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Location: Words and Deeds, First Halo, Divine Judgement, The Forum, Heroes, The Proclamation, Song in Our Hearts, Out of Control

Quests given

Shops owned

Words and Deeds

??? (1): We have lost visual contact. Such a shame...
??? (2): They have been lost, along with their Ignominious.
??? (3): Does this pose an issue for the Shapeless' plans?
??? (4): If it is a war they want, they shall have it.
??? (5): The Shapeless wills it!
??? (6): Continue preparation for the Proclamation!
??? (7): Is that truly the only way?
??? (8): You heard the mage. She will not stop her interference.
??? (8): She must be occupied until the people turn against her.
??? (1): The Proclamation will scour the land. And it will be her own fault.
??? (2): Rightly so.
??? (3): The Shapeless wills it!

First Halo

Magester: Take this bag to the Seym. I want to try purifying with raw mana.

Magester: Such a mess. This entire delivery of salt is contaminated. Throw it into the ocean. I'll deal with the woman.

Magester: We are the closest to the God. The Shapeless. We do its bidding. That's all you need to know.

Divine Judgement

??? (1): *Angry retort*, ??? (2): *Muffled shouting*, ??? (3): *Mild response*, ??? (4): *Barely audible muttering*, ??? (5): *Heated arguing*

??? (6): —clamation is almost ready—

??? (6): What is the meaning of this interruption?

??? (7): Interesting., ??? (6): How rude!, ??? (8): We are in the middle of—

??? (9): Out with it then!, ??? (10): What are they wearing?, ??? (11): Who is this Hero?, ??? (12): Who authorized this Hero?, ??? (13): What could be so important?

??? (14): Falconreach?, ??? (15): Savage!, ??? (16): Hero?, ??? (17): Is that north of—, ??? (18): Of where?

??? (19): Can you not deal with your own issues?, ??? (20): What kind of Hero is this?, ??? (21): Who authorized this Hero? Somebody answer me!, ??? (22): How impertinent!, ??? (23): How unclean!
??? (24): Where is Falconreach?, ??? (25): How uncouth!, ??? (26): Why should we entertain this?, ??? (27): This is highly unusual., ??? (28): Who let this savage in?, ??? (29): Get <him/her/them> out of here!

??? (14): Dragon!, ??? (15): How can this be?, ??? (16): They remain?!, ??? (17): Destroy it!, ??? (18): Curious.
??? (30): Get me out of here!, ??? (31): Hold on a second!, ??? (32): Heresy!, ??? (33): Savages!, ??? (34): Blasphemy!, ??? (35): Capture them!, ??? (36): Is this a plot from the Rose?
??? (37): Guards!

??? (37): Guards!

??? (38): Destruction of property!, ??? (39): Don't be stupid!, ??? (40): Hold on a second.

??? (37): Seize them!

??? (41): Spy!, ??? (42): Learn our vulnerabilities?, ??? (43): Let's hear <him/her/them> out!, ??? (44): The dragons remain?, ??? (18): We can't let them escape!, ??? (45): Wait a moment—
Magester: Useless! I'll do it myself!

??? (46): Enough!, ??? (47): Cease!

??? (19): So. The dragons persist on the other continent., ??? (20): Stop the fighting!, ??? (21): This savage isn't worth it!, ??? (22): Let <him/her/them> speak!, ??? (23): Give <him his/her her/them their> audience!

??? (41): Working with uncivilized folk?, ??? (42): Out of the question., ??? (43): Our plans are already in motion., ??? (44): What if we want to help?, ??? (18): Only if we approve subsection D, part 4—, ??? (45): I voted against it!
??? (48): This could prove useful., ??? (49): A vote!, ??? (50): It's only fair!, ??? (51): You've had your evidence!, ??? (52): We need more evidence!, ??? (53): Call a vote!
??? (54): Guide our deliberation, Shapeless!

??? (55): <Character>, Hero of Falconreach. By divine decree of the Shapeless, the Magesterium has voted and made judgement most fair.
??? (56): You are not to be punished for your actions in Ull and surrounding countryside.

??? (57): You are not to be punished for the destruction of property and the assault of a Magester.

??? (55): Silence.

??? (58): You are not to be punished for harboring a dragon.

??? (59): We will not aid you or your resistance in your troubles with the Rose.
??? (55): Our own plans are already in motion.
??? (56): They do not concern, nor require, your presence.
??? (57): However.
??? (58): You are welcome to stay. Explore our glorious Empire.
??? (59): Perhaps you will learn something of true civilization to bring back to your heathen lands.
??? (60): We are in a time of Celebration, after all!

The Forum

Magester (1): We received word that activity has picked up recently around Outpost Yeden.
Magester (2): Again? Is it the interference of the R-
Magester (1): Please excuse us, <Character>. In the Shapeless Empire, it is considered impolite to eavesdrop.

Magester: Enjoy your visit.

Citizen: Shapeless watch over you.

Magester: <Character>.


Magester (1): Please pardon our intrusion, <Character>, Vesela.
Magester (2): You are a registered hero, correct, <Character>?

Magester (1): You are required for a heroic mission.

Magester (2): A group of bandits has been waylaying travellers and disrupting the flow of goods in the Empire. Innocent lives and livelihoods are at stake.
Magester (1): You will not be alone in this endeavor. On this mission, other heroes will join you, and you will be accompanied by a scout golem.

The Proclamation

Magester (1): The final focus point is in place.
Magester (2): The Proclamation is ready to be cast alongside the Harvest.
Magester (3): The skies of Nieboheim will be lit for all to behold.
Magester (4): Bring up the map of the focus points.

Magester (5): That's all of them accounted for. Exquisite.
Magester (6): Where does the Shapeless request our first move?

Magester (7): Over here, perhaps?
Magester (8): No, that should be saved for last. Remember, this is just giving her a taste, a warning.
Magester (9): Here.

Magester (9): It's sufficiently isolated, yet inhabited. Lives will be lost, but word of the cataclysm will spread further into the continent...
Magester (9): ... while the area and its population suffer fewer damages than a more densely populated area.
Magester (10): It is a perfect location.

Magester (10): The Shapeless does not object.
Magesters (together): The Shapeless does not object.
Magesters (together): Let the Harvest begin!

???: And so, our visitor finds <himself/herself/themself> at an impasse.

Magester: If only you had left a little sooner. It wouldn't have had to be so... messy.

Magester: Stop you? Me?
Magester: By the Shapeless, no. The gates of Nieboheim are doing a well enough job of that.
Magester: But you seem so distressed.

Magester: The sacrifices are criminals. Those who broke our laws, <Character>.
Magester: They are being punished as any would be, regardless of standing or place in society.

Magester: One may argue that the punishment outweighs many crimes.
Magester: Yet...by committing even a minor offence, they are opposing the word of the Shapeless. And in itself that is the greatest crime of all.
Magester: As one would imagine, this results in a surprisingly low recidivism rate.

Magester: As there should be. Are they not having a good time? Are they not learning a very valuable lesson?
Magester: The people here are happy, foreign hero.
Magester: They want for little, and are content in their safety.

Magester: You are seeking suffering where there is none, <Character>. Make of our customs what you will, but what do you intend?
Magester: To slay the masses of innocents before you clash against their god?

Magester: No, I doubt that is something that you will do. As surely that would be an even greater injustice in your eyes.
Magester: Perhaps in the distant future, some day, you may return to foment unrest in our city.

Magester: And when that day comes, your ignorance will no longer shield you from the judgement of the Shapeless.
Magester: But for now, I believe you wished to leave our fair city? I am sorry, but the gates will not open for you.

Magester: The Rose, yes. Well. Our own plans are in motion, and you... You've seen what you do not yet fully comprehend.
Magester: And it is too much to allow you to return to your Land of Dragons just yet.

Magester: And even if you make your way through the gates, you will find that we, the Magesterium, control access to and from the city.
Magester: The bridge will not hold, and you will fall to certain doom.

Magester: By the Shapeless, no. We are not savages. We only intend to delay you until whatever information you've gathered is... past its usefulness.
Magester: You're resourceful. I'm sure we can't contain you forever.

Magester: But if there is an unfortunate accident... well, such is the will of the Shapeless.

Song in Our Hearts

Magester (1): It's closed?
Magester (2): Forcibly.
Magester (3): How did that happen?
Magester (4): Was the floating city outside of our calculations?
Magester (5): The floating city?
Magester (6): Was it Jaania?
Magester (7): Regardless, Rose activity near the Fissure has not ceased.
Magester (8): The opposite, in fact.
Magester (1): They trespass!
Magester (2): What of Outpost Yeden?
Magester (3): Still undiscovered. More close calls though.
Magester (5): Then there must be a bigger message.
Magester (4): One that cannot be ignored.
Magester (9): The Shapeless wills it.

Out of Control

Magester (1): A worrisome development., Magester (2): Yet the Rose has retreated from the Fissure., Magester (3): Sabotage!
Magester (4): The results are beneficial for now, but the long term status is unacceptable!, Magester (5): This was supposed to be a siege, not a massacre!
Magester (6): The effects will go beyond their lands if we do not act., Magester (7): Who cares about some barbarians?, Magester (8): Who would have had the knowledge to disrupt our control?
Magester (9): We must end the Proclamation prematurely., Magester (10): The Shapeless is infuriated!
Magester (11): The Shapeless does not will us to destroy all of Lore!, Magester (12): We must regain control.
Magester (13): The Shapeless wills that we must send a diplomatic party to regain control of the rifts.
Magester (14): Diplomatic? Are we insane? We have just declared war!
Magester (15): Yet if we do not clean up our oversight, we will find all of Lore to be consumed in the ensuing chaos.
Magester (16): The Shapeless wills the deployment of a Golden Hand Division to Swordhaven for the purpose of readjusting control of the Proclamation.
Magester (3, 17-20) (in unison): The Shapeless does not!
Magester (21-26) (in unison): The Shapeless wills it!

Other information
  • Male Magesters wear black robes, while female Magesters wear white robes.
  • Magester(s) previously appeared in the retired quest Are Rocks Evil?; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    Also See: Magesterium, Meek Magester, Niedamir / Annoyed Magester

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