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One Step Ahead

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12/2/2016 22:16:34   

One Step Ahead

Location: Castle Valtrith (Town) -> Symone -> Calamity Saga -> Caitiff's Studies -> One Step Ahead
Requirements: Completion of Can We Yix Him?
Release Date: December 2nd, 2016

Objective: You have decided it'd be best to check up on your friends in Falconreach.
Objective completed: Zhoom recruited, check! Weird guy wanted to tag along, check...

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(3) Cultist (1)
(2) Cultist (2)
(2) Cultist (3)
(11) Darkness Elemental
(3) Mummy

Guardian Endnai

Sundragon Pendant (I-IX)

Access to Doom Desert Loot for DCs.


*When you return to Falconreach safety from the ruins of Popsprocket, you come across a large encampment on the outskirts of town where a large crowd is preparing for a massive, upcoming attack.*

<Character>: How's the situation?
Symone: Not great.
Symone: We-
Lafter: We've established the entire town as a last stand, so to speak.
Lafter: The gates are fortified, guardians and Rose troops are patrolling the area... I have also notified Lady Jaania.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: You shouldn't have... this is between us-
Lafter: Who's "us"?! No, <Character>, it's no longer between "us"!
Lafter: I'm sorry for your loss, but your dragon is spreading darkness all over the continent.
Lafter: I know that it is not doing this willingly, but we can't ignore that this threat, RIGHT NOW, falls over the entire continent.
Lafter: Lady Jaania and King Alteon had to be notified about this.
Ash: While we all were not too keen on this... it was the right thing to do, <Character>...
<Character>: Very well.
<Character>: Anything else to report?
Guardian Endnai: Rolith has been... fidgety, due to all of the Rose soldiers present.
Alina: You needn't worry. I've got this under control.
Alina: Ah, also, I've finally set up my healing station. Endnai, send any wounded over to it.
Alina: Reens is there right now as well, preparing potions. I'll join her shortly.
Guardian Endnai: Yes, ma'am.
Rhubarb: Artix be keepin' t' undead at bay, tho' it seems 'et t' Cultists're also preparin' to attack.
Artix: No undead are getting near the gates, <Character>! Not on my watch!
Symone: The cultists have switched sides... and are helping Caitiff alone now.
<Character>: No wonder. Valtrith is no more... I think. Caitiff leading the cultists is not out of the question.
Galanoth: Cinquefoil and I are keeping an eye out on the sky. We've spotted your dragon flying by, but not directly over Falconreach. It's like... it's avoiding it.
Valencia: Not for too long, though. Look at the map, I've marked the sightings...
Valencia: Greenguard, Doomwood, Sho'Nuff, Fairglade... Oaklore. <Dragon> is getting close.
Valencia: It has passed Maguswood. It can only mean one thing... <Dragon> is flying towards Sandsea.
<Character>: Oh no... I need to warn the people of Duat!
<Character>: And the Ate... Atealans!
<Character>: And Zhoom too. I can use his help.
Ash: Go <Character>. May the Avatars protect you!

*You race off to the Sandsea toward Duat swiftly as the sun starts to set. Meanwhile, Caitiff gazes Falconreach from afar on a cliff, awaiting the darkness to arrive on the city's doorstep.*

Caitiff: ...
Caitiff: The balance is shifting.
Caitiff: The Darkness is devouring.
Caitiff: The time... is almost up.
Caitiff: ...

*You arrive at Duat's bazaar not too long after your detour in Falconreach. You approach Yasimi in an attempt to warn her of your dragon's approach.*

<Character>: Yasimi!
Yasimi: Hmm?

*Once she got a look at you upon turning around, she immediately recognizes you, causing her expression to turn sour.*

Yasimi: Oh... It's you...
Yasimi: What do you want this time?
<Character>: Evacuate Duat immediately. Please!
Yasimi: Why? What did you do this time?!
<Character>: I-
<Character>: It doesn't matter! Please! There is a... dragon, flying in this direction! Bringing darkness and doom with them!
Yasimi: What?!
Yasimi: Is this a joke!?
<Character>: No, it isn't! Forget about our previous differences and just... listen to me, please!

*After several silent and cold seconds of glaring between you two, Yasimi has responded to your plea willingly.*

Yasimi: Very well.
Yasimi: The townspeople can hide in the main chamber of the pyramid. It was cleared out recently... and is relatively safe.
<Character>: Good. I need to go.
Yasimi: Why?
<Character>: I have another matter to attend to.
Yasimi: What is it?
<Character>: It's none of your business.

*You run off before she can ask anymore questions. Upon disappearing off-screen, all Yasimi did was stare coldly at you again. Meanwhile, you enter the inn, only to find it deserted.*

<Character>: Oh... great.
<Character>: I should've waited with the evacuation request... I have no one to ask-

*You do find one strange patron that caught your attention, though. He is sitting at a table full of food, salt, and beverages, enjoying his meal.*

<Character>: Excuse me?

*He blinks for a moment and looks up at you.*

???: Yeah?
<Character>: Why are you not evacuating?
???: I need to finish eating first. Although right now... the meal's too hot.
<Character>: Can you help me?
???: With evacuating?
<Character>: No! That's being taken care of. I'm looking for someone.
???: And who might you be?
<Character>: <Character>. I am looki-
???: THE <Character>?
<Character>: Umm... yes.
???: Hmm.
<Character>: You seem like someone who gets around. I am looking for Zhoom. Do you know a person by that name?
???: No, it doesn't ring any bells.
<Character>: Curses...
???: Describe this person for me. I have an exceptional visual memory.
<Character>: Male, rather tall, muscular but lean, long black hair, and...
???: And?
<Character>: And he's a sand elf.
???: Huh, I might have seen him around.
<Character>: Do you know where he is?
???: Yup.
<Character>: Can you... tell me where he is?
???: Mmmmmaybe.
<Character>: Listen, I don't have time for games. I could use his help right now, please, tell me where he is.
???: And what will I get in return for this information?
<Character>: ...
???: Because, right now, it strikes me as a... not very lucrative exchange.
???: I tell you where this Zhoom is... and I get nothing out of it?
<Character>: What do you-

*The sound of your dragon roaring suddenly shakes the both of you wildly.*

<Character>: Oh no! Already?!
<Character>: Please, <Dragon>, talk to me!
<Character>: Snap out of it!!!
<Character>: <Dragon>!

*You were interrupted by the sound of a distressed woman screaming. Worried about her, you start to lose your patience.*

<Character>: Tell me where Zhoom is!
???: Oh, this can wait. You do you, I'll be here. The food's cooled down!
<Character>: Ugh!

*You rush out of the inn, fed up with the man's stalling. All around Duat, numerous darkness elementals spawn. You clear the way to follow the voice of the woman who screamed. It turns out the girl who screamed was one of the vendors at the bazaar. She was on her knees when you arrived.*

<Character>: Are you alright? Go to the pyramid, it's not safe here yet!
Yeila: Thank you!
???: Not bad!
<Character>: You could've at least helped...
???: Nnnnnot really. I can't harm anything.
<Character>: What?
???: Long story.
???: Tell you what!
???: I'll point you to where this Zhoom is... ... and I want in.
<Character>: Huh...?
???: This whole... dragon, darkness and doom business. Looks like fun.
???: Aaaaand since I'm done here, might as well join the fabled hero and his/her entourage!
???: Life's a bit stale in this place, dunno why I stayed here so long.
???: Change of landscape might do wonders for my complexion.
Dove: Name's Dove, by the way. Tsk, weeeeell, that's not my name... but call me "Dove" anyway.
<Character>: Al... right...?
Dove: Aaaaand just so we're clear... food's on you.
<Character>: ...
??? (Dove): I saw him sneaking off, last week I think, at night. He took some food and went in that direction. To this... tower-thing.
<Character>: Thank you...
??? (Dove): Don't mention it. I aim to please!
??? (Dove): So, where's the action?
<Character>: Falconreach. But it's dangerous right-
??? (Dove): I don't care. See you soon!
<Character>: ...

*You leave Duat and navigate the desert to return to the ruins of the guardian tower where Zhoom awaits you inside.*

Zhoom: <Character>!
Zhoom: I saw you coming!
Zhoom: What is going on? This dragon-
<Character>: Are you free right now?
Zhoom: I... suppose?
<Character>: Need your help. I'll fill you in on our way. We need to visit Atrea too.
Zhoom: Right to the point, I like it! Let's go!

*You two have decided the leave the tower and be on your way. Cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - opens Doom Desert Loot for DCs.

    Other information
  • The puddle of water acts as a healing source for this quest.
  • Pop-up headline during the quest:

  • Refreshing!
  • Sundragon Pendant IX was also added to this quest on June 21st, 2024.

    Thanks to
  • RoXas_4r2 for correction.
  • DemonicDarkwraith for other information.

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