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Can We Yix Him?

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11/4/2016 22:45:04   

Can We Yix Him?

Location: Castle Valtrith (Town) -> Symone -> Calamity Saga -> Caitiff's Studies -> Can We Yix Him?
Requirements: Completion of One Pala-day At a Time
Release Date: November 4th, 2016

Objective: Your dragon is tirelessly flying all over the continent, engulfing it in darkness and despair. Meanwhile, you decide to seek help with the gnomes.
Objective completed: Portable Yix! You wonder how Kordana would react to this.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(8) Darkness Elemental
(6) (Undead?) Cyklon
(1) (Undead?) Cyklon - Boss


Cumulonimbus Caller (All Versions)
Cumulonimbus Razor (All Versions)
Cumulonimbus Slicer (All Versions)

Access to Can We Yix Loot for DCs.


*Eirn and Airheart meet up next to Demento's Statue for what seems to be an important reason.*

Eirn: I got here as fast as I could, cut me some slack!
Airheart: Yeah, yeah. So?
Eirn: It's finished!
Airheart: Thank the Avatars! I was starting to lose hope-

*You arrive at the scene quickly before Airheart could finish her sentence.*

<Character>: Airheart, I need to speak with yo-
<Character>: Eirn?!
Eirn: Oh, hello, <Character>!
Eirn: It's good to see you again!
<Character>: Likewise!
<Character>: Umm, can I take a moment of your time guys? It's urgent.
Airheart: This is urgent too, <Character>.
Airheart: Eirn has finished an augment that will find Yix!
Eirn: SHOULD, Emelia. Not will, should.
Eirn: I didn't even have the time to test it. I don't even know how I could test it.
<Character>: This is exactly why I am here, guys!
<Character>: I need your creativity. I need your science. I need your valiant hearts!
<Character>: There is a big threat looming above all of us and I can use all the help I can get.
Eirn: Well, I'm down. It has been a while since we've worked together!
Airheart: AFTER we find Yix, that is.
Eirn: Certainly.
Airheart: You have my word, <Character>.
<Character>: Do we know, approximately, where he could be?
Airheart: Popsprocket.
<Character>: I... didn't find him there, and you know I've looked.
Airheart: He is there! He should be there!
Airheart: Before Popsprocket collapsed, he was leading the evacuation. I'm telling you, it was pure chaos. Everynome was panicking.
Airheart: I got as many as I could onto the mechagryphons, but he insisted that he needed to stay behind...
Airheart: I couldn't get everynome though...
Airheart: You need to understand, it started to collapse... I had to leave and save the ones I could.
<Character>: No one is blaming you! I would have-
<Character>: I...
<Character>: I would have done the same...
Airheart: He might've survived!
Airheart: He probably had something up his sleeve! He might've gathered all of the survivors and...
Eirn: It's alright, Emelia.
Eirn: It's alright.
Eirn: I'm here, the augment is ready (probably), so... Let's go find Yix!
Eirn: And then we can help <Character>!
<Character>: Precisely! Let's go!

*You travel to the ruins of Popsprocket once again, this time accompanied by the two gnomes. The sight worries Airheart greatly.*

Airheart: ...
Airheart: Everything... destroyed...
<Character>: Don't worry, Airheart. In time, Popsprocket will be rebuilt! And I'll help with my own hands!
Eirn: Not anytime soon <Character>, I'm afraid.
Eirn: This site is compromised. The Rose still patrols it from time to time.
Eirn: Maybe someday, but... not right now. Not with The Rose around.
Airheart: Eirn, start up the augment, please.
Eirn: Oh, right.

*Eirn's metallic glove retreats into his gauntlet, causing a circular sphere with hollow hoops revolving in 360 degree angles to emerge.*

Eirn: The hair, please.
Airheart: Here.
Eirn: Thank you. Now...

*His sentence is interrupted by the sound of your dragon's enormous roar. Everybody's eyes widened as they look up at the reddening sky.*

Airheart: What the airster was that!?
<Character>: <Dragon>...

*The dark clouds that follow your dragon rain down dark beams, instantly spawing dark elementals and corrupting discarded cyklons, bringing them to life.*

Eirn: This... is not good. <Character>?
<Character>: I got this, you guys stay behind and look for Yix!
Eirn: The augment will guide us!

*You race through the ruins and take down the elementals and cyklons that try to hinder you. To find Yix's location, follow the direction Eirn's augment is pointing.*

*The augment leads you three to a massive pile of rocks, surfacing some uncertainties.*

Eirn: This is odd.
Eirn: It's telling me that Yix is precisely... here.
Airheart: No...
Airheart: Please, no...
<Character>: Hold on, let me clear some of this-

*You move some rocks aside from the rubble becoming across a familiar, but lifeless body, which sadly happens to be whom you were looking for. Sadness and grief quickly take hold in all of you, especially Airheart.*

Airheart: Avatars...
Eirn: Let me check his-
Eirn: He's dead.
<Character>: I'm-
<Character>: I'm so sorry.
Airheart: You... you stupid-
Airheart: You airbag!
Airheart: Y-you foolish... fool...
Airheart: Yix...
Airheart: Why did you have to be so stubborn...
Eirn: Hmm? There's something in his hand.
<Character>: What is it... ?
Eirn: It's wedged up tight... let me just...
Eirn: Carefully...
Eirn: There!
Eirn: It says... "I don't think I'm going to make it. Emelia, if you are reading this, I hope everyone made it out alive. PS: The main pipe is clogged."

*The three of you fell silent for a few, long moments while Airheart's tears flow like a stream.*

Airheart: Hah... Still witty, even in death...
Eirn: Hmm.
<Character>: Airhea- Emelia, I'm sorry, but...
Airheart: Yes. We found him... and I gave you my word.
Airheart: Time for mourning will be later... We'll help you!
Eirn: After we unclog the main pipe.
Airheart: What... ?
Eirn: Come on, why do you think he'd include that in his dying note? It's a clue!
<Character>: Let's go then!

*Fades to black. You, Airheart, and Eirn reenter the interior of the ruins to inspect a portion of the path.*

Eirn: The access to the pipe should be somewhere under...
Eirn: This tile!
Airheart: Can you squeeze into it?
Eirn: Hmm, I'm not sure, maybe <Character> can?
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Are you... being serious right now? Because I can't tell if-
Eirn: Heh, of course not! You're humongous! You wouldn't fit!
<Character>: The timing of this joke was very poor...
<Character>: It's like you just wanted to put it in to brighten up the mood, but you didn't succeed and it just was very anticlimactic.
Eirn: Alright, I'm going in.

*A few moments later, Eirn comes out of the hole he made carrying an electric rod powered by a potato.*

Eirn: This was in there.
Airheart: Is this a potato... on a metal rod?
Eirn: It has a button.
<Character>: Press it!

*Eirn presses the button and after a brief noise, it speaks in a cryptic language possibly as a way to start-up.*

???: Dgvfdaszgfg!
Eirn: Aaaah!
???: PIres wayt, carilbreting.
<Character>: Is this what Yix wanted us to find?

*After the start-up, the rod speaks, "System Online," accompanied by static electricity.*

???: Ugh. This feels... different.

*Airheart's eyes widened at the sound of the voice heard.*

Airheart: Tha... that's...
Airheart: That's Yix's voice!!!
Yix: Is that you Emelia?! It's so good to see-well, hear you!
Airheart: What is this?!
Eirn: Fascinating! Yix, you finished it!
Yix: Did I? Let me check.
Yix: Indeed I did!
<Character>: What's going on?!
Eirn: He uploaded his consciousness into an inanimate object!
Airheart: He what?!
Yix: This will take a while for me to explain and for you to process!
<Character>: All I care about now is that you are "alive"... and that I need your help.
Yix: Certainly!
Yix: Now, let me explain some things!

*Fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - opens Can We Yix Loot for DCs.

    Pop-up headlines during the quest:

    "The rodent has ran off, this device is no longer working."
    "Don't play near dangerous ledges! You tripped and fell back down to the entrance of the ruins of Popsprocket!"

    Thanks to TheFarReach for correction.

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