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Song in Our Hearts

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6/3/2019 1:04:47   

Song in Our Hearts

Location: Song of the Ateala -> Song in Our Hearts
Requirements: Completion of Arrival of the Vind, 100% War Meter
Release Date: June 2nd, 2019

Objective: You've arrived at the massive beast that emerged from the rift. It's time to take this thing down.
Objective completed: With great sacrifice, Atrea is finally safe. But the plans of the Magesterium and the Rose churn onwards in the background. What's next for the Kingdom of Greenguard and the rest of the Land of Dragons?

Experience rewarded: Scaled (Boss) / 144 (Titan Boss)
Gold rewarded: Scaled (Boss) / 10 (Titan Boss)

(1) Heart of Cryohem (1), (2) Augahim - Boss


(1) Heart of Cryohem (2) - Titan Boss (DA Required)


(1) Heart of Cryohem (Easy), (2) Augahim - Boss

The Empress
Kara SuLema

Unael Protectorate (I-IX)

Access to SiOH Loot for DCs, Ateala Soldier Helm.

The Empress: We knew that this would be the end of our song

The Empress: Farewell our children who had come back to us
The Empress: The Hero, with dragon and fist, would slay the beast

The Empress: Dark as night Atrea, still standing aloft above
The Empress: The magic strewn land of Lore, our new home,

The Empress: With us.

*The giant warbeast continues to be distracted by the dragonriders as you reach the top of a high, snow-covered dune for a better look at the colossal creature.*

<Character>: Well.
<Character>: That's big.

*You stand in awe of the magnitude of the task ahead of you.*

<Character>: Hello?!

*The warbeast doesn't respond.*

<Character>: Can you stop attacking Atrea, please?!

*The dragonriders continue to distract the unwavering warbeast. It doesn't retreat.*

<Character>: At least I asked!
Nirios: Please don't fraternize with the enemy, <Character>.
<Character>: Nirios?
Nirios: Correct. My brother and I are ready. We shall bring this beast down to your level.
Etaos: Nirios is letting me speak to you through him! Isn't this cool?
<Character>: What are you going to do?
Nirios: We will subdue the creature. It will be temporary, and the barrier will fall while the monster is held down.
Etaos: Oof, hey—!
Kara SuLema: <Character>, Mritha and the DragonLords are keeping the creature occupied, you should be able to get close!
Etaos: There is no need for pushing! Nirios can—
Isiri: <Character>, while the barrier is down, my Ascendants and I will have to focus our full attention on repelling the onslaught.
Isiri: That being said, I believe I may be able to provide you with some support.
Yashta: <Character>, I'm on my way to you.
<Character>: Wow, it has never been that crowded in my head...
Yashta: Thank you all!
Etaos: Smack this titan with all you've got!
<Character>: Understood! You can count on me!
Etaos: Nirios, let's go!!

*Purple chains begin to wrap around and bind the giant warbeast, pulling it closer to the ground, temporarily rendering it immobile, and allowing it to be struck. Simultaneously, the barrier protecting Atrea disappears, and the floating city is lowered behind snow-covered dunes.*

Etaos: You're... hngh... up, <Character>!
Nirios: For The Empress!

*You approach the giant, chained, beating heart of the warbeast, and look up at it with a grin.*

<Character>: I've dealt with much bigger monsters than you!
Yashta: <Character>!
<Character>: Wow, that was quick.
Yashta: I am simply very excited.

*Yashta appears as expressionless as ever, so you must take his word on this.*

<Character>: I... can't tell.
Yashta: I have an idea, <Character>.
Yashta: You beat it up from the outside. I'm going in.
<Character>: In?

*Yashta assumes a powerful stance, transforming his arms and hands into large, green-glowing claws.*

Yashta: Yes.

*Yashta dashes at the warbeast's heart with great speed, piercing and entering it with little difficulty, leaving only a small puncture wound visible. You stand in shock.*

<Character>: Well, that's... one way to do it.
<Character>: Oh!
<Character>: He didn't call me master!

*You return your attention to the warbest.*

<Character>: Alright, time to knock this thing back to wherever it came from!

  • Summon Dragon! - equips DragonRider Armor.
    • Battle! - begins battle with Heart of Cryohem (2).
    • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
    • Run Away! - returns to war camp.
  • Battle! - begins battle with Heart of Cryohem (1) and 2 Augahim.
  • Battle! Easy - begins battle with Heart of Cryohem (Easy) and 2 Augahim.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to war camp.

    *The warbeast grunts as the orb above its head falls to the ground, and its entirety turns black. You stand before its defeated, lifeless body.*

    <Character>: Is it over?

    *You hear a slashing noise as blue blood splashes your face and armor. Yashta has returned from inside Cryohem's heart, who too is covered in a pool of the blue substance.*

    Yashta: It is now.

    *You are not impressed with the mess Yashta has made, but nothing can be done about it. At last, the battle is won. Back in Atrea, The Empress appears ready to perform her rift-closing magic. You, Kara, and the Atealans stand on Atrea's bridge, observing the status of the rift.*

    Alz'ein: The main threat has been diverted. Well done, <Character>, Yashta.
    <Character>: Is The Empress almost ready?
    Isiri: I believe so. We should hold until—

    *A large amount of powerful, blue energy begins to erupt from Atrea's peak into the sky, plummeting down towards the rift. Upon contact there is a large explosion of magic, and the rift appears to close, returning the Sandsea to its former, glorious, sun-drenched and sand-covered state. Kara appears to be shocked at the sudden transformation.*

    Kara SuLema: Was that it? Is the—
    Nirios: Ayar Lat'quah!, Isiri: No...

    *Yashta, Alz'ein, and Etaos also appear to be alarmed by the results of The Empress' magic.*

    <Character>: Is something wrong?
    Alz'ein: We must attend to The Empress!! <Character>, come. Kara, please stay!
    Kara SuLema: I don't—

    *Kara is left alone on Atrea's bridge while you and the Atealans visit The Empress once more.*

    Kara SuLema: I hope everything is okay.

    And though we may be gone, our voice floats on the wind.

    Our children look to the stars, and in time you will return

    To me.

    *The Empress no longer appears as a moglin to you, nor how she did to anyone else. Instead, she—or rather, it—now appears as a starscape heart.*

    Alz'ein: No— I don't understand—
    Isiri: Ayar Lat'quah...
    Nirios: She remains but is not... herself?

    Nirios: Yet she is.
    Etaos: What do we do now?
    Yashta: She would have known this would happen.
    <Character>: What happened?
    Nirios: She has withdrawn, of sorts. Reverted? It is hard to describe what I am sensing.
    Nirios: I feel the loss of many. But not loss. Freedom? But they were not chained.
    Isiri: The ascended Unael. They're gone.
    <Character>: Gone? But that means—
    Alz'ein: It means she's alone.
    Yashta: Until Unael once more ascend.
    Nirios: Or her tears begin to fall.
    <Character>: What do we do? Is there anything we can do?
    Isiri: We live. Over time, Unael will return, and the Ayar Lat'quah will sing of a new era.
    Etaos: We hold her song in our own hearts until then.
    Yashta: ...

    *The fallen warbeast remains in the Sandsea desert as a reminder of the battle for Atrea. Yashta, Isiri, and Alz'ein regroup with Kara and you after your visit to The Empress.*

    Alz'ein: When you require it, you shall have our assistance, Lady Kara.
    Isiri: We will always have a place for you and your allies, <Character>, Lady Kara.
    Kara SuLema: Thank you, Lady Alz'ein, Lady Isiri. The Vind greatly appreciates your promise.
    <Character>: So that's that, then. I'm glad the Ateala and Atrea are safe.
    Kara SuLema: Indeed. Come, <Character>.
    Kara SuLema: When you have time, we must plan our next move against the Rose, and prepare for any more possible Magesterium attacks.

    *Meanwhile, in the Seym, the Magesterium watch on remotely as their Sandsea rift fails to complete its intended warning sacrifice.*

    Magester (1): It's closed?
    Magester (2): Forcibly.
    Magester (3): How did that happen?
    Magester (4): Was the floating city outside of our calculations?
    Magester (5): The floating city?
    Magester (6): Was it Jaania?
    Magester (7): Regardless, Rose activity near the Fissure has not ceased.
    Magester (8): The opposite, in fact.
    Magester (1): They trespass!
    Magester (2): What of Outpost Yeden?
    Magester (3): Still undiscovered. More close calls though.
    Magester (5): Then there must be a bigger message.
    Magester (4): One that cannot be ignored.
    Magester (9): The Shapeless wills it.
    Magesterium: The Shapeless wills it!

  • Complete Quest
  • Quest Loot - opens SiOH Loot for DCs.

    Other information
  • Completion of this quest unlocks the Ateala Soldier Helm shop back at the war camp.
  • Heart of Cryohem (Easy) was added on February 28th, 2020; more information can be found in the February 28th, 2020 Design Notes.

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