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Alina / Alac

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9/4/2009 23:41:29   
In the shadows...

Alina / Alac

Location: Haunted Hedgemaze, Toxic Togvenger, Final Battle!, A DragonLord's Birthday, Critical Failure!, Falconreach (Book 1) -> Left, Alina's Mana Potion Shop, Rolith's Question, Alina's Answer, Feast of Welcomegiving!, Captain Rolith's Revenge, Frostvale (Chapter 6), Bachelor Party, Old Friends, One Step Ahead, Darkness is Coming, Doom Amulet, Calamity

Quests given
Mana Reagent Search
Rolith's Question
Alina's Answer

Shops owned
Alina's Mana Potion Shop
Alina's Helm Shop

Frostvale (Chapter 6)
Starlight Weapons

Haunted Hedgemaze

Alac: Mwhahahahahaha! Not Rolith this time!

Alac: Not this time! No! It is I, Alac, who will take responsibility for this one.

Alac: Oh, no, no Togs. Scary, scary ghosts! Definitely not Togs.
Alac: *Snicker*

Toxic Togvenger


Alac: Nope. That definitely was the togs. Seriously. No thumbs, but they did it.

Alac: *snicker* Rolith? Making jokes? *snort* Don't make me laugh!

Alac: Only about how funny you thinking you're funny is.

Final Battle!

Alina: The Fire Orbs are his source of power. If those were destroyed, it should significantly weaken him.

Alina: If he were to take the final step and fuse with he element while he still posses an orb... I don't want to think about what could happen!

A DragonLord's Birthday!

Alina: We're so happy to celebrate with you!

Critical Failure!

Alina: Oh, <Character>! Hello!
Alina: Cysero said we were going to play a game! But ...I didn't expect THIS
Alina: He made it sound good, at any rate. But we've been trapped here for hours by these monsters after we each rolled a 1 on our dice!
Alina: But now that YOU have come, <Character>, we're free! Thank you so much!

Alina: Err...Sorry Cysero. I have some very important alchemical... things to do. I've, er, gotta re-draw my transmutation circles. Yeah.

Falconreach (Book 1)

Outside Alina's Mana Potion Shop before opening:
Alina: Yes, I think I've finally found my shop! Now I just need to open it. Soon, very soon...

Alina's Mana Potion Shop

Alina: Hello, I'm Alina, and I'd like to welcome you to my Potion Shop! I can refill your potions or train you in the art of Alchemy and Potion-crafting!

  • Talk
    Alina: My student, Reens, wrote me a letter a while back and said that there were NO mana alchemists in Falconreach!
    Alina: Normally I work in Swordhaven, as King Alteon's Royal Alchemist, but I couldn't let the heroes of Lore here go without mana potions!
    Alina: I began studying alchemy as a very young girl. It's fascinating to take objects and, using the magic of science, transmute them into entirely NEW things!
    Alina: You can train Health alchemy with Reens next door or train your mana alchemy skills here, with me!
    Alina: Reens has been an excellent student. I'm sure you'll be just as adept, once you start your training. As you get better, so will your potions!
    Alina: As the Royal Alchemist, I'm qualified to train not just potion-making, but to train people as full-fledged Alchemists!
    Alina: Maybe someday I'll expand my School of Alchemy here, and train YOU as an Alchemist, too!

  • Refill Potions - fully replenishes both HP and MP potions.
    Alina: There you go, fully re-stocked potions! These potions won't spoil, but they're tasty enough that you might want to drink them outside of battle!

  • What is Alchemy?
    Alina: Alchemy, as my teachers always said, and as I say to my students, is not just one thing but a whole FIELD of mystical sciences!
    Alina: In my book, "Alchemy: The Changing Science of Magical Change", I explain just what Alchemy IS, both today and in the past.
    Alina: Alchemy deals with changing one or more materials into something else entirely, which is called transmutation.
    Alina: You can learn basic alchemy under my tutelage or with Reens, but there are other kinds, like changing objects into gold or other materials.
    Alina: Mana alchemy uses the building blocks of Lore because when you're using it in battle, you're tapping into the heart of Magic on Lore.
    Alina: The special potion bottles Reens has devised will let you upgrade the bottles themselves instead of making more potions.
    Alina: We're making more advances in Alchemy every day! It is an exciting time to be an Alchemist!

  • Train Alchemy!
    Upon selecting this option for the first time:
    Alina: So, you're ready to begin training your alchemy skill! This is so exciting... opening a new mind to the miracles of modern alchemy!
    Alina: Now, lets begin working on your Alchemey skills by training your Mana Potions.
    Alina: As you level up and start using more skills, these potions will make all the difference in a hard fought battle!
    Alina: Ready to get started?
    • Yes!
      Alina: Great! There are basically 2 sides of potion-making:
      Alina: The first is gathering the materials that you will need for your transmutation. we call those materials "Reagents".
      Alina: The second part is performing the transmutation using the Transmutation Circle.
      Alina: To begin, I will give you a list of reagents that you will have to gather from the woods. All of the reagents will appear in your temporary inventory.
      Alina: The reagent list will look like this:
      Alina: The reagents that you need to gather will appear in RED.
      Alina: Once you have gathered the reagents, they will appear in GREEN, like this:
      Alina: In this example, you still need to find the Gelf. Once you have all the required reagents, it will look...
      Alina: ...Like THIS! Once you have gathered the reagents that you need, then I will test your knowledge of the Transmutation Circle.
      Alina: Ready to try a sample test?

    • Test Me!
      Alina: THIS is the Transmutation Circle.
      Alina: You have until your focus fails to pass the test and get your alchemy skill to the next level. The blue bar shows your focus.
      Alina: If you don't pass the test by the time you're out of focus, you will have to gather new reagents and try again.

      Alina: This is where you can see your current skill level, how much your potions currently recover your mana...
      Alina: ...and how much your improved Mana potions will recover for after you pass the test.
      Alina: The transmutations tests will get harder and harder as you level up.
      Alina: Each of these smaller circles represents a single Transmutation. Once you draw it correctly, you will get a check mark...
      Alina: ...Like THIS! That means "one down, three to go."
      Alina: here comes the REALLY fun part. lets see how well you use the Transmutation Circle itself!
      Alina: The gem you want to start at will glow, click it, then drag your mouse to the next glowing gem.
      Alina: Completing the pattern will earn you a check mark!
      Alina: I'll give you the reagents you need for your first attempt, lets give it a try!

    • Ready! - begins Transmutation Circle test.
      Alina: Wow! You might have a natural gift for alchemy! You passed the first test, and your alchemy skill is now level 1!
      Alina: Great job! Come back anytime that you want to continue your training!
    Upon selecting this option while training Mana Alchemy Skill Level:
    Alina: Are you ready to continue your alchemy training?
    • Get Reagents
      Alina: This time, you will need to gather these reagents. Those monsters are tricky. Be sure to watch out for AMBUSHES.

    • Take Test - begins Transmutation Circle test if you have gathered the necessary reagents.
      If you are not of a high enough level:
      Alina: You have reached the limit for your current level. If you take the test you will still lose your reagents but not gain any more skill points.
      • Take Test - begins Transmutation Circle test.

      If you are of a high enough level, but have not gathered the necessary reagents:
      Alina: Sorry, I can't give you the alchemy test until you gather the necessary reagents. Those are the rules.
      • Gather Reagents - see 'Get Reagents' dialogue.

    • Pay for Training
      Alina: If you're not quite the outdoorsy type, or if the transmutation circle is acting up again, you can pay me a fee and I'll take care of it all for you.

      • What's the price?


        The cost to increase your Mana Potion skill level from <x> to <x+1> will be <250(x+1)> gold. Do you wish to pay to bypass training?

        Yes / No

    • Rerun Tutorial - see initial dialogue upon selecting 'Train Alchemy!' for the first time.
    Upon selecting this option once fully trained Mana Alchemy Skill Level:
    Alina: You have learned everything that I have to teach you, <Character>! Would you like to keep your skills sharp and test some more?
    • Rerun Tutorial - see initial dialogue upon selecting 'Train Alchemy!' for the first time.

    • Gather Reagents
      Alina: This time, you will need to gather these reagents. Those monsters are tricky. Be sure to watch out for AMBUSHES.

    • Take Test - begins Transmutation Circle test.
  • Quests
    Alina: A short time ago I got asked a VERY surprising question by a VERY knightly man.
  • Buy Helms - requires Mana Alchemy Skill Level 10.
    Alina: Wonderful, <Character>! You're now high ranked enough for me to sell one of my magical helms to you!
    Rolith's Question

    Alina: !!!

    Alina's Answer

    Alina: Oh! Oh my! You never said- I didn't know- I can't believe- Oh goodness!

    Alina: What is THAT?

    Alina: And just what ARE you asking? I want to hear you say it.

    Alina: Oh! Rolith, I-

    Alina: My potions!

    Alina: Rolith? How do you know what they're saying?

    Alina: You... speak... Tog?
    Alina: I think there are MANY things I have left to learn about you.

    Alina: What are they saying?

    Alina: Of me?!

    Alina: Awwww!
    Alina: What did he say?

    Alina: Awwww! Poor things! Don't worry, little ones, Rolith will still have time for y-

    Alina: Ahh!

    Alina: Rolith! <Character>! I'm so glad you're here!

    Alina: I like your face, too! And so do the togs!

    Alina: I told the togs they could come to live with us.

    Alina: It was the only way to reassure them that I'm not going to steal you from them.

    Alina: No, you don't understand. They're going to LIVE with us.
    Alina: And they're sleeping on YOUR side of the bed!

    Alina: Come on, Rolith, lets get back to my shop. <Character>, you're welcome to come to my potion shop, too!

    Alina: Yes, oh yes!

    Feast of Welcomegiving!

    Alina: Blue sourberry smoothies are my contribution! I call them BlueCows. They pack such a punch, BlueCow gives you dings!

    Captain Rolith's Revenge

    ???: Rolith!!!

    Alina: Rolith, what happened?!

    Alina: Rolith...you can't contain the holidays in a little box and keep everything and everyone out.
    Alina: That's no fun for everyone.

    Alina: ...
    Alina: Now you have to share the fun.
    Alina: You, <Character> and the moglins could have worked together to have a safe and happy holiday. You still can.

    Frostvale (Chapter 6)

    Alina: Rolith...

    Alina: We hope those poor moglins will recover soon. I understand one of them is selling some of the silly hats.

    Alina: I think you have enough silly hats.

    Alina: Merry Frostval, <Character>!

    Alina: These beautiful starlight weapons were crafted by Tomix!
    Takes you to the Starlight Weapons shop.

    Bachelor Party

    Alina: I think we can come to compromise, Artix...

    Alina: No butts about it, honey, we fight together from now on!

    Old Friends

    Alina: I heard from Rolith about your return, <Character>, I'm happy that you're here and unharmed.

    Alina: We're with you, <Character>!

    One Step Ahead

    Alina: You needn't worry. I've got this under control.
    Alina: Ah, also, I've finally set up my healing station. Endnai, send any wounded over to it.
    Alina: Reens is there right now as well, preparing potions. I'll join her shortly.

    Darkness is Coming

    Alina: Reens is inside, cooking up health and mana potions. We might need antidotes as well. The Cultists-

    Alina: Rolith, if you start a fight with them again, the Rose will be the least of your problems...

    Doom Amulet

    Alina: Some of the other people are experiencing these strange symptoms as well. I don't know what's going on, <Character>. And I hate not knowing.


    Alina: This is going to be a problem, Elysia. I couldn't... fix them. It's an affliction of the mind, not the body.

    Other information
  • Also known as Alina Poisonbane.
  • Formerly known as Alac; her name was officially changed to Alina on May 18th, 2010.

    Side View Appearance
    Book 3 Appearance
    Book 3 Side View Appearance

    Also See: Alina (forum user)

    Thanks to
  • Jay for images, other information, and corrections.
  • Voodoo Master for location link, additional dialogue, and corrections.
  • Peachii for quests given and corrections.
  • Stephen Nix for additional dialogue and corrections.
  • Baron Dante and SalvationXI for additional dialogue.
  • King Desoato for correction.

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