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Saving Private Practice

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12/9/2014 1:11:54   
Advocator of Wills

Saving Private Practice

Location: Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 9 -> Saving Private Practice
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 29th, 2014

Objective: The trail ends here, where to go now?
Objective completed: Happy Thankstaking to all!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(9) Metal Elemental
(9) Techno-Turkey
(7) Sneevil-Bot
(1) Scrapheap - Boss


Hawkarrot (All Versions)

Voltabolt: Vhere... Vhere am I?
???: You're in my factory....
Voltabolt: Factory... how.. vhy?
???: You're here to make a Thankstaking all to ourselves!
Voltabolt: To ourselves? Vho are you?!?

*Joules walks in*

Joules: Don't tell me you've forgotten all about your cute little sister now?
Voltabolt: YOU?!? You VITCH!
Voltabolt: Ve thought you vere gone! Father... Mother... Zey looked for you for YEARS!
Voltabolt: After years of searching Zey gave up... Zey thought you vere dead and moved to another town to ezcape ze memories and ze grief...
Joules: It's their own fault! They punished me for no reason so I ran away!
Voltabolt: You blew up ze house! You almozt killed Coulomb!
Joules: That wouldn't have happened if it weren't for YOUR laughing gas! How could I have known that it was so flammable?
Voltabolt: It isn't flammable! You let your magic get out of control!

*Joules starts burning in blue flames*

Joules: ENOUGH!
Joules: I'll ask it once more... Will you help me build our own Thankstaking?
Voltabolt: No I von't! Ze good people of FalconReach vill get me out of here!
Joules: Ahahahaaahaha.
Voltabolt: Vhat is zo funny?
Joules: You mean you don't know?
Voltabolt: Know vhat?
Joules: The people of Falconreach hate you!
Voltabolt: V-vhat? No zey don't!

*Joules creates some sort of magic screen zapping between dialogue from Thankstaken*

Ash: You can tell that Voltabolt isn't around. It's so quiet!

Cysero: I wonder what Volty will blow up this year!
Lim: He isn't going to blow anything up! He's at home and leaves us be!

Gretel: It's a good thing Voltabolt didn't make "adjustments" this year...

Oishii: To be honest I was getting a little tired of Voltabolt always messing things up.

The screen blackens.

Voltabolt: I-I thought they had aczepted me.. I had even prepared some NORMAL food as a zurprise...
Joules: Oh dear sweet brother, do you see now? We only have each other! Now, shall we begin the preparations?

*Voltabolt is hypnotized*

Voltabolt: Give me my toolz and I vill begin!

*Outside the factory*

<Character>: That was the last of them!
<Character>: And my gut tells me that factory has something to do with it!
Hawkarrot: Wow! How did you figure that out, genius?
<Character>: Well I followed the bolts an-
<Character>: HEY Bird, are you sassing me?!?
Hawkarrot: I wouldn't dare to!
Hawkarrot: So do you want to send a message?
<Character>: A message?
Hawkarrot: Yes! A Message! You know... One of those things you send to people to let them know things?
<Character>: I know what a message is! But how do I know I can trust you with it?
Hawkarrot: I was trained by Aria and got specific instructions to always help you when needed!
<Character>: Now that you mention it, Aria DID tell me she was planning to set up a messaging service... But how do I know you're not lying?
Hawkarrot: What harm can I do with the message you want to sent?
<Character>: Good point... Can you please fly to Aria and let her and others know that Voltabolt was kidnapped by someone and that i followed the trail to...
<Character>: Uhm... Where am I actually?
Hawkarrot: Current Location: The Mana-armory, 2 miles to the East of Falconreach.
<Character>: Well how about that. That IS handy! Now please go and tell them!
Hawkarrot: I'm on my way!

*Hawkarrot flies to the direction of Falconreach to deliver the message*

<Character>: That bird was really fowl.. Well I better go ahead and investigate the factory!

Fight your way through the factory. The monsters move on the screen.

<Character>: That's enough!
Joules: Hertz?!?
Joules: Wow, you haven't changed a bit! What's with the weird hair though?
<Character>: Huh Wha- I'm not Hertz! I'm <Character> and I'm here to stop you!
Joules: Stop me from what? I'm only celebrating Thankstaking with my dear brother!
<Character>: Celebrating Thankstaking by making a ton of robots?
Joules: Of course! Is there a better way to celebrate Thankstaking than TAKING all the joy from others?
<Character>: Yes! CELEBRATING with others! Like Voltabolt wanted to do! Doctor! What's wrong with you?
Voltabolt You didn't vant me there! Everyone hates me!
<Character>: What are you talking about? We're all looking forward to the feast! To have it together with you and everyone else!
Voltabolt: I-I...My head.. Vhat is happening?
Joules: NO! You'll stay with me! Remember the bad things they said!!!

*A flash of light fills the screen with a loud explosion sound, as everyone arrives out of nowhere.*

<Character>: Wha-
Ash: We've heard everything!
<Character>: How?
Cysero: Magic!
Aria: Yeah, we haven't said anything about you, Voltabolt!
Serenity: We were just remembering the previous years and how you have been part of ThanksTaking for so long now!
Oishii: Through the good times and the bad!
Gretel: I knew I felt spied upon when we were talking! So, it was that girl!
Ash: It looks like she's manipulating Voltabolt with her magic!
<Character>: I will not allow that any longer!

*Joules blasts the Hero away and summons a huge monster out of scraps*

Joules: It won't be that easy, <Character>!
<Character>: I've beaten a lot of your monsters. I can take this one on as well!

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    After you defeat Scrapheap:

    <Character>: And done!
    Joules: I...
    Joules: I lost...
    Joules: I NEVER lose!
    <Character>: And still... You just did!
    Joules: This won't be the last time you've seen me, <Character>! MARK MY WORDS!

    *Joules teleports away.*

    Voltabolt: Vhat... It vas like I vas in a trance. I could see vhat I vas doing but I couldn't stop myself...
    <Character>: Are you ok?
    Ash: Well enough for a feast?
    Voltabolt: You mean... you still vant me at ze celebration?
    Aria: Of course!
    Lim: It wouldn't be a Thankstaking celebration without you!
    Cysero: And because of you I got to eat my hams!
    <Character>: What are you talki-
    Lim: Don't ask!
    <Character>: Ok then... Well, are we ready to go back?
    Everyone: Yes!
    Cysero: Then hang on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

    *Back in Falconreach, the Hero, True Mortal, Dracelix, Melissa, Niki, Mritha, Gretel, Serenity, Voltabolt, Lim, Cysero, Oishii, Verlyrus and Ash sit around a table.*

    <Character>: All that fighting made me hungry!
    Serenity: Then let us not wait any longer! DIG IN!
    Ash: Happy Thankstaking, everybody!


  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Grandpa Oz for entry.

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