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12/3/2013 1:19:49   
Advocator of Wills


Location: Food Fight!, Saving Private Practice, Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 10, Food Fight Challenge, GRAVENATOR, Sibling Rivalry, The Felonious Five, A Boneheaded Brawl, Return of the Felonious Five, Transformative Thankstaking

Quests Given
Food Fight Challenge

Shops Owned

Food Fight!

Joules: Oooooh, magic! I looooooove magic.

Joules: You're just jealous 'cause I'm better at it than you!

Joules: What is a dentist going to do against magic, huh? You can't even stop a baby from throwing food at you!

Joules: You messed up my food! It's all your fault, Volty!

Saving Private Practice

???: You're in my factory....

???: You're here to make a Thankstaking all to ourselves!

Joules: Don't tell me you've forgotten all about your sweet little sister now?

Joules: It's their own fault! they punished me for no reason so I ran away!

Joules: That wouldn't have happened if it weren't for YOUR laughing gas! How could I have known that it was so flammable?

Joules: ENOUGH!
Joules: I'll ask it once more... Will you help me build our own Thankstaking?

Joules: Ahahahaaahaha.

Joules: You mean you don't know?

Joules: The people of Falconreach hate you!

Joules: Oh dear sweet brother, do you see now? We only have each other! Now, shall we begin the preparations?

Joules: Hertz?!?
Joules: Wow, you haven't changed a bit! What's with the weird hair though?

Joules: Stop me from what? I'm only celebrating Thankstaking with my dear brother!

Joules: Of course! Is there a better way to celebrate Thankstaking than TAKING all the joy from others?

Joules: NO! You'll stay with me! Remember the bad things they said!!!

Joules: It won't be that easy, <Character>!

Joules: I...
Joules: I lost...
Joules: I NEVER lose!

Joules: This won't be the last you've seen of me, <Character>! MARK MY WORDS!

Thankstaking Storybook

Joules: My failure of a brother was never able to put a stop to this Feast of Excess. Now it's my turn to create a proper challenge!

Food Fight Challenge

Joules: I want to have a little fun this Thankstaking, <Character>.
Joules: My brother's lame attempts at party crashing your previous... gluttonous gatherings were, frankly, uninspired.
Joules: I've tweaked a few of his deficient designs.
Joules: I just want to liven up the party while I work on... my own dish to serve.


Joules: You certainly didn't take long with my brother's leftovers....
Joules: I'm interested to see how you'll fare against my new assistant and its pet.

Joules: You don't expect me to perform menial maintenance myself, do you?

Sibling Rivalry

Joules: You'll see soon enough.

Joules: Because of my soft headed brother. He's ALWAYS been the reason I do what I do.
Joules: Honestly, I think it's great that my loser brother has loser friends who will stand up for him. He was right about one thing though.
Joules: This feast of excess needs to end. All you people do is sit around and stuff yourselves silly.

Joules: ...Therapist?

Joules: Oh. You mean more science...

Joules: Nice try, but I'm not buying it.

Joules: Enough talk! It's time for you to meet my newest creation!

Joules: Messing with food is my brother's thing, but as always he messes things up, I'll show you how it's really done!

Joules: Good. Well done. I wanted to see how you would handle that. This gives me a few ideas for next year.

Joules: Did you think I would make it THAT easy?

Joules: You're just seeing a projection, you silly hero. I'm not about to risk facing you yet.
Joules: I just needed a good test of your abilities, so I would know your weaknesses.
Joules: Sadly, you don't have any in a straight up fight, but it's ok. I know what to do next year.

The Felonious Five

???: There it is. As I promised. Now, I have delivered on my promise. Each one of you here has something in common.
???: A problem, of sorts, and I believe that the answer to that problem is in working together.
???: To find out if we are capable of doing so efficiently, I have a little test for us.

???: That orb is all we'll need.

???: Now, the problem we all have is; <Character>. Always ticking that beak into everyone's-

???: Shut up Nix. As I was saying, always sticking that BEAK into everyone's business and always interfering.
???: Now... Here's what we're going to do...

???: There, upon the wall.

???: I have enchanted the mirror to allow us to... watch the fun.

???: I know Nix. You really want your crack at <Character>. Don't worry, you'll get it. Don't you think they're going to realize what happened?
???: They'll send out someone to track down whoever is responsible.

???: Why do you think I sent Sally, you silly bird?
???: So they HAVE someone to track. And when <Character> gets here...
???: ... WE'LL be ready!

A Boneheaded Brawl

Joules: Nix is right. Stop this foolishness. Have you hidden it, Noxus?

Joules: This was a success. For now, we'll part. Next year, we'll have even more fun. It's time we"'villains" got a holiday of our own.

Return of the Felonious Five

Joules: Good. Let us discuss the best course of action.

Joules: Hah! I have just what we need. Nix, can I borrow one of your delightful shrink rays for a moment?

Joules: Yes, I'll be careful with it, now give it here!

Joules: A perfect fit!

Joules: This is an ancient artifact that I discovered years ago. It has potent magicó usually enough just to transform its wearer, butó

Joules: Who on Lore said anything about transforming FOOD?

Transformative Thankstaking

Joules: You have bigger problems than some transformed villagers!

Joules: <Character>! You see what I've done to the people here? You're next! Come forth and face me, hero!

Joules: Oh, boo hoo... I'm spoiling your fun.
Joules: You cause trouble WHEREVER you go, and you're constantly interfering with other people's activities.

Joules: Well, hero, good luck with that. With the power of this tiara, you will meet the same fate as your poooooor unfortunate friends! Just watch!

Joules: You see? You stand no chance. Now, at last, I shall have my revenge!
Joules: After so longó I've waitedó YEARS for this. <Character>, say farewell to your last moments as a hero!

Joules: Why... Noxus! Why isn't it working?!

Joules: Or for the love of all things magical and mechanical! I've had enough!

Joules: Enough!
Joules: I'll take you down, turducken or no!

Joules: Who's with me?!

Joules: I don't need them!
Joules: I don't need anyone!

Joules: Thankstaking will be MINE!

Joules: You COWARDS! Why didn't you help?!

Joules: So what if he/she has beaten you all before? If we worked together, we could have won!

Joules: I don't want to do ANYTHING by beat <Character>!

Joules: Stuff it Noxus. You just floated there! And not even menacingly!

Joules: Oh stop. Do you think I'm going to do anything YOU want me to do?

Joules: Good riddance to those losers! It seems like the tiara's finally regained some charge.
Joules: Now I'm just going to turn you into something small! Then I'm just going to stomp onó

Joules: Quack! *Urk* QUACK!...


Joules: Quack!

Kid Appearance
Turducken Appearance

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