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Notha's Dream

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5/29/2022 22:03:01   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Notha's Dream

Location: Reawakening -> To the War! -> Notha
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Myalos' Dream, 75% War Meter
Release Date: May 29th, 2022

Objective: Solitude of slumber.
Objective completed: Only Remthalas remains.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Dream of Isolation - Boss




*Approaching from the twisted version of Falconreach Inn, you and Uaanta find Notha alone sitting in a pink tree on a dark dreamscape.*

Notha: Oh. Finally got around to me, did you?
<Character>: Um... Hello, Notha.
Notha: I didn't think myself so susceptible to Remthalas' manipulations, yet here I am, mired in doubt.
Uaanta: None of that now, Ly'Ehr. We have to work together to stop Remthalas!
Notha: It's funny. You say those words...
<Character>: We're going to make it through this, together, Notha!
Notha: Is this my nightmare? I should be ecstatic, but I am filled with apprehension.
Notha: Is this my fear? Called a friend, only to be used when my power is required?
Uaanta: That's nonsense. It may be too soon for me to consider you a friend...
Uaanta: But you have nothing to fear from us!
Notha: ...
Notha: Then perhaps you're just the next dream to be twisted and crushed.
<Character>: Notha...
Notha: Begone, tired illusions. I grow weary of Remthalas' games.

*Notha tries to blast you and Uaanta, but they are shielded by Myalos.*

Uaanta: By the Makers!
Myalos: Notha Ly'Ehr, despite what you may wish to think, we are real, and we are here.
<Character>: We're not some product of your dream created by Remthalas!
Notha: O-oh!
Uaanta: You nearly blasted a hole right through <Character>!
Notha: Er... Sorry about that.
<Character>: It... sounds like Remthalas' dream manipulation really affected you.

*Notha stands up and looks you through her visor.*

Notha: ...Uh huh.
<Character>: Notha? Do you... want to talk about it?
Notha: Nope.
Uaanta: ...
Notha: But thank you for finding me.
Notha: For reminding me I'm not alone.

*The pink tree moves, becoming twisted by Remthalas' powers.*

Tree?: Oh but you are alone, Notha.
Notha: Shut it, Remthalas. I've had enough of you. And this tree for that matter.
Tree?: Don't you remember all the good memories you've had under my shaded boughs? All the anger, all the crying?
Tree?: You don't expect actual people to understand what you've been through, do you?
Notha: ...<Character>. Uaanta. Myalos.
Notha: May I ask for your assistance in... pruning this sorry attempt at a nightmare?
Uaanta: Absolutely.
<Character>: A tree. Really, Remthalas?

  • Uaanta Fayt joins you as Guest A.

  • Battle! - begins battle with Dream of Isolation.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Reawakening.

    Notha: Now that that annoyance is out of the way...
    Notha: ...Where is Myalos?
    <Character>: Oh um, they're kind of... just... around!

    <Character>: I'm not sure.
    Notha: In a dream of infinite possibilities you couldn't even think up a corporeal form for them?
    Myalos: It is not necessary. I can accompany you as I am.
    Notha: No, this won't do at all.

    *Using her two fingers, Notha summons Myalos as a black dragon with red eyes and wings.*

    Notha: Much better.

    *A brief pause as Myalos thinks about their new form.*

    Myalos: ...Is it?
    Notha: Easier to talk to you when I have something to talk at.
    Notha: So, what's the plan? We're finding Remthalas, yes?
    <Character>: We are. We're fighting our way through the layers of our dreams and nightmares, into his dreams.
    <Character>: Where we will confront him.
    Notha: ...And... we're doing this how?
    Uaanta: <Character> has just been destroying things.
    <Character>: It's been working!
    Notha: Just... as you are? In a dream?
    <Character>: Well, yeah. I'm me. What else am I supposed to do?
    Notha: Use your imagination! We're not going to wake Remthalas with the power of friendship!
    Myalos: Well, actually, Lock and Key and I have beenó
    Uaanta: That power of friendship worked to save you!
    Notha: Yes, yes, so it did.
    Notha: But to get to Remthalas... we'll need...

    *Notha thinks how she and her allies will get to Remthalas before summoning an Exalted artillery cannon.*

    Notha: The power of overwhelming force!
    Notha: You may wish to cover your eyes. Or not. It's only a dream, after all.

    *The Exalted artillery cannon fires through the dark dreamscape, revealing another layer of dreams and nightmares.*

    Myalos: The power... of a dream...
    <Character>: You could have just done that at any point?!
    Notha: It's so nice to be appreciated, really.
    Uaanta: That's our way forward, then. Let's go.
    Notha: Ah yes. I have many... words for Remthalas. Some of them quite magical and painful.

    *Notha floats into the air.*

    Notha: Well, come on! Up you come! Much faster than going by foot.

    *Notha leaves through the dark dreamscape.*

    Uaanta: ...I may be happy if I never dream again.
    <Character>: If Remthalas wasn't trying to force us to join his cause, I would have to have a long talk with him about how the rules of reality in dreams work.

    *Three mouse cursors appears and clicks you, Uaanta and Myalos, floating simultaneously.*

    <Character>: Right. Here we go. Next stop, Remthalas!

    *The mouse cursors drags you, Uaanta and Myalos from the dark dreamscape and into a layer of dreams and nightmares; after you, Uaanta and Myalos leave, Lock and Key report their allies' progress.*

    That was clever, Lock.
    We did not think it was appropriate to reveal ourselves.
    They were having "a moment", after all.
    Better to let her imagine it was of her own power.
    Only Remthalas remains.
    Indeed. But he is not alone.
    He was never alone.

  • Complete Quest

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