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Transformative Thankstaking

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11/21/2018 20:25:22   

Transformative Thankstaking

Location: Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 13 -> Ruby -> Transformative
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Return of the Felonious Five
Release Date: November 21st, 2018

Objective: The Felonious Five have revealed themselves!
Objective completed: Poor Joules... But Thankstaking is safe, this year!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Joules - Boss

San Robin
The Nix

Turducken Mask (I-VIII)

Access to TrTh Loot for DCs.


*In Book 3 Falconreach, you, San Robin, Ruby and Twilly appear to be having a stand-off with the Felonious Five.*

Joules: You have bigger problems than some transformed villagers!
The Nix: WAC!
Noxus: The main course... has arrived.
Zorbak: Meh, this isn't going to work. We should have gone with undead gravy boats.
Joules: <Character>! You see what I've done to the people here? You're next! Come forth and face me, hero!
<Character>: Why— what— who—

<Character>: So it was you five who almost ruined Thankstaking last year! And now this year!
<Character>: What do you even want?
Joules: Oh, boo hoo... I'm spoiling your fun.
Joules: You cause trouble WHEREVER you go, and you're constantly interfering with other people's activities.
<Character>: Of course I am. When people like you want to disrupt the peace.
<Character>: Falconreach has had MORE than its share of sorrows over the years, and I'm not about to let you disturb what little reprieve we have.
Joules: Well, hero, good luck with that. With the power of this tiara, you will meet the same fate as your poooooor unfortunate friends! Just watch!

*Joules taps her tiara and aims the blast at San Robin, who transforms into a Turducken, blinking in disbelief.*

San Robin: Quack?!
Joules: You see? You stand no chance. Now, at last, I shall have my revenge!
Joules: After so long— I've waited— YEARS for this. <Character>, say farewell to your last moments as a hero!

*Joules taps her tiara and aims it at you, but no blast is emitted. Instead, a sound mimicking flatulence can be heard.*

<Character>: I, uh... I don't feel like a turducken yet.

*Joules angrily taps her tiara repeatedly, but nothing appears to be happening.*

Joules: Why... Noxus! Why isn't it working?!
Noxus: I believe your tiara may have run out of its proverbial juice.

Noxus: Magic isn't an exact science.
Noxus: It may take some time for it to recharge. It's possible the drain from the orb's amplifi—
Joules: Or for the love of all things magical and mechanical! I've had enough!

Joules: Enough!
Joules: I'll take you down, turducken or no!

Joules: Who's with me?!

*The Nix attempts to hide inside a barrel on the ground, Sally and Zorbak hide in place of the Black Market Moglin, and Noxus floats away backwards, leaving Joules by herself.*

Joules: I don't need them!
Joules: I don't need anyone!

Joules: Thankstaking will be MINE!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Joules.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Thankstaking Storybook.

    Joules: You COWARDS! Why didn't you help?!
    The Nix: Wac. Wacwac wac!
    Joules: So what if he/she has beaten you all before? If we worked together, we could have won!

    *The Orb in Joules' tiara pulses once, but blinded by rage, she doesn't notice.*

    Zorbak: Joules, you might want to—
    Joules: I don't want to do ANYTHING by beat <Character>!

    *The Orb in Joules' tiara begins pulsing more frequently, but she still doesn't notice.*

    Noxus: Joules, you really ought to—
    Joules: Stuff it Noxus. You just floated there! And not even menacingly!

    *The Orb in Joules' tiara begins pulsing rapidly, but she still doesn't notice.*

    <Character>: Joules, please, listen to me for a moment. I think you should—
    Joules: Oh stop. Do you think I'm going to do anything YOU want me to do?
    The Nix: Wac!
    Sally: You're right Nix... Joules, we'll... um... we'll see you later.
    Joules: Good riddance to those losers! It seems like the tiara's finally regained some charge.
    Joules: Now I'm just going to turn you into something small! Then I'm just going to stomp on—

    *After pulsing at an alarming rate for some time, the Orb finally reverts back to its original size, breaking Joules' tiara. It hovers above Joules' head for a moment, before crashing down on her, rolling along the ground momentarily, and finally stopping before Ruby.*

    <Character>: *Snort* Joules...
    Ruby: *Snicker*
    Twilly: Oh noes...
    Joules: Quack! *Urk* QUACK!...

    *Joules, now transformed into a slim turducken with Joules' hair and dress remaining, flaps her wings in disbelief.*

    <Character>: I'm sorry for laughing! Don't worry. We have a way to transform you back—
    Twilly: Looks like we have another two for our herd of Turducken!
    San Robin: Quack quack?
    <Character>: Not likely. I bet she hates Thankstaking more than ever after this one...
    Ruby: Excuse me, Joules... was it?
    Joules: Quack!
    Ruby: I wonder if you've considered the health benefits of living life with only one leg—
    <Character> Ruby.
    Ruby: What? I'm just curious.

    *Joules runs away from you as fast as she can, still in turducken form.*

    Twilly: No wait, come back! It'll last like—
    Twilly: Oh well, at least all the villagers are safe. And Robin too!
    San Robin: Quack!
    <Character>: I agree. Let's get everyone transformed back to normal so we can celebrate.
    <Character>: I don't think we'll see Joules or the rest of them again this year!

  • Complete Quest
  • Quest Loot - opens TrTh Loot for DCs shop.

    Pop-up headlines during your battle with Joules:

  • Become food!
  • Gravied!
  • Here's a trick I learned from that little penguin!
  • Joules tries to shrink you, but you resist!
  • Joules tries to shrink you, but you're already SHRUNK!
  • Joules uses SHRINK on <Character>!

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