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3/12/2007 16:38:20   


Location: Testopia (Beta), Amityvale (Books 1 and 2), The Graveyard, Well, Well, Well., Falconreach, Titans of Battleon, We Three Spirits, Battle For Moonridge, The Necromantress, The Necropolis, Moonridge: Saved!, The Outcast, The Gate Keeper, The Body Shop, Too Many Cooks, The Green Mist, Artix Vs. The Undead, Necropolis: Last Stand, Noxus Fumes, Extra Credit, The Funeral, To Have All the Gold In Lore!, Battle For the Eastern Hills!, Attack On Drakonnan!, Final Battle!, Epilogue, A DragonLord's Birthday!, A Feast of Fowl, Critical Failure!, Feast of Welcomegiving!, Pinkonreach, Sepulchure's Fortress, The Dragon Drakath, Mogloween Storybook -> Older Events -> Necropolis, Bachelor Party, A Tale of Two Timelines, Dueling Timelines, One Pala-day At a Time, One Step Ahead, Doom Amulet, Calamity, Mogloween Storybook -> Chapter 17, Best Day Ever!, The Undead Vs Artix

Zones permitted
Battle For Moonridge

Quests given
Artix Random
DoomWood Destroyers
Mystery Doors
Undead Assault

The Necropolis
The Necromantress
Moonridge: Saved!
The Outcast
The Gate Keeper
T.A. Side Challenge
The Body Shop
Too Many Cooks
The Green Mist
Artix Vs. The Undead
Noxus Fumes
Extra Credit
A Dark Letter

Testopia (Rare)
Marsh Madness
The Elemental Cave

T.A. Side Challenge
Haunted Castle

Replay A New Beginning

Shops owned
Paladin Items
Purify (Shop)
Shop of Destiny

Amityvale (Books 1 and 2)

Artix: Hail and well met my friend. It is a great day to battle the evil forces of the undead*! (Subtitle: * According to Artix, Every day is a great day to battle the undead!)

  • Quest! - Go on one of Artix's random quests!

  • Haunted Castle! - begins Castle Ruins quest.

  • Talk
    Artix: Reports of undead activity have been increasing across the land. I have come to Amityvale seeking your help to defeat them!
    • Who are you?
      Artix: Please accept my apology. I was so excited to actually meet you in person that I forgot to introduce myself.
      Artix: My name is Artix von Krieger and I am a Paladin who has dedicated his entire life to battling the undead.
      Artix: You can usually find me battling the supernatural creatures in DoomWood. The highest concentration of undead can be found here!

    • Dragons
      If you don't have a dragon:
      Artix: Lady Celestia believes you are the one who will become a DragonLord! You should talk to Twilly to continue your quest.

      If you do have a dragon:
      Artix: Lady Celestia told me that you hatched your Dragon! Amazing! Have you been feeding and training it?

    • Doom Weapon
      Artix: Doom Weapons!? They are evil weapons that promise great power but carry a terrible curse for those foolish enough to wield them.
      Artix: Worse yet, I fear that I am responsible for the creation of one of them. It is a long tale that ended in a battle against a Master Necromancer.
      Artix: He had just summoned a creature from the Plane of Eternal Darkness. The creature could not be slain so I trapped it's soul in my Battleaxe...
      Artix: As a result of the battle I was severely injured (-30 levels) and my Battleaxe was lost. I wonder if there could be a way to purify it.

    • Necromancers
      Artix: Necromancer's use their dark magic to create undead minions. There is a new Master Necromancer in the land named Noxus.

    • The Graveyard
      Artix: I was just about to inside. Want to join me? Just follow me through the archway.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Invite
    Artix: It would be an honor to fight by your side!
    • ...as Friend A - Artix joins you as Guest A.
    • ...as Friend B - Artix joins you as Guest B.
    • Univite (Removes all friends)
    The Graveyard

    Artix Krieger: Greetings and salutations friend! Wow, are you <Character> I am so glad you are in DoomWood. It is an honor to finally meet you.

  • Talk
    Artix Krieger: Wow, <Character>, I am so glad you are in DoomWood. It is an honor to fight beside you.

    Artix Krieger: Exorcising the undead to free their souls. It is also great exercise!

    Artix Krieger: Heh...

    Artix Krieger: No, not all the time.
    Artix Krieger: Sometimes I go to Underground Crypts, Lich Lairs, Mummy Tombs and the occasional Shopping Mall.

    Artix Krieger: Indeed! The undead LOVE malls. Someone puts up a sale and they swarm like bees! *coughs* Zom-bees!

    Artix Krieger: Say, if you are battling against creatures of Darkness it would be an honor to come with you.

    Artix Krieger: !
    Artix Krieger: I like the way you think, this is going to be fun. Lead the way friend!

    Well, Well, Well.

    Artix: Be still fiend! Prepare thyself for the divine, holy, retribution exorcism aura of justice!

    Artix: Well met friend! Your timing is amazing... this next fiend looks like the BOSS!

    Artix: Well, this spooky little girl told me to jump down here to get her ring. She said I only had 7 days, so it must be important!

    Titans of Battleon

    Artix: Greetings!

    Artix: We have come back to your present, our past, to take you back to your future, our present and help save town.

    Artix: Me too, actually.

    Artix: In our time, you were knocked out just before the fight with Exodus and your dragon won't listen to anyone except you!
    Artix: So Cysero made this time traveling phone booth to go back and get an earlier, younger version of you to ride your dragon.

    Artix: Ask. We will answer what we can.

    Artix: Yes.

    Artix: WHAT?!

    Artix: Ok, if you're ready, lets go! The future awaits!

    Artix: What do you mean?

    Artix: I think you will be surprised to see how powerful your dragon has grown.
    Artix: If you are prepared then we need to get you on your dragon quickly!

    Artix: Here it is. It should be fully powered and ready to fight. You won't need your Dragon Amulet, the other you left his/hers on the dragon.

    Artix: In theory, yes. We've never tried this before so it just might just eat you.

    Artix: You look like a true DragonLord. Are you ready?

    Artix: Good luck, <Character>. We are all counting on you.

    Artix: You have done it! Exodus has fallen!

    Artix: Thank you for saving BattleOn, <Character>! It is time to send you back to your own time.

    Artix: As soon as the other you comes around I will tell him/her what you have done for us. I am sure that he/she will be proud.

    Artix: Goodbye and good luck with your future, <Character>.

    We Three Spirits

    Artix: Ha HAAA!

    Artix: ...And that takes care of that! THOSE spirits won't be haunting anyone anytime soon.

    Artix: No need to thank me, friend! That's what paladins do.

    The Necropolis

    Artix: I am so glad you are here. How can I be of service?

  • Quests!
    Artix: The undead are causing havoc all over Doomwood!
    • Quest! - Go on one of Artix's random quests!

    • Haunted Castle - begins Castle Ruins quest.

    • Save Moonridge!
      Artix: There is one town in Doomwood that has managed to avoid being tainted by the darkness swallowing this land... Moonridge.
      Artix: As much as I want to get into this door and stop and stop the necromancers in the Nercopolis...
      Artix: ...The people of Moonridge need our help first. Their town is being attacked by waves of the undead! We have to find out who is behind this!

    • Moonridge: Saved!
      Artix: You did it! Moonridge has been saved! The mayor has sent a letter inviting us to a party to be held in our honor!
      Artix: I would mean a lot to these people if we show up. Are you ready to go to Moonridge?

    • The Outcast
      Artix: The mayor gave me directions to the house of one of Doomwood's necromancers. I guess he is a little but of an outcast.
      Artix: I do not like dealing with necromancers, but this might be our only chance to get inside the Necropolis!

    • The Gate Keeper
      Artix: Now that Zorbak gave us his student I.D. Card, the gates of the Necropolis are opening for us!
      Artix: We have to get down there, past their guards, and see if we can figure out what the Necromancers are planning!

    • T.A.'s Challenge
      Artix: We may only get one chance to defeat this evil. We need to know more about what is going on down there.
      Artix: <Character>, since I cannot seem to... control myself... around these monsters, I need you to sneak back down and see what you can find out!

    • The Body Shop
      Artix: Now that we have a map of the Necropolis we can really do some damage to those Necromancers!
      Artix: Our first stop is the place they call The Body Shop!

    • Next Page!
      • Too Many Cooks
        Artix: The necromancers are cooking up something horrible and we have got to stop them!
        Artix: There is a section of the Necropolis that is called the Ice Creamatorium, which doubles as the university cafeteria and evil food laboratories.
        Artix: I am not sure what their plans are, but it is something BIG. This will bring us one step closer to taking down the Necropolis!

      • The Green Mist
        Artix: Something has been bothering me, <Character>.
        Artix: Noxus has built Sepulchure a massive army and I think I may know how. In order to explain I'll need to start from the beginning.

      • Artix Vs. The Undead
        Artix: You may have noticed but this whole area is one gigantic graveyard that sits right on top of the Necropolis.
        Artix: Much of the graveyard have been claimed by the marshland on the northern and western edges.
        Artix: I have seen some necromancers going in and out of that area and I think they are getting a lot of their 'materials' from there.
        Artix: We should go and see if we can do something about that!

      • Noxus Fumes
        Artix: It looks like the last of Sepulchure's undead army is being taken care of my the other heroes of Falconreach.
        Artix: That means that we are free to go down into the Necropolis and finish this.
        Artix: We have to get the Darkness Orb from Noxus at all costs!

      • Extra Credit
        Artix: Moonridge has another small...okay, large...problem, <Character>.
        Artix: It looks like some of Noxus most talented students were working on an extra credit project for his Advanced Monster Creation class.
        Artix: Anyway, after we defeated Noxus I was poking around in some of the undead labs looking for left-overs and I kind of set it loose.
        Artix: Heh. Everyone makes mistakes, right? *weak smile*
        Artix: It is VERY large. I'm pretty sure that only a Dragonlord can defeat a monster this powerful!
        Artix: I tried to handle it myself but I think I only made it mad. I may have given it a hangnail. I will leave this beast to you!

      • A Dark Letter
        Artix: <Character>, I am very worried about Vayle. After everything she has been through... Find her, and see what you can do to help her!

      • Memory-Demons
        Artix: You are right, <Character>. I too would start searching in Amityvale. Help Vayle! She deserves happiness.
  • Talk
    Artix: Doomwood has a lot going on inside. Do you want to know anything specific?
    • Who are you?
      Artix: Please accept my apology. I was so excited to actually meet you in person that I forgot to introduce myself.
      Artix: My name is Artix von Krieger and I am a Paladin who has dedicated his entire life to battling the undead.
      Artix: You can usually find me battling the supernatural creatures in DoomWood. The highest concentration of undead can be found here!

    • Moonridge
      Artix: Moonridge is a nice town on the far eastern side of DoomWood. The entire town is a Giant Shopping MALL!

    • Doomwood
      Artix: Doomwood used to be a beautiful forest... and it had a different name. I know this, because I was born and raised here before IT happened.

    • Necropolis
      Artix: The Necropolis is a giant underground city of the dead. Necromancers and DeathKnights go here to train. We must destroy it!

    • Paladins
      Artix: A Paladin is a warrior of good who has dedicated their life to thwarting evil and protecting those in need.
      Artix: Through love and faith a Paladin is granted the power to overcome great evil.
      Artix: There are many different types of Paladins... perhaps you would like to train as a Paladin one day.
      Artix: I would be honored to share with you what I have learned once we have a handle on this undead situation.

    • Necromancers
      Artix: Necromancers... *furrows his brow* They are evil spell casters who abuse their magic to create and control the undead.
      Artix: Necromancers enslave the life force of their victims, trapping them in their skeletal cages and controlling them like puppets.
      Artix: Each undead you cross is the result of this terrible magic. But by destroying the skeleton you set the life force free!
      Artix: I can hear their voices in my mind... and they want to be free. That is why I battle... I will not stop until I free them all!
      Artix: Within the Necropolis lays the secrets of this Dark magic. I intend to destroy it and never let this happen to anyone again!
      Artix: Will you help me defeat these Necromancers, friend?

      • Yes
        Artix: Thank you! I know that together we can put a stop to the evil that the Necromancers are spreading!

      • No
        Artix: I am sure you have your reasons. I believe in you and know that you will do the right thing.
  • Invite Artix!
    Artix: It would be an honor to fight by your side!
    • ...as Friend A - Artix joins you as Guest A.
    • ...as Friend B - Artix joins you as Guest B.
    • Univite (Removes all friends)
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Become A Paladin!
    Artix: Joining the order of the Paladins is no small task, <Character>. I have to be sure that your heart is pure. It will take time.
    • Wear Paladin Armor - equips Paladin class.
    • Give Armor back
    • Train Paladin Armor
    • About Paladin
      Artix: Paladins need Strength of body and Endurance of will to battle the endless armies of Darkness!
      Artix: Your Inner Light is the core of your power. It will gather within whenever you are in combat, healing you every turn.
      Artix: Using skills that are locked to the element of Light will help build Inner Light even faster. You can also use Inner Light to empower your attacks.
      Artix: Channeling your Inner Light to Smite your foe consumes 5 Inner Light to deal more damage at the cost of being unable to Crit.
      Artix: You can also scatter 1 Inner Light to unlock the element of a Light locked skill for that turn.
      Artix: Inner Light is not the only power Paladins can wield! Radiant Armaments allows you to increase your Radiance.
      Artix: Radiance sacrifices your critical hit chance in exchange for more damage and defenses. It also improves the effects of your other skills!
      Artix: You can use Radiant Armaments multiple times to concentrate your Radiance, improving its effects, but reducing its duration.
      Artix: Make sure to plan accordingly to make the most use of this power!
      Artix: Oh, and before I forget, Paladins are especially powerful against Undead! Your skills will deal extra damage to Undead foes.
      Artix: And those are the basics of Paladin! I know it can seem a little complicated, but I will always be here to explain things again if you should need it.
      Artix: Train diligently and give it a try. I assure you, it is more straightforward in practice! Battle on!

    • Items - opens Paladin Items shop.
  • Other Classes
    Artix: I will not interfere with your choices but if you want to learn skills of the Necromancer or Deathknight, then I must send you elsewhere.
    • Necromancer
      Artix: Well, we have defeated every necromancer in the Necropolis...
      Artix: ... So I guess the only necromancer left to teach you necromancy...
      Artix: ...Would be Zorbak! Remember before you decide to learn from that ebil little moglin that he was expelled from Necro U.

      • To Zorbak!

    • Death Knight
      Artix: A Death Knight is a fallen paladin who has turned down the path of corruption.
      Artix: You must be fully trained as both a Paladin AND a Necromancer to become one of these dread warriors of darkness.
      Artix: I only know of one place where you might learn more about Death Knights... the Tomb of Sir Malifact.

      • To The Tomb!
  • Purify Doom Weapon!
    Artix: Those Doom Weapons are dangerous. VERY dangerous. I can sense the evil inside them.
    Artix: The elemental darkness spirits that are bound to those weapons appear to grow stronger with each passing day.
    Artix: I have certain abilities that I have never seen in another paladin, and I believe that I can cleanse these weapons.
    Artix: If you come across one of these Doom Weapons... bring it to me and I can transform it into a Weapon of Destiny!
    Artix: The Weapons of Destiny will be just as powerful as their counterparts, but will be infused with the power of Light!
    Artix: Just make sure to get the Doom Weapons to me... before it is too late.
  • UPGRADE Destiny Weapon!
    Artix: If you want, I can upgrade the Weapons of Destiny for you, but I will need you to gather some materials for me.
    Artix: If you are upgrading your Weapon of Destiny from its most basic form, you will need some Purification Research Materials.
    Artix: You can find the Purification Research Materials in Chaney's shop in Crystal Clear Lake, near Amityvale.
    Artix: After that upgrade, all you will need are Undead Slayer Badges that you can gather from any of my quests for further upgrades.
  • Set Home Town
    Artix: Awesome! You really want to make Doomwood your home and slay undead?
    • Yes
      Artix: Great!

    • No

    Battle For Moonridge

    Artix: Gather 5 Undead Slayer Badges from the waves of undead to unlock the Boss Fight!

    The Necromantress

    Artix: Someone is coming....

    Artix: Woah! The Necromantress may have just made the worlds largest evil undead Mr Potato head!

    Moonridge: Saved!

    Artix: OOOOoooh! A SKELETON key!

    Artix: We did our best!
    Artix: Hey! That was my line!
    Artix: ...
    Artix: You go first...
    Artix: ...
    Artix: Stop copying me!
    Artix: ...
    Artix: ............
    Artix: *thinks* Woah, that was weird.

    Artix: Did you say... Vayle?

    Artix: It is... just that I knew a girl named Vayle once when I was a young boy.
    Artix: *thinks* Could this be the same Vayle I met when I was a little boy?

    Artix: I can hold. That monster has grabbed the little girl, you have to save her!

    Artix: Just be careful.. he looks HEAVILY ARMED!

    Artix: Are you alright little girl?

    Artix: ???

    The Outcast

    Artix: That is not polite, Zorbak.

    Artix: Indeed. We need your help.

    Artix: Enough jokes, Zorbak...

    Artix: ...We REALLY need your help to get inside the Necropolis. Do you have some kind of key we can use?

    Artix: ...
    Artix: ...Really?

    Artix: Expelled?!

    Artix: ...

    Artix: *Nods* "This is where out quest truly begins my friend. Who knows what horrors await us in the depths of the Necropolis.

    The Gate Keeper

    Artix: What is there to worry about?

    Artix: No problem at all, my friend! We can solve this the same way we justify all of the plot holes and bugs in this game.

    Artix: Magic!

    Artix: There is one problem I have not been able to figure out yet though.
    Artix: There are two of us... but we only have one Student ID card.

    Artix: That is a joke, right?

    Artix: *think* Must... resist... urge... to... vanquish... evil!

    Artix: Hmm? Oh. OOOOOHHHH!
    Artix: Uh.. Arrrrrrr....
    Artix: Eeeeeee..... Ewwwwwwww.....
    Artix: um.. Brains? *big smile*

    Artix: !

    Artix: Certainly... Let us just... walk right past these undead monsters...
    Artix: Without... attacking them... even a little bit...

    Artix: Yes. I just...
    Artix: *sweatdrops* ... Just need to...
    Artix: ... to...
    Artix: ATTACK!

    Artix: Yes. It was. I am very sorry, <Character>. I just could not help myself.

    Artix: I hear a lot of movement below. Perhaps something else is going on.

    Artix: Sepulchure is raising an army of 100 Million Undead!?
    Artix: <Character>... are you thinking what I am thinking?

    Artix: Whoa...
    Artix: You WERE thinking what I was thinking!

    Artix: Just two of us versus an entire underground city of the walking dead...

    Artix: THAT is the spirit!

    Artix: Yes, two heroes against this army of darkness. I've always wanted to fight a desperate battle against incredible odds!

    Artix: Now, if only we had a map!

    The Body Shop

    Artix: Ok, according to the map on the back of the Necro U handbook...
    Artix: ...This area is called the Body Shop.

    Artix: <Character>, there is ALWAYS time for personal hygiene... but it is not THAT kind of Body Shop.
    Artix: According to the handbook this is where they have their Build-A-Beast Worhsop.

    Artix: ...
    Artix: If we can get into the workshop, then we should be able to destroy the foul methods they use to make some of their monsters!

    Artix: All we need to do is get inside without being noticed.
    Artix: Then we can take out the necromancer who runs the workshop and vanish without a trace!
    Artix: We should try to avoid drawing any attention to ourselves.

    Artix: Good, That means we can do this quickly and quietly with no...

    Artix: There must be less than fifty of them. We can take them!

    Artix: Yeah, but... but... *sigh* Oh, fine.

    Artix: NO!

    Artix: May I be excused? I need to use the restroom.

    Artix: "Safetly reasons"?

    Artix: Oh BOY!

    Artix: !!!

    Too Many Cooks

    Artix: This is the entrance to the Ice Creamatorium.
    Artix: There is a lot of activity surrounding this place and I can feel the evil coming from inside, but how can we find out their plans?

    Artix: Why did I not think of that?

    Artix: ...
    Artix: ..."Sinister soup"?

    Artix: <Character>, this is serious. These food zombies could be a real threat.

    Artix: Okokokok, I get it. I think I might have just the weapons for this task!

    Artix: Yeah. I cannot get enough of this stuff. I put it on everything.
    Artix: But you have to use JUUUSSST the right amount or it ruins the whole meal!

    The Green Mist

    Artix's Voice: I grew up in a village here in Doomwood...
    Artix's Voice: It was not very large, but it was large enough that I had never met Vayle before THAT day...
    Artix's Voice: I was in the forest outside of town chopping wood when I heard someone calling for help...
    Artix: *whew* Nearly done!

    Artix: That is coming from the river! I AM COMING!
    Artix's Voice: I ran to the river as fast as I could...

    Artix's Voice: I saw that someone... a little girl... had fallen into the river...
    Artix's Voice: She was clinging onto a rock but the current was too strong for her...
    Artix's Voice: I had to try and save her...
    Artix: Try to hold on, I will go get help!

    Artix's Voice: Town was not too far but I knew that, by the time I returned, she would be gone...

    Artix's Voice: I tried to reach her...
    Artix's Voice: But I slipped...

    Artix's Voice: The rest...
    Artix's Voice: ..Is darkness.
    Artix's Voice: Some time later I awoke to the sound of sobbing...

    Artix: *Cough splurt* Uhhh. What a ride...
    Artix: Note to self.... next time, use a tree branch to reach the person in the river.

    Artix: I... think so. How can I tell?

    Artix: Ow, my head.. Where are we?

    Artix: The river must have washed us up in this cave... You are from my village, right?

    Artix: What about your parents?

    Artix: Do not worry Vayle. My name is Artix...
    Artix: I will get you back to your brother as soon as I can! I think I see a tunnel over there.
    Artix: There is no need to be scared. Follow me, I will protect you!

    Artix: I see light! It looks like we have made it out, Vayle!

    Artix: I do not think we should...

    Artix: Vayle... come back. We should leave!
    Artix: Do not forget about your brother! He will be worried!

    Artix: VAYLE! I am coming!

    Artix's Voice: I knew exactly where we were as soon as I saw the chamber...
    Artix: This looks like... the old Guardian Tower. We should not be here!
    Artix: Are you alright? What... what happened to you?

    Artix's Voice: As I lifted the orb, I heard it talking to me...
    Artix's Voice: It was whispering in my mind...
    Artix's Voice: It said that I would have great strength and great power...
    Artix's Voice: It said that I could increase that power a thousandfold, if I gave myself over to the darkness...
    Artix's Voice: ...
    Artix's Voice: There was a moment when I almost...
    Artix's Voice: ...
    Artix's Voice: ...But I did not.

    Artix's Voice: Right then and there I decided to turn my back on the darkness forever...
    Artix's Voice: That was when I decided to become a power of good!
    Artix: I am leaving, Vayle.
    Artix: This is a bad place and we should NOT be here. Come on.

    Artix's Voice: Once we got back to the village, things did not quite go as I expected...

    Artix: But... No... I....

    Artix's Voice: That night I was still trying to find a way to explain things to Vayle's brother...
    Artix's Voice: That is when the Green Mist rolled in...
    Artix's Voice: Suddenly everyone in town was transformed into... zombies...
    Artix's Voice: That night I lost everything and everyone that I ever knew...
    Artix's Voice: ...
    Artix's Voice: I had no choice. I had to fight my way out..

    Artix's Voice: As I looked back at the village I thought I saw a person.... with wings...
    Artix's Voice: but then, the figure was lost in the smoke...
    Artix's Voice: I turned my back on the village and ran for my life ...
    Artix's Voice: I knew nobody could survive that. I thought I was the only one who lived...

    Artix's Voice: I wandered in the woods for... I do not know how long...
    Artix's Voice: Eventually I reached the end of my strength...
    Artix's Voice: I thought that I was done for... then...

    Artix: She nursed me back to health and began training me to battle the forces of evil (but I had enough tea to last me a lifetime).
    Artix: My contact with the orb had changed me.
    Artix: I could now sense the presence of the undead, and I instinctually knew the best way to battle them.
    Artix: A few years later I joined the paladin order as a paladin-in-training.
    Artix: I put all thoughts of the village behind and looked forward to my new life.
    Artix: Then, when I saw Vayle it all came back to me.
    Artix: She and I were the only ones who survived that night... we were unchanged by the Green Mist.
    Artix: She and I were the only ones who touched that orb...
    Artix: I think that orb was the Elemental Orb of Darkness.
    Artix: I do not know how but I think Noxus got his hands on it, and is using its power to help construct Sepulchure's army.
    Artix: If I am right... stopping Noxus is more important than I first thought.
    Artix: I am just glad that you are by my side <Character>.
    Artix: Together, I KNOW that we can stop Noxus and the necromancers!

    Artix Vs. The Undead

    Artix: Then we will start with her.
    Artix: Since she has a head start we will have to find our way through the undead that she has already raised.

    Artix: ...and for once we have the element of suprise on our side.

    Artix: I mean, we have the drop on the necromantress!
    Artix: She will never see us coming!

    Artix: Hmmm. You may be right.

    Artix: Now we have you! Let us see who hides beneath those purple robes!
    Artix: ...!!!

    Artix: Us?

    Artix: Vayle, if what you say is true then you have been keeping his spirit captive. The spirits of the dead long to move on.
    Artix: Noxus was lying to you when he said that he would teach you how to get your brother back.
    Artix: His life force was really captive all those years then there was probably nothing left of your brother to...

    Artix: Vayle...

    Artix: I do not believe that it was her.

    Artix: Yes. You are right. Noxus has to be stopped...NOW!

    Necropolis: Last Stand

    Artix: Vayle...you HAVE to understand. You weren't saving your brother...you were keeping him from moving on.
    Artix: The Edgar that you love...he's been gone for a long time. Now he can finally rest...

    Noxus Fumes

    Artix: I cannot believe how much power you and the other heroes of Falconreach have when you work towar a common goal!
    Artix: I had a great time stomping those skeletons into the ground. I just wish there had been more.

    Artix: I KNOW! I feel like I got ripped off! Oh well, at least Noxus should have something interesting up his sleeve...
    Artix: ...I just hope that we are ready for whatever he throws at us.

    Artix: Only a necromancer with the power of the Darkness Orb could have built that army.

    Artix: Killing him? He died as a result of the Green Mist. Do you mean that you...?

    ArchKnight Falconreach

    Artix: Greetings Ash! I hear you are following your dream of becoming a Knight. How can I help you?

  • Talk
    Artix: So an adventuer told you that all you needed to do to become a Knight was save a Princess?
    Ash: Sounds fun! I am really impressed that you battled the Necromancer and his undead minions on your own. You have come a long way, Ash!
    Ash: Frozen girl? *friendly chuckle* Did you really get your lips stuck trying the Sleeping Beauty technique?
    Ash: I am sure Warlic can help unfreeze her. He is in the part to the west. It might take some time though. (Best to let her Chill-out untill then)
    Ash: It was brave of you to save her. But do not be dissapointed if she is not a Princess. I have been to many Kingdoms yet, I do not recognize her.
    Ash: I will see what I can learn about her while you train. Good luck, Ash!
  • Quests
    Artix: How ironic, Ash! Normally you are the one who gives me quests when I am looking to go on a quest.
    • The Treefort Lvl 1
      Ash: Sneevil Treefort Sneevils are evil box obsessed goblins. I know the location of one of their secret forts in Robina's woods.

    • The Cave Lvl 5
      Ash: The Cave A nearby cave has been overrun by elementals! I heard a lot of magic items can be found there.

    • The Marsh Lvl 6
      Ash: The Marsh Not too far from here is a swampy Marsh. It is rumored that the Imperial Mushrooms collect rare items.

    • Elemental Attack Lvl 7
      Ash: Elemental Attack A mage portal is pouring elementals into a field near here. The Knights need help defending it!

    • Doomwood Lvl 8
      Ash: DoomWood? Undead have overrun the forest there! ... there are rumors of an abomination being created there!

    • The Grove Lvl 9
      Ash: The Grove There is a magic grove which is now the home of corrupted forest creatures. It got a lot tougher!

    • Rescue All Levels
      Ash: Rescue A little girl from town has gone missing... again... We think she might be in that cave full of bugs!

    • Back
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Done

    The Funeral

    Artix: Friends, we're gathered here to remember the Blue Mage, my friend, Warlic.
    Artix: A finer mage I have never known. Unfortunately, his death means we have several bigger threats to face.
    Artix: Let us take what little time we have, while the elemental front is pushed back, to mourn his passing.

    To Have All the Gold In Lore!

    Artix: I'll do it!
    Artix: WHHHHEEEEEEEeeeee!

    Battle For the Eastern Hills!

    Artix: Greetings, friends.
    Artix: Today we must mourn for those we have lost in battle.
    Artix: Demento, a great hero, gave his life to warn us of the danger that Drakonnan now threatens us with.
    Artix: In the coming days, the danger will grow.
    Artix: More may give their lives in the fight for good but, in order for this world to be safe, we must Battle On!

    Artix: Yes. That is fitting.

    Attack On Drakonnan!

    Artix: I... what... what's going on? My head... oooh, what happened?

    Artix: Drakonnan? Working for him? The last thing... last thing I remember...
    Artix: ...Was fighting through the Lightning Chasm.... Drakonnan was there. With the Fire Orb....
    Artix: I... I... oh, by the Light, I thought it was all a dream!
    Artix: My friend. You have saved me. I do not know how I can repay you. I... I am so sorry.

    Artix: It... my head is still foggy, <Character>, but it is clear that Drakonnan has become far...
    Artix: ..Far more powerful then any of us could have imagined.
    Artix: He has used the power of the Fire Orb to it's fullest, using it to... to corrupt the minds and hearts of our fellow heros.

    Artix: It... it was terrible, I thought it was a nightmare.
    Artix: He is working his way through the prisoners that he captured during his rampage and... converting them into mindless minions.
    Artix: I... I am so sorry.

    Artix: There is no Ice Katana.

    Artix: While I was under Drakonnan's control...
    Artix: I took the katana.
    Artix: It now lies in one of Drakonnan's deepest dungeons.

    Artix: ...
    Artix: We will have to storm the dungeon and free the rest of the prisoners there and recover the katana.
    Artix: For now, though, we must go.
    Artix: Warlic and Cysero should be able to provide some protection against Drakonnan's reach, but we cannot linger here.
    Artix: We must go back to Battleon and plan out next move.

    Final Battle!

    Artix: The main part of Drakonnan's Lair lies within the mountain...
    Artix: We will have to jump down into the pit.
    Artix: From what I can remember, it is a maze of dungeons down there and there are lots of people to rescue.

    Artix: No, we are going to have to search for it.
    Artix: We might be able to get more information from the people we rescue though.

    Artix: NO.

    Artix: Why on Lore would we accept your help, especially as you have chosen the side of evil?

    Artix: Is there no other way?


    Artix: Be happy I don't destroy you, you evil...

    Artix: ...moglin.

    A DragonLord's Birthday!

    Artix: <Character>, I am so sorry your birthday party has been ruined!
    Artix: We must have another celebration next year, one without such unfortunate mishaps.

    A Feast of Fowl

    Artix: <Character> and I are still cleaning up the mess you caused, Zorbak! This is the most undead you have ever sent against the town!
    Artix: And do not think I've forgotten the part YOU played in this, Dentist.
    Artix: There are turkducken all over the town thanks to your "fix"! Lim says each of the drops of juice from the roasting turducken turned into a new one!
    Artix: The DOOMiness of the monsters lessened with the passing of the Friday the Thirteenth, but there are still many of them around town!
    Artix: After <Character> and I are through here, I am going back to the Necropolis. There are sure to be undead that need slaying there!
    Artix: What is that?
    Artix: With or without holy wasabi sauce on the side?

    Critical Failure!

    Artix: I rolled a critical failure on my first toss of the dice. So, about six hours, <Character>
    Artix: Thank you for your help on that last one, my friend
    Artix: HE rolled a critical failure on his second cast of the dice
    Artix: He battled valiantly, but was captured. The togs took him to the Penalty Cage and have him surrounded
    Artix: Check your backpack, I slipped some Holy Wasabi in it. You might find it useful!
    Artix: If you will go see about helping him, I will get everyone else out of here! Keep going, you're just about to win!

    Artix: Thank you, my friend, but I must decline as well. I've got to bone up on the latest undead-slaying methods

    Feast of Welcomegiving!

    Artix: I will not be the only early one, I am sure.
    Artix: If I could not wait to start the Feast, it is likely others will come early, too! It is a wonderful idea you had!
    Artix: I brought biscuits with holy wasabi gravy as a contribution to the spread.
    Artix: I hope you like them!


    Artix: Hail, <Character>!
    Artix: I hear you have an undead problem...
    Artix: Wh-what?!
    Artix: N-no... too m-much... PINK! MY EYESS!!!!1 AAHH!
    Artix: I SENSE EVIL... THIS WAY!
    Artix: Aaaa-HA! TAKE THAT!
    Artix: Annnnd THAT!

    Sepulchure's Fortress

    Artix: Baaaaaaattttttlllleeeeee Oooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn!

    The Dragon Drakath

    Artix: We have to try!

    Mogloween Storybook

    Chapter 2:
    Artix: Hi <Character>! The Necropolis awaits!

    Bachelor Party

    Artix: Hello, <Character>. Back when Rolith and Alina first got engaged, and I was named Best Paladin, I promised you a story...
    Artix: ...and here it is! Based on Real Life Events, I present Rolith's Bachelor Party!

    Artix: Oh good, you are here! I'm almost set and it is going to be fantastic! I know this is what you really want!

    Artix: Of course! It is your last day of being single, and your last day of fighting alone!
    Artix: So, what a better way to celebrate than fighting a ton of undead wrestling monsters?

    Artix: It's time for you to get into the ring and fight!

    Artix: Ooooh, I hate the HangMan! Rolith is so lucky he gets to smite all these undead! Best. Party. EVER.

    Artix: Who's there?! Show yourself, evildoer!

    Artix: Ninjas?! Who are you? Why are you trying to crush the most awesome undead fighting bachelor part, EVER. NO GIRLS ALLOWED!

    Artix: Psh, Rolith is taking down these wrestlers like they are lightweights!

    Artix: I said NO GIRLS ALLOWED! I can't hit girls but, I won't let you in either!

    Artix: Iiiiiii aaaaaaammmm, the BEST MAN NINJA.

    A Tale of Two Timelines

    Artix: Hero! Warlic! Cysero! Lim! It's so good to see you all!

    Artix: I'm bringing everyone together!

    Artix: No, no, it's ok! The Time Travel Fairies showed me how! There's more than one version of us! With this wand, I can make it so we can all spend Frostval together!
    Artix: Isn't that awesome?
    Artix: Every year something terrible happens during Frostval and now all the heroes in all the timelines will not only be together to celebrate and share a cup of hot moglinberry juice but we'll all be able to protect the moglins!

    Artix: Even merged bad guys are no match for all of us heroes together!

    Artix: I didn't mean... I don't want anyone to be hurt.

    Dueling Timelines

    Artix: It looks like before we celebrate together... we get to fight together!

    Artix: Ah, you're finally here!

    Artix: To arms, friends! It's time to fight against the sons of Akriloth!

    Artix: Guys... dragons?

    Artix: We can't just send him to another time... we need to deal with him here.

    Artix: I... I don't know how.

    Artix: Farewell, friends! It was good to spend the holidays fighting with you!

    Artix: You guys are never going to believe where I was!

    One Pala-day At a Time

    Artix: Aaaaah.
    Artix: Time to start the day!

    Artix: Daimyo! Wake up the recruits and tell them to wait for me in the courtyard, after they eat!

    Artix: Very good, Lexandios! Perfect stance, good grip.
    Artix: Just remember that when you are parrying, do not put your right foot that far away, or the next time you are facing an undead, you might do a split!
    Artix: Marthas! Don't jump around that much! The armor weighs a lot, you will get winded faster.
    Artix: If you need to move that much, slide your feet on the ground.
    Artix: Nara, hmm...
    Artix: Daimyo, what do you think?

    Artix: Precisely!
    Artix: Nara, utilize your nimbleness. That is to say, do not jump around like Marthas here, haha, just stay on your toes. Confuse your enemy!
    Artix: As for the rest of you, good job! See you tomorrow!

    Artix: Not a problem, this is just my responsibility! Say hello to your daughter for me!

    Artix: This should do it!

    Artix: Hopefully, these were the last of them!

    Artix: Here boy, catch!

    Artix: Who's a good boy? You aaaaare!

    Artix: <Character>!!! By the Avatars, it's so good to see you! How are you doing?

    Artix: Oh, pay no mind to this list appearing seemingly out of nowhere!

    Artix: Well, certainly! This is, indeed, a very grave situation.

    Artix: Yes!!!
    Artix: It's a dragon... your dragon, but a dragon nonetheless. We will need Galanoth's help as well.

    Artix: He will not say no to me, <Character>. I'll accompany you to the edge of Doomwood, then I'll visit him.
    Artix: We shall meet again in Falconreach, when the time comes!

    One Step Ahead

    Artix: No undead are getting near the gates, <Character>! Not on my watch!

    Doom Amulet

    Artix: I'm not hearing anything.

    Artix: Caitiff must be coming.

    Artix: I'm coming with you!

    Artix: Sorry, Gal!

    Artix: It's still in one piece!

    Artix: We're... we're soaring!!!

    Artix: Oh, come on, <Character>! This little breeze isn't gonna stop us!!

    Artix: Oh my!


    Artix: Anyone have any ideas? The ground is getting closer by the second!

    Artix: Save <Character> and her/his dragon! I'm gonna be fine—

    Artix: Well then...

    Artix: Thank you, Nythera! That was awesome!

    Artix: I know it will work!
    Artix: Humans, dragons...
    Artix: We're all the same! We all are creatures of magic!
    Artix: More or less!
    Artix: Dragons more so, I believe, but...

    Artix: Those who are not affected will have to do, Elysia.

    Artix: You think... you think that we will surrender to you?!

    Artix: Ugh...

    Artix: This thing is much tougher than I expected.

    Mogloween (Chapter 17)

    Mogloween Storybook

    Artix: Greetings and salutations, <Character>! Let us see what this year's Mogloween has in store!

    Best Day Ever!

    Artix: Ow!

    Artix: What do we have here?
    Artix: Huh, I guess I could do with some light reading!

    Artix: Mhm, mhm.
    Artix: Ah, yes.
    Artix: Oh! Right.

    Artix: Aha.
    Artix: Yeah, I don't know what language this is!
    Artix: But this part sounds funny!
    Artix: Lucem claude!

    Artix: Noctem aeternam pertimesco!

    Artix: U...
    Artix: Un...
    Artix: Undead!!

    Artix: What do you mean? I just read from this book and undead came a-rushing! Isn't this awesome?

    Artix: I have to protect the citizens of this fair town and SLAY THEM ALL!

    Artix: This is literally the best day ever!

    Artix: <Character>? <Dragon>? What is... what is happening?

    Artix: Wha–
    Artix: Right! The book!
    Artix: The...
    Artix: Book...
    Artix: ... is the best!

    Artix: You can run but you can't hide, Artix is gonna slay ya!

    Artix: Battle on!

    The Undead Vs Artix

    Artix: But... but...
    Artix: Is this not an amazing Mogloween? I am having a great time!

    Artix: Scaring...?

    Artix: I am scaring you?
    Artix: Oh no, I am so sorry, everyone! That is the last thing I want to do.
    Artix: I was just having so much fun, I did not think—

    Artix: <Character>...

    Artix: How could I have been so blind! You have been an undead this entire time?!

    Artix: I can see through your disguise! And to think I considered you... a friend!
    Artix: No! <Character> is a friend! But you! Whoever you are!
    Artix: You kidnapped her/him! Replaced her/him!

    Artix: I will make quick work of you and then- and then I will find my friend, you undead fiend!

    Artix: Oooow, my head...

    Artix: I'm not reading anything for at least a year.
    Artix: Or forever.
    Artix: Reading is evil!

    Artix: It is okay! I think you managed to beat the enchantment out of me!
    Artix: To be honest, you could have also just given me a whiff of Holy Wasabi, that would have worked too!

    Artix: That's me!

    Artix: This is fun! What will be next?

    Artix: Are you kidding me? I get to slay undead me!
    Artix: Battle on!

    Artix: You are telling me! I have not felt so alive in a while.
    Artix: Also, sorry about the whole... getting carried away thing.

    Artix: Oh, for more efficient slaying of undead, of course!

    Artix: Hey, it made sense at the time!
    Artix: It is a little harder to eat sushi now, but I do not mind it too much!

    Artix: Both is good!

    Other information
  • Also known as Artix von Krieger.
  • First seen on March 16th, 2006 during the Beta of DragonFable in Testopia (town has since been renamed to Falconreach).
  • Artix is the one of the main NPCs of AQ, and is the alternate identity of Adventure Quest and Dragon Fable creator Adam Bohn.
  • Artix's axe is stolen during the great Undead Assault, and infused with dark spirits to become the Shadow Reaper of Doom. Lucky for Artix, it appears as though he gets it back (sans the pure darkness) at some point in the future, because he is seen wielding it in AQ.
  • Artix was the 2nd NPC that you could take with you as a party member.
  • It is hinted at that Artix is cursed, but little else is known about the curse. The first hint of Artix being cursed is found on DF promotional artwork. It is also brought up by a villager in Amityvale, who claims "I heard he was cursed and will die if he does not free enough undead each day!"
  • Artix's "KO" animation features a large hand breaking through the earth beneath him and dragging him underground. Nothing has been given to account for this, aside from rumors of his "curse".
  • Artix is the mysterious paladin who, along with his faithful dog, Daimyo, has recently taken up residency in Amityvale. While no one is sure why, Artix can frequently be found in the graveyard, "excoricising the undead to free their souls". As to why he spends most of his time slaying the undead, it is uncertain (however, there are rumors that he is cursed). He is eager to join any adventurers who cross paths with him, however, and is open to the slaying all kinds of other enemies too!
  • Artix's PVP ID# is 22.
  • Artix's bio from AdventureQuest.
  • Some of Artix's dialogue in ArchKnight Falconreach is incorrectly labeled as being spoken by Ash.
  • 'About Paladin' dialogue was added on April 19th, 2024.

    Older Appearance
    Frostval 2014 Appearance
    Book 3 Appearance
    Mogloween 2022 Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image and older appearance image.
  • Slayer Zach for Frostval 2014 appearance image.
  • Occavatra for Book 3 appearance image.
  • DemonicDarkwraith for Mogloween 2022 appearance image.
  • Peachii for location link, quests given, and corrections.
  • Stephen Nix for location link, additional dialogue, and information.
  • Voodoo Master for location links, additional dialogue, and corrections.
  • RYAN9597 and The 13th for location links.
  • Andras for release date and other information.
  • A_T, ArchMagus Orodalf, Barong the DemiGod, GhostBear5, ikachan, and latedog for additional dialogue.
  • Doomstalker, Dwelling Dragonlord, and Highlord Sendai for corrections.
  • Krazy_Kakadu and Solanaceae for information.
  • Seto for original entry.

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