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6/22/2019 7:51:21   


Location: Sunbreeze Grove (Book 3) -> Left -> Dove -> Quests! -> Monastery
Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Amulet, Completion of Epilogue, Toddler or Kid Dragon
Release Date: June 21st, 2019

Objective: After your dragon was purified, for a split second it seemed like they have transformed into a human-like form. Maybe Elysia can help shed some light on this situation.
Objective completed: Even though your dragon has not unlocked their shapeshifting abilities, they have unlocked something else: acceptance!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Boubataur
(4) Soaring Theemis
(4) Steppe Fury
(3) Vultragon
(2) Wind Elemental



  • Toddler or Kid Dragon joins you as Guest B.

    *Dove is attempting to enjoy an ice cream in peace at Sunbreeze Grove.*

    <Character>: Hey Dove.

    *Dove glares back at you for interrupting him.*

    <Character>: Are we... interrupting?
    Dove: Yeeees, but I don't mind.

    *Dove stares at your dragon, his eyes turning rainbow. Your dragon looks back up at Dove, who then redirects his attention to you, as his eyes return to mint green.*

    Dove: What's up?
    <Character>: Well, actually, we're here to see Elysia.
    Dove: Oh...
    Dove: You didn't know?
    <Character>: Know what?

    *Dove closes his eyes and tilts his head down in a disheartening manner.*

    Dove: Elysia... died.

    *Your look of uncertainty quickly turns to shock at this sudden revelation.*

    <Character>: W—
    <Character>: What?!
    <Character>: H-how?! When?!

    *Dove keeps a straight face, but only for a short while.*

    Dove: I'm just kidding, she's visiting her parents.

    *Your look of shock turns to rage.*

    <Character>: W—why would you say something like that?!
    Dove: Because it's fun. So, Elysia's not here. How can I help you?
    <Character>: You're...
    <Character>: *sigh*
    <Character>: I doubt you can help me. You couldn't... last time.
    Dove: Last time was last time.
    <Character>: Do you know anything about dragons?
    Dove: HA!
    Dove: Do I.
    <Dragon>: Ugh, let's go <Character>. This guy is a piece—
    Dove: Leeeet me stop you right here, hatchling! That's just rude. Is this what we're doing now? Being rude to your elders—

    *Dove realises that in his defensiveness, he has unintentionally revealed his ability to understand Draconic.*

    Dove: Oop.
    <Dragon>: Did he just—
    <Character>: Did you just... understand <Dragon>?
    Dove: Uhhhh...

    *You glare at Dove, awaiting his explanation.*

    Dove: *sigh*
    Dove: Alright, alright.
    Dove: I haven't been entirely honest with you...
    <Character>: You don't say.
    Dove: I'm not just a monk.
    Dove: I am a... dragon.

    Dove: Stuck in this form.
    Dove: I've turned to Elysia for help, but...

    Dove: There, now you know. My deepest secret...

    *You appear to process Dove's response, surprised by his honesty.*

    <Character>: You do realize you could have just said "I've learned Draconic" and I'd have believed you?

    *Dove blinks alarmingly fast at this response, presumably wondering why he didn't think of it himself.*

    Dove: Umm...
    Dove: I've learned Draconic.
    <Dragon>: Your friends are so stupid, <Character>.
    <Character>: Alright, so, you're a dragon. I suppose you could help us then, after all.
    <Character>: It's about <Dragon>. After they were purified some time ago, they—
    Dove: H–Hold up, hold up! You want me to help... them?
    <Character>: Yes.
    Dove: Yeeeesh, uuh, I don't know about thaaaat.
    <Character>: Avatars, what is it with you and my dragon?!
    <Dragon>: It's obviously because of my status!
    <Character>: Your what?
    Dove: Well, they're not wrong...
    Dove: It's like this: There are maaaany many many prophecies that are false... and some that are true.
    Dove: And the prophecy about some dragons are truer than others. And I'm very uncomfortable with prophecies. Or rather, I just don't want to meddl—
    <Character>: Excuse me, prophecy about which dragons?
    Dove: Oh, <Dragon>. I'm pretty sure that prophecy is true.
    Dove: But I suppose it doesn't actually matter, and in a way it's not quite about <Dragon> specifically...
    Dove: But... ugh, sorry, forget—forget about all of this! It doesn't matter. Deep breaths. Let me start again, properly this time.
    Dove: Tell me about <Dragon>'s problem, and depending on what it is, I'll evaluate whether I can help or not.
    <Character>: *sigh*
    <Character>: After <Dragon> was purified, they, for a split second, assumed the form of a human child.
    <Character>: Since then, they were unable to recall how they did it. Can you help? The end.
    Dove: Oooooh, shapeshifting! You should have started with that.
    <Character>: Uh, I tried!! You interrupted me and then went on this weird tangent!
    Dove: I'm afraid I can't help you with that issue. Shapeshifting is something each dragon has to, let's say, grow into. At their own pace.
    <Dragon>: Aww.

    <Dragon>: I was... actually looking forward to it.

    *You look down at your dragon with sorrow.*

    Dove: But I suppose... we could travel to the monastery in the Whispering Steppes. It housed some draconic knowledge.
    <Character>: Would we be welcome to peruse it?
    Dove: Oh, all of the monks are most likely already dead. That monastery was abandoned for quite some time.
    Dove: Like, for hundreds of years. Thousands? Lots.
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Was this the monastery you were in?
    Dove: Yup.
    <Character>: Then wouldn't you have the knowledge already?
    Dove: Oh, I don't read. I only like pictures.
    <Character>: I'm... actually not surprised.
    <Dragon>: Let's go!! I can't wait to shapeshift!

    *You travel to the Whispering Steppes in search of the abandoned monastery, making your way along a path lined with various monsters, surrounded by fields of straw. Eventually you reach the abandoned monastery, passing an artifact which catches your eye.*

    <Character>: Dove, this looks interesting.
    Dove: Interesting? Maybe. Relevant? No. Come here, I found the library!

    *You dismiss your find and follow Dove's voice to the library, which too stands abandoned and empty.*

    Dove: It's... empty.
    <Dragon>: Nooo! What now?!
    <Dragon>: I wanna shapeshift! Now!
    <Character>: Calm down <Dragon>, please.
    <Character>: Dove, any ideas?

    *Dove struggles to find a suitable suggestion at first, but reveals another possibility without much certainty.*

    Dove: I guess... <Dragon> can try shapeshifting near the centerpiece statue on the courtyard? It was a meditative point.
    Dove: A place of power or something.

    Dove: That's what the monks said at least. I don't know.
    <Dragon>: Take me there!

    4 hours later

    *Your dragon appears to be trying very hard to shapeshift before the centerpiece statue, to no avail.*

    <Dragon>: Hnnnnnnggghhhhhh!!!

    *Your dragon continues to attempt to shapeshift, but nothing happens.*

    <Dragon>: *pant* *pant*
    <Dragon>: It... is... NOT... WORKING!!!
    <Dragon>: AAAAAAHH!
    Dove: Whoa, easy there, I said I didn't know!
    Dove: It's more of a uh, natural process. Not quite something you can force. I don't think.
    <Dragon>: It's useless! You both are useless!

    *Your dragon storms off in a fit of rage, upset by its apparent inability to shapeshift.*

    Dove: Kids, eh?

    *You feel sorrow for your dragon, powerless to help in this particular situation.*

    <Character>: I'm...
    <Character>: Thanks for trying, Dove. Excuse me.

    *You follow after your dragon, leaving Dove alone. Your dragon has flown to a section of the monastery you are unable to reach, separated by a chasm. You sit down at the edge and attempt to talk things through with your dragon.*

    <Dragon>: I...

    *Your dragon faces away from you, upset with itself.*

    <Dragon>: I really wanted to shapeshift...
    <Dragon>: I've seen other dragons in people forms so many times.
    <Dragon>: It would have been so cool to walk on two legs and have hands. And speak with people. Be like people...
    <Dragon>: I thought I was the best, but I'm not.
    <Dragon>: Other dragons are better.

    *You attempt to think of words that will comfort your dragon's inferiority complex.*

    <Character>: You know what? So what if they can shapeshift?
    <Character>: Do you have to be like them?
    <Character>: Do you have to be like other dragons?
    <Dragon>: You suck at pep talks...
    <Character>: Maybe someday you WILL be able to shapeshift! And if not, you might get something much, much cooler! Who knows?
    <Character>: But for now... you can just be you.
    <Dragon>: Just... me.

    *Your dragon ponders this sentiment for a moment, then flies back over the chasm towards you.*

    <Character>: Remember that time we saved the world?
    <Dragon>: What?
    <Character>: You're supposed to ask "Which time?"
    <Dragon>: ...
    <Dragon>: Which time?
    <Character>: Exactly!
    <Character>: What other dragon do we know who can say they've saved Lore as many times as we have?
    <Dragon>: None, I guess.
    <Character>: And you did it all as a dragon.

    *Your dragon realises you are right, lifting its spirits.*

    <Dragon>: That's right! Who needs to shapeshift, anyway?
    <Character>: That's certainly a turn around.
    <Dragon>: I mean, I think I'd still like to try it out, but I don't really need to be able to in order to keep protecting Lore, right?
    <Dragon>: And if I keep worrying about it, maybe some other dragon and their minion will catch up to my record!

    *You smile at your dragon's rediscovered confidence; your job here is done.*

    <Dragon>: Anyway, I'm bored now. Let's go back to saving Lore!

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • The Lonely Tree can be spotted in the distance while exploring the Whispering Steppes.
  • A HP/MP healing pad can be discovered near an abandoned tent while exploring the Whispering Steppes.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest, added on June 28th, 2019:

      Click the left rock
    • A curious, hollowed out rock.
    • It makes the weirdest sounds, you've never heard anything quite like it before.
    • It must be the wind passing through it.

      Click the "elephant"
    • A humongous creature is eating the tall golden grass in the distance.
    • You've never seen a creature like this before!
    • Let's hope it's one of those "gentle giant" animals.
    • It must eat a lot of grass to stay this size.

      Click the right rock
    • A curious, hollowed out rock.
    • It makes the weirdest sounds, you've never heard something quite like it before.
    • It must be the wind passing through it.
    Landing -> Up -> Up Left
      Click the rock
    • The closer you get to this monolith-like rock, the more unnerved you get.
    • It makes your entire body resonate due to the sound it makes.
    • You can only describe the sounds as "loud whispers".

      Click the tree
    • What an incredibly large tree!
    • Now that you look at it, you realize that there are no other trees in sight except for this one.
    • It must feel lonely.
    Landing -> Up -> Up Right
      Click the left rock
    • Another singing rock.
    • You wonder who made those.
    • Are they even man-made?
    • Maybe the winds that are present here hollowed them out?

      Click the waterfall
    • This liquid looks like honey.
    • You put your hand in it. It's not honey.
    • It just has this color.
    • You give it a taste.
    • It's just water.
    • That's disappointing.
    Landing -> Up -> Up Right -> Right
      Click the waterfall
    • Oh look, it's the disappointing water again.
    Landing -> Up -> Up Right -> Right -> Up Right
      Click the central rocks
    • It's really uncomfortable, being this close to these rocks.
    • You decide to be on your way.
    • Except... you are really drawn to them, for some reason.
    Landing -> Up -> Up Right -> 2 Right
      Click the central rock
    • Hey, this rock is giving out a different sound.
    Landing -> Up -> Up Right -> 2 Right -> Up Left
      Click the tent
    • An abandoned tent.
    • Dove told you that multiple nomad tribes wander these steppes, maybe it belongs to one of them?
    • Whatever the reason, better not dwell on it while this huge beast looms over you...
    Landing -> Up -> Up Right -> 2 Right -> Up Right
      Click the "elephant"
    • It's another one of those... what should you call them?
    • It looks like a big, fat horse with a long nose and... tusks?
    • Tusks! It must be some sort of a deformed walrus!
    • That's it! It's a land walrus!
    • You ponder whether those are related to Tuskers, from the Northlands.
    • You write in your journal that you've sighted a "land walrus" today.
    Landing -> Up -> Up Right -> 2 Right -> Up Right -> Up
      Click the building
    • This must be the monastery!
    • Looks fine from the outside. Maybe it's not THAT derelict...
    • Dove went ahead, better join him.
    During battle
      Click the central rock
    • What are you doing?
    • Don't admire the view during battles!
    • Focus!!

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