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5/14/2010 19:19:56   
In the shadows...


Location: Sunbreeze Grove, No Gain Without Loss, Seeking Advice, Primal Dragon Skills, Feast of Welcomegiving!, Know Your Nature, Falconreach, A DragonLord Birthday!, The Navigator, Water Primal, Fire Primal, Earth Primal, Breaking Down, Darkness is Coming, Friday the 13th Interlude, Doom Amulet, Calamity, Epilogue

Quests given
Dragesvard Havoc
Sandsea Havoc
Sho'Nuff Havoc
Popsprocket Havoc
Falconreach Havoc
The Final 13th! Darkness Attacks!

Titans of BattleOn
Togzilla Attacks!
Aeris Dragon Tournament
The DragonLord Armor
Mad Skillz
The Long Walk
Flight Training
Baby Steps
The Chef
The DishWasher
The Event Planner
The Waiter
The MasterMind
Primal Dragon Training
Water Primal
Fire Primal
Earth Primal

Shops owned
Obsidian Dragon Shop
Celestia's Shop

Sunbreeze Grove - Before Sepulchure boss fight

Elysia: Greetings, <Character>! Lady Celestia has told me much about you. I am Elysia, her apprentice.
Elysia: My first project will working on Primal Dragon training.
Elysia: I want to help them focus their elemental powers, and see about new skills.
Elysia: But that will take me some time to figure out. I'm very new, and there is so much to learn!
Elysia: To be honest, *whispers* I'm still a little homesick. Lady Celestia is so nice, but things are so different here. And there's so much I don't know.

Sunbreeze Grove - After Sepulchure boss fight

Elysia: Greetings <Character>. In the wake of what's happened, I... I will try my best to fulfill the Lady's duties in Sunbreeze Grove.

Elysia: I see that you've been taking good care of the egg left in your charge.
Elysia: I always had faith that you would take good care of that egg. The time has come for you to make some decisions.
Elysia: You must first choose your dragon's ELEMENT. What type of damage do you feel would best suit your dragon?
Elysia: Talk to me again when you're done.

Elysia: Names have power, <Character>. This is a basic rule of magic. Naming something can form a strong connection between you and it.
Elysia: The time has come for you to NAME your dragon and attempt to shape its APPEARANCE.
Elysia: So that is the vision that you have for your dragon? Very interesting choices.
Elysia: Now, when you use your Dragon Amulet to unleash your dragon's full power...
Elysia: ...you will see that the bond between you has allowed you to shape the appearance of your dragon.
Elysia: These changes can be undone in the future, for a price, but I'll need to research the rites.
Elysia: Now, that you have shaped and named your dragon you are ready to take the next step on the path to becoming a true DragonLord.
Elysia: Return to me when you are ready to continue your journey.

Dragon Rider
Elysia: Destiny swirls around you and your dragon, <Character>. Are you ready for what the future holds?

Elysia: The armor of the DragonLord is a VERY powerful armor, but only you can choose how to use that power.

Equip DragonLord Armor
Elysia: Which version of the Dragonlord Armor do you wish to equip?

Upgrade DragonLord Armor
Elysia: It has been many years since the Lady Celestia first carried the Black Dragon Box through forest outside of Oaklore Keep.
Elysia: You've become a formidable hero, well versed in your skills, <Class>. I am proud of all that you have done.
Elysia: In celebration of that anniversary, I can now unlock a special version of the DragonLord Armor.
Elysia: The time with the Dragon Amulet has made it possible for the armor to evolve but it does require some expensive reagents.
Elysia: Would you like to upgrade your DragonLord Armor?

Baby Dragon Quests & Training
Elysia: Your dragon is powerful now but it has the potential to be a force of nature.

Dragon Quests
Elysia: <Dragon> has much to learn.

Elysia: Untraining your dragon costs 1000G! Are you sure you want to untrain your dragon?

Other Quests
Elysia: Ah, <Character>, I have a few tasks which I think you can help me with.

Primal Dragon Skills
Elysia: <Character>! I think I've done it! It took a LOT of studying and more than a little practice.
Elysia: I've managed to recall the essence of some of your prior titan fights.
Elysia: Your dragon's bravery has left an imprint in time that I can trace... if I concentrate REALLY hard.
Elysia: It's time we continued <Dragon>'s training, and I think this is the best way to do it.
Elysia: We can infuse your dragon with a primal skill!

Elysia: Hello, <Character>. Welcome to Sunbreeze Grove.
Elysia: I am Elysia, formally the apprentice to the Lady Celestia.... I will try to live up to her teachings now.
Elysia: You are always welcome here in the Grove, whether it is for advice on raising or training your dragon companion, or if you simply need to rest.
Elysia: After... after the attack.... I have reinforced the area around the Grove with protection magic.
Elysia: Though, it was the hatching... the son called out to his father... and some bonds go beyond magic....
Elysia: The Grove should be safe now though. I will continue the Lady's work here and help as much with the war effort as I can in Falconreach.
Elysia: The Lady believed in the forces of good triumphing over any attacking evil... and I will not rest as long as evil attacks!
Elysia: The Lady Celestia taught us both so much about the power of good and that teaching will not be in vain!

No Gain Without Loss

Elysia: Hello, Nythera. I'm Elysia, the Lady's apprentice. She told me much about you, and your mentor, Warlic.

Elysia: Regaining your magic, possibly?

Elysia: I said, I was told much about the recent events that have affected the realm.
Elysia: Unfortunately, she's... gone now.
Elysia: I've been left here to watch and practice my Dragon magic, and to "make myself useful to visitors."
Elysia: I suppose that includes you! So, how can I help?

Elysia: Well, so do you! And I'm learning fast. I know more than I did a month ago, that's for sure!
Elysia: *thinking* I won't go into the... mishaps along the way. No one needs to know about turning that baby dracolich's bones pink.
Elysia: *thinking* Or the time I grew wings and a tail, but in reverse order. No, NO one needs to know about THAT!

Elysia: Well, I could teach you a few basics. How long have you had your magic?

Elysia: That IS a problem. I can't help you with that, but...
Elysia: I think I know someone who can!
Elysia: Welcome to Clarionwood, the home of the Creatioux.

Elysia: Nythera, wait! Don't go off by yourse-
Elysia: Oh boy...

Elysia: Nythera!

Seeking Advice

Elysia: Where- where am I? Why doesn't my magic ever go as planned?!
Elysia: I knew I could teleport out of the way of that bolt safely, but...
Elysia: ...now I don't know where I am! It looks like somewhere in the Void?
Elysia: Probably a place best to be aVOIDed!
Elysia: ... Now is NOT the time for jokes, Elysia! You've got to figure out where you are and how to get back to Nythera.
Elysia: You can't help her from inside this place!

Primal Dragon Skills

Elysia: <Character>! I think I've done it! It took a LOT of studying and more than a little practice.
Elysia: I've managed to recall the essence of some of your prior titan fights.
Elysia: Your dragon's bravery has left an imprint in time that I can trace... if I concentrate REALLY hard.
Elysia: It's time we continued <Dragon>'s training, and I think this is the best way to do it.

Elysia: If this cave had a name, then the DragonLords have long since lost it. But it should be more than adequate for our needs.
Elysia: The magic in the cave will find the greatest challenges you and <Dragon> have faced.
Elysia: And bring them back to destroy you.
Elysia: The harder the challenge, the stronger you become. The cave will help you unlock powers you and your dragon didn't know you had.

Elysia: The rage of the Pyromancer.
Elysia: Xan is one of the greatest opponents you have - or ever will- face.
Elysia: Good! Then I won't need to repeat myself.
Elysia: Defeat Xan to further the training of <Dragon>!

Elysia: The might of Exodus.
Elysia: You have faced Exodus before, and you have not.
Elysia: Spacetime is a funny thing. Try not to think about it too hard.
Elysia: Defeat Exodus to further the training of <Dragon>!

Elysia: The ferocity of Gorgok.
Elysia: One of the first titans you and <Dragon> faced together.
Elysia: Battling Gorgok should bring back some memories for you and, in the revisiting, teach you new tricks!
Elysia: Defeat Gorgok to further the training of <Dragon>!

Elysia: Well done, <Character>! And you too, <Dragon>!
Elysia: <Dragon> is noticeably stronger now. Can you feel his strength emanating from within him?
Elysia: The next time you battle together, you should notice that he has much more power and a new trick or two!

Feast of Welcomegiving!

Elysia: Lady Celestia and I brought Iced Tie Tea! There's a real tie around the neck of the pitcher!

Know Your Nature

Elysia: Nythera! I almost didn't make it in time! I wasn't sure- and then I didn't know- but then I GOT there and you were hurt and-

Elysia: But she's still hurt!

Elysia: You're just joking to make me feel better, aren't you?

Elysia: *smiles weakly* Right. I think I WON'T be around you when you practice.
Elysia: When I do magic... weird things happen. Or, at least, they have so far.

Elysia: Momma, Papa!

Elysia: We'll be fine, Papa! Trust us!

Elysia: Don't WORRY so much, Papa! Both Nythera and I have defenses. AND attacks!

Elysia: Oh! You don't mean- you have a Decadere? Here?

The Final 13th! Darkness Attacks!

Elysia: Lady Celestia has sent me to help fight against Sepulchure!

Elysia: <Character>! Sepulchure is attacking! All Lore is in danger!
Elysia: The Lady Celestia has sent me to help however I can! We must stop the invasion!

Elysia: The Final 13th War is long over... but we should not forget those we lost in the fighting.
Elysia: If you wish to take the time and remember them, let me know.

Elysia: <Character>, we must stop Sepulchure's attack!
Elysia: <Character>, we have to stop the spreading darkness!

Elysia: The front lines wearing on your moral? There are several ways to contribute!

Talk & More
Elysia: The forces of darkness are upon us! We must fight back!

Elysia: There have been attacks all over Lore causing havoc!

Who are you?
Elysia: I am apprentice to the Priestess, the Lady Celestia.
Elysia: I have been working with her to learn more dragon magics and to help with their training.
Elysia: One day I hope to help a whole new generation of dragons learn their skills and bond with their heroes.

The Lady?
Elysia: The Lady Celestia would have been here herself but a new dragon is about to born and she needs to watch the egg carefully.

  • Imminent Darkness
    Elysia: Sepulchure has begun his attack on Falconreach! We must defend the town! It's the Final 13th War!

  • Dark Marauder
    Elysia: Sepulchure is after the Elemental Orbs you won! You must stop him or soon he'll have all eight!

  • Sword in Shadows
    Elysia: A Shadow is falling over the land, <Character>... only you and your dragon can stop it!

  • Mad Weaponsmith
    Elysia: Cysero may have the answer, <Character>... as incomprehensible as that is.

  • Shops
    Elysia: Without your help, <Character>, Lore would have been doomed! You deserve a reward!

    A DragonLord Birthday! (After Sepulchure)

    Priestess: <Character>, welcome to your birthday celebration! We've all gathered here in your honor!

    The Navigator

    Elysia: Why so formal, Soulweaver? A friend of <Character> is a friend of mine as well!

    Elysia: I am doing well, <Character>. Elucidas and I were discussing the possibility of mentoring some young Creatioux.
    Elysia: What brings you and your friend to visit?

    Elysia: There are rumors though...

    Elysia: I just received a new shipment of tea from Karina, in Hunter's Paradise...

    Elysia: Yes, well... some fellow who has... seen better days is at the Inn in Hunter's Paradise. He's been ranting about his lost magic and power.
    Elysia: How he walked the Void itself until he was imprisoned. it might just be the moglinberry juice...
    Elysia: ... but it might also be what you're looking for.

    Elysia: I would hurry, friends. With how Karina was talking... I think your quarry might be attracting the wrong kind of attention.

    Water Primal/Fire Primal/Earth Primal

    Elysia: <Character>! I think I've done it! It took a LOT of studying and more than a little practice.
    Elysia: I've managed to recall the essence of some of your prior titan fights.
    Elysia: Your dragon's bravery has left an imprint in time that I can trace... if I concentrate REALLY hard.
    Elysia: It's time we continued <Dragon>'s training, and I think this is the best way to do it.

    Elysia: <Character>, how did it go? Did you succeed?

    Elysia: You met an elemental guardian?
    Elysia (thinking): I know the scrolls talked about them, but I never thought that one would be there. That it really existed.
    Elysia: I would have loved to meet it. The things it must know... but we have more important things to do now.
    Elysia: Talk to me again and I will make the changes occur.

    Breaking Down

    Elysia: I haven't seen anything like this before. This Darkness disease seems to be eating away at them....

    Elysia: Is that... blood?

    Darkness is Coming

    Elysia: <Character>!

    Elysia: More or less. The Grove was under attack, I had to leave.

    Elysia: I heard about <Dragon>...
    Elysia: I'm so sorry...

    Elysia: I'll do whatever it takes to help!

    Elysia: You're...

    Elysia: ...

    Elysia: No.

    Elysia: I'm fine, <Character>. This... fellow, from earlier, seemed familiar. But I suppose I was mistaken.

    Friday the 13th Interlude

    Elysia: Covered in Darkness. Not destroyed. Hope is not lost.

    Doom Amulet

    Elysia: I'm not hearing it, either.

    Elysia: They are... they are not attacking either...

    Elysia: <Dragon> is much, much bigger than usual... Far beyond the influence of a normal Dragon Amulet.

    Elysia: But I don't see it...

    Elysia: You need to get to the Amulet!


    Elysia: I hope-

    Elysia: Umm... Who are you-

    Elysia: Oh, thank the Avatars, you're all safe!
    Elysia: Well... roughly...

    Elysia: I'm... not sure.
    Elysia: Perhaps it's because of prolonged exposure to the Darkness? To the doom?

    Elysia: <Character>, calm down!!!
    Elysia: Bring <Dragon> with you. Come!

    Elysia: I'm going to be honest with you all...
    Elysia: And with you, <Character>.
    Elysia: I'm...
    Elysia: I don't think-

    Elysia: No. No, nevermind.
    Elysia: Thanks to Artix's expertise, we've made an improvised purification spell.
    Elysia: This has never been performed on a dragon before, but...

    Elysia: The point is...!
    Elysia: I need every one of you to focus your thoughts and chant with me.

    Elysia: Please! Everyone! Perish the evil thoughts! Stay strong!!!

    Elysia: Then I hope it's enough...


    Elysia: This is getting out of hand...

    Alternative Image
    Side View Image

    Thanks to
    -- ArchMagus Orodalf for dialogue and links.
    -- Peachii for dialogs and corrections.
    -- gustavovni for dialogues.
    -- Highlord Sendai for dialogue.
    -- Voodoo Master for image.
    -- Occavatra for side view image.

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