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5/11/2013 3:07:54   
Voodoo Master


Location: Smoke in the Trees, Facing Z Chains of Command, The Fairy Court, InspecZion, On Broken Wings, Queen of Swordhaven, Heroes, Plans Entwined, Direct Current

Quests given

Shops owned

Smoke in the Trees

Z: We've searched, General, I swear. I've had them followed only to lose them, as if they just disappear. Like... the very air swallows them up.
???: I apologize, General Akanthus. But since we have orders not to interfere with Falconreach... it's hard to track their scouts...

Z: I can increase patrols, General. I can send more out. I can set traps.
Z: I... I can send more patrols into the swamps, but we can't just keep sending troops in.
Z: Few, if any, make it out, and any maps we make are inaccurate the next time we try.

Z: I will not, General.

Z: We have been given orders. I need two groups.
Z: One smaller group needs to head to a set of coordinates that shows a Clawkin settlement with magic users.
Z: A second, much larger group to head towards the swamps.
Z: We think that is where the rebel camp is located. The first group is to lure Kara and <Character> out of the rebel camp.
Z: Our orders are to destroy the camp and capture as many rebels as possible.
Z: We need to know what they are planning, how many races are involved and put down any and all use of magic.

Z: We have our... our orders.
Z: Our scouts have been monitoring the location of a Clawkin settlement on the edge of Betrubung Swamp.
Z: According to some of our... guests... from the town, they occasionally make contact with the rebellion.
Z: Our orders are to capture as many Clawkin as possible, and destroy the settlement.
Z: When the rebellion shows up to save the day, we will capture them as well.

Z: Yes, Soldier. Some of you have not been involved in the outer raids. Humans and elves are not the only races to be wary of.
Z: There are many that require... identification and rehabilitation.

Z: Y-yes, soldier. Some of you are new recruits who haven't been on the receiving end of rebellion attacks.
Z: These settlements of magical creatures are fronts for training grounds for Vind forces.
Z: They fill the heads of these animals with lies and deceit to gain their trust.
Z: We must detain them and... rehabilitate them all.

Z: Any questions?
Z: Any other questions?

Z: You have your orders. Move out.
Z: Very well. Move out.

Facing Z

Z: All this time everyone believed these creatures were uncivilized, sub-intelligent furrballs. Who knew they were capable of living like us?

Z: I am so proud of my shackles.
Z: If you thought the village-bound Clawkin were passive before, once shackled they are pretty much catatonic.
Z: And easily maneuvered into obedience.

Z: They should, yes. I made variations for all of them. Clawkin, Dragon, Dravir, Mynx Fairy, Themiss...

Z: No kidding. That is one creature I can't wait to get more shackles on. No more magic healing for them.

Z: Kara SuLema... It took you long enough.

Z: You are a bleeding heart under that dark, stoic front you put up. Couldn't resist rescuing the wife of one of your followers.
Z: Couldn't stand the thought of half a Clawkin settlement in duress and crying out for rescue. You are predictable.
Z: And you... <Character> are just as bad. <Character> to the rescue. Always to the rescue.

Z: Not anymore. Seize them! The Rose will be happy to see us tonight!

Z: Impossible...

Z: We will see about that.

Chains of Command

Z: ...
Z: And yet, such cruelty has delivered to me exactly what I desired. Exactly as planned.

Z: Capture?! Capture?
Z: The latest iteration of my Anti-Magic shackles don't merely capture!
Z: By redirecting a being's natural flow of magic to the shackles, they are not only captured, but placated! Pliable!

Z: It's Golemancy!
Z: And it's brought you here. The leader of your little rebellion. The... Breeze, was it?

Z: Of course. If we couldn't locate you we'd just have to poke and prod what we could find, and sooner or later...
Z: That traitor, Carat, served his role well, too. Led you right here. Akanthus was right, yet again.

Z: Bah. Clearly you aren't going to submit peacefully.
Z: Guards! Seize her!

Z: No- It can't be!

Z: You- you're gone! Frozen!

Z: But if... No... Akanthus didn't tell me about this!
Z: Guards! Guards!!

Z: Always meddling... Always in the way!

Z: Have we— have we met?!

Z: It is I: Zadd!

Z: Golemancer!

Z: We will see about that! Golems, to me!

Z: And now, to make my escape!

Z: I apologize, general. I couldn't have planned for <Character>.

Z: General?

The Fairy Court

Z: If I may...

Z: *ahem*
Z: All of the Clawkin we have managed to steal are shackled. I would say that even though you both lost, we captured more than enough.
Z: As to the Dragons, they did come through.

Z: Yes, the young of the dragons not in alignment with your ways, Saellah are now mine...


Z: *grumbles*
Z: Works...
Z: This one...
Z: But not that one...
Z: Oh, why, why, why?!
Z: They worked wonderfully with the young dragons that we captured...
Z: I was so proud of that!
Z: Yet bracelets for elementals... still elude me.
Z (shouting): Still!

Z: And might I ask what is going on here?

Z: You're pale. Why is that?

Z: Apparently? What are trying to pull? Either you had food poisoning or you didn't!

Z: Amnesia? Ha! That the poorest excuse I've ever heard!

Z: I don't care what his excuse is! He's a fraud and I know it!

Z: I mean just look at his face.
Z: It's the embodiment of evil!

Z: Scan orb! Initiate facial recognition scan!

Z: I said initiate facial recognition scan! Do it again!

Z: Ah ha! A Neromancer! I knew it!

Z: Initiate Necromancer scan.

Z: I said initiate Necromancer Scan!

Z: Oh, so a Deathknight now is it? Thought you could hide your true form from a Necromancer Scan? Deathknight Scan!

Z: Hmphtt... So you think you're smart having trumped all these scans?
Z: You're coming with me!

Z: Oh... look who's talking. The Orb that can't scan anything right.

Z: ...Are you insulting me?

Z: I'll have you know that I am a high ranking Rose official.
Z: I can do WHATEVER I want! I could have you discharged and destroyed if I wanted to.

Z: And I'll say what I want when I want, do you hear me!?

Z: .........

Z: That tears it!

Z: I'll pulverize him!

Z: Leave him to rot in the Sneevil Dumpsite!
Z: You haven't heard the last of me!

On Broken Wings

Z: Oh, lookie here...

Queen of Swordhaven

Z: Ohohohoho!
Z: This simply MARVELOUS!!!
Z: Such craftsmanship!
Z: This is totally my aesthetic!
Z: Aaaaaah! Looook!! My hands are trembling!

Z: Ooohoohoho, absolutely!!!
Z: Make sure to bring me this mana person Jaania has spoken about as well!!!!


Z: Schmoozing up to the gnomes, pah.

Z: Apologies, Lady Jaania.

Z: Findings?
Z: OH! Oh, yes yes yes! The foreign golems and this blue person!
Z: Let me start with the golems, as they are my specialty, however... the two seem to be connected, at least I believe so.
Z: At a first glance, it seemed to me as if the Magesterium golems and the golems on our lands were the same.
Z: But then I extracted the cores... and it dawned on me that their golemancy is on a much, MUCH higher level.

Z: Ah, I have it here somewhere...

Z: There it is!

Z: The golemancy in our lands operates on the principle of animating an inanimate matter through, in most cases, magical means.
Z: The mage creating the golem animates it by giving a part of themselves and imbuing it into the inanimate matter...
Z: ... so that the golem follows only the instructions of its creator.
Z: This "part" is, again, in most cases, just a fraction of the maker's mana.
Z: But the golemancy of this Shapeless Empire, my Lady...
Z: It pains me just to say it, but it's... extremely impressive.
Z: This core, Lady Jaania...
Z: It appears to be some sort of a phylactery.

Z: In this case, not at all. These "phylacteries" do indeed contain souls, but they are in no way linked to the creation of a Lich, or an undead...
Z: ... or anything of that like.
Z: With all of my vast academic knowledge... and some wild speculation...
Z: I have deduced that those comatose people that Magesters use to cast spells are filled with mana!
Z: Raw mana! The purest, most condensed mana!

Z: Oh, uh, well...
Z: The reason I bring this up is that I believe...
Z: I believe... quite strongly, if I may add, that when these people are imbued with raw mana to become, shall I say, nexuses...
Z: Their souls are... ejected? From their bodies? It is just a theory, but it does hold! Hear me out!
Z: The soul is ejected, Magesters catch it and put it in a phylactery that is later used as, well, somehow, as a power core for the golems!
Z: It all seems quite... ingenious. I must conduct more research. With your permission, of course.

Z: But... but...
Z: As you command, Lady Jaania.

Z: Excuse me...

Z: I've happened to notice these... intriguing contraptions.

Z: Would you say... you could make more of those?

Plans Entwined

Z: ... and while the gnomes are coating the airship's underside with thrithril, I'm enchanting—

Z: Oh, uhh, it's an Atealan... mineral, I believe? Funfoot says the gnomes have used this material as a protective layer on a past ship before.

Z: Uhhh, where was— Oh!
Z: I'm enchanting every board, every screw, the whole deal, with a spell...
Z: ... that should act as an extra protection, on top of the trithril coating, from the Fissure's updraft magic radiation.
Z: It is as you requested, even if the airship were to fly directly over the Fissure, we should be safe... I believe.

Z: Well, that's the issue. Everything about this is new. We're doing—

Z: Y—yes, Lady Jaania?

Z: Oh, ah, uhh... of course, Lady Jaania!
Z: That reminds me, I'm also working on the mobile golem units, with gnomish help! Would you like to view the progress?

Z: U—understood.

Direct Current

Z: Ah, well, on that topic I have some wonderful news, Archmagus!
Z: It is, for the most part, complete!

Z: It turns out that trithril is a bit more... complicated to work with than we predicted.
Z: The airship is serviceable, but more time would mean more safety for–

Z: Er, most certainly!

Z: But- the leylines are a flow, a series of rivers to be dammed, not something to push and pull at your whim!

Z: Ah, but, Archmagus, wouldn't that mean you would have to get... close enough to the mana core?

Z: I- er, yes, a wondrous dream, Archmagus.

Z: We'll save the world, together!

Z: Most intriguing! And you say you just... found it in some ruins?

Z: Fascinating! But what of its safety? Such a powerful source of elemental energy must be quite volatile.

Z: Haha, indeed, indeed!

Z: Oh yes. Yes. I don't see why not.

Z: Absolutely not. I shall inform the gnomes of your pending arrival. I'm sure Jaania will be most pleased to hear about this as well!

Z: Er- f-friends? I, um... well, General, I...

Z: F-formidable? That is, I- Yes! Yes.
Z: It is about time I got recognition for my efforts!

Z: Haha, certainly not.

Z: Yes. After all, once her plan comes to fruition, she'll find out for herself all the work we've put in for her.
Z: There's no need for us to inconvenience her with our paltry distractions.

Z: I will send word to the gnomes immediately. Until next time, Akanthus!

Other information
  • Z's Smoke in the Trees dialogue was rewritten on May 29th, 2020; more information can be found in the May 29th, 2020 Design Notes.


    Also See: Zadd

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image, other information, and corrections.
  • Niki for corrections.

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