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6/3/2022 14:28:39   

ArchKnight DragonFable


Location: Reawakening -> To the War! -> Rebirth
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Notha's Dream, 100% War Meter
Release Date: June 3rd, 2022

Objective: The final dream.
Objective completed: What to do now?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Remthalas - Boss


Forgotten Dream

  • Uaanta Fayt joins you as Guest A.

    *You, Uaanta, Myalos, and Notha are approaching from the twisted version of Falconreach Inn until Uaanta steps in a puddle of water, signifying that they have arrived at Remthalas' dream.*

    Myalos: We have arrived.

    *You, Uaanta, Myalos, and Notha stand before Remthalas' dream, signified by a dark, watery cave on the other side.*

    Uaanta: So this is Remthalas' dream, huh?
    Notha: It's so... soggy.
    <Character>: He's an abyssal elf, right? So water... makes sense.
    <Character>: Do we just... proceed?
    Uaanta: I don't know about you, but I can't breathe underwater.
    Notha: It's a dream. I'm sure we'll be fine.
    Uaanta: ...Right...
    Myalos: ...
    <Character>: Is there something wrong, Myalos?
    Myalos: I cannot sense Lock and Key anymore.
    Myalos: Their guidance was growing more distant the deeper we went, but now...
    Myalos: As we stand on the edge, I no longer sense their presence.
    Uaanta: Did they abandon us?
    <Character>: I don't think so. We must be so far in that they can't reach us.
    Notha: How exciting!
    Myalos: I believe we will find Remthalas ahead. I will continue to guide us to the best of my ability.
    <Character>: Thank you, Myalos. Ready, everyone?

    *Uaanta pauses before she prays to the Makers.*

    Uaanta: ...May the Dark shadow of the Makers shroud us from peril.
    Notha: A prayer. Really. After everything you've seen and learned?
    Uaanta: It is reassuring before the unknown.
    Notha: I don't understand how—
    Notha: *Sigh*
    Notha: No.
    Notha: We have more important things to focus on.
    Myalos: Onward, heroes!

    *You, Uaanta, Myalos, and Notha push forward to Remthalas' dream, however, as they approach it, you and the cohort are clouded by black smoke.*

    <Character>: Well, this is going to be a problem.

    <Character>: I can't see anything!
    Uaanta: Ow! Stop pushing!
    Myalos: Sorry. Somebody gave me an unwieldy body.
    <Character>: Notha, can't you imagine up some light or something?

    *Notha does not respond.*

    <Character>: ...Notha?
    Uaanta: Wonderful.

    Uaanta: We lost the mad scientist.
    <Character>: Uaanta, now's not the time for that. What if something happened to—
    Notha: BOO!

    *Everyone remains silent as Notha scares them.*

    Notha: Okay, so, there was supposed to be an Exalted light box that came into existence as I said that.
    Notha: That clearly didn't work.
    <Character>, Uaanta (in unison): ..., Myalos: ...
    Notha: ...This isn't as fun as I thought it would be.
    Myalos: We are not here for "fun".
    <Character>: ...So it appears Notha can't create anything here, either.
    Uaanta: If Remthalas finds us like this we'll be in trouble.
    Remthalas: Trouble?
    Uaanta: Reveal yourself!
    Remthalas: Ah, but I'm right here.
    Notha: Now, now, Remthalas... there's really no need for this nonsense.
    Remthalas: ...Nonsense...
    Myalos: Be on your guard.
    <Character>: Way ahead of you there, Myalos.
    <Character>: Why don't you light things up a little, Remthalas?
    <Character>: Maybe we can talk face to—

    *Remthalas appears to you.*

    Remthalas: —face?

    *Remthalas returns to the smoke.*

    Notha: Huh. I was wrong.
    Notha: Even with the light, it's not that exciting after all.
    <Character>: Remthalas. We can still talk things through.
    <Character>: Let us out of this dream. We'll listen to you.
    <Character>: We can't promise to help, but we can hear you out without being restrained.
    Remthalas: You say you will listen but your ears aren't open.
    Remthalas (inverted): Your soul will not open.
    Remthalas: Your soul will not bend.
    Uaanta: ...You have far greater patience than I ever will, <Character>. But...
    Uaanta: This can't be what you want, right, Remthalas?

    *Remthalas appears above Uaanta.*

    Remthalas: This... dream!

    Remthalas: This... nightmare!
    Remthalas (inverted): This... hunger.
    Remthalas: This... experience.
    Remthalas (inverted): Isn't it... terrifying?
    Remthalas: Isn't it... interesting?
    Notha: Yeeeeah. Something like that.

    *Remthalas appears behind Notha.*

    Remthalas: Ah! Notha. You will understand. You understood before!
    Remthalas: I've done thinking.

    Remthalas: A lot of thinking.
    Notha: ...You got lost in your own dream, didn't you?
    Remthalas: Dreams have no filter.
    Remthalas: Anything can happen within a dream.
    Remthalas: Dreams can change you.
    Remthalas: An eternity is a long, long, time.
    Notha: And... what have you discovered?
    Remthalas: You see?!
    Remthalas: <Character>.
    Remthalas: Uaanta.
    Remthalas: Even Myalos!
    Remthalas (inverted): You just have to be more... pliable!
    Remthalas: You just have to be more... open-minded!

    *Remthalas appears to you once again.*

    Remthalas: Listen to the whispers in the dark.
    Uaanta: How did you end up like... this...?
    Myalos: We are here and listening.
    Remthalas: Yes. Yes, of course. You're here. You are.
    Remthalas: You see, I saw it. We saw them! Before the rest. Or was it at the same time?
    Remthalas: But they were there!
    Remthalas: Everything else was, too, but they were there first. But they weren't the first, no.
    Remthalas: Disoriented. Lost. Pliable.
    Remthalas: Molded and shaped, became eight, became one. Twisted embodiment.
    Remthalas: But they were not alone.
    Remthalas: I watched.

    Remthalas: We.

    Remthalas: Watched.
    Remthalas: Yes! Yes. You were right, but also wrong!

    Remthalas: I was wrong but also right!
    Remthalas: There was another. A sneaky, devious thing that slipped through. That... followed.
    Remthalas: Was pulled through, along with everything else.
    Remthalas: Don't you see? Everything is the same! The same yet so, so different!
    Remthalas: Always the same!
    Remthalas: The same... the same... always changing... so slow... so fast...
    Remthalas: So very different but so much the same...
    <Character>: I... I don't understand.
    Myalos: I... No... I feel like I am... missing something...
    Notha: ...
    <Character>: Notha? Can you make sense of what Remthalas is saying?
    Remthalas: Yes. Notha. The smart one.

    Remthalas: The helpful one.
    Notha: Some of it...Eight as one sounds like Aequilibria to me. The Elements.
    Notha: So if Aequilibria embodies order, Destiny...
    Remthalas: Yes...!
    Notha: I've never come across such a specific name as "Aequilibria" for an embodiment of an opposing force.
    Notha: I always assumed Doom, Evil, the influence that lets us be free was something more... natural.
    Notha: Something innate to our existence.
    Notha: To me, Exalted references to "whispers" seemed to be on the more metaphorical side.
    Remthalas: Whispers.

    Remthalas: So many whispers.

    Remthalas: So many voices.
    Remthalas: It's the same as before! As it always has been and always will be!
    Uaanta: Hmph. So with your talk of freedom and such: Do you serve this embodiment of Doom?
    Remthalas (inverted): There is a third. There is a fourth. There is so much more.
    Remthalas: I. Serve. No one!

    Remthalas: I am... free!
    <Character>: So why go after Aequilibria then?
    Remthalas: Because after so long, there is no purpose, no meaning but that which has been destined.
    Remthalas: Because we can claim to be free, but we cannot know for certain.
    Remthalas: We cannot see the purpose behind our actions.
    Remthalas: We cannot understand the meaninglessness of our struggles.
    Remthalas: Because... After so... so very long... we are tired of observing this... story.
    Myalos: ...We?
    Remthalas (inverted): Help me.
    Remthalas: I...
    Remthalas: Eternity is a long time.
    Remthalas: To be disturbed. Awoken.
    Remthalas: Again and again and again and again and again!
    Remthalas: Everything different. Everything the same.

    *Remthalas appears to you for the third time.*

    Remthalas: You... <Character>... You came before.

    *Remthalas returns to the smoke.*

    Notha: What madness is this, Remthalas?
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Uaanta. Do you remember how the Avatars told us that Remthalas "used to be" a follower of Kathool Atchoo?
    Remthalas (inverted): Do not speak that name!
    Uaanta: I do.
    <Character>: Remember when I told you about my quest for the Water Orb?
    Uaanta: ...If you've dealt with something like this before, <Character>...
    Uaanta: Remthalas.
    Uaanta: Maybe...
    Uaanta: Maybe we can help you.
    Uaanta: Release us from this dream.
    Uaanta: We can find a way to save you. To free you.

    *Remthalas smiles as he places his Maleurous mask to his lure.*

    Remthalas (inverted): I can't control it.

    *Remthalas is transformed to an otherworldly creature, where his Maleurous mask became his lure and his blue ears have became longer.*

    Remthalas: I am already free.
    Notha: Remthalas...

    *Scene shifts to Remthalas' true form, where his full form is revealed: a mutated amalgamation of himself and Kathool Atchoo.*

    Remthalas (briefly): Again.
    Remthalas (briefly): Again and again.
    Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again.
    Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again.
    Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again.
    Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again.
    Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again and again.
    Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.
    Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.
    Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.
    Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.
    Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and aga
    Remthalas (briefly): Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and
    Remthalas: Again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again
    <Character>: Fight it, Remthalas! Don't give in!
    Remthalas (inverted): It's too late for me.
    Remthalas: There is no escape.
    Myalos: I suggest we prepare for combat. This... is likely going to become a hostile situation.
    Remthalas (inverted): I'm scared.
    Remthalas: From dormant seed, a new limb sprouts.
    Uaanta: <Character>? What's our plan?
    Notha: We're not really left with much choice, are we?
    <Character>: ...
    Myalos: ...Heroes do what must be done.
    <Character>: I'm sorry, Remthalas. But we have to put an end to your madness.
    Remthalas, Remthalas (inverted) (in unison): Madness!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Remthalas.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions; will also re-invite Uaanta Fayt if defeated in a previous attempt.
  • Run Away! - returns to Reawakening.

    *After defeating Remthalas, he lies on the ground, slowly dying.*

    Remthalas: Mother...
    Remthalas: Father...
    Remthalas: My people...

    *Remthalas reaches his arm above.*

    Remthalas: Are you... finally...
    Remthalas (briefly): ... free?

    *Remthalas is unraveled as you, Uaanta, Notha and the inactive Myalos return to reality with your dragon and Lock and Key in Book 3 Falconreach Inn.*

    Lock: They have returned.
    Key: They have awakened.
    <Character>: Ugh...
    Notha: Oh. We're back.
    Uaanta: Remthalas! Is Remthalas okay?

    *Scene shifts to Remthalas, who does not respond.*

    Notha: We... are awake, yes?
    Lock: You are.
    <Character>: What... what are we doing up here?
    Key: We thought it would be proper to move your bodies somewhere safer.
    Lock: Out of sight as to not cause panic.
    <Dragon>: I helped too! I also wanted to bite the fish, but the gold people said it might hurt you. | *Helpful chirp*
    Uaanta: He isn't responding.

    *A brief pause as everyone is distraught about Remthalas' death.*

    Uaanta: We... could have saved him.
    Uaanta: ...We failed.
    Key: Immediately before you all awoke, his vitals ceased.
    Notha: ...
    Uaanta: ...
    <Character>: Was there... Anything we could have done differently?
    <Character>: Was there some way to save him?
    Lock: That is beyond our scope of view.
    Key: We are... sorry.
    Uaanta: No.
    Uaanta: No! There had to have been something!
    Notha: And so what if there was?!
    Notha: I certainly couldn't find it. Nor Myalos. Or Lock and Key! Or either of you "heroes" for that matter.

    *Notha pauses, before back being distraught about Remthalas' death.*

    <Character>: Notha...
    Notha: Being... balanced. Being free. We must accept that sometimes... things fall out of our control.
    Notha: We don't have all the answers.
    Uaanta: ...So it was all for nothing? All the effort, all the words...
    Notha: ...
    Notha: There is a prayer for the dead that I remember from when I was young.
    Uaanta: ...

    *Notha pauses before reciting the Lhe'Shyian's prayer for the dead.*

    Notha: A journey into Darkness.
    Notha: The Makers' final gift.
    Uaanta: ...May They provide him shade.
    Notha: May They provide him rest.
    Uaanta: And when his soul's adventure ends...
    Notha, Uaanta (in unison): May he be shown Their mercy.
    Uaanta: ...The short version they taught children.
    Notha: I can't say I made an effort to remember all eight of the Makers' verses.
    Uaanta: Ha. And we didn't set up the right candles or wear the right attire either.
    Uaanta: ...Thank you, Notha.
    Notha: We balance ourselves. And we balance each other.
    Uaanta: And thank you, <Character>.
    <Character>: Um. For what?
    Uaanta: Do you remember how I was when we first met?
    Uaanta: So... zealous.
    Uaanta: Look at me now, offering a prayer for my defeated foe.
    Uaanta: Wondering if there was anything we could have done to prevent this outcome.
    Uaanta: You helped me open my mind.

    Uaanta: You...
    Uaanta: Well, you freed me. So thank you.
    <Character>: You're welcome.

    *A brief pause before Notha plans to return on fixing Myalos and what to do with Remthalas' body.*

    Notha: Anyway, I should get back to fixing Myalos.
    Notha: Although...
    Notha: What are we going to do about Remthalas'... remains?

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Some of Remthalas' dialogues in this quest appear corrupted.

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