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Location: Falconreach, Lim's Weapon Shop, Back to the Past, A Feast of Fowl, Blackhole Fun, Collision Course, Critical Failure!, Gravitivity, Mayonnaise Cubed, The Cat Who Walks Through Dimensions, Tortoise and the Hare, Sort of, Resident Sneevil: Genesis, String Thing, CyseRedux, Your Vote, Falconreach Idle!, We now return to your show!, Feast of Welcomegiving!, Eclipse, When, Appointment, Rotten Turducken, Thankstaken, Saving Private Practice, A Tale of Two Timelines, FwendQuest, Return to Lymcrest

Quests given
Circuit City
Save the Mill!

The Clashening
Collision Course
Blackhole Fun
Mayonnaise Cubed
The Cat Who Walks Through Dimensions
Tortoise and the Hare, Sort of
String Thing
Your Vote

Book 3

Shops owned
Lim's Shop
Lim's DC Shop
DragonLord Weapons

May the 4th
DC Energy Blade
The Energy Blade

Lim's Weapon Shop (Books 1 and 2)

Upon first encounter:
Lim: Good day, Adventurer! As the foremost Weapon Artisan in the land, I can craft you a weapon using the power of science!
Lim: I create weaponry through the shear power of science. I've set-up the main portion of my workshop, but I need your help, <Character>.
Lim: I've set up a small power source that uses fuel created through refining the seed oil of the local seed spitter plants.
Lim: It's really quite an ingenious device, if I do say so myself. Sadly, I was only able to set up a few circuits to provide power to my shop.
Lim: The basement of the shop has been overtaken with the samples of the seed spitter I cultivated. I suspect and old rival might have released them.
Lim: If you would, could you venture down there and clear out the area.
Lim: If you could trip a few of those circuits to get the rest of the power on up here, I can get started making weapons as well.

After first encounter:
Lim: Good day, Adventurer! As the foremost Weapon Artisan in the land, I can craft you a weapon using the power of science!

  • Talk
    Lim: I am Lim, and I have come to provide the heroes of this village my own incredible weaponry.
    Lim: All of it made without inferior "magics", just good solid materials and expermentation.
    Lim: I was trained in Swordhaven, but magic weapons have run rampant there. Truely unfortunate.
    Lim: With heroes like you testing my new weapons, I'll soon show that anything magic can do, science can do better!

  • Quests
    Lim: I do have a few tasks for you, if you're looking for work.
    • Lost Order
      Lim: I've been expecting an order from the local mill, but it is late. Can you stop by and see what happened to my order?

    • Circuits
      Lim: The seed spitters have gotten loose again. Could you go down and clear them out? Make sure all the circuits are in order too, please.

    • The Clashening
      Lim: I've heard you're a clever <Class>, as well as a brave one. You might be able to help me. Are you interested in science? Or do you prefer... magic?

      • Talk
        Lim: Are you interested in science? Or do you prefer... magic?

        • Science!
          Lim: Most excellent! Then you'll be willing to help me prove that science triumphs over all other less... logical... ways of thinking and doing things.
          Lim: Together we'll show Falconreach the wonders that science can accomplish!

        • Magic!
          Lim: MAGIC?! Oh, no no no, <Character>. Magic is hardly the proper outlet for a <Class> such as you.
          Lim: Why, I bet you've never studied science. Never seen the wonders it can manage, the beauty of pure logic!
          Lim: Help me with my work, let me show you what science can do, and you'll see why science is the only true way to understand the universe!

        • Both!
          Lim: Harrumph. You'd put science on a level with magic? It sounds to me like you need a crash course in why science is so amazing!
          Lim: If you'll just give me a hand with some of my projects, it will soon be clear to you why science triumphs over all lesser arts.

        • Neither!
          Lim: Neither? Really?! Such an intelligent <Class> as you must just never had given it much thought, then.
          Lim: I know if you studied science, you'd understand why I'm so devoted to it, and why all must realize that magic is but an inferior art.
          Lim: Take some time, help me with my experiments, and you'll soon see that science is superior!
  • Orb
    Lim: A glass ball with a beard glued on. While I'm sure Cysero finds humor in it, I prefer to run my own shop.

    Collision Course

    Lim: <Character>! If you have the time, I could really use your help with my latest experiment!
    Lim: <Character>, right on time! I'll need your help to enact my greatest experiment yet: Lim's Had-ron Collider!
    Lim: Lim's Had-ron Collider! HAD-rons! Colliding the particles of the past, today!
    Lim: No no. You know, particles. Like atoms and protons and electrons.
    Lim: Had-rons are particles that existed yesterday but also exist today. It's paradoxical, but possible. And I want to figure out how they do it.
    Lim: Because it's NEAT! Science does amazing things. A lot of it is just because someone thought "Hey, wouldn't this be COOL?"
    Lim: Oh, the how is the easy part! That's where YOU come in!
    Lim: Well, I have this plan for the LHC all drafted up. I'm just missing the materials to make it.
    Lim: If you could haul back some scrap metal for me, any discarded metal will do. I can solder and shape it into just what I need.
    Lim: You know, Voltabolt usually keeps some junk around for animation and plotting purposes. He won't be doing anything important with it.

    Lim: Excellent! This should be just enough.
    Lim: Make your way to the fountain in Falconreach in a day or two and you'll see the experiment in glorious action!
    Lim: SCIENCE!

    Lim: *sniffs* I know. Isn't it beautiful?! The green light means the particles are colliding as we speak!
    Lim: It's so exciting!
    Lim: *glare*
    Lim: Hmm?
    Lim: What did you do, magician?! What did you do to my machine!
    Lim: If you've broken it....
    Lim: If you've damaged my LHC-
    Lim: What?!
    Lim: *choke*
    Lim: How- why- who- WHAT were you doing putting large hamsters in my machine?!
    Lim: Get OUT! Get away from my machine!
    Lim: *deep breath* We will run the experiment AGAIN.
    Lim: But it will have to be tomorrow, because today's particles are here NOW. I need them to be here YESTERDAY.

    A Feast of Fowl

    Lim: What has science done?!

    Back to the Past

    Lim: Cysero!
    Lim: Cysero!
    Lim: What do you think you're doing?
    Lim: I'm missing a significant amount of plutonium and the green, glowing footprints lead all the way to your Superstore!

    Lim: ...

    Lim: A what....?

    Lim: ...

    Lim: ...

    Lim: ...

    Lim: Everything has stopped...

    Lim: Interesting? INTERESTING! You've torn a hole in time, you crazy fool!

    Lim: ...

    Blackhole Fun

    Lim: <Character>! Right on time! After that, that MAGICIAN interrupted my last experiment, I decided to try something a little more dangerous.
    Lim: I ran the LHC experiment again WITHOUT the mad weaponsmith, and the results were VERY informative.
    Lim: Thanks to what I learned, I'm able to move on to a new, better experiment!
    Lim: And you're going to be there when it goes off, right?

    Lim: This experiment is more dangerous, it's true, but so useful!
    Lim: If it works, you'll be able to see how powerful science is!
    Lim: And, since it's so dangerous, that crazy mage will be too intimidated to try and interfere!
    Lim: Why? Was it Grams?
    Lim: ....
    Lim: Nevertheless, this experiment is vital to my research! It will help me prove that science is far superior to magic!
    Lim: Come, come inside my workshop!

    Lim: Nooooooot exactly!
    Lim: I just want you to be on hand to watch the magnificence. Can you imagine the POWER a contained blackhole will provide?!
    Lim: Why, I could power of all of LORE with this one small blackhole!
    Lim: SCIENCE!
    Lim: Most assuredly.
    Lim: And my studies tell me everything will be fine so long as I make sure to wear safety goggles!
    Lim: Safety first!
    Lim: WHO is the Scientist in the room, hmmm? Trust me!
    Lim: Everything is ready, press that big silver button in front of you.
    Lim: *tear* Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?

    Lim: That's DOCTOR Mister Lim, young lady!
    Lim: Oh! Uh.. that button only turns it on. I didn't install an OFF switch...
    Lim: *Thinks*
    Lim: Aha!
    Lim: No problem, everything's ok.. just need to find the power cord....
    Lim: SCIEN--
    Lim: I got it...

    Lim: I did!
    Lim: What are YOU doing here?
    Lim: Think, and you haven't said why you're HERE.
    Lim: It's CALLED a blackhole.
    Lim: ...

    Lim: No.

    Critical Failure!

    Lim: Back! Back, I say! In the name of SCIENCE!
    Lim: I shouldn't have rolled that 1! I've been ambushed! No, amBOXED!

    Lim: This is what comes of meddling in *scoff* magic
    Lim: I wouldn't have been buried if it weren't for that insane mage and his logic-defying tower!
    Lim: It's statistically not possible for one party to roll so many critical failures!
    Lim: I can't stand being in this illogical place ANY MORE. I have GOT to get out!

    Lim: I've been neglecting my SCIENCE! So...maybe when the next eclipse of the sun comes around.


    Lim: <Character>, you really MUST find me in, oh... 3.5 hours. I will be doing SCIENCE and it's the kind you just won't want to miss!
    Lim: <Character>! What a fortuitous thing, you just stopped by just as I'm about to do SCIENCE!
    Lim: ...
    Lim: That's MY line.
    Lim: Have you even noticed things fall DOWN?
    Lim: Exactly. That's the way a scientist thinks!
    Lim: I'm watching these apples on this apple tree fall DOWN when I shake it.
    Lim: I'm certain that if I watch this enough, I'll be able to come up with a radical new scientific theory that will make me famous!
    Lim: Here we go.
    Lim: ...
    Lim: Nothing?
    Lim: ...
    Lim: For science!
    Lim: Sci... en.... What was I saying?
    Lim: Science has gone horribly awry!
    Lim: YOU DID THIS!
    Lim: ARRRGH!
    Lim: ...
    Lim: Pi?
    Lim: Maybe a mid afternoon snack. I prefer my apples without goo, though, so he can have them.
    Lim: I'd like to see him show you some magic. So far he just keeps butting into MY experiments!
    Lim: The forces which keep the apples on a tree are the triangulated distances between... something and....
    Lim: something else.
    Lim: And if an apple was moving away from Lore, it would move faster than the speed of light.
    Lim: SCIENCE!

    Mayonnaise Cubed

    Lim: I know I said I wanted to see Cysero do magic, but are YOU really sure you want to help him?
    Lim: Ah, well. I suppose that once you see magic in action, you'll realize how much more spectacular SCIENCE is!

    Lim: If you were doing SCIENCE you could have just used dry ice.
    Lim: ...

    Lim: ....
    Lim: I could have done the exact same thing with SCIENCE!

    The Cat Who Walks Through Dimensions

    Lim: Come step right up and I'll tell you a tale. A tale of a fateful trip- no, wait. I mean I'll explain an experiment I'm about to do. Iiiiit's SCIENCE!

    Lim: No.
    Lim: Yes, but I have hands.
    Lim: <Character>, <Character>, <Character>! Are you bored of running around Lore?
    Lim: Tired of the same old forest and deserts and oceans?
    Lim: Done with talking to the same people you've talked to over and over again...
    Lim: ...Who never seem to have anything NEW to say?
    Lim: Me, too! THAT is why today we're going to explore alternate dimensions!
    Lim: No no no. Those are ADJACENT dimensions. We're investigating ALTERNATE dimensions!
    Lim: Exactly the right train of thought to have when we're about to do SCIENCE!
    Lim: That's not even a REAL WORD, <Character>. No. I will tell you what we'll do.
    Lim: Before we can GO to an alternate dimension, we have to prove one EXISTS!
    Lim: And for that, we need...
    Lim: ...a CAT!
    Lim: Most definitely.
    Lim: We put a tracker on the cat. Stick the cat in a box. ... Are you with me so far?
    Lim: *Hrn..* Stay with me, <Character>. Focus.
    Lim: Now...
    Lim: ...If the cat is in the box, we can't SEE it. Right?
    Lim: So how do we know it's HERE?
    Lim: *sigh*
    Lim: If we can't SEE it, we don't have proof that it's HERE.
    Lim: And if it's not HERE, where is it?
    Lim: ...
    Lim: Noooo. If it's not here, it could be in an alternate dimension!
    Lim: Now you're thinking like a scientist! I knew you had it in you, <Class>!
    Lim: What's that?
    Lim: <Character>, you've got to get that cat back!
    Lim: We have a DIMENSIONAL tracker on Poofles! We don't have a domestic tracker on him!
    Lim: My poor Mr. Poofles!
    Lim: Go go go!!!

    Lim: Mr. Poofles! What has magic wrought?!

    Tortoise and the Hare, Sort of

    Lim: I have a FASCINATING lesson for you today, <Character>! It is one of the fundamentals of our physical world! SCIENCE!

    Lim: So, as I was saying... Velocity is a vector measurement of the rate and direction of motion.
    Lim: A vector is a mathematical quantity that has both a magnitude and direction.
    Lim: Got all that, <Character>?

    Lim: ... <Character>?

    Lim: <Character>!
    Lim: Yes, yes. But I crafted this visual aid just for you. You don't want me to waste all that hard work, do you?

    Lim: This is The Rabbitizer 6000 Mach 2.
    Lim: In layman's terminology, it goes really, really FAST!

    Lim: But- but... this one is ROBOTIC! A robotic rabbit! How can you say "Use a real one?!"
    Lim: This is a MILLION times better than a REAL rabbit!

    Lim: Oh, and this is Cysero's carrier-turtle. He uses it to deliver messages, for some reason.

    Lim: So, ANYWAY, to show you how things go fast and slow, we're going to have these two race!
    Lim: Clyde?
    Lim: Back to the demonstration...

    Lim: On your mark, get set...
    Lim: GO!

    Lim: Winner doesn't get turned into soup!
    Lim: Yep. It's what Voltabolt feeds the Junkyard Driller, don'cha know!
    Lim: Okay.. we should probably get to the finish line...

    Lim: Now, as you'll see in a minute or two, this race is a classic example of velocity.

    Lim: The Rabbitizier 6000 Mach 2 not only started faster, but will have kept up its initial velocity through the whole race because it's a robot.
    Lim: Exac- Oooh, here it comes now!


    Lim: Argh!
    Lim: *sigh* I suppose I don't need to be angry this time.
    Lim: You DID illustrate my experiment, even if you didn't mean to.

    Lim: I really wanted some soup...

    String Thing

    Lim: <Character>! Good of you to come back. After that last... experiment... I wasn't sure you'd want to continue the scientific arts.
    Lim: But now that you're here, I can DEFINITELY use your help!

    Lim: I've heard of this... thing... about string.
    Lim: More specifically, it's a theory. STRING Theory. Very complex.
    Lim: I must do more reading in order to understand it myself.
    Lim: It sound incredibly intriguing, though, and it's gotten me thinking.
    Lim: You mean "oh boy!" don't you? Right. I though so! Good good, moving on!
    Lim: It got me thinking and NOW... Now I want to build a model of the universe! In STRING!
    Lim: For SCIENCE!
    Lim: No sirree! And YOU are going to help me! You see, String Theory explains the universe, so it makes sense to map it with regular string!
    Lim: There's a telescope in the basement-
    Lim: There's a telescope in the basement I haven't used yet, HERO, and I'd like you to take it to the top of a mountain.
    Lim: Make a map of the night sky to aid my model-building!
    Lim: Once you're done, bring the map back to me and I'll have the string all ready for us!
    Lim: <Character> -- Wait!
    Lim: You'll need to take the telescope with you.
    Lim: It's next to the electric goggle polisher.
    Lim: No.
    Lim: That will teach you to mess with my stuff.
    Lim: You're a magical orb. Don't pretend like you can actually feel it itching. You can't feel anything.

    Lim: Hmm...

    Lim: What are YOU doing here? Don't TOUCH anything! Put that DOWN!
    Lim: Oh no...

    Lim: Aaaaaaaahhhhh! CYSEROOOOO!


    Lim: ...Alright, Cysero. We're here. You've caught <Character>'s attention ...and mine.
    Lim: WHAT do you need all our help with that involves that piece of my ruined experiment.
    Lim: I don't know, MAGIC-man. What could you need science's help with for your little ars magica activity?
    Lim: THANK YOU, <Character>.
    Lim: Well, but-...maybe.
    Lim: Well...
    Lim: Hmmph. You might have a point. But...
    Lim: I suppose I can hear Cysero out, at least.
    Lim: *mutter* I know what you call help...

    Lim: ...
    Lim: Do Do...I see three Cysero's?
    Lim: I haven't even finished plans for the cloning machine yet!

    Lim: Cysero!
    Lim: ANYWAYS...What is going on here?!
    Lim: That's not what I'm talking abou-
    Lim: !!!
    Lim: But- But how'd they all GET here?
    Lim: Science will always be superior to me!
    Lim: But I suppose I can't blame JUST magic for their being 5 Cysero's in one place and one time.
    Lim: Since magiscientists have proven the two can co-exist...
    Lim: I will unbend my strict scientific standards for future collaborations.
    Lim: Will always belong to...
    Lim: SCIENCE!
    Lim: *snort* Hahaha!

    Lim: But what about YOU, <Character>? Are you a Mana-minded magiclover? A logic centre scientist? Or...something else?

    Your Vote

    Lim: Have you made a decision, <Character>?
    • Quest
    • Back

      Lim: Which will it be, <Character>? Science, magic, or... magiscience?

    • Science!

      Lim: For SCIENCE!

    • Magicscience!

      Lim: After all we've been through, I suppose this is a valid option. For MAGISCIENCE!

    • Neither!

      Lim: I suppose that's your choice, <Character>. I'm sorry to see such a promising student go!

    Resident Sneevil: Genesis

    ???: Hey! *Huff* *Puff*

    Lim: Did... *Huff* Did... *wheeeze* some... one... say... *GASP* science?
    Lim: *wheeez* Argh!

    Feast of Welcomegiving!

    Lim: Er, Mayonnaise cubes. For SCIENCE! And feasting!

    Behind the Scenes Info

    Lim: Welcome to The Making of Falconreach Idle, with your host, ME!
    Lim: George Lowe and staff members Cysero and Lim all voiced their own NPCs.
    Lim: Serenity, the character, was voiced by Alina while Lime the moglin was voiced by Nythera!
    Lim: You might have some questions about your opponents, too. I can answer that!
    Lim: When we use your character in a cutscene, we have to have a character model stand-in for you during the animation.
    Lim: When Dragonfable first started, that stand-in was Mr. Guy (We love his name!)
    Lim: As the game grew more advanced, so did Mr. Guy. He finally got a total overhaul and became his alter-ego, Mr. Green Guy.
    Lim: Mr. Green Guy can do a bunch of cool things that you, the player, never see but which makes him REALLY useful in cutscenes!
    Lim: Mr. Test Guy is used to make sure we have the monster scaling right when drawing and animating monsters.
    Lim: If a sneevil were taller than YOU, it wouldn't look right! (or fit into its boxes.)
    Lim: Regardless of how we use the Guys, they're ALL your stunt-men, standing in for you until we're ready to have you play your own part!
    Lim: Our first voice-acting event was so much fun to make! Lets us know on the forums how you like it, and if you want more!

    Falconreach Idle!

    Lim: Falconreach. A small town with BIG-name heroes. You'll find everything here, from friendly inn-keepers to upright undead-slayers...
    Lim: Mad magic-makers...
    Lim: ... to your science-loving host with little to lose and the most to gain.
    Lim: We're talking three talented contestants and giving them an opportunity to entertain, educate, and amaze all in the name of winning a spot...
    Lim: ... as the assistant to the most logical smith in Lore: ME!
    Lim: It's time to meet your judging panel.
    Lim: She may make your meals and store your gear, but she can judge more than who'll pay their bill on time.
    Lim: Serenity is here to share her sweet take on our contestants' talent!
    Lim: And he may have accidentally have turned the Falconreach guardian tower into a fish...
    Lim: ... but you can betta Cysero will wax eel-oquent with his praise if our contestants impress him tonight!
    Lim: And finally, say hello to the judge with the snazziest glasses and even sassier comments, George Lowe!
    Lim: So get ready to be amazed by an animal act, blown away by the talents of a mechanical-minded moglin...
    Lim: And flabbergasted by the martial feats of Falconreach's own <<You>> (Audio inserts "Hero")!
    Lim: This is... FALCONREACH IDLE!

    Lim: Who gave you a GONG?!
    Lim: *(mutter)* Celebrity judges. They may drive up the show's ratings, but they drive ME mad!
    Lim: For our first act, we have amazing Aria and her Amazing Tog Tricks! Let's hope they can all work tog-ether to impress our amazing judges!

    Lim: Great job! Classic tog! Let's see what the judges have to say!

    Lim: ...

    Lim: ...
    Lim: ... Thanks, judges, for those insightful comments. So... on to our next contestant!

    We now return to your show!

    Lim: You know them, you love them, they are out to save the world and thwart the villains who have nothing better to do than burn down your town!
    Lim: It's... the HERO!
    Lim: Their martial skills will astonish and their accuracy will amaze! Let's see who they have brought with them to demonstrate!
    Lim: It's says here, Hero, that these are... your stunt-men? Your stand-ins?
    Lim: Until SCIENCE! invents cloning, that is a most excellent solution. On with the show!

    Lim: Even a hero can appreciate SCIENCE!, George. Besides, playing with molten gold can be Au-some!
    Lim: And speaking of SCIENCE!, prepare for an explosion of fun to come bursting out of the mind of a mechanical Moglin! It's time for Lime!

    Lim: Too right, George! He definitely went out with a bang!
    Lim: And THAT'S why he's the winner!
    Lim: The winner's going to be MY assistant! But the producers of the show insisted we have a panel of judges.
    Lim: Lime is THE perfect assistant for my shop.
    Lim: OVERRULED! (Science.)
    Lim: Falconreach, meet your newest Weapons-shop assistant, Lime.
    Lim: I give you... Lim and Lime, weapons-smiths with TASTE!
    Lim: Um... Hero? Do you think you and your dragon could... help us out here?
    Lim: I've... ah, got to get Lime into training. Right now. In the shop. Very important!


    Lim: That's not how an eclipse works...


    Lim: But... SCIENCE!!!


    Lim: You honestly think that Falconreach is the safest place for someone to hide out in?
    Lim: Statistically speaking Falconreach is one of the most likely places to be attacked!

    Lim: We've been attacked by undead, gargoyles, elementals, trees, squirrels, light flamingos...

    Lim: ... skeletons, more skeletons, dragons, dracolichs, evil overlord.
    Lim: Pretty much anything that can move has attacked here.

    Lim: He needed some kind of protection so I thought maybe Voltabolt could help him.

    Lim: Can you think of anyone else nearby who might be able to help a stranger get some mechanical protection quickly?

    Lim: Good luck getting in without an appointment.

    Rotten Turducken

    Lim: Nononononono!! Don't drink that!
    Lim: Err... Yeah... I'll just.. I'll... Ohboyohboy I'm getting out of here.

    Lim: SCIENCE!


    Lim: He isn't going to blow anything up! He's at home and leaves us be!

    Lim: *Sigh*
    Lim: Fine. I'll hate myself but I'll ask...
    Lim: Cysero, why did you bake a load of hams?

    Lim: Popcorn.

    Lim: His...
    Lim: SCIENCE!
    Lim: *cough*
    Lim: ... experiments are interesting to say the least. I'd like to work together with him one day.

    Lim: ...Let's just finish this...

    Saving Private Practice

    Lim: He isn't going to blow anything up! He's at home and leaves us be!

    Lim: It wouldn't be a Thankstaking celebration without you!

    Lim: Don't ask!

    Lim's Weapon Shop (Book 3)

    Lim: Good day, Adventurer! As the foremost Weapon Artisan in the land, I can craft you a weapon using the power of science!

  • Talk
    Lim: I am Lim, and I have come to provide the heroes of this village my own incredible weaponry.
    Lim: All of it made without inferior "magics", just good solid materials and expermentation.
    Lim: I was trained in Swordhaven, but magic weapons have run rampant there. Truely unfortunate.
    Lim: With heroes like you testing my new weapons, I'll soon show that anything magic can do, science can do better!

  • Quests
    Lim: I do have a few tasks for you, if you're looking for work.
    • Lost Order
      Lim: I've been expecting an order from the local mill, but it is late. Can you stop by and see what happened to my order?

    • Circuits
      Lim: The seed spitters have gotten loose again. Could you go down and clear them out? Make sure all the circuits are in order too, please.

    • Lime Needs Help!
      Lim: My assistant, Lime, has a request of you, <Character>. Would you be willing to help him out?

    • Energy Blade?
      Lim: <Character>, I have good news!
      Lim: I've managed to get my hands on some plans for a type of weapon not seen in centuries.
      Lim: This weapon is quite remarkable. It's increadibly compact and very powerful!
      Lim: I can tell you where to find the parts. I want to make sure none are broken so you'll need to bring each back to me before heading for the next.
      Lim: When you get all of them I'll put them together for you so you can try it out!
      Lim: Are you ready?

      • Yep! Where to?
        Lim: The first part you need is some sort of casing to hold everything. There should be something suitable downstairs. Go grab it and come back!

        After turning in Blade Case:
        Lim: Next you'll need to get the focusing lense. This will help direct the beam so you don't end up hurting yourself.
        Lim: I heard of an old Temple that might have something we can use. I know it's sometimes refered to as Gloomy.
        Lim: Guardian Fortuna may be able to help you locate the item.

        After turning in Focusing Lense:
        Lim: Excellent. Now you'll need an emitter so the blade has a way to actually form.
        Lim: I don't have anything that would work for that but I believe a Gnome named Richard might have created something.
        Lim: He was really big on making Gears so you should probably speak to Yix to see if he can help you.

        After turning in Beam Emitter:
        Lim: Yes, that looks like it'll work just fine. Ok next up we'll need all the various electronics that go inside the blade that make it work.
        Lim: From what I can tell, no one here has even come close to making these types of parts.
        Lim: However, I have heard of some Ruins on Sho Nuff Island. They say that it's some sort of damaged, but highly advanced, Mecha.
        Lim: If that's the case, I'm positive it'll have parts for this type of weapon. The plans came from something similar.

        After turning in Dynamic Electronics:
        Lim: These are incredible! Look how small they are! The SCIENCE I could do with more like this...
        Lim: I'll need to plan a trip to those ruins and find more of these!
        Lim: Anyway. The last parts we need are crystals.
        Lim: I've heard of a Cave full of Living Crystals. I don't want you to take any from a living subject, but there must be some lying around there.
        Lim: Warlic or Nythera might know the location to this cave. If you can bring the crystals back I should be able to complete the weapon for you.

        After turning in Crystals:
        Lim: These crystals are amazing. They seem to be able to focus light in optimal ways with no cutting necessary. Interesting...
        Lim: If you give me a few moments to assemble everything. Unless you'd like to try? I mean other than possibly blowing yourself up...
        Lim: Yes, I probably should assemble it. Give me a few minutes.
        Lim: *working*
        Lim: *more working*
        Lim: But how is that...no that can't be right. Why would there be vents off to the side for the plasma like that?
        Lim: Hmm...well if he/she hasn't sliced off his/her hand yet this won't do it.
        Lim: Alright, <Character>, I've finished! The blade is amazing and a true work of SCIENCE!
        Lim: Just mind those ports on the sides. Whoever planned this thing obviously wasn't considering practicality.

        After coming back to the shop later:
        Lim: I've finished! Just be careful of those side parts. I'm not sure who designed this but you probably don't want those to touch you.

      • Is there another way?
        Lim: Well, I do have some parts around here that other adventurer's have brought in over the years.
        Lim: It won't be cheap though. If you're fine with that I can try and put the weapon together using those parts instead.

  • Orb
    Lim: A glass ball with a beard glued on. While I'm sure Cysero finds humor in it, I prefer to run my own shop.

    A Tale of Two Timelines

    Lim: I'm getting some disturbing readings.

    Lim: Ugh...

    Lim: Cysero...

    Lim: This... makes no sense. It's impossible!

    Lim: You can't do that!


    Lim: Hmm... or it might be gremoglimsters this time....

    Lim: Well as you might know, I'm a very busy man so I barely have time to do other work.

    Lim: SCIENCE! *Cough* Yes, so I decided to make mechanical helpers.

    Lim: Well yes... but not because of any mistake that I made.

    Lim: Just hear me out! A couple of gremoglims snunk into my basement a while ago. At first they helped....

    Lim: The thing about Gremoglims is that you should NEVER feed them after noon. If for some reason, someone DID feed them....

    Lim: They become completely mischievous and start sabotaging mechanical constructs.

    Lim: Yes please, but go easy on them. I don't think they fully know what they're doing.

    Lim: Thank you, <Character>!


    Lim: I'm actually in a hurry, Cys-

    Lim: ...I hate fish.

    Return to Lymcrest

    Lim: ... NO! It's not enough!
    Lim: If I were to build a machine that could extract determination...
    Lim: ...and solidify it into physical, crystalline form...
    Lim: I would have to work with better materials. Purer metals, for one thing.

    Lim: Hmm...

    Lim: In the past, I used to receive metal shipments directly from the town of Lymcrest.
    Lim: Undyte, Papyrite—you name it.
    Lim: I assume you've heard of it?

    Lim: Yes, yes, very interesting.
    Lim: In any case, I haven't heard from them in ages. And I want YOU to go figure out why.

    Lim: For SCIENCE, of course!
    Lim: Find out why those shipments have stopped coming in.
    Lim: You won't find purer earth metals anywhere else!

    Lim (thinking): What is TAKING <Character> so long?!

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image and corrections.
  • Niki for location link and additional dialogue.
  • Peachii, SalvationXI, Slayer Zach, and Voodoo Master for additional dialogue.
  • Barong the DemiGod, Kilza, monkeyman4241995, and Stephen Nix for information.

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