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Epilogue (Calamity Saga)

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2/10/2017 22:25:14   


Location: Castle Valtrith (Town) -> Symone -> Calamity Saga -> Caitiff -> Epilogue
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Calamity
Release Date: February 10th, 2017

Objective: Jaania has appeared in destroyed Falconreach with her entourage.
Objective completed: All is well that ends well!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Falconreach Citizens
Guardian Endnai
Mayor Waen


Access to Weapons of Hope and Serenity's Grace (Shop).


*You sit on the cliffside near the Guardian Tower with your resting dragon to watch the sunset. It wakes up briefly after dusk had begun.*

<Dragon>: *grumble*
<Character>: Hey.
<Dragon> (thinking): Uuuh... how long was I out... ?
<Character> (thinking): A while. But I didn't want to wake you up, you've earned some sleep.
<Character> (thinking): And so have I...
<Dragon> (thinking): <Character>...
<Character> (thinking): Hmm?
<Dragon> (thinking): I'm... sorry.
<Character> (thinking): Nothing to be sorry about. Whatever you did, you had no choice. I don't blame you for anything. I don't even think I'm capable of doing so.
<Character> (thinking): I'm just glad that it's over... and that you're here. Safe.
<Dragon> (thinking): ...
<Dragon> (thinking): What happened after I took a nap? The last thing I remember was that... grub... exploding into light.
<Character> (thinking): We did indeed destroy it.
<Character> (thinking): Then, a... Rose member... purified you.
<Dragon> (thinking): Aren't they the bad ones?

*You turn blue because you are uncertain and confused.*

<Character> (thinking): It's complicated.
<Character> (thinking): Next... Jaania, the leader of the Rose, showed up.
<Dragon> (thinking): Mean, bad lady?
<Character> (thinking): ... But I was too busy checking on the others to deal with her yet.

*Fades to black before fading in briefly to depict a flashback of you and your comrades helping each other up and checking on one another to make sure they were unscathed by the raging war. Fades to black again before fading back in to the present.*

<Character> (thinking): Whatever Caitiff was doing to my friends disappeared, once the doom being was destroyed.
<Character> (thinking): The remaining citizens started to return to Falconreach as well.
<Character> (thinking): And then... it started...

*Fades to black. Fades back in to depict a flashback of you, your comrades, friends, and a large crowd of silhouetted citizens of Falconreach facing Jaania and her troupe of Rose troops on opposite ends.*

???: Is it over?
???: <Character> saved us! Bless you!! May the Avatars bless you, <Character>!!!
???: Look! It's her!
???: It's Jaania!
???: What is she doing here in person?
???: Don't you mean "why didn't she arrive sooner"?! Look at all this destruction!!
???: She must have had a reason!!!
???: Oh no, my house!
???: Will the Rose help with rebuilding?
Jaania: Good people of Falconreach, please, calm down.
Jaania: I'm here now. And I'm here to hel-
???: Why didn't you help us sooner?!
Jaania: Protecting Swordhaven was my first priority. I was tasked with it by the king himsel-
???: So the king doesn't care about us?!
Jaania: I didn't say that-
???: Are you going to seize Falconreach now?!
???: Stop interrupting her, let her speak!!
???: Rabble!
???: Falconreach was supposed to be a safe haven, not a town under Rose influence!
Jaania: Please-
???: Stop interrupting her, let her speak!!
???: Rabble rabble!!!
???: I don't fit the Rose's standards, I'm not one of your species! Do you think I'm going to feel safe with them present here?!
???: Look at what they did to Oaklore Keep! The outpost completely lost their allegiance!
Ahimsa: Lady Jaania, should I...

*Jaania calmly raises one of her hands up to let Ahimsa know that no action should be taken just yet.*

???: But what about Amityvale? And Duat?! Those towns are the most secure they've EVER been. And it's all thanks to them!
???: Oh, are you a Rose supporter now, is that what it is!? I've known you since we were kids. What has happened to you!?
???: Are you serious?! Look around you! Look at what has happened to Falconreach... AGAIN!!! Magic is dangerous and should be monitored!
Elysia: This is getting out of hand...
<Character>: ...

*Amadeus coldly glares at you once again as you fear the tension may start to escalate.*

???: I'm with her, I say let the Rose in!
???: How can you say that!? Don't-
???: They must go! Leave us and this quiet town!!!
Jaania: I assure you-
???: <Character> should decide!!!
???: What? Why?!
???: I agree! <Character> saved the town! The decision should be up to him/her!
???: Yeah!
???: YEAH!!!

*Jaania is silent as the townspeople complain. Cuts back to you and your dragon on the cliffside in the present.*

<Dragon> (thinking): What did you do?
<Character>: I...

*You look at the sky, still feeling saddened and exhausted over the aftermath of the Black Winter attack.*

<Character> (thinking): I just wanted it to be over...

*Cuts back to the past with you standing within the fed up crowd, still feeling concerned.*

<Character>: ...
<Character>: I'm...
<Character>: I'm tired.
<Character>: I'm so, so very tired of this...
<Character>: I'm sorry, everyone...
<Character>: As much as Falconreach is my home at heart, it is yours too.
<Character>: This is not a decision I can make...
<Character>: It is not mine to make.
<Character>: You have to decide. Not me...
???: So what, you're washing your hands clean!? Is that what it is!?

*Jaania remains silent while the townspeople resume arguing amongst themselves over your answer.*

???: Leave him/her alone!
???: YEAH!!!
???: So... what do we do?
Mayor Waen: You can vote!
???: Mhmm.
???: Agreed.
???: Yes.
???: No, there is no need to vote, they want to help, let them. We need every-
???: Shut up, Billy, no one likes you.
???: Okay...

*Fades to black. The townspeople in Falconreach cast their votes off-screen and afterwards, Mayor Waen is holding one of Cysero's orbs to tally the votes in order to discover the results.*

Mayor Waen: Hmm...
Mayor Waen: Hmm hmm hmmmmmm...
Mayor Waen: I have tallied up the votes.
Mayor Waen: According to the majority of votes...

*After a brief dramatic silence, he turns around to face Jaania and her troupe to make his announcement to them.*

Mayor Waen: ... the Rose should not help with rebuilding Falconreach.
???: Wha-
???: YEAH!!!

*One particular Rose soldier in a unique uniform looks down at the ground in disappointment.*

Jaania: ...
???: Go back to where you came from!!!
Jaania: I... see-

*Someone in a crowd throws a rock at Jaania, hitting her forehead and bruising it in the process. Jaania is left shocked.*


*Your jaw drops in complete surprise. You fear that the tension has gotten to its boiling point.*

<Character>: Why... why would you...?
Jaania: It's fine!!!
Jaania: I'm fine.
Jaania: I can read the situation. I see that I am not welcome here.
Jaania: You don't need my help... and I respect that.
Jaania: I will make sure Swordhaven provides you with necessary resources and supplies.
Jaania: I am...
Jaania: I am sincerely sorry I couldn't be here sooner.
Jaania: Farewell, people of Falconreach. The Rose will not bother you anymore...

*Fades to black. Fades back in to the present as the sunset progress and you remain regretful and saddened by what transpired.*

<Dragon> (thinking): Was this for the best?
<Character> (thinking): I hope so.
<Character> (thinking): The people have decided... and they have each other...
<Dragon> (thinking): You're still sad.
<Character> (thinking): Oh, I'm not sad about that. I'm fed up about something that I could have prevented, but I simply... didn't.
<Character> (thinking): I was too worried about the masses... and not enough about the individuals.

*Fades to black. Fades back in to the past to depict Guardian Endnai trying to plead with Kain about a decision he made.*

Guardian Endnai: Kain, please...
Adam: It's Adam now, Endnai.
Adam: I have faile-
Guardian Endnai: You didn't-
Adam: I HAVE FAILED... the Guardian Order.
Adam: I have failed the people of Falconreach.
Adam: I wasn't strong enough. I thought that I was, but I was mistaken.
Guardian Endnai: No one blames you! The Darkness... That THING was messing with our minds! All of us! And countless others!
Adam: And I have finally realized what magic can do. And it has to be controlled. And I want to help with it.
Adam: And the Rose will help me. It's a mutual agreement.
Adam: We can't hate each other. The Rose and the Guardian Order, we both do what is best for the people and the world.
Adam: And sometimes... you have to crack a few chickencow eggs to make an omelette.
Guardian Endnai: You can make an omelette without eggs...
Adam: I will still be stationed around here. I'm not going anywhere far.
Guardian Endnai: You're switching sides...
Adam: There are no sides, Endnai! The world isn't black and white!
Guardian Endnai: Then it should be...

*Fades to black. Fades back in to the present. By the time you were done reminiscing, nightfall has arrived and you look at the view, feeling as saddened and regretful as when the war was over.*

<Character>: *sigh*
<Character> (thinking): As for the others, Artix went back to his order, Nythera to Warlic, Symone to Doomwood...
<Character> (thinking): They all went their own ways, since everything is like it used to be before.
<Character> (thinking): More or less...
<Character> (thinking): Well, a few of them stayed to help with rebuilding. But just a few.

*You look down at your dragon to check on it.*

<Character> (thinking): How are you... feeling?
<Dragon> (thinking): What do you mean?
<Character> (thinking): You- You turned into a human... right before you were purified.
<Dragon> (thinking): Did I?
<Dragon> (thinking): I do feel like there's something unlocked in me now...
<Dragon> (thinking): It's a very funny feeling. Like, when you know a word for something, but you can't remember it.
<Character> (thinking): Then we better look into this in the future!

*You look at the sky and quickly notice how much time has passed since you sat up at the cliffside with your dragon.*

<Character> (thinking): Welp... it's getting dark and I REALLY need to get some sleep!
<Character> (thinking): Come on, <Dragon>!

*Fades to black. You enter the lobby of the Falconreach Inn to greet Spruce after a long, eventful day.*

<Character>: Good evening, Spruce!
Spruce: Oh, hello again, <Character>...
<Character>: Is something wrong?
Spruce: Most of the people have lost their homes, and with the inn being one of the few buildings that was left standing...
Spruce: I'm not keeping up with all the commotion... And there is the case of ANOTHER haunting upstairs... *sigh*
<Character>: Oh! I can help you with that!
Spruce: Would you? Ah, I'd be ever so grateful...

*Cuts straight to you at a higher floor on the inn. You check the hallway and rooms as usual for ghosts.*

*You reach the attic and search in every general direction before you become suspicious of the silence due to the lack of spectral spirits.*

<Character>: Well, that's odd. I haven't stumbled upon any ghosts haunting this place...
<Character>: Am I not looking hard enough?
<Character>: Are they hiding-

*The bright light soul that escaped from Jaysun's broken mask swirls around your body before flying in front of you. A bright light illuminates the room and by the time it dies down, your jaw drops again in surprise.*

<Character>: S...
<Character>: Se...

*Having appeared right before you, Serenity gives you a hopeful smile despite the fact that she is dead.*

<Character>: Serenity... ?
Serenity: I knew you could do it.

*You smile back at her, happy to see her again and hardly changing a bit.*

Serenity: Please, listen to me, before I go...
Serenity: No matter how difficult things may seem, no matter the hardships life will put you through...
Serenity: No matter how many people depend on you... You will come through.
Serenity: Failing is a part of life. Your mistakes shape you, but they don't define who you will become in the future.
Serenity: Because you... are you. You are the hero.
Serenity: So don't mourn. Move on, and learn from them.
Serenity: And...

*Death suddenly emerges behind her to escort her to the underworld.*

Serenity: Thank you... <Character>.

*Death opens his hand to Serenity. Immediately, she gladly accepts to hold it.*

Serenity: Goodbye... and please... ... don't try bringing me back.

*She and Death turn to orbs of light and vanishes. You smile, knowing that Serenity is safe in the afterlife and that no harm will come to her ever again. Fades to black. *


  • Complete Quest
  • Merge Shop - opens Weapons of Hope.
  • DC Shop - opens Serenity's Grace (Shop).

    Pop-up headlines during the quest:

    Hmm... no ghosts here...
    Perhaps they spirited away.
    Knock knock! Room service! Anyghosty here?
    I ain't afraid of no ghost, because there isn't one here.
    Ooo, potions... don't mind if I do!!!
    No ghosts here either...
    Nothing here either, maybe Spruce had too many Her-o's before sleeping.
    This chest is empty... just like the rest of the attic...
    Hmm. Aged Moglinberry juice from 2006. A good year!

    Next Up: Monastery

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