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Feast of Fowl, A

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11/25/2009 17:32:00   
  Stephen Nix
Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)

A Feast of Fowl

Other name: Battle The Boss Monster

Location: Zorbak's Thankstaking WAR! -> Takeover! -> Battle The Boss Monster
Level/Quest/Items required: 85% War Meter None
Release Date: November 25th, 2009

Objective: Zorbak and Voltabolts plan to... fix... the bakerys oven works perfectly! The only problem is that now YOU have to deal with what comes out of it.
Objective completed: Gobbloblobl AWCK! Mmmm turducken!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Turducken - Boss / (1) Titan Turducken - Titan Boss

Dr. Voltabolt
Skully the skele

Defender's Medal

Zorbak: Mehehehe! Found you!
Dr. Voltabolt: Hrmph. Iz zis ze lazt plaze you looked?
Skully the skele: Arrrroo.
Zorbak: Skully is right.
Zorbak: We were here before, but you weren't. It's a good thing we came back to find his missing armbone! It fell off in your kitchen.
Dr. Voltabolt: Zat is just vonderful. Zo zanitary.
Zorbak: Now, Volty, it seems you haven't been planning anything for this year's Fall Harvest Festival in Falconreach.
Dr. Voltabolt: Vell, actually-
Zorbak: Nothing as fun as what I have planned! I just need a scientist's touch.
Zorbak: Mehehehe, you're a science guy, aren't you?
Dr. Voltabolt: Zat I am. Vhat haf you planned?
Zorbak: I saw black smoke come out of the bakery yaga's kitchen window, and word around town is that her oven is broken.
Zorbak: I think you might be able to... FIX it.
Zorbak: If you know what I mean, mehehehe.
Dr. Voltabolt: Aaah, yez, I do. I know juzt vhat you mean. A leettle of ze overclocking and zome vires crozzed here and zhere...
Dr. Voltabolt: Ze town vill haf a VONDERFUL, bountiful feazt onze I am done feexing ze oven!

*Dr. Voltabolt heads to Falconreach to "repair" Gretel's oven.*

Dr. Voltabolt: Ok, come to ze daddy.
Dr. Voltabolt: Ah. I zee ze problemz.
Dr. Voltabolt: Vhat ve haf here eez faulty viring.
Gretel: Oh?
Dr. Voltabolt: Zat vill do eet! Your oven iz all feexed up!
Gretel: Thank you, my dear! Everyone was so surprised when you offered to fix my oven, but I told them that people will surprise you.
Gretel: *cackle* Just look at me! All the little darlings are so scared at first, but then I teach them a few recipes and we're good friends!
Dr. Voltabolt: Aah, yez. Ze townzpeople are lucky to haf you baking for zem. Zhere vill be MUCH food, now zat I am done with ze oven!

*Dr. Voltabolt leaves Gretel's bakery, and some time later you arrive.*

<Character>: Hello, Gretel! Artix and Serenity sent me to check on when the feast will be ready.
Gretel: The mashed potatoes are done, little one, and the raspberry smoothies are chilling.
Gretel: The turducken is in the oven. Now to let it roast!

*The oven shakes.*

<Character>: ...
<Character>: What did you say you were cooking?
Gretel: A turducken. It's a wonderful combination of...

*The oven, and the entire bakery this time, shakes again.*

Gretel: ...of um..

*The oven shakes a third time, sparking electricity, and a giant Turducken appears from it.*

<Character>: ...
<Character>: Really? You couldn't have just cooked a turkey?

*Pans upwards to the top portion of the Turducken, then back down.*

Gretel: It's bigger than I remember...

*Lim enters briefly, then leaves.*

Lim: What has science done?!
<Character>: ...

*You run away from the Turducken, but it chases you.*

Gretel: Oh, good idea! Lead it away from my store before you fight it!
<Character>: R-right, that's.. um.. exactly what I'm doing!
Gretel: Wait!
Gretel: If you lead him over there it might destroy all my cookware!
Turducken: GRAAAAARR!


<Character>: Those weren't.. expensive, were they?
Gretel: You break it, you buy it!
<Character>: This is not my fault!

*The Turducken chases you to other side of Gretel's bakery.*

Gretel: Ack, that's where all my recipes are!
<Character>: IT'S TRYING TO EAT ME!
Gretel: Maybe you should just fight it..
<Character>: *sigh* Alright. Just let me get out of it's mouth first.
<Character>: ...
Gretel: ...
Gretel: You ok there? You need a little he--
<Character>: I'm good, just a sec.
<Character>: ...There we go!
<Character>: Ok, turducken monster.. guy... thing. Time to get stuffed!

  • Battle Turducken To Battle!
    • Battle Turducken To Battle! - begins battle with Turducken.
    • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
    • Leave Quest! - returns to Thankstaking Storybook.
  • Battle Titan Turducken To Battle! (DA Required)
    *You battle and defeat the Turducken.*

    <Character>: Looks like there will be LOTS of leftovers this year!

    *Elsewhere, Zorbak is having Thankstaking dinner with Dr. Voltabolt... but something is missing; the food.*

    Zorbak: ...
    Zorbak: You mean you didn't grab any stuffing or cranberry sauce while you were there?!

  • What about Artix?!

    Zorbak: Mehehehe, what are YOU doing here, paladin?
    Dr. Voltabolt: Yes. Friday ze Thirteenth waz over two and a half veekz ago.
    Artix: <Character> and I are still cleaning up the mess you caused, Zorbak! This is the most undead you have ever sent against the town!
    Artix: And do not think I have forgotten the part YOU played in this, Dentist.
    Artix: There are turducken all over the town thanks to your "fix"! Lim says each of the drops of juice from the roasting turducken turned into a new one!
    Artix: The DOOMiness of the monsters lessened with the passing of the Friday the Thirteenth, but there are still many of them around town!
    Artix: After <Character> and I are through here, I am going to head back to the Necropolis. There are sure to be undead that need slaying there!
    Zorbak: Meheheh. I will order a retreat among my undead on ONE condition.
    Artix: What is that?
    Zorbak: You share some of that delicious-looking turducken with us.
    Dr. Voltabolt: Vee are ZO hungry!
    Artix: With or without holy wasabi sauce on the side?

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Peachii for additional NPC and corrections.

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