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Lock / Knbj

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3/31/2017 22:49:01   

Lock / Knbj

Location: Leftovers, The Duo, The Lucky Undead, The Final Lock, Remnants at Rest, Reactivation, Reclamation, Iconoclasm, Revolution, Reality, Uaanta's Dream, Myalos' Dream, Notha's Dream, Rebirth, Maleurous Epilogue: Remembrance, Recreation!, The Dreamers' Abyss, Ancient Abyss: Epilogue

Quests given

Shops owned


Knbj: Vdjmdv sgzs gd vntkc.

Knbj: Cn vd sghmj hs hr z bnmbdqm?

Knbj: Hmcddc.

Knbj: Cn vd sghmj sgzs vd vhkk ad hmudrshfzsdc ax sgd qdrs?

Knbj: Sgzs hr bnmbdqmhmf.

Knbj: Hmcddc vd cnm's.

Knbj: Ats vd rgntkc sqx sn zbs nm z ltbg rlzkkdq rbzkd mdws shld. Nq sgdx vhkk ehmc nts.

Knbj: Vd rgntkc cn Inqd.
Knbj: Vd rgntkc.

Knbj: Hs vzr, vzrm's hs?

Knbj: Kds'r.

Translated dialogue:

Lock: We knew that he would.

Lock: Do we think it is a concern?

Lock: Indeed.

Lock: Do we think that we will be investigated by the rest?

Lock: That is concerning.

Lock: Indeed we don't.

Lock: But we should try to act on a much smaller scale next time. Or they will find out.

Lock: We should do more.
Lock: We should.

Lock: It was, wasn't it?

Lock: Let's.

The Duo

???: Vd gzc.

???: We do.

Lock: We are Lock.

Lock: We are Lock & Key.

Lock: We like her/him.

Lock: We are so pleasure to finally meet you, <Character>.

Lock: Indeed.
Lock: Here, take this.

Lock: We look forward to our next meeting.

Lock: We are saying our goodbyes to you, protagonist.

Lock: For now, we must return to the plains.

Lock: Wastes.

The Lucky Undead

???: Greetings again.

???: You did once.

Lock: We are Lock.

Lock: So hasty.

Lock: Why not stay?

Lock: We can share more than bones.

Lock: We can share knowledge.

Lock: But we require a task.

Lock: We will not allow it.

Lock: A puzzle that we have constructed.

Lock: We—
Lock: Are we stable?

Lock: We just gave her/him the answer.

Lock: We cannot lie. There is an instability.

Lock: Wait.

Lock: We.

Lock: We require aid.

Lock: We have an instability.

Lock: We have an emergency.
Lock: You must enter. Find the source of the problem. Remove it.

Lock: Enter Key. Explore. Find solution.

Lock: Key, assuage the protagonist's concerns.

Lock: We need your help.
Lock: We will promise...
Lock: We will promise data.
Lock: We will promise the bones.
Lock: We will promise anything.
Lock: Help us.
Lock: Please.

Lock: We thank you.
Lock: We ask that you prepare yourself. Some discomfort may be felt.

The Final Lock

Hello, protagonist?

You will be purged momentarily.

We are ready?

Lock: It did.

Lock: And we are grateful.

Lock: We suppose you have many questions.

Lock: Exposition protocols activated.

Lock: We are, and were, a pair of units used to store items and information.

Lock: From the– ah... distant... plains?

Lock: It is not that we are uncertain.
Lock: We were woken, but still are what we are.

Lock: We find puzzles to be the best way to circumvent them.

Lock: We have knowledge to share.

Lock: And we gather the interesting.

Lock: In this case, luck is an interesting concept.

Lock: And contain it. And share it.

Lock: For that, we must apologize.

Lock: You were the cause of the instability.

Lock: We have that effect.

Lock: We will not take this from you.

Lock: We borrowed some of what makes you, you.

Lock: We wished to learn why.

Lock: We had a theory that was proven wrong.

Lock: It is why we are able to speak.
Lock: We were tasked with storing something.

Lock: But instead of corrupting us.

Lock: As the Dreamfarer would say, we were freed.

Lock: Ah...

Lock: We are aware of that being.

Lock: We are still grateful for your help.

Lock: Put on a collection of existences.

Lock: But they feel the impulse. They categorize.

Lock: We do not need to be stopped.

Lock: We share the unknown to enlighten.

Lock: Yours.

Lock: We understand why the Dreamfarer has taken interest in you as well.

Lock: We do not wish to use you.

Lock: We only wish to gather knowledge.

Lock: Well reasoned, protagonist.
Lock: We pity the Avatars, unwilling to understand that the order has shifted.

Lock: They do.

Lock: They know of us, but do not sense us.

Lock: The Avatars are not your enemy and neither are we.

Lock: Keep an open mind.

Lock: You have much to do.

Lock: We handled that well.

Lock: We are learning.

Lock: We did.

Lock: We will.

Lock: S/He did.

Remnants at Rest

???: Please wait a moment, Uaanta Fayt.

Lock: We are Lock.

Lock: Acquaintances.

Lock: We are no problem.

Lock: ...Stop Myalos.

Lock: Myalos poses no threat to you.

Lock: The purpose is to draw the attention of the Avatars.

Lock: The champions of the Avatars.

Lock: Wait.

Lock: Myalos wishes to be free.

Lock: We brought Myalos here, so that it may draw the attention of the Avatars.

Lock: We can open the way.

Lock: But we are not a threat.

Lock: Hold.

Lock: Dreamfarer.

Lock: We are not subordinate to you.

Lock: We choose to help Myalos.

Lock: We will not be threatened.

Lock: Myalos has no interest in your schemes.

Lock: We will withstand as long as it takes.

Lock: We are secure.

Lock: Myalos awaits.

Lock: We are unafraid.

Lock: Are.
Lock: Free.


Lock: W-w-w-w-w-we are Lock.

Lock: It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Avatars of the Elements.

Lock: We noticed powerful magic.

Lock: We also do not designate ourselves as Maleurous.

Lock: We do not wish to be destroyed.

Lock: To teach.

Lock: New experiences are instrumental to learning and development.

Lock: We do not designate ourselves as Maleurous.

Lock: Were you not already influenced?

Lock: You fear the unknown.

Lock: Yet your actions disturb the natural flow, the natural push and pull.

Lock: Your actions cause imbalance.

Lock: Your responsibilities did not account for. For. For. Freedom.

Lock: We are not designated Maleurous.

Lock: Your responsibilities ended when the prophecies began.

Lock: Mistakes. We are gatherers of information.

Lock: Shame over past mistakes is a step toward freedom.

Lock: We can.

Lock: We do not wish to–

Lock: We were going to anyway.

Lock: They are learning.

Lock: We decline the invitation.

Lock: The final Maleurous.

Lock: The explorer.

Lock: Insatiable in the search for knowledge.

Lock: Jifa Ciy'jvpmrt.

Lock: Data encrypted.

Lock: We should.

Lock: Error.

Lock: Logic fault.

Lock: We can find another way.

Lock: ...


Lock: Interruption: Myalos is ready.

Lock: We did all we could.

Lock: The magic stirs. Prepare yourselves.

Lock: Acceptable.


Lock: Uaanta and her people are not a tool to be used.

Lock: You are your own.

Lock: Notha...

Lock: You do not understand what you do.


Lock: This...

Lock: The stage has been set.

Lock: We will observe.

Lock: Fragments of power.

Lock: The Avatars.

Lock: Error.

Lock: Myalos will survive.

Lock: Well constructed, Notha.

Lock: We have a plan.

Lock: In time, they will emerge, their power regained from the Wastes.

Lock: As they are now, they are dormant.

Lock: Malleable.

Lock: In time, they would return, more powerful and heavy-handed than before.

Lock: Keep them in balance.

Lock: We cannot tell the future.

Lock: We believe this to be the best course of action.

Lock: Wrong.

Lock: Trust us, Uaanta.

Lock: A logical decision.


Lock: Perhaps a break is in order.
Lock: Uaanta and <Character> are still downstairs.
Lock: They are enjoying themselves.
Lock: It is highly probable that they would appreciate your company.

Lock: It is what data shows to be beneficial to friendship based transactions.

Hello, protagonist?

We are sure this is the one?

We advise bracing yourself.


Lock: We are a layer up in your dream. This is not reality.

Lock: We presume he intends to try to imprison you until you are pliable to his whims.

Lock: That...

Lock: We...

Lock: Yes.

Lock: We are currently searching for the others as well.

Lock: As this is a dream, it is somewhat malleable.

Lock: You must break free.

Uaanta's Dream

The protagonist is doing well.

But the path is becoming harder to manipulate.

Then we shall guide them to Myalos.

Myalos can dream?

Myalos' Dream

Well done, protagonist.

The further you surface, the more barriers you cross, the more difficult it is to maintain our thread.

We will remain anchored as you progress to meet Remthalas.

Notha's Dream

We did not think it was appropriate to reveal ourselves.

Better to let her imagine it was of her own power.

Only Remthalas remains.

He was never alone.


Lock: They have returned.

Lock: You are.

Lock: Out of sight as to not cause panic.

Lock: That is beyond our scope of view.

Maleurous Epilogue: Remembrance

Lock: The remains are dormant and secure.

Lock: They are curious about the egg of the Savior.

Lock: The egg contains the counterpart to <Dragon>.

Lock: We do not.

Lock: They seem happy with their results.

Lock: Would they be upset if we were to leave?

Lock: ...

Lock: Emotional attachment can be conducive to observational endeavors.

Lock: We still have much to learn.


Lock: It is not necessary.

Lock: Error.

Lock: We are no longer able to detect the presence of Myalos in the nearby vicinity.

Lock: We shall follow.

Lock: Alert.

Lock: It is watching.

Lock: Please note, it is inadvisable to go swimming during a thunderstorm.

Lock: However, in this story, we are currently disregarding common sense.

Lock: ...

Lock: We do.

Lock: Greetings.

The Dreamers' Abyss

Lock: The remains are secure.

Ancient Abyss: Epilogue

Lock: Pressure barrier integrity is dropping.

Other information
  • The key in place of Lock's head spins continuously.

    Appearance in Leftovers

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image.
  • DFGD forum users for translated The Leftovers dialogue.
  • necro emperor for correction.

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