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Doom Amulet

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1/22/2017 10:37:41   

Doom Amulet

Location: Friday the 13th Invasion - Black Winter -> Doom Amulet
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% War Meter Completion of The Mirage
Release Date: January 21st, 2017

Objective: While something or someone is playing with your companions' thoughts, the Doom Dragon arrives!
Objective completed: The (Doom?) Dragon falls...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(16) Doom Threadworm
(1) Doom Amulet (1) - Boss
(1) Doom Amulet (2), (1) Doom Shards A, (1) Doom Shards B - Boss

Guardian Endnai
Guardian Kain

Broken Doom Amulet Powder


*You arrive at the ruined streets in front of where the Mana and Health Potion Shops once were to meet up with the rest of your comrades.*

<Character>: Most of the fires are-
<Character>: Guys?

*You notice that a lot of your comrades on their knees with what seems to be severe headaches, save for Nythera, Alina, Dove, Elysia, Artix, Lafter, and you.*

Ash: Something's...
<Character>: Have all the citizens been evacuated to Ravenloss?
Valencia: Yes, but...
Valencia: Something's wrong, <Character>...
Symone: I can't... I can't think straight.
Alina: Some of the other people are experiencing these strange symptoms as well. I don't know what's going on, <Character>. And I hate not knowing.
Dove: They can't focus.
Guardian Kain: Don't you hear it?!
<Character>: ... No. I hear nothing. What is it?
Guardian Endnai: The voice!
Lafter: What voice?
Airheart: It's like a low-pitched murmur...
Guardian Kain: Are you really not hearing it?! Get it out of my head!!!
Artix: I'm not hearing anything.
Dove: Me neither.
Raven: My head... hurts...
Elysia: I'm not hearing it, either.
Ash: Ugh... it's so distracting... I can't...
Symone: Is it... Caitiff?
<Character>: Aquella...
<Character>: Aquella said...
<Character>: Is Caitiff trying to pull a Kath-
Nythera: Hush.
<Character>: Hmm?
Nythera: Listen.
<Character>: Are you... hearing it, too?
Nythera: What? No. No, that's not it. Listen.

*You stand silently without making a sound while a majority of people on the scene struggle with the voices in their head, but after a moment of silence, you have no luck.*

<Character>: I don't hear anything.
Nythera: Exactly. No screams. No fighting.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Cinquefoil!
Cinquefoil: The Cultists are not advancing.
Guardian: They're just... standing there.
<Character>: Doing what?
Cinquefoil: Nothing. They are doing nothing.
Guardian: Cultists, the monsters... the fallen... They're all just... standing still.
Ash: Are they... waiting?
<Character>: For what?

*The Doom Dragon lets out a horrifying roar and lands on the ground nearby, signifying its arrival. It blows fire made of elemental shadow at the sky ferociously.*

<Character>: <Dragon>!
<Character>: <Dragon>!!! Listen to me!!!

*It lowers its head down on the ground to confront you. Compared to it, you and the others witnessing its arrival are around the size of one of its teeth.*

<Character>: Please...
Elysia: They are... they are not attacking either...
Artix: Caitiff must be coming.
Guardian Kain: *indistinct humming*
<Character>: Well, I'm not gonna just sit here and wait for it to come and grace us with its presence!!!
<Character>: We're going to take care of <Dragon>!
Symone: Take... "care"...?
<Character>: I will NOT... fight my dragon, obviously!!!
<Character>: We just...
<Character>: I don't know, we'll do something!
Guardian Endnai: Kain... listen to me...
Elysia: <Dragon> is much, much bigger than usual... Far beyond the influence of a normal Dragon Amulet.
<Character>: Then we destroy it. This... Doom Amulet.
Elysia: But I don't see it...

*Nythera somehow realizes the Doom Amulet is within the Doom Dragon itself and casts an incantation with her draconic magic that separates the amulet from the dragon. She pants exhaustively afterwards.*

Nythera: You're... *pant*... welcome... *pant*
Galanoth: It's trying to flee!
<Character>: <Dragon>, stay still, please!!!

*The Doom Dragon is hesitant at first, but when it moves a muscle, Kordana unexpectedly uses her Skullcrusher mecha to latch onto it immediately.*

Kordana: I got this, <Character>!!!
Yix: As do we! Eirn, point me in the dragon's direction!!

*Eirn aims Yix at the Doom Dragon as instructed and he fires an electrical blast that further paralyzes it.*

Yix: Its wings are now numbed, at least for the while!
<Character>: Thank you!
Elysia: You need to get to the Amulet!
Guardian Kain: *louder humming*
<Character>: ...

*You take a brief look at the Doom Dragon and where the amulet is located and an idea comes to your head quickly.*

<Character>: I'll climb!
Artix: I'm coming with you!
Galanoth: Me t-
Nythera: And me... that's not negotiable.
Galanoth: I am a Dragonslay-
<Character>: Galanoth, it's fine! The rest of you, stay here and please...
<Character>: ... Just look after each other!
Artix: Sorry, Gal!
Galanoth: You said that I would get to defeat a dra-
Galanoth: Oh, nevermind...

*Fades to black. You start your mountainous hike up the Doom Dragon. Nythera loads as Friend A while Artix loads as Friend B.* All three of you reach the top after overcoming many Doom Threadworms on the way. The Doom Amulet quietly floats in midair.

<Character>: There it is!
<Character>: Should I just...
Nythera: Just break it!
<Character>: I'm on it! No need to yell at m-

*The Doom Amulet's sentience realizes what you are going to do, releasing violent electrical shocks at you three from its red orb.*

<Character>: It attacks back...
<Character>: Of course it does, why wouldn't it... Here we go!

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *You, Artix, and Nythera attempt to break the Doom Amulet, but rather than destroy it entirely, it is dented and cracked, but its power turns unstable. All three of you watch it with curiosity.*

    <Character>: Did we do it?!
    Artix: It's still in one piece!
    Nythera: No, it's not. Look at it!

    *Nythera is the first to take notice of the amulet's current condition. Cuts to the Doom Amulet where its instability is shown clearly.*

    Nythera: We cracked it a little! We just need one more-

    *The three of you hear a long bang coming from Kordana's mecha. You and Nythera look down on it with both concern and horror.*

    <Character>: Whoa!!!

    *The Doom Dragon's wings slowly flap, revealing that the electrical paralysis Yix inflicted on it is wearing off.*

    Kordana: It's-!
    Kordana: <Character>, I can't hold-!

    *The Doom Dragon flies off of the Skullcrusher's grasp and takes off in midair, inadvertently taking you, Artix, and Nythera along with it. The sudden rush leaves you slightly dazed.*

    Nythera: <Character>.
    Nythera: <Character>!!!

    *You recovered shortly after Nythera yells your name twice. Artix glares at the sky ahead with an amazed smile on his face.*

    Artix: We're... we're soaring!!!
    Nythera: Yes, we're indeed flying. How observant...
    <Character>: <Dragon>, please!!!
    Nythera: Your dragon can't hear you, <Character>. And if they can, they won't respond... until we destroy the Amulet!
    <Character>: We need to get to it first, and this wind isn't exactly helping!
    Artix: Oh, come on, <Character>! This little breeze isn't gonna stop us!!
    Nythera: Let's go!

    *Everyone's HP and MP is restored as you hike across the body of the Doom Dragon again. This time, it isn't as difficult because the surface of the back is now flat. The Doom Threadworms still cause trouble for the three of you, though. Upon reaching the amulet once again, you feel determined to break it completely.*

    <Character>: Hold on, buddy... It's almost over.

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *You, Artix, and Nythera fight the Doom Amulet one last time. Although the fight was long and hard, the Doom Amulet finally shatters and the three of you emerge victorious at last.*

    <Character>: We've done it!
    <Character> (thinking): <Dragon>!?
    <Character> (thinking): <Dragon>, can you hear me?!
    <Character> (thinking): I'm here-

    *The Doom Dragon stops in midair and explodes. All four of you fall from the sky rapidly, ill-prepared for impact.*

    Artix: Oh my!
    Nythera: *gasp*
    <Character>: Gaaah!

    *Although your dragon is at normal size, strangely, it is still affected by Caitiff's curse.*

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: Calamity

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