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Lucky Undead, The

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3/14/2020 0:58:21   

The Lucky Undead

Location: Lucky Day Storybook -> Chapter 11 -> The Lucky Undead Let's go!, Falconreach (Book 3) -> Click floating golden cube -> The Lucky Undead, Falconreach (Book 3) -> Up -> Left -> Uaanta -> The Maleurous -> Lock & Key -> The Lucky Undead
Level/Quest/Items required: None Completion of Breaking the Mold
Release Date: March 13th, 2020

Objective: It's a beautiful Friday the 13th in Falconreach... until a certain blue moglin shows up. What does he want this time?
Objective completed: It's just one of those days, isn't it.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Minx Fairy
(7) Slime
(3) Thisslock
(6) Wisp
(1) Bogtog, Eater of Flowers, (1) Minx Fairy - Boss


Golden Dragon Tooth (I-IX)

Access to TLU Loot for DCs.


*You, Twilly, and your dragon are conversing happily in the middle of Falconreach.*

Twilly: Wow! I can't believe you saved all three togs from the well! And before lunch time too! That's amazing, <Character>.
<Character>: What can I say, it's all in a day's work.

*Behind you three, Zorbak is dragging a large, overstuffed sack down the road.*

Zorbak: Ahem.
Twilly: And then you saved that poor bird from a birdhouse fire. You're incredible.

If you have a Dragon Amulet:
<Dragon>: Right?
<Dragon>: I'm so proud of her/him.

If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
<Dragon>: *Happy growl*
<Dragon>: *Content noises*

*Zorbak continues dragging his sack along.*

Zorbak: A-HEM.
Twilly: Falconreach sure is lucky to have you, <Character>.

*Tired of being ignored, Zorbak ensures he draws attention to himself.*

Zorbak: EXCUSE ME!
Twilly: Oh, hiyas Zorba—
Zorbak: Shut it, pipsqueak, I'm here to talk to the one here who gets things done.
Zorbak: <Character>.

Zorbak: I...

*Zorbak pauses, finding it difficult to say what he wants to.*

Zorbak: Hnnngh...
Zorbak: I need your help.
<Character>: I'm sorry, I don't think I heard that correctly, what did you say?
Zorbak: I... Look, the Guardians finally kicked me out of their stupid tower.
Zorbak: Something about not paying rent and eating too many peoples' lunches.
Zorbak: And I...
Zorbak: I need your help.
<Character>: Remind me again why I should help you? Aren't you always trying to take over Falconreach?
<Character>: Really, I'm surprised it took this long for the Guardians to give you the boot.
Zorbak: No, no, it's not like that. Not this time, at least.
Zorbak: I need a home.
Twilly: Well, there's plenty of housing being built here in Falconreach, maybe we can—
Zorbak: Meh.
Zorbak: I need a home, not a... not a thatched fire hazard!
Twilly: Actually, while thatched, the foundations are made from stone! I'm sure—
Zorbak: I need a palace! A structure worthy of my Ebilness!
Zorbak: A glorious construction!
Zorbak: One to rival that stupid, ugly, cold, drafty, sorry excuse that the Guardians call a tower.
Zorbak: *Grumble grumble*
<Character>: It can't hurt to dream, I suppose. But again, why would I help you?
<Character>: I don't know anything about construction. Or where to find such an elegant abode.
<Character>: And if I found one, I don't think I would kick out its previous owners for you, either.
Zorbak: Huh?
Zorbak: No, I don't trust your taste in architecture. You're going to help me fund it!
<Character>: I think some assumptions are being made here.
Zorbak: I have a flawless four step plan.
Zorbak: Step one: Create an undead army to—
Twilly: Here we go again...

*Zorbak's eyes alight with fire at the interruption.*


*Zorbak attempts to count on his fingers with a smug smile.*

Zorbak: Step one: Create an undead army to help... ethically source the materials needed for construction.
Zorbak: Step two: Build the castle.
Zorbak: Step four: Learn how to count.

*Zorbak interrupts himself and stares at his hand, which is impractical for counting as it only possesses one thumb.*

<Character>: And... where do I come into this?
Zorbak: Right! I nearly forgot. You see, undead are notoriously unlucky!
Zorbak: If I send an unlucky army out to build my castle, who knows where they'll get their materials from?
Zorbak: It would be a shame if they tore down peoples' houses because they couldn't find anything else, right?
Zorbak: I need you to help me solve that little luck problem.
<Character>: What I'm getting here is that you're threatening to destroy Falconreach with an undead army unless I help you.
Zorbak: Now you're just twisting my words.
<Character>: Okay, let's suppose I agree to help you. How am I going to help?
Zorbak: I've done my research. I need the bones of the legendary golden luck dragon!
Twilly: I've never heard of any legendary golden luck dragon before.
Zorbak: That's because any knowledge that manages to fall into one of your massive ears goes right out the other!
Zorbak: And don't worry, <Character>, you won't have to fight it.
<Character>: That's certainly a relief.

<Character>: I think?
Zorbak: You just have to find its gravesite, dig up a few ribs, and bring them back to me.
<Character>: Oh.
Zorbak: I don't need the whole thing. I'm not greedy.
Zorbak: If I can incorporate the lucky bones into my undead, they'll become lucky!
Zorbak: And then they won't accidentally dig up these... huts... for stone.
<Character>: Let's see. Fighting off an undead army, or defiling a grave of a mythical dragon that may or may not exist.
<Character>: Hmm.

<Character>: What do you think, <Dragon>?

If you have a Dragon Amulet:
<Dragon>: I've never heard of this golden luck dragon either.
<Dragon>: But if it's dead, I'm sure it won't care about us using its bones for a good cause.
<Dragon>: I don't trust the chubby blue one though. What if it's a trap?

If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
<Dragon>: *Affirmative chirp*
<Dragon>: *Pensieve grumble*
<Dragon>: *Suspicious growl*

<Character>: <Dragon> seems to think we can help, but brings up a good point.
<Character>: How do we know that once we leave, you won't summon an undead army and try to destroy Falconreach?
Zorbak: I didn't even think about that. That would certainly save a lot of trouble.
Zorbak: But no.
Zorbak: I'm... trying to do this the right way.
Twilly: What if you give me your staff to hold while <Character> is off doing her/his thing?

*Zorbak's eyes widen in shock, and his ears stand straight up.*

Zorbak: WHAT?! No. Out of the question. Your grubby little paws will tarnish it!
Zorbak: And what if you break it? Or- or-

*You smirk at the shocked Zorbak.*

<Character>: I think it's a good idea. That way I won't have to worry about you while I'm away.
<Character>: I can focus on getting the job done quickly.
Zorbak: ...
Zorbak: Fine.
Zorbak: But if this red ball of fur damages my staff in any way—
Twilly: I won't! Moglin's honor!
Zorbak: Very well.
Zorbak: Now, to business.
Zorbak: I've tracked the possible gravesite to a long-forgotten swamp hidden in the mountains of Braughlmurk. Here are some directions...

*You fight your way through the swamp, defeating various monsters until you find the bones of the golden luck dragon.*

<Character>: Guess the lucky dragon's bones really do exist!

*You take a closer look at the bones, which appear to have already been dug up.*

<Character>: Although it looks like someone else has been here already...
???: Greetings, protagonist.
<Character>: Ah!

*Startled, you turn around; two individuals stand behind you, where there was nobody before.*

???: Greetings again.

*You stare at the two individuals with a worried look on your face; one is holding one of the golden luck dragon's bones.*

<Character>: Um.

<Character>: Do I know you?
???: You did once.
???: You don't now.
Lock: We are Lock.
Key: We are Key.

*You stare at Lock and Key for a moment before deciding how to best respond.*

<Character>: O... kay. Nice to meet you? Uhh, If you don't mind, I'm going to take some of these golden dragon bones and get going.
Lock: So hasty.
Key: Why the rush?
Lock: Why not stay?
Key: We can share.
Lock: We can share more than bones.
Key: We can—

Key: We can—
Key (corrupted): We. We. We can. We. We. We can. We. We can. We can. We can. We. We can. We.
Lock: We can share knowledge.
Key: We know many things that you wish to know.
Lock: But we require a task.
<Character>: If it's all the same to you, I think I'll just take the bones and go—
Key: You cannot.
Lock: We will not allow it.
Key: You must complete a task.
Lock: A puzzle that we have constructed.
Key (corrupted): The answer is ZXJyb3I.

*Lock turns to Key in confusion.*

Lock: We—
Lock: Are we stable?
Key: We are.
Lock: We just gave her/him the answer.
Key: We did not.
Lock: We cannot lie. There is an instability.

*You stare at Lock and Key, worried; Key's cube-shaped head is spinning irregularly.*

Key (corrupted): It is not a problem.
Key (corrupted): There is no problem.
Key (corrupted): We are. We. Are.
Key (corrupted): [DATA CORRUPTED]

*Key's entire body shakes uncontrollably.*

<Character>: Okay, I've seen enough. I'm going to head out. Have fun being, uh, unstable.
Key (corrupted): [DATA CORRUPTED]
Lock: Wait.

*You begrudgingly stop in your tracks; Lock's key-shaped head is now spinning very fast.*

<Character>: Against my better judgement, I'm waiting.
Lock: We.

Lock: We require aid.
<Character>: This is one of those days, isn't it...
Key (corrupted): We cannot hide it.
Lock: We have an instability.
Key (corrupted): Diagnostics ineffective.

*Lock turns toward Key again, then back toward you, clearly unsettled by Key's current state.*

Lock: We have an emergency.
Lock: You must enter. Find the source of the problem. Remove it.
Key (corrupted): Attempting recalibration.
<Character>: I'm sorry, you want me to enter...?

<Character>: Enter what?
Lock: Enter Key. Explore. Find solution.
<Character>: For the second time today, I have to ask, how do I know this isn't a trap?
<Character>: You want me to magically enter your companion, and fix them?
<Character>: This really sounds like a good way to get stuck somewhere.
Lock: Key, assuage the protagonist's concerns.

*Key pauses before agreeing to Lock's request.*

Key (corrupted): Shutting down to prevent data loss.

*Key tips forward, then stops moving completely.*

<Character>: Well, that's reassuring...
Lock: We need your help.
Lock: We will promise...
Lock: We will promise data.
Lock: We will promise the bones.
Lock: We will promise anything.
Lock: Help us.
Lock: Please.

*Lock's apparent desperation causes your expression to soften.*

<Character>: I... I guess it's my job, isn't it.
<Character>: And if I can get some answers later, then that would be wonderful.
Lock: We thank you.
Lock: We ask that you prepare yourself. Some discomfort may be felt.
<Character>: Discomfort?
<Character>: Oh...

<Character>: Oh no!
<Character>: Let's–

*With a flash, you have disappeared; Key's cube-shaped head closes, suggesting you are now inside of Key.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens TLU Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • You can't reach these mushrooms yet!
  • Your stomach feels funny but you're fully healed. For now.
  • Standing in this stone circle makes you feel much better for some reason.
  • Both the mushrooms and the stone circle act as healing sources during the quest.
  • Some of Key's dialogues in this quest appear corrupted.
  • The "answer" Key provides, ZXJyb3I, can be decoded as simply 'error' from Base64.

    Thanks to
  • Icy for decoded answer.
  • DemonicDarkwraith for requirement information.

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