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1/14/2012 2:53:38   
Voodoo Master


Location: Friday the 13th - Rift War!, Heroes From Beyond, The General's Arrival, The Puppet General, A Brief Respite, Atrea, Friday the 13th - Rising Fire, Rising Fire, Wargoth Approaches, The Hunt Begins, North, The Spire -> Up Left -> Left -> Approach entrance -> Riftwalker, Milkgrass Arena, Friday the 13th Interlude, Calamity, The Empress, Song of the Ateala -> Talk, Arrival of the Vind, Song in Our Hearts, The Greenguard Alliance - Vind Faction, Daybreak (Vind), Sunfall: Part 2, AdventureFriends! (Part 1), AdventureFriends! (Part 2)

Quests given
Milkgrass Arena

Shops owned

Friday the 13th - Rift War!

Alz'ein: You say you're a hero. Prove it and help us save our people.

Heroes From Beyond

???: Heh!

???: Alright you lot, who's next?!

???: And what are you supposed to be?

Alz'ein: Then let's not waste anymore time—

Alz'ein: The mighty unael needs rest? Come on, Isiri. I'll carry you if I have to.

Alz'ein: I—

Alz'ein: Suit yourself.

Alz'ein: Alz'ein. Riftwalker.

Alz'ein: You said you were defending your town, <Character>? How are you in a fight?

Alz'ein: And cleaning up the mess that's chasing after 'em.

Alz'ein: Hey. Don't hold us back, "hero".

The General's Arrival

Alz'ein: We've managed to save more of our people... But I hate that we can't be everywhere!

Alz'ein: These rifts that the infernal creatures are emerging from...
Alz'ein: There are more rifts than we initially made for the escape.

Alz'ein: That seems to be the case. Although how exactly—

Alz'ein: The rift... it's Atealan in origin, but the fire... No...
Alz'ein: Stand back! I don't know what's coming through, but it's not going to be friendly!

Alz'ein: No... It can't be. Veyla?! What happened to you?

Alz'ein: Fight it, Veyla! Don't let him puppet you!

Alz'ein: Veyla!

Alz'ein: Yeah. Let's make this quick.

Alz'ein: Veyla got away. But not for long. We're going to find her, and bring her back to her senses, got it, <Character>?

Alz'ein: Maybe for you, Unael.
Alz'ein: But Veyla's a Riftwalker, like me. If she's leading these forces, being puppeted...
Alz'ein: All the Riftwalkers we left behind... to hold open the rifts...
Alz'ein: We need to stop her. We need to find out what's going on!

Alz'ein: <Character> gets it!

The Puppet General

Alz'ein: There you are, Veyla. Nowhere left to run.

Alz'ein: You're still in there. I know you are. You have to be.

Alz'ein: Fine. Come on then. I won't hold back until we break through!

Alz'ein: ...How could you let this happen to you?

Alz'ein: That doesn't matter. What happened to you? What of the other Riftwalkers? Answer me!

Alz'ein: Veyla, here, take my hand.

A Brief Respite

Alz'ein: What exactly is a "Moglinberry"?

Alz'ein: Hm? Yeah. What they said.

Alz'ein: Some of us can still use rifts, though, with enough training and talent. But nothing like the old tales.

Alz'ein: A harsh discovery.
Alz'ein: After generations passed and we recovered some semblance of our former power...
Alz'ein: ... the Riftwalkers were quick to discover that any planet they managed to reach was now inhospitable.

Alz'ein: With help from a stranger from your world, we Riftwalkers opened rifts and ushered our people through...
Alz'ein: ... holding them open as long as we could.
Alz'ein: We were followed. And those we left behind...

Alz'ein: I should have stayed! I should have helped fight, I could have—

Alz'ein: I'm stronger than—

Alz'ein: Now that I've seen the way you fight, I can't deny that you'd be helpful.


Alz'ein: Hmmpf. Move along.

Friday the 13th - Rising Fire

Alz'ein: Wargoth will turn this planet into a cinder if we don't stop him.

Rising Fire

Alz'ein: I don't trust it.

Alz'ein: He's planning something.

Alz'ein: He doesn't give up.
Alz'ein: You still have no idea what we're dealing with!

Alz'ein: ...

Alz'ein: So...
Alz'ein: ...You're going to betray us again.

Alz'ein: We should destroy the puppet before the puppet master.

Wargoth Approaches


Alz'ein: More targets!

Alz'ein: It has to be him! Get ready!

Alz'ein: Don't you understand what Wargoth IS? He's destroyed our entire planet and you still doubt his power?

Alz'ein: There has to be someone else!
Alz'ein: The Professor helped us escape Somorah. We need to find him again.

Alz'ein: You're the one who didn't think Wargoth was powerful enough to take over your avatar!
Alz'ein: You have no idea what the Professor can do!

The Hunt Begins

Alz'ein: Wargoth has come through and we've lost his general.
Alz'ein: We never should have trusted her!

Alz'ein: The Professor doesn't use magic.

Alz'ein: Whatever you call it.


Alz'ein: Then you've failed! Our only hope is the Professor!

The Spire

Alz'ein: <Character>. You may be strong, but you lack finesse.

  • Fight! (DA Required)
    Alz'ein: You want to fight me? Hah. Not now,human, not now.
    Alz'ein: So <Character>, you're up for a challenge? Lets see how a <Class> like you can train on my Milkgrass Arena! There is no fleeing in the Arena!
  • Talk
    Alz'ein: Ask.
    • Who are you?
      Alz'ein: Alz'ein Yngerhav, known as Broken Horn. The greatest riftwalker and undefeated champion of the Milkgrass Arena.
      Alz'ein: And the only Atealan ever who refused to become an unael.

    • Riftwalker?
      Alz'ein: Riftwalker. A warrior who has trained in extreme conditions so hard, that they can cut reality with a single slash.
      Alz'ein: A warrior whose punch can shatter dimensions. You don't even have to be quick, because you can be anywhere...in a single slash.
      Alz'ein: We are tough. We are resolute. We are one step ahead of you.

    • Unael?
      Alz'ein: Unaels are some kind of champions. Or whatever. If someone saved the world, he became one. Or something.
      Alz'ein: Then they either fused with The Empress or stayed on Somorah to save it over and over again. Extremely boring, if you ask me.
      Alz'ein: Nirios and Isiri are the last unaels. I was given a choice to become one. I refused, it's not for me.

    • The Empress?
      Alz'ein: She is the voice of the atealans. She is a nation within one being. She is the Ayar Lat'quah. She is The Empress.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Become A Riftwalker!
    Alz'ein: If you can win in the Arena, then you deserve to become a Riftwalker!
    • Equip Riftwalker - equips Riftwalker class.
    • Give Armor back
    Milkgrass Arena

    Alz'ein: You might feel a little uncomfortable right now, getting used to a stronger gravity takes a while.
    Alz'ein: Well then, <Character>, welcome to the Milkgrass Arena! You have showed us that you are a true hero.
    Alz'ein: You will fight with my finest rifters in these harsh conditions, until I tell you to stop!
    Alz'ein: GO!

    Alz'ein: Enough!
    Alz'ein: Lets see how will you deal with me!

    Alz'ein: Ok human, you are tough, I'll give you that.
    Alz'ein: I...lost on purpose, of course, but you still impressed me.
    Alz'ein: You will make a fine Riftwalker!

    Friday the 13th Interlude

    Alz'ein: Oh, good, finally. It only took, like, 13 tries.

    Alz'ein: No.
    Alz'ein: Ayar Lat'quah is keeping us safe.
    Alz'ein: I just thought I'd join.
    Alz'ein: We owe you, after all. Kind of. Sort of.
    Alz'ein: You helped us, we'll help you. Well, I'll help you, at least. Others are busy.

    Alz'ein: To be honest, I was simply bored. Don't take it the wrong way.
    Alz'ein: Catch me up on the events.


    Alz'ein: <Character>, the dragon...

    The Empress

    Alz'ein: No! I'm against it! We should stand our ground and fight!

    Alz'ein: No more running away!

    Alz'ein: The only way is to fight the invaders, not leave!

    Alz'ein: Yashta, back me up!

    Alz'ein: One more?
    Alz'ein: There are no other Unaels!

    Alz'ein: Hey.

    Alz'ein: It will be as you command!

    Alz'ein: Alright!
    Alz'ein: Isiri, you and your Ascendants will be on the walls, shooting down anything that comes in contact with the barrier.

    Alz'ein: Twins, you and your Cryptics take the center of the city and empower the barrier as much as you can.

    Alz'ein: Me and my Riftwalkers will be on the ground, fighting the threat head on, as it should be!
    Alz'ein: Yashta, you...

    Alz'ein: You just... do whatever you do.

    Alz'ein: Let's do this!

    Song of the Ateala

    Alz'ein: <Character>.

    Alz'ein: Well enough, for now. This rift, though. It's really something.

    Alz'ein: When it first opened, we managed to sneak in a few Riftwalker scouts, since it's our specialty.
    Alz'ein: Turns out it leads to another plane of existence.

    Alz'ein: It's hard to pin down specifics. We were only able to learn so much before the invasion started.
    Alz'ein: It felt... raw, though. It reminded me of Wargoth, if that makes any sense?

    Alz'ein: It's not. But The Empress trusts us to defend her, and that is what we will do. Against any threat.
    Alz'ein: Enough chatter, let's get back into the thick of battle!

    Arrival of the Vind

    Alz'ein: I am Alz'ein. Leader of the Ateala armies. I understand you lead the Vind?

    Alz'ein: You've already proven your worth by distracting that giant... thing away from our barrier.

    Alz'ein: Great. Now that the niceties are out of the way, we can get to work.
    Alz'ein: Kara, you and your forces will be directly under my command. I trust that will not be a problem?

    Alz'ein: It was. What of it?

    Alz'ein: I—

    Alz'ein: I do.

    Alz'ein: Please, forgive me, guests. I ask too much, too soon.

    Alz'ein: So be it.

    Alz'ein: Although—

    Alz'ein: Our current objective is to defend the barrier surrounding Atrea from attack, until The Empress can close the rift.
    Alz'ein: Kara, send any mages you have to be under the command of Isiri. For ranged defense.

    Alz'ein: Etaos, you will direct the riders for the defense of the barrier.

    Alz'ein: The rest of your ground forces will be under my direction.

    Alz'ein: Yashta, you...

    Alz'ein: Keep up the good work.

    Alz'ein: <Character>, we're going to have to find a way to drive that massive creature back.
    Alz'ein: Your priority now is to fight your way to it and figure out some way to deal with it.
    Alz'ein: I understand tackling impossible odds is something you're good at.
    Alz'ein: Don't worry, you'll have backup too. When you get close, we'll be ready.

    Song in Our Hearts

    Alz'ein: The main threat has been diverted. Well done, <Character>, Yashta.

    Alz'ein: We must attend to The Empress!! <Character>, come. Kara, please stay!

    Alz'ein: No— I don't understand—

    Alz'ein: It means she's alone.

    Alz'ein: When you require it, you shall have our assistance, Lady Kara.

    The Greenguard Alliance - Vind Faction

    Alz'ein: Jatiw, <Character>! Once more we battle alongside each other!

    Alz'ein: And you as well. Atrea may still be recovering, but the Riftwalkers are never ones to shy away from a good battle.
    Alz'ein: And here we are, at the aid of the Vind, just as you recently came to ours.

    Alz'ein: Nonsense! Atealans are a hardy people, and we've seen what these rifts can do.
    Alz'ein: We can't let them go unchecked, or there will be nothing left to recover, in the end.
    Alz'ein: But enough talk. I'm itching for a fight!

    Daybreak (Vind)

    Alz'ein: It's certainly trickier for the Riftwalkers to attack a flying target than one planted on the ground, as well.

    Alz'ein: I'm confused. We have an alliance, with them, do we not? Are we not already coordinating with them?

    Alz'ein: It must be done.

    Sunfall: Part 2

    If you joined the Rose Faction / Golden Hand Faction:
    Alz'ein: Don't sweat it. The other Riftwalkers and I have been helping out the Vind.
    Alz'ein: Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to uh, get out of the sun.

    If you joined the Vind Faction:
    Alz'ein: I'm fine, don't sweat it.

    Alz'ein: We'll be going now, if you don't mind...

    AdventureFriends! (Part 1)

    Day 2
    Alz'ein: 'Sup.
      If you select the 'Say nothing.' option:
      Alz'ein: Tough crowd, huh?
    Alz'ein: Yeah, same. This QuestVenture thing sounds cool. I want in.

    Alz'ein: Wicked.
      If you joined the Activities Subcommittee:
      Alz'ein: What are we doing?! What awesome stuff are we setting up? Oh man, we gotta have a giant bonfire, right?

      Alz'ein: Okay, okay, lay it on me, Aria.

      Alz'ein: To FIGHT?

      Alz'ein: To FIGHT IN?!

      Alz'ein: Well that just sounds perfectly lame. Not even a sparring tournament or anything!

        If you select the 'Side with Aria' option:
        Alz'ein: Whuh? I'm sorry, I wasn't really listening. I was coming up with how we could fit a bonfire into-

        Alz'ein: Yeah, but... it seems kinda...

        Alz'ein: I mean... I just thought... Wow...

        Alz'ein: No... no, I'm sorry, Aria. This is on me. I got kind of carried away with my own ideas. I didn't even stop to think about your feelings. I wasn't even listening, but wow, you're more intense than I thought.

        Alz'ein: And then the creatures in the petting zoo can watch and WITNESS OUR GLORIOUS COMBAT!

        If you select the 'Side with Alz'ein' option:

        Alz'ein: Was it something we said?

        Alz'ein: I... I see. I got too caught up in my own world again. I feel horrible.

        Alz'ein: Absolutely.

        Alz'ein: I wish there was something more we could do to make it up to her. I really do feel awful.

        Alz'ein: And someone has to help catch all the creatures, right?

        Alz'ein: But... not too exciting. An overly large tog, perhaps?

        Alz'ein: Hey... Aria... I'm sorry...

        Alz'ein: Yeah. I think... I think your petting zoo idea is perfectly good.

        Alz'ein: Of course! Gotta have a main attraction!

        Alz'ein: That's what I'm talking about! Best. Fundraiser. EVER!
    Day 3
    Alz'ein: Maybe you've just been studying too hard, Yashta.
      If you joined the Activities Subcommittee:
      Alz'ein: I won't! And you won't amount to anything of an adventurer with that lack of spine!

      Alz'ein: Yeah, that describes me pretty perfectly, thanks, Ash!

      Alz'ein: Whatever you say, pipsqueak.

      Alz'ein: Yeah, <Character>... who?

        If you select the 'Choose Alz'ein' option:
        Alz'ein: Yeah! In. Your. FACE! Get outta here, Ash! There's only room for one champion and it's ME! But don't actually, you know, get out of here. We need your help for the activities.

        Alz'ein: You know it! And <Character> does too! Well, now that that's settled, let's get back to planning that uh, petting zoo.

        If you select the 'Choose Ash' option:
        Alz'ein: Whatever. I could still bench press you.
    Day 4
    Alz'ein: No, no, I'm with Robina on this one. Doesn't anything interesting ever happen around here?
    Alz'ein: Back at Atrea high, we couldn't go a day without some monster or elemental breaking loose and requiring at least half the students to stop its rampage! Right, Yashta?
      If you select the 'Say nothing' option:
      Alz'ein: Laaaaaaaame!

      If you joined the Activities Subcommittee:
      Alz'ein: And that's when I said, "That's no mushroom, that's my dinner!"

      Alz'ein: Aw, thanks. I must say, I'm glad I joined you all on this subcommittee. We might have started off on some rough footing, but this... this has been great.

      Alz'ein: Cheers to that, friends!

    AdventureFriends! (Part 2)

    Day ?
    Alz'ein: Yeah! I can't wait for the QuestVenture!

    Day ??
      If you joined the Activities Subcommittee:
      ???: ...<Character>...

      ???: ...come on, <Character>, wake up!
      Alz'ein: No time to be napping, <Character>! Get up!

      Alz'ein: I'm not really sure. I woke in the classroom here, and you were all knocked out with me. Took some time, but I got you all up eventually.

      Alz'ein: Whoa there, <Character>. Don't go falling out. We need you here with us!

      Alz'ein: Yeah, don't worry. They've got to know they're missing four awesome students! They'll find us. They gotta.

        If you select the 'Aria, what about the petting zoo?' option:
        Alz'ein: We're doing something? We're doing something! All I know is, nothing's gonna stop us! Yeah!

        Alz'ein: Huh? Sure. Let me just...

        Alz'ein: I might have a mighty appetite, but not that mighty!

        Alz'ein: Oof. That's bright. But I bet it's our way out of here.

        If you select the 'Ash, are you sure you checked everywhere?' option:
        Alz'ein: Sure thing.

        Alz'ein: I'm doing my best! Here, let me get on a desk-

        Alz'ein: Look out below!

        Alz'ein: That wasn't me!

        Alz'ein: Oof. That's bright. But I bet it's our way out of here.

        If you select the 'Waiting around? Really, Alz'ein?' option:
        Alz'ein: Wait... YEAH! I don't have time to sit around doing nothing! I've got... THINGS TO DO!

        Alz'ein: You checked the windows and door, right?

        Alz'ein: What about the floor? We could try digging our way out!

        Alz'ein: I have no idea! But it's at least something to do while we wait, right?

        Alz'ein: There's... nothing. Just more darkness! Seriously?!

        Alz'ein: Yeah. If it were a way out, I'd feel pretty stupid. But now we know, and no harm done!

        Alz'ein: I said, NO HARM DONE!

        Alz'ein: Hey! We're not dead! Nice!

        Alz'ein: You! Tog! I like you! Thanks for the ride!

        Alz'ein: Oof. That's bright. But I bet it's our way out of here. After you, everyone!

          If you have sufficiently bonded with Alz'ein:
          Alz'ein: Yo, <Character>. So... real quick, before we get back to reality... That QuestVenture thing...
          Alz'ein: You're coming with me. Got it?
    Hero's Heart Day
    Alz'ein: For you? Sure.

    Alz'ein: What do you need?
      If you have sufficiently bonded with Alz'ein:
      Alz'ein: Say no more. What shall we battle today? A giant fluffy tog? Don't know where we'll find one of those, but there's no way that'll stop us!

      If you have not sufficiently bonded with Alz'ein:
      Alz'ein: A "QuestVenture" sounds... interesting.
      Alz'ein: But I... have other things to do. ...Very important things. Yes. Sorry.

    Other information
  • Also known as Alz'ein Yngerhav.
  • Alz'ein previously appeared in the retired quest The Puppet General; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    Side View Appearance
    AdventureFriends! Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image, side view appearance image, location links, additional dialogue, and corrections.
  • Heartdragon and Onyx Darkmatter for additional dialogue.

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