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2/3/2017 23:38:08   


Location: Castle Valtrith (Town) -> Symone -> Calamity Saga -> Caitiff's Studies -> Calamity
Requirements: Completion of Doom Amulet
Release Date: February 3rd, 2017

Objective: The Doom Amulet has been destroyed, your dragon is still corrupted and you are falling from the sky. Can things get any worse!?
Objective completed: It's... finally over, isn't it?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Caitiff (2) - Boss
(1) Caitiff (3) - Boss

Guardian Endnai
Guardian Kain

Hero's Armband
Purified Doom Dragon Scales


*You, Artix, Nythera, and your dragon continue to fall from the sky rapidly; given the high altitude, every one of you is terrified of the impact.*

<Character>: <Dragon>!!!
Artix: Anyone have any ideas? The ground is getting closer by the second!
Nythera: I won't be able to carry all of you! I need—
Nythera: I need to make a decision!!
Artix: Save <Character> and her/his dragon! I'm gonna be fine—

*Suddenly, Alz'ein emerges from a rift, grabs your dragon, and passes through another that she created in seconds; at the same time, Aegis quickly encases you in ice while you keep falling, relieving Nythera's nerves.*

Nythera: Oh...
Artix: Well then...
Nythera: This makes it much easier!

*Nythera makes use of her draconic magic to save herself and Artix from falling to the ground by grabbing him quickly; meanwhile, Valencia, Symone, Ash, Dove, and Elysia look on, hoping for your, Artix's, Nythera's, and your dragon's survival from the fall.*

Ash: I don't see the dragon anymore...
Dove: They must've destroyed the amulet.

Dove: That ateala girl felt it too.
Elysia: I hope—

*Aegis lands on the ground and floats back to forth at a paced speed to try and catch you.*

Elysia: Umm...

Elysia: Who are you—
Aegis: NOT NOW! I need to—

*The ice you're encased in collides with the ground next to Aegis, shattering it immediately, but you are thankfully unharmed.*

. . .

Aegis: Oops...

*Scene fades to black; scene fades back in to depict Artix and Nythera showing up in the area and you are kneeling on the ground; a quiet and worrisome wind blows through the village.*

Elysia: Oh, thank the Avatars, you're all safe!
Elysia: Well... roughly...
<Character>: Hnnngh...
Aegis: <Character>! I sensed that you were in danger and came as soon—
<Character>: DON'T... don't ever do that again...
<Character>: No...
<Character>: No ice!
<Character>: No ice!
<Character>: Don't put me in ice ever again!
<Character>: No ice...
Aegis: A— Apologies!
<Character>: I am thankful you saved my life, just...
<Character>: No... ice... no...
Artix: Thank you, Nythera! That was awesome!
Nythera: Don't mention it.
Alz'ein: <Character>, the dragon...
<Character>: <Dragon>!

*Your still-doomified dragon wheezes and coughs while it lies on the ground; you sadly kneel beside it.*

<Character>: Why are they... why are you not changing back?!
Elysia: I'm... not sure.
Elysia: Perhaps it's because of prolonged exposure to the Darkness?

Elysia: To the doom?
Dove: I have to admit, that was spectacular! And brave! I've seen a lot of things in my life and that takes the—

*Your dragon continues to wheeze and cough while Dove takes a closer look.*

Dove: *gasp*
Dove: It's...
Dove: Your...
Dove: THIS... is your dragon?!
<Character>: Dove, help...
Dove: Their offspring... one of the twins... you didn't tell me—
<Character>: Help them!
Dove: I—
Dove: I can't...

Dove: I shouldn't, I...

Dove: I—

*Dove's white hair recedes, turning it entirely dark brown and he looks away from you with hurt feelings.*

<Character>: Please, anyone!
<Character>: DO SOMETHING!!!

<Character>: Help my <Dragon>!!!
Elysia: <Character>, calm down!!!
Elysia: Bring <Dragon> with you. Come!

*Scene fades to black; scene fades back in to depict a small crowd surrounding you and your tainted dragon; Dove sits in the corner of the area, lamenting his hurt feelings.*

Elysia: I'm going to be honest with you all...
Elysia: And with you, <Character>.
Elysia: I'm...
Elysia: I don't think—

*Elysia chokes on her words while you look at your dragon silently, expecting the worst, but a hopeful thought emerges in Elysia's head; she changes her mind quickly.*

Elysia: No.

Elysia: No, nevermind.
Elysia: Thanks to Artix's expertise, we've made an improvised purification spell.
Elysia: This has never been performed on a dragon before, but...
Artix: I know it will work!
Artix: Humans, dragons...
Artix: We're all the same! We all are creatures of magic!
Artix: More or less!
Artix: Dragons more so, I believe, but...
Elysia: The point is...!
Elysia: I need every one of you to focus your thoughts and chant with me.
Ash: This... I...
Symone: I can't...
Alina: This is going to be a problem, Elysia. I couldn't... fix them. It's an affliction of the mind, not the body.
Elysia: Please! Everyone! Perish the evil thoughts! Stay strong!!!
Guardian Endnai: Has anyone... seen Kain... ?
Guardian Endnai: Ugh, my head—
<Character>: ...
Artix: Those who are not affected will have to do, Elysia.
Elysia: Then I hope it's enough...

*Scene fades to black, however, before anyone can perform the purification ritual, an unexpected guest arrives...*

Caitiff: Curious...

*Symone, Ash, and Elysia are horrified while Artix is greatly stern upon hearing the voice of the despicable dark spirit; you hear it yourself and glare right at it; it does the same to you.*

<Character>: Caitiff...
Caitiff: <Character>.

*Both of you glare at each other menacingly from side to side, raising tension in your body as what remains of Falconreach lingers.*

Nythera: How... did it get in here?!
Caitiff: I was invited.
Cinquefoil: Wha—?
Caitiff: There was no need to destroy this... last bastion any further.

Caitiff: This one opened the gates for me...

*Next to it, Guardian Kain rocks back and forth fearfully as he did before you saved your dragon; presumably, he was so scared of it and consumed by his horrifying thoughts that he complied when Caitiff arrived.*

Guardian Kain: ... the Darkness has won... we were left alive... we coexist with the Darkness...
Guardian Endnai: Kain!
Guardian Endnai: Aaargh... someone, MAKE IT STOP!!!
<Character>: What are you doing to them!?!?
Caitiff: I'm helping them see the truth.
<Character>: You...
Guardian Kain: ... serve and protect...

Guardian Kain: ... mother, forgive me...
<Character>: When I'm...
<Character>: When...
Caitiff: Why... do you struggle?
Caitiff: I don't understand.
Caitiff: The Darkness has won. You all have your place in this new world.

Caitiff: It is as I promised <Dragon>—
Caitiff: Ultimately, it has served its purpose. I gave it back to you.

Caitiff: You should be rejoicing.
Artix: You think... you think that we will surrender to you?!
Caitiff: That's a logical course of the events, yes.

*Suddenly, you are able to grasp what you want to say to Caitiff and shout it out.*

<Character>: When I'm through with you, not even the Darkness will reclaim what's left...

*Caitiff falls silent; the carcass' face speaks in Serenity's voice, making one last desperate attempt to break you.*

Serenity?: You wouldn't hurt me, would you... ?
<Character>: Grraaaaaaargh!!!

*You charge at Caitiff quickly in a fit of rage, but it remains in its position, calm, but ready to kill.*

Caitiff: So be it.

  • Battle! - begins battle with Caitiff (2).
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Castle Valtrith (Town).

  • Nythera joins you as Guest A; replaced by Ash during the fight; replaced by Galanoth during the fight.
  • Artix joins you as Guest B; replaced by Symone during the fight; replaced by Aegis during the fight.

    *After the battle, you and your comrades kneel exhausted; Caitiff is still "standing" tall, showing no signs of weariness.*

    Artix: Ugh...

    Artix: This thing is much tougher than I expected.
    Caitiff: I've had enough.

    Caitiff: I tried, but you left me no choice.

    *Caitiff charges up its dark power to prepare its notorious laser attack, leaving all of you terrified to face the dark spirit's wrath.*

    Aegis: I... I can't block that!!

    Aegis: We need—

    *Caitiff keeps charging and Dove's hair turns white and his eyes and forehead tattoo glow once again as he raises his head up; Dove jumps in front of you just as Caitiff launches its massive laser; it obliterates the area around you, however, you and your comrades, thanks to Dove projecting a rainbow shield in the nick of time to protect everyone; his hair, belly, and scars on his body all glow a radiant yellow light; you look up at him in awe.*

    <Character>: Dove... ?
    Dove: Huaaah...
    Dove: I h-haven't done this in a while...
    Dove: I think I'm g-gonna faint...

    Dove: Please catch me.
    Dove: But... hah...

    Dove: Do take in mind that I'm heavier than I look.

    Dove: Like... by a lot...
    Caitiff: I was not aware of a Light one being here...
    Caitiff: It matters not.

    *It raises its arm, casting a horrifying spell that covers everybody's heads with darkened clouds, frightening you immediately.*

    <Character>: LEAVE THEM BE!!!
    Caitiff: No.

    *It twitches its arm slightly to push all of your comrades away from the scene, leaving you to face Caitiff by yourself.*

    Caitiff: You are all alone.
    Caitiff: I've studied you.
    Caitiff: I've learned about the ones who came before me.
    Caitiff: I've seen their mistakes.
    Caitiff: That's what makes me... special.
    Caitiff: I will not repeat them.
    Caitiff: I...
    Caitiff: Will not.
    Caitiff: Fail—

    *Suddenly, your dragon gains the courage to fire a huge blast of evil fire that envelopes Caitiff in the blink of an eye; its host body disintegrates and the Baron's mask is split into two, releasing the many unfortunate souls trapped inside of it, while a bright spirit is the last to appear as the mask shatters into pieces; within seconds, your dragon is in front of you and Caitiff is shaking terribly; the loss of its host body has weakened it.*

    Caitiff: *horrifying scream*

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: Then you should have learned not to monologue!!!
    <Dragon>: Also... this is for lying!

    <Dragon>: YOU DO NOT TOUCH MY HUMAN!!!
    <Character>: <Dragon>!
    <Dragon>: There will be... ugh... time for this later. We have a maggot to squish!!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *sassy roar*
    <Dragon>: *angry grumbling and a very loud roar*
    <Character>: <Dragon>!
    <Dragon>: *pained, yet determined grumble*

    <Character>: *nods*
    Caitiff: WILL!

    Caitiff: NOT!!

    Caitiff: FAIL!!!

    *It rises in midair and envelopes you and your dragon in thick, dark clouds, obscuring your surroundings completely.*

    <Character>: <Dragon>, stay close to me!!!

    *Scene fades to black; scene fades back in as Caitiff emerges from the dark clouds in an evolved and monstrous, draconic form; it stands on its hind legs and roars.*


  • Battle! - begins battle with Caitiff (3).
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Castle Valtrith (Town).

  • <Dragon> joins you as Guest B.

    *You and your dragon take on Caitiff in its final form; you both miraculously emerge victorious in the intensive battle.*



    The following scenes contain bright, flashing lights and images that may trigger seisures for those with photosensitive epilepsy.

  • Continue - continues dialogue.
  • Skip - skips to Cultist's dialogue.

  • *As a beam of light bursts through Caitiff's chest, it becomes horrified when it believes it has been betrayed.*

    Caitiff: ... Darkness...

    Caitiff: ... why have you abandoned me...
    <Character>: *pant*

    <Character>: We—

    *After several bursts of colorful light from Caitiff's body, the entire screen turns white and it explodes, vanquishing the darkness that engulfed the world and bringing back the light that it longed for; the cultists witness the whole event transpire from the outskirts of Falconreach.*

    Cultist: It... lost.
    Cultist: First Baron Valtrith... now this...
    Cultist: How could it lose!?
    Cultist: Why do we even bother?!
    Cultist: What...

    Cultist: What do we do now??
    Cultist: We run.
    Cultist: FULL RETREAT!!!


    *The cultists flee from the region quickly; meanwhile, you kneel alongside your dragon in the village ruins in addition to the return of active songbirds in the background; you look at the sky for a brief moment and then, you take deep breaths.*

    <Character>: *pant*
    <Character>: We did it... <Dragon>.

    *A familiar, yet obscured individual walks slowly across the ruins.*

    <Character>: *pant*

    <Character>: We... won...

    *Cuts back to the individual walking for a brief moment before cutting back to you.*

    <Character>: But... *pant*... why doesn't this feel like a victory...

    *The individual walks briefly, but stops when he reaches the area where you battled Caitiff; the individual turns out to be Amadeus approaching you.*

    Amadeus: I am... thankful... that you have destroyed that thing. Doom Weapons are...

    Amadeus: ... a nuisance.

    *You stand up to look at Amadeus upon hearing him express his reluctant thanks.*

    <Character>: Wh— what do you want... ?

    *He looks at both you and your dragon before he closes his eyes.*

    Amadeus: Just so we are clear—
    Amadeus: I'm not doing this for you.

    *He opens his fists and pushes his arms forward to cast an incantation that causes your dragon to levitate; you freak out immediately.*

    <Character>: <Dragon>!

    <Character>: STOP IT!!!

    *Amadeus does not comply; instead of harming your dragon, he absorbs the doomified energy into himself, eradicating the corruption from your dragon in the process after several bursts of light from its body as well; you take a look at it while Amadeus leans forward.*

    Amadeus: Hnngh...
    Amadeus: There...
    Amadeus: Completely... ugh... purified.

    *You look at Amadeus several seconds afterwards.*

    Amadeus: You will not mention this to anyone...
    Amadeus: You owe me this...
    Amadeus: "Hero"...

    *Although you were suspicious of Amadeus's intentions, you kneel on the ground next to your dragon, happy that it is back by your side.*

    <Character>: I've missed you, <Dragon>...

    *Scene fades to black, however, it abruptly cuts back to the scene as if it never faded.*

    ???: How touching.

    *You turn around in the other direction where an unknown, yet familiar individual is standing; you start to get annoyed.*

    <Character>: What are YOU doing here...?

    *The individual that spoke to you is actually Jaania who is accompanied by Ahimsa, Tipu, and a couple of Rose soldiers.*

    Jaania: Such a cold reception...

    Jaania: I'm here to help.

    *Scene cuts back to you before abruptly cutting straight to black; your reaction is left unknown for the time being.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • An epilepsy warning was added to this quest on November 27th, 2019; more information can be found in the November 27th, 2019 Design Notes.

    Next Up: Epilogue

    Thanks to Dratomos for non-DA dialogue.

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