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4/19/2008 8:09:00   
PaperClip OF DOOM


Location: Moonridge: Saved!, Toys 'R Dangerous, Noxus Fumes, The Master of the Necropolis, Jack-O-Dragon, Cookies!, Mogloween Storybook -> Older Events -> Chapter 3, Catalytic Converter, Catastrophic Candy, SnackinLand, Creepy girls are made of candy, The Felonious Five, A Boneheaded Brawl, Transformative Thankstaking, Child's Play, Alone Together, Breaking the Mold

Quests given

Shops owned

Moonridge: Saved!

Sally: But Mom, Look! When I poke this thing under the stage with a stick... it moves! Hehehehe!

Sally: That was FUN! Can I go again?

Toys 'R Dangerous

Sally: Hi, <Character>! Did you see all these great toys?!

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    Sally: Some of the necromancers came and got me. They said that they wanted me to test some TOYS!

    Sally: ...something like that, yeah!
    Sally: ANYWAY! They said that I could keep as many of them as I wanted!

    Sally: Oh fine. Can I at least take one of the Scary Dolls with me?

    Noxus Fumes

    ???: Hello?
    Sally: It's so empty...
    Sally: This will make the best doll house EVER!
    Sally: ...and it's all MINE!

    Mogloween (Chapter 3)

    The Master of the Necropolis

    ???: Noxus? Don't be silly! He's not the master of the necropolis anymore...
    Sally: I am. *giggle*

    Sally: I KNOW, <Character>. They are my toys! Welcome to my doll house!

    Sally: Hehe! <Character>, you're funny.

    Sally: Oh yeah, that was me. My new friends will do anything that I ask them to. They were so lost when you made Noxus run away...
    Sally: ... But when I came down here, they started playing with me. I told them that we needed more friends.

    Sally: Sure! Who doesn't need more friends?
    Sally: I thought that all the moglins would be GREAT friends but they much cuter when they're all big and cuddly.
    Sally: I had my friend's steal the candy so I could make them all back into big, fuzzy moglinsters again, like last year!

    Sally: Oh, I know. That's what I had to take the candy... I had to fix the candy so it worked right again.

    Sally: Yeah, I had to get help from my newest friend, Sturr.

    Sally: But you don't have to worry about the candy. Now that Me and Sturr fixed it... we passed it out to all the houses we could find!
    Sally: Pretty soon the place will be crawling withsugar-crazed moglinsters!

    Sally: I know, I felt so bad for you. But I fixed it! All the candy is where it belongs now!

    Sally: Happy Mogloween, <Character>! *giggle*


    Sally: Sturr, <Character> is going to ruin everything!!

    Sally: Jack won't hurt <Character>, will he?

    Sally: ???

    Sally: Oh good! I hope Jack can get to <Character> before s/he gets all the candy back!

    Sally: *giggle* Thanks Sturr, I feel better already.


    Sally: Hi <Character>! Happy Forstval! Did you come to see the decorations in my playhouse?

    Sally: My help? GOODY! Are we going on an adveture? I'll get my things. Can I invite my friends?

    Sally: Noxus? Oh he's hiding.

    Sally: *giggle* No silly. He's not hiding from YOU. He's hiding from Vayle. She's really mad at him.

    Sally: SURE I DO! I'll ever tell you but you have to do something for me first.

    Sally: I want to make COOKIES! I want you to help me and then I want you to try them.

    Sally: First, I need you to clear a path to the ingredients. The Necropolis cafeteria had to feed a lot of necromacy students.
    Sally: There is a ice cave near here that they used as a huge walk in freezer. Somehow a lot of monsters got in there.
    Sally: I need you to clean it out, then I can make the cookies and you can try them and tell me how good they are!

    Sally: WOW! That's great! You did it!

    Sally: Yeah, but then who would you play with?
    Sally: Now that I've got all the ingredients I'm going to go make some cookies for you to try?

    Sally: I won't take long. The oven is already warm! You wait here... and NO PEEKING!

    Sally: Cooking is so fun, cooking is so fun...lalala...It's ready!

    Sally: This is my cookie! He came out a little bigger than I expected...
    Sally: ... and some of the ingredients smelled a little funny...
    Sally: ... But I think he's the best cookieman ever, and I made him just for you!
    Sally: Now you get to try him!

    Sally: So... What did you think?

    Sally: *giggle* Ok, I won't cook it as long next time.

    Sally: Thanks for trying it out for me! I'm really glad you came to visit! I drew you a map to Noxus. I hope you find him.

    Sally: Happy Frostval, <Character>!

    Mogloween Storybook

    Sally: Happy Mogloween, <Character>! Want to play?

    Catalytic Converter

    Sally: This is going to be fun! I've got everything ready Bubble.

    Sally: Yes! Thousands of cats to make my new toys work!

    Catastrophic Candy

    Sally: Well, Bubble?

    Sally: It's Furrkenstein. Isn't it so cute? I've got enough to make a thousand more new kitty driven toys! Now all we need is enough kitties to run them.
    Sally: But we'll have them soon enough... once all the townspeople eat the candy!

    Sally: I can make more after everyone eats the candy! Then there will be PLENTY of kitties for my new friends!


    Sally: Yes! I'm the Greatest Witch of the North! And you better stop beating up my minions!

    Sally: What part of Greatest Witch of the North do you not get? I don't need any help!
    Sally: I can do whatever I want! You can't make me clean! You can't make me eat veggies! You can't make me grow up!

    Sally: ...

    Sally: She didn't want to play with me so I made her leave.

    Sally: Yes, I made her! If you want to find her, then try to find the red brick road.

    Sally: She was always complaining about her minions tripping on rocks.
    Sally: My minions don't trip.
    Sally: She went off to go make a red brick road to her Amethyst City.

    Creepy girls are made of candy

    Sally: Isn't it great! There are all these friends to play with now!
    Sally: I'm not going to be the only little girl anymore!
    Sally: I even changed those dolls I made years ago. Now we all have things to play with!

    Sally: Of course silly! I'll find a way to make you a human again.

    Sally: Don't worry, I'll figure it out.
    Sally: Until then we have lots of friends to play with.

    The Felonious Five

    ???: *Giggle* This could be fun!

    ???: Bonehead better be ok. I need him for my tea parties. He's so cute.

    A Boneheaded Brawl

    Sally: Well, you weren't using it. It's my doll house.

    Sally: Come on now, Mr. Waddles...

    Sally: It's time for us to have a tea party!

    Transformative Thankstaking

    Sally: You're right Nix... Joules, we'll... um... we'll see you later.

    Child's Play

    Sally: —and then they summoned a new puppy, with the fresh sacrifice of a—

    Sally: —wah?

    Sally: Umm...

    Sally: Who—

    Sally: Ah! So the bad toy is making all of the fuzzy wuzzy moglins sad, and not only that, it's stepping on MY turf?

    Sally: Hero?! I don't want to be a hero!

    Sally: That's... gross!

    Sally: Gosh, when you put it that way, I guess I don't have a choice.
    Sally: It's fine, <Character>, grandma lady. I can handle this!
    Sally: If this Nameless is a toy, then I can play with him, right? *Giggles*

    Sally: Oh hush, you!

    Sally: *Giggles* Don't patronize me, old lady.

    Sally: I'm ready!

    Sally: Hehe, don't strain yourself, granny, I've got this!

    Sally: Ouch...
    Sally: I'm... sleepy.

    Sally: *Strained giggle* Thank you.

    Sally: Ohh, you are all so adorable!

    Sally: I was talking to the toys.

    Alone Together


    Sally: Stop it!
    Sally: He's hurting!

    Sally: No!
    Sally: Mr. Nameless.

    Sally: Would you like to be my friend?

    Sally: You said you had no friends. I can be your friend.
    Sally: I don't like when toys are in pain.
    Sally: I don't like when they're alone and have no home.

    Sally: For a grown-up, you're so stupid! It's because he's lonely!!

    Sally: Mr. Nameless, you must have been alone for so many years...
    Sally: Your owner was a bad, mean person for abandoning you.
    Sally: They're not here anymore... but I am!

    Sally: Forever!

    Sally: *Giggles* I'm Sally! Your new best friend!

    Sally: Yes, silly!

    Sally: Of course! We can play and have tea parties and have all the fun in the world! *Giggles*
    Sally: Some people might be mad at you for attacking stupid moglins, but I don't care about any of that!

    Sally: Yay! Super!

    Sally: Mr. Nameless, can you make Frostvale normal again, pretty please?

    Sally: From now on, you're Mr. Twinkles!
    Sally: Let's go, Mr. Twinkles! Take my hand!

    Breaking the Mold

    Sally: Yes...?

    Sally: Mr. Twinkles.

    Sally: And yes, I know.
    Sally: I hate this fish guy. I hate him, hate him, hate him!
    Sally: But...
    Sally: It's going to be okay. Mr. Twinkles just needs a new head!
    Sally: Everything will be okay!

    Sally: Okay!

    Front View Appearance
    Red Outfit Appearance
    Frostval 2012 Appearance
    Frostval 2019 Appearance 1, 2

    Thanks to
  • Voodoo Master for front view and Frostval 2012 appearance images, location link, and additional dialogue.
  • Jay for Frostval 2019 appearance images and additional dialogue.
  • irosimo for location links.
  • GhostBear5, Krazy_Kakadu, and Windy for additional dialogue.
  • HeroBlade, Peachii, and Stephen Nix for corrections.

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