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10/28/2013 13:21:35   
Legendary AdventureGuide!


Location: Mogloween Storybook -> Older Events -> Chapter 8, Mogloween (Chapter 8), Forest Hunt, Storming the Castle, Castle Valtrith (Town), Advance on the Castle!, Caitiff, The Valtrith Tomb, Castle Nostromo, Soul Scrying, Friday the 13th Invasion - Dark Night, Nightfall, Given to Darkness, Peril, One Step Ahead, Darkness is Coming, The Mage Tower, It Begins..., Friday the 13th Interlude, Doom Amulet, Calamity

Zones permitted
The 13th 13th!
Frostval the 13th!
Friday the 13th War
Advance on the Castle!
Friday the 13th Invasion - Dark Night

Calamity Saga - Caitiff
Friday the 13th Invasion - Weal
Friday the 13th Invasion - Black Winter

Quests given
Mogloween (Chapter 8)
Hearts and Hunting 13

Castle Valtrith (Town)
Castle Valtrith

Calamity Saga
Forest Hunt
Storming the Castle
The Evil Artifact
The Valtrith Tomb
Castle Nostromo
Soul Scrying
Breaking Down

Calamity Saga - Caitiff
Old Friends
Flight from Sho'Nuff
One Pala-day At a Time
Can We Yix Him?
One Step Ahead
Darkness is Coming
The Mage Tower

Shops owned
Mogloween 2013
Bloody Point (10-80)
Harrowing (10-80)
Moglo 13 Base
Mogloween Masks! (Chapter 8)
PumpkinEdge (10-80)
ShadowHunter (10-80)

Castle Valtrith (Town)
Bloody Dooms
Sanguine Dooms

Mogloween Storybook

Symone: The DuBellmounts have been hunting creatures of Valtrith's ilk for centuries. His twisted monsters have been attacking, it's up to us to stop them.

Mogloween (Chapter 8)

Symone: You've done well, <Character>. You've earned the right to be a Shadow Hunter. Go out and collect the hearts of your enemies.

  • Quest - begins Hearts and Hunting 13 quest.

  • Masks - opens Mogloween Masks! (Chapter 8).

  • Treats!
    Symone: You can upgrade your Mogloween weapons or buy the base versions of them for 300 candy!

    • Harrowing Set Upgrade! - access to Harrowing (10-80) shops.
      Symone: Each upgrade costs 300 CANDY to open EVERY TIME, so make sure that you upgrade all the weapons that you want at the same time.

    • Bloody Point Upgrade! - access to Bloody Point (10-80) shops.
      Symone: Each upgrade costs 300 CANDY to open EVERY TIME, so make sure that you upgrade all the weapons that you want at the same time.

    • Ultimate Pumpkin Edge Upgrade! - access to PumpkinEdge (10-80) shops.
      Symone: Each upgrade costs 300 CANDY to open EVERY TIME, so make sure that you upgrade all the weapons that you want at the same time.

    • Shadow Hunter Sword Upgrade! - access to ShadowHunter (10-80) shops.
      Symone: Each upgrade costs 300 CANDY to open EVERY TIME, so make sure that you upgrade all the weapons that you want at the same time.

    • Shadow Hunter Armor!
      Symone: You shall help me carry on the legacy of the Shadow Hunters, <Character>. Bring more monster hearts to upgrade your skills.

        Shadow Hunter Armor

      • Unlock Armor!
      • Unlock Next Skill
      • Wear Armor! - equips Shadow Hunter class.
      • Remove Armor!
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • leave - returns to Mogloween Storybook.

    Forest Hunt

    Symone: <Character>. I have heard much about you.

    Symone: There was a time when the mention of the name DuBellmount made the very darkness itself quiver in fear...
    Symone: Alas, despite hunting down fiends and monsters for centuries, my family's legacy is all but forgotten and I am the last my line.

    Symone: When I was a child, a great vampire lord, Frydae, attacked and slew my parents.
    Symone: Almost took my eye. With one fel swoop, the DuBellmounts went from feared to pitied.

    Symone: One day I will face him as well. And end him. Now, though, Valtrith and his minions require our attention.

    Symone: Do you even know who Valtrith is? WHAT he is?

    Symone: Valtrith was summoned into being with the essences of those enemies.
    Symone: The legendary Sepulchure, the insane pyromancer, the Necromantress and her fiend...
    Symone: The essences of ancient enemies and new. Enemies beyond even your scorecard.

    Symone: And the Cult took what was best of them. Combined it and created the DNA of the ultimate villian.
    Symone: If you think your little skirmish with Valtrith at the end of the Cultist Invasion was anything other then him testing your strength...
    Symone: ... you're a bigger fool than I could have imagined.

    Symone: Do you really think these weak scouts are his true force? He's already built a castle in the Doomwood. He's building an army as we speak.
    Symone: Soon, he'll have enough minions to overrun anything in his path to power.

    Symone: And what's stopping him from knocking you over?

    Symone: Hmph, you think you're good enough to become a Shadow Hunter? We'll see, <Character>, we'll see.
    Symone: Take care of some Valtrith's attacking minions.
    Symone: Even eliminating the weakest eyes he's sent out to spy for him will help us gain an advantage.

    Symone: Time grows short, <Character>. We need to find Lord Valtrith's castle in Doomwood, then fight our way in.
    Symone: Every minute we waste is another monster to face later.

    Symone: Don your Shadow Hunter armor... you'll need it. We'll head into the woods and try to find higher ground to spot his castle.

    Symone: There. The Castle Valtrith.
    Symone: We head to the Castle, <Character>. Now. Keep to the shadows so we don't give away the element of surprise.

    Symone: And if any escape, our campaign is broadcast. To the shadows and quietly.

    Storming the Castle

    Symone: We're here. Let's go, <Character>. We've gained some time, but our arrival won't be a secret for long.
    Symone: We need to find Valtrith inside the castle and fight. Fight for our lives and land.

    Symone: You aren't nearly dramatic enough.

    Symone: Symone DuBellmount, you monster.

    Symone: I'm fine. My hunt isn't done yet.

    Symone: If he is... He's mine. As the newest... and second of the Shadow Hunters, you still have your own job to do.

    Symone: Valtrith's minions are scattered and without his leash. You should start to visit town and collect the hearts of those who would do your friends harm.

    Symone: Enjoy your hunt.

    Castle Valtrith (Town)

  • Calamity Saga
    Symone: The Baron represents the worst of this world's evils. The artifacts gathered to summon him have added more power to a legendary horror.
  • Doom Upgrade
    Symone: If your Blacksmithing level is sufficient, you can combine Bloody Monster Hearts with your Doom weapon.
  • Heal
  • Leave - returns to Doomwood Path (Book 3).

  • Castle Valtrith - begins Castle Valtrith quest.

  • Give Bloody Hearts ShadowHunter Armor
  • Wear Armor! - equips Shadow Hunter class.
  • Train Armor

    Advance on the Castle!

    Symone: We need to move. The Baron's forces already have a head start and will be preparing!
    Symone: We're making progress. I scouted ahead and found a small weapon cache. We need to reach it before the Baron's forces collect it.
    Symone: Excellent, we've kept those weapons out of their hands. There seem to be more of the Baron's minions ahead though.
    Symone: We're slowing down. Keep up the pressure!
    Symone: I saw something odd on my last scouting mission. The Baron's forces seem to be collecting some odd essences and shards.
    Symone: His forces have taken our Catapult and are using it against us!
    Symone: We need to hurry! The forces of the Baron seem intent on pushing us back for some reason. Don't let them!
    Symone: This is it. We must attack with everything we can, <Character>.
    Symone: We weren't able to reach the castle in time. I...I do not know what will happen but I fear for Serenity.


    Symone: No matter what evils you add to your being, monster, we'll still be stronger.
    Symone: You exhausted your supply of evil the first time and <Character> took care of the rest!

    Symone: What is he talking about?

    Symone: You... you should have destroyed that!

    Symone: What have you created....

    Symone: We have to run.

    The Valtrith Tomb

    Symone: How are we supposed to beat that... that thing?

    Symone: Valtrith has taken those evil artifacts and added their essence to his own... he's beyond human now.
    Symone: Even without those artifacts, the legends say his shadow cloak would pull his enemies into the gloom.

    Symone: The Valtrith clan ruled over the Deadlands, constantly fighting to gain more territory in the Maguswood.
    Symone: Jaysun was said to have been the fiercest amongst them...
    Symone: ... but, until the Friday the 13th invasions began, he and his family were gone and buried.
    Symone: The location of the Valtrith tomb has been lost for 600 years.

    Symone: Valencia.

    Symone: Don't you dare, you...

    Symone: How many more people and homes have been destroyed because you needed to collect?

    Symone: Is the Treasure Hunter scared?

    Symone: So? What no-

    Symone: I was fine...
    Symone: I thought you were taking us to the tomb?

    Symone: Here? There's nothing here but rocks and wind.

    Symone: Hmm?
    Symone: Oh, Vaaaaalllll, I think you missed this.

    Symone: <Character>, finally. Be careful. I don't think....

    Symone: By the Avatars....

    Castle Nostromo

    Symone: Run. Now.

    Symone: The door! Help me!

    Symone: QUICK! Get in and shut the door!!!

    Symone: That was a monster, Treasure Hunter, and we're trapped in the middle of its lair.

    Symone: At least you'll have something to read while I take care of the current resident.

    Symone: .... It's me.

    Symone: I had to find you some treasure.

    Soul Scrying

    Symone: And the cultists have been waging wars in Jaysun's name since then. Think, <Character>, when was the first unlucky invasion on Falconreach? Was it before or after Serenity came to the Inn?

    Symone: Both of them are deserted. I checked those and a few other places when Serenity first disappeared.

    Symone: Hmpf...

    Symone: The first undead attack on Falconreach. Why were you putting masks on the undead?

    Symone: Fine...
    Symone: As far as I'm concerned he's a monster. If he's not going to help, then it's my duty to exterminate him.

    Symone: You're a member of the Cult?

    Symone: Show us.

    Symone: We should go see how Ash's repairs are coming.

    Friday the 13th Invasion - Dark Night

    Symone: How long can we survive a siege?

    Symone: There's only one thing I'd relish more... but Doomwood can wait.


    Symone: No! Stop you fools!

    Symone: STOP!

    Symone: Do you want to join them?
    Symone: Don't get lured into the shadows!

    Given to Darkness

    Symone: This is definitely a trap. We have to try though.

    Symone: I think... I think I see something.

    Symone: Cultists!


    Symone: ...
    Symone: You better hurry to the Tower.

    Symone: *whistles*

    Symone: Look <Character>.

    Symone: If we're going to deal with that... we're going to need to call in some friends.

    One Step Ahead

    Symone: Not great.
    Symone: We-

    Symone: The cultists have switched sides... and are helping Caitiff alone now.

    Darkness is Coming

    Symone: Indeed. We'll have a big fight on our hands soon.

    Symone: <Character>... who is this?

    The Mage Tower

    Symone: I think we have everyone we need. Capable warriors, healers, a few incognito mages...

    Symone: As you said, we're ready. The Darkness is closing in, Caitiff will attack soon.

    Symone: Villains, am I right?

    It Begins...

    Symone: ... need to reinforce...

    Symone: You don't need to go alone. If you need a hand, just ask.

    Friday the 13th Interlude

    Symone: <Dragon>.

    Symone: I'm sorry, <Character>. Caitiff.

    Symone: Sick!!!

    Doom Amulet

    Symone: I can't... I can't think straight.

    Symone: Is it... Caitiff?

    Symone: Take... "care"...?


    Symone: I can't...

    Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for image and corrections.
  • Dread97 for correction.

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