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2/16/2019 10:37:03   


Location: First Halo -> Quests! -> Heroes
Requirements: Completion of Divine Judgement
Release Date: February 15th, 2019

Objective: It's time to be a Hero(tm)!
Objective completed: That was no bandit. But what could it have been?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(5) Bandit
(1) Bandit? - Boss

Captain Bronimir
Kara SuLema
King Alteon
Scout Wayfarer
Vesela / Pierogi Seller

Magesterium Blade (I-IV)

Access to Heroes Loot for DCs.

*In Nieboheim's The Forum, you are having a conversation with a Pierogi seller.*

<Character>: So you're telling me... all I have to do is add hot water and those dried out husks become these fluffy delicious pillows of pasta?
Pierogi Seller: That's right! They were invented in my town, and I always bring as many as I can to sell. They're so popular! Affordable, tasty, and filling too!
<Character>: Incredible! I'll take... hmm... do you accept gold?

*Your conversation with the Pierogi seller is interrupted by two Magesters.*

Magester (1): Please pardon our intrusion, <Character>, Vesela.
Magester (2): You are a registered hero, correct, <Character>?
<Character>: Er, yes! Yes, I signed the piece of parchment and everything!
Magester (1): You are required for a heroic mission.
Vesela: Oh, you didn't tell me you were a hero! I'll be sure to give you a heroic discount when you return!
Vesela: *Wink*
<Character>: I— uh—
Magester (2): A group of bandits has been waylaying travellers and disrupting the flow of goods in the Empire. Innocent lives and livelihoods are at stake.
Magester (1): You will not be alone in this endeavor. On this mission, other heroes will join you, and you will be accompanied by a scout golem.
Vesela: Wow! Thank you, hero, thank you for protecting all of us!
<Character> (thinking): I guess I don't really have much of a choice... and innocent people are in trouble...
<Character> (thinking): A discount on instant pierogies sounds nice too.
<Character> (thinking): I suppose it can't hurt to help out one last time before I head home!
<Character>: Alright! Lead the way! Can't wait to meet the heroes!

*Meanwhile, outside Bunker 8, Jaania and Z are trying to talk with the gnomes about the airship's progress, while Tipu and Ahimsa stand watching.*

Z: Schmoozing up to the gnomes, pah.

*Scene pans above to focus on Jaania's new inquisitorial outfit.*

Jaania: Know your place, Z.
Jaania: You are here only to assess the airship progress.

*Z gives an apology to Jaania.*

Z: Apologies, Lady Jaania.
Jaania: Speaking of progress, I haven't yet had the chance to speak with you. Tell me about your findings.
Z: Findings?
Z: OH! Oh, yes yes yes! The foreign golems and this blue person!
Z: Let me start with the golems, as they are my specialty, however... the two seem to be connected, at least I believe so.
Z: At a first glance, it seemed to me as if the Magesterium golems and the golems on our lands were the same.
Z: But then I extracted the cores... and it dawned on me that their golemancy is on a much, MUCH higher level.
Jaania: How so?
Z: Ah, I have it here somewhere...
Jaania: ... let me just— hmm—
Z: There it is!

*Z shows Jaania a phylactery of the Magesterium's golemancy.*

Z: The golemancy in our lands operates on the principle of animating an inanimate matter through, in most cases, magical means.
Z: The mage creating the golem animates it by giving a part of themselves and imbuing it into the inanimate matter...
Z: ... so that the golem follows only the instructions of its creator.
Z: This "part" is, again, in most cases, just a fraction of the maker's mana.
Z: But the golemancy of this Shapeless Empire, my Lady...
Z: It pains me just to say it, but it's... extremely impressive.
Z: This core, Lady Jaania...
Z: It appears to be some sort of a phylactery.

*Jaania is surprised about Z's discovery.*

Jaania: Phylactery, as in necromancy?
Z: In this case, not at all. These "phylacteries" do indeed contain souls, but they are in no way linked to the creation of a Lich, or an undead...
Z: ... or anything of that like.
Z: With all of my vast academic knowledge... and some wild speculation...
Z: I have deduced that those comatose people that Magesters use to cast spells are filled with mana!
Z: Raw mana! The purest, most condensed mana!
Jaania: I've figured as much already.
Z: Oh, uh, well...
Z: The reason I bring this up is that I believe...
Z: I believe... quite strongly, if I may add, that when these people are imbued with raw mana to become, shall I say, nexuses...
Z: Their souls are... ejected? From their bodies? It is just a theory, but it does hold! Hear me out!
Z: The soul is ejected, Magesters catch it and put it in a phylactery that is later used as, well, somehow, as a power core for the golems!
Z: It all seems quite... ingenious. I must conduct more research. With your permission, of course.

*Jaania ponders Z's theory.*

Jaania: Barbaric, more like. If your theory is true.
Jaania: Yet another reason not to concede to the Magesterium. Such horrific magics are not to be toyed with.
Jaania: Cease experimentation immediately.
Z: But... but...

*Z reluctantly abides to stop his experimentation.*

Z: As you command, Lady Jaania.
Jaania: I'm glad we have an understanding.
???: You sure do talk a lot.

*Jaania and Z turn around as they are greeted by a gnome, who is one of the inhabitants of Bunker 8.*

Jaania: Ah, greetings, sir gnome.
Pozu: I have a name, miss witch. Pozu. Pozu Funfoot.

*Jaania smiles at Pozu.*

Jaania: Greetings, Pozu.

Jaania: We are here to check on the progress of the airship.
Pozu: It's going. Listen, the only reason why we're even taking this job...
Pozu: ... is because of what your Rose provided us to deal with all the refugees from Popsprocket. But it's running out—
Jaania: When... will the airship be ready?
Pozu: Sometime. In the near future. It's coming along.

*Jaania gives an apology for Popsprocket's destruction.*

Jaania: Please, again, accept my deepest apologies for what has happened to Popsprocket.
Jaania: I will personally make sure that the people who were responsible for this are severely punished.
Pozu: You mean your people. Your Rose.
Jaania: Yes, the people from my organization.
Jaania: Please understand that my goal is not to destroy, but to save. I learned about Popsprocket only after the fact... and I was appalled.
Jaania: I was, to be quite frank, furious.
Jaania: The actions of a few insubordinates do not speak of my organization as a whole.
Jaania: I acknowledge what has happened to your people and I bring further amends.
Jaania: Namely, this and all of the other gnomish settlements will be given access to the Rose's supplies and resources.
Jaania: Of course, we will have to set up a small presence to make sure our resources are not being misused...
Jaania: ... but I assure you, such intrusions will be minimal.
Jaania: On top of that, all gnomes are to be allowed freedom of research and experimentation within the Kingdom of Greenguard.
Jaania: It has been brought to my attention that gnomish science is not the same as the destructive magics we seek to control.
Pozu: ...
Pozu: Do you— do you mean it?
Jaania: I do.
Jaania: I cannot turn back time and erase what happened to Popsprocket and all of its denizens, and it will forever weigh down on my soul...
Jaania: ... but at least I can strive to fix these mistakes.

*Pozu contemplates Jaania's apology.*

Pozu: I'm— I'm glad you're saying these things, human. We indeed won't forget what your people did, but perhaps—
Pozu: Perhaps we can move past it if it means building a better future.
Jaania: I couldn't have said it better myself.
Pozu: With the additional resources to be provided, your airship should be ready... hmm... pretty soon.
Pozu: If you'd like to view the progress for yourself, please, follow me.
Jaania: I am glad to hear it! Thank you.
Z: Excuse me...
Jaania: What is it, Z?
Z: I've happened to notice these... intriguing contraptions.

*Z looks at a gnomish steamtank outside Bunker 8.*

Z: Would you say... you could make more of those?
Pozu: How much are you willing to pay?

*Elsewhere, hiding behind a rock, Eirn and Yix can be seen watching Jaania's alliance with the gnomes; back in Azaveyr, you meet up with Captain Bronimir, Domkvet, and Czelut, while a Magi Scout is close by.*

Captain Bronimir: According to Wayfarer, the ruined caravan of their latest attack is on the road just up ahead, and it seems like we're in luck!
Captain Bronimir: They're still mid-pillaging, so you have the element of surprise.
Scout Wayfarer: *fweebeep!*
Captain Bronimir: Thank you, Wayfarer.
Captain Bronimir: <Character>, I have been informed that you are adept at handling solo missions.
Captain Bronimir: Flank around from behind as Domkvet, Czelut, and I charge in the front.
Domkvet: Sure thin-n-n-ng, Captain!,Czelut: Aye aye, Captain.
Captain Bronimir: Any questions, <Character>?
<Character>: Err, what is Wayfarer going to do?
Captain Bronimir: Why, Wayfarer is going to follow behind...
Captain Bronimir: ... and broadcast our glory back to the public of Nieboheim, of course!
Captain Bronimir: Fear not, <Character>. I know you're still a rookie, but you'll have your share of adoring fans soon enough!
<Character>: That's definitely... different from what I'm used to...
Captain Bronimir: With the Shapeless guiding us, these bandits won't know what hit them. Onwards, heroes!

*You fight various bandits through the Azaveyran forest until you and the other heroes surround a lone bandit on the ruined caravan as the Scout Wayfarer watches them.*

Captain Bronimir: <Character>! Glad to see you've arrived in time for the finale!
<Character>: Stand down, bandit! We have you surrounded! Surrender!

*The lone bandit does not respond back before turn around and glaring meancingly at you.*

<Character>: Uuuuuh...

*The lone bandit grabs the Scout Wayfarer before destroying it; the citizens in Nieboheim gasps as they lose their broadcast.*

Captain Bronimir: Wayfarer!
Captain Bronimir: You hooligan, that is Magesterium property! Surrender your arms and we may yet show mercy!

*The bandit looks at its surroundings before transforming itself as a robot-like creature.*

Captain Bronimir: Shapeless... Shapeless take us, what forgotten soul could have created this?
Captain Bronimir: I know not what sort of fiend you are, but you will not pass the Heroes of Niebohe—

*The bandit pushes Captain Bronimir.*

Domkvet, Czelut (in unison): Captain!
<Character>: Oh, you're not going to enjoy this, whatever you are!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Bandit?.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to First Halo.

    *After defeating the Bandit?, you ask Czelut and Domkvet if Captain Bronimir is alright.*

    <Character>: There, dispatched. Czelut, Domkvet, is the captain okay?

    *Czelut and Domkvet can be seen carrying Captain Bronimir.*

    Captain Bronimir: You... you did it, rookie. It's... ugh— too bad Wayfarer wasn't there... to catch your moment of glory...
    Domkvet: Hush, captain-n-n. We'll stabilize you an-nd get you back to N-N-Nieboheim. You'll be fine.
    Captain Bronimir: I know... But... as captain, I must... give praise where... it is due...

    *Captain Bronimir gives you a thumbs up before passing out.*

    Czelut: Let's get back to Nieboheim. And don't forget poor Wayfarer!
    Domkvet: What even-n-n was that horror? Even-n Captain-n-n Bronimir had n-never seen an-n-nything like it!
    Czelut: Something from... overseas perhaps? Or a forbidden magick experiment gone rogue?
    <Character>: I've never seen anything like that from where I'm from either... Hmm...
    Domkvet: We'll have to in-n-nform the Magesters of the remain-n-ns. They'll kn-n-now what to make of it, I'm sure.
    <Character>: Right...

    *Meanwhile, in Sulen'Eska, King Alteon looks at its surroundings before being checked by Kara.*

    Kara SuLema: Your Majesty?
    King Alteon: Alden.
    Kara SuLema: A—Alden...
    Kara SuLema: How are you faring?
    King Alteon: ...
    King Alteon: I've spoken with everyone here. I've listened to their stories.
    King Alteon: And I am ashamed.
    King Alteon: I've allowed myself to be misled. I've grown complacent.
    King Alteon: I didn't realize what was truly going on in my kingdom... the kingdom that I fought for and that I reclaimed.
    King Alteon: The kingdom that I liberated.
    King Alteon: I've allowed myself to be manipulated by Jaania.
    Kara SuLema: Your Ma— Alden, I don't believe that she manipulated you, she's just—
    King Alteon: Oh, no, she did. I've pieced it together.

    *Kara listens how Jaania manipulated King Alteon.*

    King Alteon: The mirror.
    King Alteon: You see, my wife, my queen, died because of... because of magic, you could say.
    King Alteon: I have never held it against "magic", not really. The one who killed her was to blame, not magic.
    King Alteon: But Jaania... sh—she showed me. She showed me what could have been.
    King Alteon: She showed me my life through a mirror.
    King Alteon: She showed me my Lynaria...
    King Alteon: I really don't know what I was thinking, back then, I honestly don't.
    King Alteon: She was just... so... convincing.
    Kara SuLema: She is.
    King Alteon: I let her organization grow. I supported it from the cozy confines of my castle, not knowing what was really going on.
    King Alteon: How could I?! I was apparently fed misinformation, and I ate it all with gusto. I never doubted.
    King Alteon: I... am to blame for all of this.

    *Kara ponders this information.*

    Kara SuLema: As is she.
    Kara SuLema: It is as I've told you before. While I really do believe that what she is doing— what her organization is doing, is wrong... very wrong...
    Kara SuLema: ... she is not a bad person, Alden. Just... broken.
    Kara SuLema: She needs help. She needs to open her eyes to the suffering she has caused as a result of her obsession.
    Kara SuLema: As a result of her own trauma, she believes that magic can only lead to destruction. And that only she can stop it. That only she can save the world.
    Kara SuLema: But you've seen it now. You've heard our stories. You've felt the consequences of her actions.
    Kara SuLema: This is not salvation.

    *King Alteon contemplates Kara's words.*

    King Alteon: I will stay here for the time being, until I'm fully recovered. I trust my girls to take care of the kingdom in my absence.
    King Alteon: Meanwhile...

    *King Alteon summons a gold draconic sword that is imbued with lightning before wielding it; Kara becomes surprised upon seeing this revelation.*

    King Alteon: Ooof, I haven't done that in a while...
    King Alteon: What was I saying?

    King Alteon: Ah, yes. Meanwhile, I'd like you to arrange for someone to spar with me.
    Kara SuLema: My King! I... I didn't know you could...
    King Alteon: One does not stop being a DragonLord, even after their dragon dies...
    King Alteon: I've been complacent for far too long.
    King Alteon: This old dog has to get back in shape—
    King Alteon: —Before I have my talk with Jaania.

    *Meanwhile, at the apex of Warlic's Tower, Alexander stands alone, looking at one of the windows; Warlic solemnly looks at him.*

    Warlic: Alex, do you... do you need anything?

    *Alexander does not respond back as he feels the pain from Jaania's rejection; scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Quest Loot - opens Heroes Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Completion of this quest will lower the price of Instant Pierogi from 250 Gold to 150 Gold.
  • Guests and pet dragon are removed upon beginning this quest and prevented from being summoned as of January 29th, 2021.
  • This quest was updated with various typo fixes on July 28, 2023.

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