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10/23/2010 3:42:05   
Highlord Sendai


Location: Lim's Weapon Shop (Books 1 and 2) -> Lim -> Quests -> The Clashening -> CyseRedux
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of String Thing
Release Date: October 22nd, 2010

Objective: What happens when you, Lim and Cysero work together to build the Phonebooth time machine? You break spacetime, that's what! Cyserooooooo!
Objective completed: Lim understands that Science and Magic can work together, but which one do you choose?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Buffed-Up Biff the Time Tyrant - Boss


Jelly Sparkles
Lim's Beardscratcher
Oilcan soup
Orbert's Polishing Cloth
Peanutbutter Glitter
Glowing Platinum Pumpkin
Platinum Pumpkin
Purple Flaming Gourd

Access to Clashening Vote.

<Character>: Come on, Lim! Cysero needs our help! And I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see what he does with that broken umbrella.

  • Quest!
  • Back

    Lim: ...Alright, Cysero. We're here. You've caught <Character>'s attention ...and mine.
    Lim: WHAT do you need all our help with that involves that piece of my ruined experiment.
    Cysero: Oh, you'll like this! It involves...
    Cysero: SCIENCE!
    Lim: I don't know, MAGIC-man. What could you need science's help with for your little ars magica activity?
    <Character>: Well, he DID use your science to discover hamptons...
    <Character>: And to help with spaghettification...
    <Character>: And-
    Lim: THANK YOU, <Character>.
    Cysero: Come on, Senator Lim of the Space-Time continuum, you need to listen to this theory of mine.
    Cysero: Magic and Science are two halves of the same whole.
    Cysero: Understand it. Know it. Love it.
    <Character>: After all I've gotten to observe, all the Science, all the Magic... all the teaching you and Cysero have done... I've learned...
    <Character>: The science of magic and the magic of science is the same thing. Or close to it.
    <Character>: You scientists can't always explain why things work. It's true, and you know it.
    Lim: Well, but-...maybe.
    <Character>: You have to believe there's a reason why it works, just like mages believe in the power of magic.
    <Character>: And you can explain why some aspects of magic work using science.
    <Character>: I bet you can explain some science-y things work using magic, if you'd give Cysero a try.
    Lim: Well...
    Lim: Hmmph. You might have a point. But...
    Lim: I suppose I can hear Cysero out, at least.
    Cysero: This morning as I was shaving my rhododendron plant, I had a visitor.
    <Character>: A visitor?
    Cysero: Yes. Handsome, Charming, and VERY full of vital information. But more about him later.
    Cysero: He needed my help and I will ALWAYS help someone in need!
    Lim: *mutter* I know what you call help...
    Cysero: See, there's a machine, and it NEEDS to get built. The fate of the world depends on it!
    Cysero: Your world, my world, his world, her world.
    Cysero: So you see why getting this machine built is so important! Good.
    Cysero: I thought you'd take more convincing.
    <Character>: So, how can I help, Cysero?
    Cysero: I have this friend. Well, he's not really a FRIEND, per se...
    Cysero: More of the fourth cousin of an acquaintance of an enemy who did me a favour once after I fixed his plumbing.
    Cysero: But lets call him a friend for brevity's sake.
    Cysero: You might have met him before, <Character>. He doesn't much like strangers...
    Cysero: But if you sneak in and out before he notices you, you'll be able to borrow Biff's Timey-Blimey thingamahicky and get it back...
    Cysero: ...Before he knows its gone!
    Cysero: While you're gone, Lim and I will start building! Once you get back, all we'll need is too wire it in place and like BONZER it'll be done and gone.
    <Character>: Can do. Will do.
    <Character>: ...So, it's back to that Purple-y portal, right?
    Cysero: You got it!


    Some time later

    <Character>: Shouldn't there... be a big, buffed up Time Tyrant here?
    Biff: HOW do you heroes keep FINDING me?
    Biff: I told that addle-headed Green Mage that I DON'T like visitors.
    <Character>: Oh, right, right. That's totally what he said. I thought I'd stop by anyways. Maybe take a peak at your Timey-Blimey thing.
    Biff: That's MINE! You couldn't possibly comprehend it's affects on Space-Time. It could tear a whole in the universe.
    Biff: Not even I know all of it's properties. This could pull bits from the all over the universe or DESTROY them!
    <Character>: That's great, but Cysero really wants that thing. I am a pretty skilled <Class>. I think I can handle it with proper precautions. *grin*

    Cysero: Heehee!
    <Character>: Oh, good, it fit. I wasn't sure it was what you needed. It's such a strange shape!
    Cysero: Eudaemon.
    Cysero: It fit PERFECTLY! It was exactly what we needed.
    <Character>: Oh goo-
    Lim: ...
    Cysero: Hi Lim! Hi <Character>! I'm from your future! You'll get to know me in 5 years or so.
    Cysero: Hi me!
    Cysero: I thought you'd be upstairs baking.
    Cysero: The herbal breads done rising, and I had enough thyme so I could come and say hi to your friends.
    ???: OUR friends!
    Lim: Do Do...I see three Cysero's?
    Cysero: Doot-Doot-Doot!
    <Character>: More like Two and a half.
    <Character>: Hey, does that mean Cysero's shops are going to have competitive prices now?
    Lim: I haven't even finished plans for the cloning machine yet!

    Lim: Cysero!
    Cysero: Yahoo?
    Cysero: Yo?
    Cysero: Ahoy-hoy?
    Sys-Zero: It's Sys-ZERO. With a Z.
    Cysero: I got this, guys. I'ma answer him.
    Cysero: What's up, Tyrant Lim of the Tempus Trireme.
    <Character>: That's the best one yet!
    Lim: ANYWAYS...What is going on here?!
    Cysero: I know the time machine isn't perfect. I wanted it to be bigger on the inside than the outside, too.
    Cysero: But this is pretty good for excellent adventure FutureCysero will use it for.
    Lim: That's not what I'm talking abou-
    <Character>: But why's it look like that?
    Cysero: Because that's what I remember it looking like.
    Cysero: So he doodle it and gave it to NotMe.
    <Character>: But... you remembered something we... haven't built yet?
    Cysero: Yep! It's all very simple.
    Cysero: Now, does anyone have a dime?
    Cysero: I have peanut-butter glitter. Will that help?
    <Character>: What's a dime?
    Cysero: Nevermind.
    Cysero: 's alright. I'll call collect.
    Cysero: See ya, Lieutenant Lim of the Ludology Lab.
    Cysero: Thanks for the help, <Character>!
    Cysero: Oh, hey. Is that my left sock? Hey waaaaaaaaaaait...
    Lim: !!!
    Cysero: Breath in the calm, Lieutenant Lim. Breath out the RAGEARRRGHINSANEBLARGRAWR!
    Cysero: Building that machine... MIGHT have broken space-time.
    Cysero: But it was great to have a Cysereunion, wasn't it?
    Cysero: I never knew how handsome I am until today!
    Cysero: FutureCysero contacted me this morning through Orbert here.
    Cysero: I didn't know he could act as a temporal transponder. But he can and he did.
    Cysero: And it let FutureMe send me a message. He needed the Time Booth for... something. He wasn't clear.
    Cysero: Said I'd find out soon enough. Or already knew. He wasn't sure.
    Lim: But- But how'd they all GET here?
    Cysero: Same way YOU did.
    Cysero: But I REALLY needed your help, Lim. Whenever I do science, wires get crossed, and things explode. Or turn into other things.
    Cysero: As much as I like explosions (and fish), I needed the Time Booth to stay in one place, and not a fish.
    Cysero: But I've got to go. SideCysero might have left some peanutbutter glitter behind. Or even better... Jelly Sparkles! Tschus!
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: So Lim...
    <Character>: Now that you've seen what happens...
    <Character>: Are you OK with using magic and science together?
    <Character>: I mean Magiscientists do it all the time!
    Lim: Science will always be superior to me!
    Lim: But I suppose I can't blame JUST magic for their being 5 Cysero's in one place and one time.
    <Character>: Nope! That was really BOTH you're faults!
    Lim: Since magiscientists have proven the two can co-exist...
    Lim: I will unbend my strict scientific standards for future collaborations.
    <Character>: But your heart?
    Lim: Will always belong to...
    <Character>: SCIENCE!
    Lim: SCIENCE!
    <Character>: Hahahaha!
    Lim: *snort* Hahaha!

    Lim: But what about YOU, <Character>? Are you a Mana-minded magiclover? A logic centre scientist? Or...something else?

  • Reward Shop - opens Clashening Vote shop.
  • Complete Quest!

    Other information
  • Complete this quest to unlock the Face-Off! badge.

    Next Up: Your Vote

    Thanks to
  • Peachii for link.
  • Legendary Ash for other information.
  • Stephen Nix for corrections.

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