flailing imposters are beyond worthless.
Notha: Should you wish, my invitation is ever open.
Notha: To be a hero on your own terms.

Notha: Okay, okay! I can tell when I'm not... wanted.
Notha: I have urgent business elsewhere, anyway.
Notha: See you around, champions of the Avatars!

Notha: That was easier than expected!

Notha: So there are life support systems.

Notha: Yes. Yes, fascinating!
Notha: Such intriguing mechanisms, perhaps older than... No, most certainly older than even the Exalted! Ah, how wondrous!

Notha: Me!
Notha: Hello, Myalos!

Notha: I said I'd leave that place if I lost. I didn't say I'd leave the ruins.
Notha: Although... these are hardly ruins now are they?
Notha: I don't suppose you'd be kind enough to help me figure some of this stuff out?

Notha: Ah, no problem. I'll manage one way or another.

Notha: Is that a challenge? Ooh. You should try that sometime when I'm distracted!

Notha: Another puzzle to fix then. Power... Power... Hmm, I may have a potential solution for that. Ah, this is going to be so much fun, Myalos!

Notha: I truly don't mean you any harm, you know? In fact... this... "body" project you were so invested in...
Notha: It would certainly be an intriguing exercise to start with...
Notha: All I need is your cooperation. What do you say?


Notha: But, mother...

Notha: Okay.

Notha: Father.

Notha: There was something I wanted to...

Notha: ...Yes, father.

Notha: ...I—

Notha: ...Yes, father.

Notha: Mother and father are busy again, doing your holy work, Makers.
Notha: I come, yet again, to ask for your blessings.
Notha: Please, I've done all I've been asked. I've studied hard, I've prayed, just like mother and father tell me to.
Notha: I just...

Notha: I want a friend. A real one.
Notha: I've tried! But I just can't stand it. It's all fake. It's all just a mask I put on.
Notha: I don't care for them. Any of them.
Notha: But I try! I know their birthdays, their favorite foods, their favorite toys...
Notha: ...but their joy, their sadness... It doesn't make any sense.
Notha: I feel nothing. And what I offer them... is false.
Notha: Please... Makers. I don't understand.
Notha: I just want to be normal.

Notha: I'll be a researcher. Like my mother and father.

Notha: ...

Notha: ...

Notha: Isn't there always?

Notha: What makes this one so special?

Notha: ...

Notha: ...

Notha: Why should I bother?

Notha: Everything we do is in their service. My studies will suffice.

Notha: I know mother and father pay your parents to have you accompany me.

Notha: It's not your fault. You should...
Notha: You should go. Have friends who actually care about you.

Notha: I said go!

Notha: ...
Notha: Why... Why am I like this?
Notha: Why did the Makers make me like this?
Notha: Why do I still feel... nothing...

Notha: And that's the last shipment from the excavation site?

Notha: Thank you.

Notha: What?

Notha: Is it winter already?

Notha: I am sorry. I am not interested.

Notha: It is of no concern. You... You've done a good job. I'll make sure to add a bonus to your wages at the end of the month.

Notha: I've followed them this far. I shall have my answers.

Notha: This isn't... We... The... the Makers...
Notha: It's... lies... it's all lies!
Notha: And there I was. Blaming them for all my problems, lost and confused.
Notha: I... I accepted it. It was all part of the Makers' plan.
Notha: But... no.

Notha: They are no Makers.
Notha: And WHY?
Notha: Why pretend? Why have us suffer in the dark?
Notha: Such... wonders...
Notha: Hidden from us. Buried.
Notha: ...
Notha: All these years... All these years I've worn the mask I was told to wear. Expected to wear.
Notha: Waiting, and waiting, and hoping for the revelation. For the Makers to come down from their Firmament and grant me normalcy.
Notha: And it was all for nothing! Those fervent prayers, those wishes of a young girl...
Notha: They mean nothing to the Makers!
Notha: They would have us stagnate and our genius extinguished so that they may bathe in our worship and praise.
Notha: Well, "Makers". I have seen the truth. And I will tear you down.
Notha: I can wear the mask a while longer.
Notha: I'm used to it.

Notha: The Makers didn't provide anything!
Notha: I spent my childhood alone, unable to connect, unable to make friends, to... be normal!
Notha: And what was I told? What did I believe? 'It's all part of the Makers' plans.'
Notha: From my mother. From my father. From anyone who cared to listen to the plight of a... a freak of a Lhe'Shyian child!
Notha: And I believed it. I believed my misery, my loneliness, was because of them! That it served a purpose!
Notha: I dedicated my life to finding out what that purpose was! To what purpose my Makers had in store for me!
Notha: But there was none. There was no reason.
Notha: The Avatars are liars and usurpers, terrified of our potential.
Notha: This "balance" they claim to uphold? Arrogant stagnation.
Notha: Fear of the unknown.

Notha: The order we make for ourselves, dear Uaanta.
Notha: Not the laws and decrees of pretenders who can barely function!

Notha: I've seen the remnants of what came before, you know.
Notha: The Exalted.
Notha: I've seen their technology, their cities, their magic, their stories!
Notha: I've seen what our false gods fear, and it is wondrous.
Notha: I've seen the freedom that the Avatars want us to forget.

Notha: I think we've taken enough of your time.

Notha: Rest well, you'll need it.

Notha: I think we're getting through.
Notha: At the very least, if they wish to oppose us still, it should be of their own choice.

Notha: Indeed.

Notha: Well done, Myalos! I knew you could do it!

Notha: Hi, <Character>! That's right, it's me!

Notha: Oh, I just had to keep digging. And digging. And digging!
Notha: I've seen secrets even you Avatars couldn't imagine.
Notha: Together, Myalos and I, we've sorted this whole thing out! Well, a lot of it. I think.
Notha: Enough, at least!

Notha: Not all of it, but I know you don't either!

Notha: I dare!

Notha: Oh, hello, Uaanta. Did you sleep well last night?
Notha: You know what Myalos and I are here for. And it's not you. It's them.
Notha: I'd rather you not get in our way but...

Notha: You see? Do you see? The Avatars will not suffer our presence.
Notha: Myalos, let our "hero" friends play with some of our new toys.
Notha: And let us deal with these oppressors!


Notha: I'm just here to talk. To give you a respite, while, well...

Notha: I don't want you two dead, after all.

Notha: Surely they're no challenge for the "Champions of the Avatars"?
Notha: I just need you occupied, and... out of the way.
Notha: Big things are happening.
Notha: And we little folk should take care not to stray underfoot.

Notha: You can't.
Notha: You know your blows won't land. You'd be wasting your energy.
Notha: No, let us talk.
Notha: And let us gaze across this shattered Firmament.

Notha: They couldn't even bother to stay on Lore.
Notha: No, to... impress upon you their majesty, to awe you with their power...
Notha: To hide from their responsibilities, they created this... this bubble.
Notha: This secret sphere of time and space, hidden in the Void.

Notha: The Void. That twisty-turny nothing-and-everything between planes.
Notha: I had my suspicions of where they were hiding.
Notha: But to enter the Void, one requires unimaginable power. Power, and knowledge.
Notha: Or... you just need the right tools.

Notha: I didn't even know if it was possible! The Exalted... well, some of them, at least, must have passed through the Void at one point.
Notha: Hence their ruins scattered in the depths of Lhe'Shyiac.
Notha: Or maybe they had a more direct route from the Plains.

Notha: ...It matters not. Yes, <Character>. Myalos was my key.
Notha: Perhaps you've encountered ruins such as Myalos before? Ancient structures, broken, and alien.
Notha: They came before us. Before our world. Before even the Exalted.
Notha: And as I found out, as I had hoped, there are those such as Myalos, who have the capability to pierce the planes.

Notha: Is it so hard to believe that I convinced him with my words?

Notha: Have you forgotten that it was the Avatars who first imprisoned him?
Notha: It was the Avatars who then declared him Maleurous, and along with all our fellows, locked us away in some magical artifact, to be forgotten?
Notha: Certainly, you may have "saved" Myalos.
Notha: But what of his own dreams and ambitions? You freed him from corruption... but would that have been the end?
Notha: Had he not fled, surely the Avatars would have hunted him down sooner or later.

Notha: He was forced by circumstances the Avatars put him in.

Notha: ...And yet, it all worked out. He fell out of sight. And I offered him his dream back.
Notha: You saved him from the clutches of corruption and losing himself to Doom.
Notha: And I saved him from death. And gave him the means to fight his own battle against Destiny.
Notha: This is the balance. The balance of the Exalted. The dichotomy.
Notha: Of the Exalted, were two races, the same, yet opposite.
Notha: I do hope you're taking notes.

Notha: The Celestials were beings of Destiny.

Notha: Of... "Good".
Notha: And the Infernals, then, were beings of Doom. Evil.
Notha: Words are just words, though. Labels. These were their natures. Built into their very beings.
Notha: And yet, they worked together to throw down their oppressors. These fundamental opposites co-existed and fought as one.
Notha: Against that ever-present yoke...
Notha: ...of Destiny.
Notha: The Avatars, the Makers- they are beings of order. Of Destiny. Their false balance is stagnation.
Notha: But do not misunderstand. I do not intend to drag Lore into Doom. Into... darkness, for example.
Notha: To do so is to decay. To erode and self-destruct, until we can hang onto whatever sliver remains, or we dissipate.
Notha: No. We, of the mortal races... We were made with both Doom and Destiny entwined.
Notha: We self-balance. We determine our own Destiny, our own Doom. Our own Good and Evil.
Notha: This is our soul! Our soul that cries out when oppressed, that calls us to action!
Notha: That holds back our hand from going too far. That measures out justice.
Notha: From what I've come to understand of Myalos, he was created to be a... false being. An artificial sentience. A tool.
Notha: But that seed of Doom that was consuming him- that you freed him from-
Notha: It... infected him. Balanced him. Made him whole.
Notha: I imagine something similar must have happened to your Lock and Key.

Notha: It's a lot to process, I know.

Notha: But I am no liar.

Notha: ...
Notha: I couldn't say. I doubt they'd let me ask.

Notha: ...It is not out of the realm of possibility.
Notha: ...
Notha: No. It does not... It does not exonerate them from their crimes.
Notha: And who's to say that they won't succumb to their old habits?
Notha: No. There is only the safest and most efficient option.
Notha: Thank you, Uaanta, <Character>.
Notha: You have been most enlightening students.
Notha: And knowing your tenacity... Well...
Notha: Think about what you're fighting for as you deal with some more of my toys.
Notha: As for that small dragon who keeps following you around... I wonder...

Notha: Hm.
Notha: How unusual.

Notha: ...It seems there's much more I do not understand.

Notha: And yet we strive ever onward. Funny, that.
Notha: See you around, heroes.


Notha: Would you look at that? Myalos proved just as powerful, no, stronger than I could have imagined and yet...
Notha: They're an even match.
Notha: All it would take is a well placed...

Notha: Something to tip the scales, maybe.

Notha: And what will you do? Pray to your Makers? They seem... otherwise occupied.

Notha: Just... just like the stories... scattered through the Void itself...

Notha: Curious things.

Notha: Are they now...?
Notha: Are they now...? Such power... such will... even like this...

Notha: Reduced to orbs, perhaps, but still a potential threat. We must be sure, <Character>.
Notha: Reduced to orbs, perhaps, but still a potential threat. We must be sure, <Character>. Some experiments are in order... Perhaps...

Notha: And she denies the truth for her own comfort, she will never concede!
Notha: And she denies the truth for her own comfort! She will never concede!

  • Side with Uaanta
      Notha: You don't understand. None of you do. If there's even a chance that they could return...
      Notha: Give me the orbs. I must be sure.

      Notha: Can I? Can I?!
      Notha: The Avatars will not escape me, no, not now! Not when I'm so close!

      Notha: Wha–
      Notha: Remthalas!
      Notha: Release this at once!
      Notha: Stop the old lady! Stop <Character>!

      Notha: What are you doing? The Avatars–

      Notha: Remthalas, you know not what you–

      Notha: <Character>. There's still time to change your mind.
      Notha: Think of the wonders. Imagine the possibilities–

      Notha: *Sigh*
      Notha: So be it.

      Notha: Let us bring about this balance as only we mortals can.

      Notha: The... Avatars... They were right to fear your power. Yours and <Dragon>'s.

      Notha: No. It cannot end like this. So many questions left unanswered...

      Notha: ...

      Notha: I hold myself to a higher standard than the Avatars.
      Notha: I... I can balance myself.
      Notha: If the Avatars are dormant... Then there will be time.
      Notha: Time to bring enlightenment and freedom to the people of Lore.
      Notha: Perhaps... starting with Lhe'Shyiac.

      Notha: There can be change without revolution. It's just so much less... efficient.
      Notha: But you have my word. I shall not attempt to overthrow the holy throne.
      Notha: And I am not a liar.

      Notha: You don't trust me?

      Notha: So be it. I have nothing to hide.
  • Side with Notha
      Notha: <Character>! She means to- We must stop her!

      Notha: Wha–
      Notha: Remthalas!
      Notha: Release this at once!
      Notha: Stop the old lady! Retrieve the Orbs!

      Notha: What are you doing? The Avatars–

      Notha: Remthalas, you know not what you–

      Notha: You mean to stop me?

      Notha: You know I am willing to fight for my choices. And your tricks won't work on me.

      Notha: *Sigh*
      Notha: Come then, Remthalas.
      Notha: I leave Uaanta to you, <Character>. Don't let her escape with the Avatars!

      Notha: They don't care, Uaanta Fayt. They don't care. You are your own woman.

      Notha: You dedicated your life to them. To the Makers.
      Notha: But now they're gone. And life goes on.

      Notha: I... Haha.
      Notha: Hahahahaha!

      Notha: I understand how you feel, Uaanta! After so long... This feeling... I... I understand!

      Notha: Wherever we want!

      Notha: I want to bring the truth to Lore. Starting with Lhe'Shyiac.

      Notha: That's why I want you to come with me, Uaanta.
      Notha: You are a hero.
      Notha: I do not know how to... How to break the news gently, so to speak.
      Notha: I have no intent to tear down the holy throne or claim it for myself.
      Notha: But there should be a place for those who wish to live for themselves.

      Notha: Ah... Freedom.
      Notha: It tastes... just as refreshing as I imagined.
    Notha: Why, thank you!

    Notha: Nobody asked, but it's fine with me. You... storage crates are quite difficult to crack.
    Notha: Even more so when you're sentient, I imagine.


    Notha: ...Stay strong, Myalos... The power source is still stable... It's just a matter of time.

    Notha: *Sigh*
    Notha: ...Just a matter of time.

    Notha: I guess that's the socially expected option.

    Notha: ...Right. I guess I must make some effort.
    Notha: Don't go anywhere, Myalos! I—

    Notha: Whatever could you be referring to, Remthalas?
    Notha: The Avatars, the Makers, they're dormant now. We are free. I have... friends! A happy ending for all.

    Notha: I promised to help.

    Notha: And I did.

    Notha: We took down the Avatars.

    Notha: You helped me, and I helped you. How far that "help" goes was never specified.
    Notha: I will not oppose you if you leave me be. But I will not help you in your... madness.

    Notha: I'm done, Remthalas. Surely there are other people you can pester with your dreams into the unknown.

    Notha: ...Really? I'm in the middle of something!

    Notha: ...You're at least bringing the others in as well, right?
    Notha: Maybe I should warn them.

    Notha: Hey, Lock, can you—

    Notha: Oh! There you all are!

    Notha: You cannot free a concept. Aequilibria is what it is. You are being foolish, Remthalas.

    Notha: Blah blah blah, turned dormant and likely to remain so forever. The Exalted did quite a good job, all things considered.

    Notha: I can't say it doesn't sound fun. But, no thank you, Remthalas. I'll pass.

    Notha: Oh, but isn't this exciting?

    Notha: Sorry. I could maybe have stopped him from pulling us in, but I was just so curious! He seemed so earnest!
    Notha: ...A little bit harder to escape once we're in here, though.

    Notha: That's a good question! I was working on them earlier.
    Notha: I suppose it's possible that Myalos is actually recognizably sentient after being disconnected from the mechanism mainframe.
    Notha: But for Myalos to still be asleep inside the dream...?
    Notha: Perhaps there's another...layer of sleep in that metal head of theirs. Isn't this fascinating?

    Notha: None of us can move. Why struggle?
    Notha: I'm enjoying the show, at least.

    Other information
  • Also known as Notha Ly'Ehr.

    Masked Appearance
    Appearance in Sinnocence (Boss Fight)
    Kid Appearance
    Young Adult Appearance
    Researcher Appearance
    Unrobed Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image and masked appearance image.
  • DemonicDarkwraith for Kid, Young Adult, Researcher, and Unrobed appearance images and additional dialogue.

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