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Breaking the Mold

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12/25/2019 19:30:00   

Breaking the Mold

Location: Friday the 13th - Remthalas -> To the War! -> Breaking the Mold
Requirements: Completion of Alone Together, 300% War Meter
Release Date: December 24th, 2019

Objective: It's time to wake up.
Objective completed: And then, after a short journey, you and Uaanta finally returned to Frostvale. The Frost Moglins were slightly confused with all the appearing and disappearing people, but after some warm cocoaberry juice and a hearty feast, a happy Frostval was had by all!

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Remthalas - Boss

Icemaster Yeti

Dreamglass Ring (I-IX)

Access to BtM Loot for DCs.


*You are running through the dark dreamscape, searching for Sally.*

<Character>: *Pant*

*You are exhausted from all of the running and fighting, and take a brief rest.*

<Character>: *Pant*

*The seemingly empty dreamscape appears to be ever-expanding.*

<Character>: I thought this was supposed to *pant* be a dream!
<Character>: Why am I getting *pant* tired in a DREAM?! *pant*
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Sally!! Where are you?!

*Unsurprisingly, nobody responds.*

<Character>: Oh right, she's asleep. It's not like she could—

*You raise your head and open your eyes; to your shock you see Sally laying down in the distance, floating while asleep.*

<Character>: Sally!

*You run towards Sally, when Remthalas suddenly appears beside you; a giant hourglass is summoned in the background between you and Sally, showing the final grain of sand falling through the hourglass; just before it joins the rest of the sand at the bottom, Remthalas clicks his fingers, stalling it, buying you those crucial few seconds to reach Sally; with a flash of light and a happy Maleurous mask, you find yourself on your knees in a dark cave with Remthalas.*

Remthalas: You reached the girl in time.
Remthalas: Well done.
Remthalas: That was an impressive display of perseverance and determination!
<Character>: Where is Sally?!
Remthalas: The child is not in danger. You, on the other hand...
Remthalas: Let's see what your dreams taste like.

  • Battle! - begins battle with Remthalas.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    Remthalas: Well done.

    Remthalas: You just keep impressing me!
    <Character>: Stop playing these games with me! Tell me what you want or release me!
    Remthalas: What I want... what I want is for you to be free.
    <Character>: You keep saying that!
    <Character>: That you want to free this, free that!
    <Character>: And that you want to free me!

    <Character>: I am free!
    <Character>: I am free to do as I want, free to make my own choic—
    Remthalas: No, you're not.
    <Character>: What?
    Remthalas: You are chained by circumstances. Shackled by destiny.
    <Character>: What do you mean?
    Remthalas: You are living out their dreams.
    Remthalas: Even now, you're just one of so many, doing the bidding of other beings.
    Remthalas: As I once did.
    Remthalas: But then... I traded one master for another.

    Remthalas: Ah... but now... I am free.
    Remthalas: I am trying to help you. I want to help everyone.

    *You pause to process Remthalas' perplexing motive.*

    <Character>: ...
    Remthalas: You can speak, you know.
    <Character>: You speak of freeing me, but you're the one who trapped me in a dream.
    <Character>: I'm listening, but all I hear are contradictions!
    Remthalas: *Sigh*
    Remthalas: I'm not good at... communication.
    Remthalas: Ironic, isn't it?
    Remthalas: I'm sure this all sounds convoluted and contradictory to you, but you just need to open your eyes to the beauty of the whole picture!
    <Character>: That's great. Are you done? Can I leave now?
    <Character>: I won. I reached Sally before the last grain fell. So free me.
    <Character>: Let me go.
    Remthalas: Certainly.

    Remthalas: But...
    Remthalas: Don't you have an obligation to the Avatars?
    Remthalas: I'm right here. Our little... scuffle earlier wasn't really serious, was it?
    <Character>: Wouldn't you just be playing more games with me? Is every fight against you here in dreams just more tests?
    Remthalas: Hmm.
    Remthalas: I'd have liked to see you try harder.
    Remthalas: Something to work on before next time then.
    Remthalas: After all, anything can happen in dreams.
    Remthalas: Maybe you're just used to underestimating your own abilities.
    <Character>: ...
    Remthalas: Until we meet again, <Character>.

    *Remthalas allows you to awaken, and you find yourself back in Frostvale.*

    <Character>: Ugh...

    *A moment passes before you realise you still haven't located Sally, for real.*

    <Character>: *Gasp*
    <Character>: Sally—

    *You turn around and seemingly spot her.*

    <Character>: Ah...

    *Sally is on her knees, holding the damaged Mr. Twinkles.*

    Uaanta: Hngh.
    <Character>: Uaanta, are you alright?
    Uaanta: I've... been better. What a nightmare.
    Icemaster Yeti: <Character>, is everything okay? You all just kind of collapsed for a moment there and— and that elf person vanished.
    <Character>: Yeah, I think I'm okay—
    <Character>: Wait.

    <Character>: Just for a moment?
    Icemaster Yeti: Yeah. We were about to fetch some of our healers when you all popped right back up.
    <Character>: It felt... a lot longer.
    Icemaster Yeti: Well, we're glad to see that you're fine! With all the danger out of the way, we can start setting up for the Frostval feast!
    Uaanta: Sally?
    Sally: Yes...?
    Uaanta: I have a great granddaughter who's about your age. She's very brave, just like you!
    Uaanta: You did really well with Mr. Nameless. Stopping him would have been a lot more difficult without you.
    Sally: Mr. Twinkles.

    Sally: And yes, I know.
    Sally: I hate this fish guy. I hate him, hate him, hate him!
    Sally: But...
    Sally: It's going to be okay. Mr. Twinkles just needs a new head!
    Sally: Everything will be okay!
    Uaanta: I...
    Uaanta: Here! Why don't you show me how you celebrate Frostval? It's my first one! Maybe that will help take your mind off of this... business.

    *Sally looks back towards Uaanta, then away to consider Uaanta's request, then back again.*

    Sally: Okay!

    *All of a sudden, Sally mysteriously vanishes again.*

    Uaanta: S-Sally?!
    <Character>: Uaanta?
    <Character>: What happened?! Where's—

    *You and Uaanta have been summoned to the Firmament once more.*

    Fiamme: Well done, Champions. The Nameless presence has disappeared.
    Voidstar: We have returned the child to her place of origin.
    <Character>: Oh... ah, phew.
    <Character>: Don't scare us like that! We thought we lost her once already!
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Speaking of which. Can we not have any more children as champions?
    <Character>: There are way too many moral quandaries with putting children in danger just for an easier chance at the Maleurous.
    Temblor: Sally was never intended to be a Champion, more so an asset.
    <Character>: "Asset" or not, let's not bring children into this.
    <Character>: Um. Please?
    Uaanta: My Makers, if I may be allowed to speak freely...
    Neso: You may.
    Uaanta: I agree with <Character>. There is no doubt that Sally was powerful... And her presence did aid us.
    Uaanta: But she was put in too much risk. Had we been unable to save her...
    Uaanta: I... was not comfortable with this, my Makers.
    Celeritas: Perhaps we should have better forseen the... complications of such assets. Your concerns will be taken into consideration.
    <Character>: Great. Now, if we're not needed any further, can we celebrate Frostval in peace?
    Haeos: What of Remthalas?
    <Character>: Huh?
    Kyanos: We sensed his influence briefly. That is why we summoned you now. We assume you confronted him?
    <Character>: Umm...
    Uaanta: Sally had almost... neutralized Mr. Twinkles.
    <Character>: Nameless.
    Uaanta: Neutralized Mr. Nameless, when Remthalas appeared and destroyed the Maleurous.

    *The Avatars collectively pause after this revelation.*

    Khazri: Why?
    <Character>: We... don't know?
    Uaanta: Maybe the Maleurous aren't really working together.
    Fiamme: It is a possibility.
    Voidstar: They may be fighting amongst themselves for power.
    Celeritas: It is in their nature.
    Temblor: And makes them all the more dangerous to Lore.

    *You and Uaanta glance back towards one another, standing back-to-back.*

    Voidstar: Champions. We understand that our missions for you are difficult.
    Khazri: The Maleurous may attempt to appeal to a more... volatile facet of the mind.
    Neso: It is reassuring that you are willing to speak of your failures. So we thank you for your honesty.
    Celeritas: We must deliberate on these matters.
    Kyanos: Well done, Champions.

    *With that, you and Uaanta are returned to the same location the Avatars teleported you to after first briefing you on Mr. Nameless.*

    <Character>: Oh, come on!
    <Character>: Couldn't they have teleported us back to Frostvale?
    Uaanta: The Makers... work in mysterious ways, <Character>.

    *You give Uaanta a disapproving glance; scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens BtM Loot for DCs shop.

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