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Smoke in the Trees

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5/11/2013 2:48:01   
Voodoo Master

Smoke in the Trees

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up Right -> 2 Up Left -> 4 Right -> 2 Up Right -> Up Left -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Smoke in the Trees -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Dancing On the Breeze
Release Date: May 10th, 2013

Objective: A Clawkin village is under attack!
Objective completed: You've escaped the thorns of The Rose! You'll have to venture into them again though to save Ogorek's wife!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(8) Energizer
(14) ManaHunter

Bote Andedan
Kara SuLema
Rose Soldier(s)

Red Crystal Blade (I-V)
Green Crystal Blade (I-V)
Blue Crystal Blade (I-V)

Access to Smoke DC Drop Shop.


*A man with a blue Rose armor and helmet is standing in a building with Roses engraved on its walls.*

Akanthus: Rumors and more rumors. Their existence baffles me. They should have been found by now.

*The camera moves to the left, An unshaved mage with pink hair is standing there. He looks familiar...*

Z: We've searched, General, I swear. I've had them followed only to lose them, as if they just disappear. Like... the very air swallows them up.
Akanthus: Well of course it does. Kara SuLema is a WIND ELF. She manipulates the very air we breath for her own nefarious plans.
Akanthus: And she has a gathering, which grows each day.
Akanthus: Their subtle little tricks, which no one has been able to remove, by the way, are creating ripples in my placid lake.
Z: I can increase patrols, General. I can send more out. I can set traps.
Akanthus: Patrols are no longer enough, Tinkerer. I want everyone going after her and her followers, especially after that <Character>.
Akanthus: The return of the hero has begun to take its toll on my plans. All that they are doing is causing trouble!
Akanthus: It is time for you to play a bigger role and get out from behind your desk.

*Z bows.*

Akanthus: You are a dreamer, Kara. But there is no room for dreams anymore, dearest wind elf. Dreams die.
Akanthus: You will see that my way is for the best, both you and <Character>.

*A while afterwards, Z is standing in front of a group of Rose soldiers in one of Swordhaven's streets.*

Z: We have been given orders. I need two groups.
Z: One smaller group needs to head to a set of coordinates that shows a Clawkin settlement with magic users.
Z: A second, much larger group to head towards the swamps.
Z: We think that is where the rebel camp is located. The first group is to lure Kara and <Character> out of the rebel camp.
Z: Our orders are to destroy the camp and capture as many rebels as possible.
Z: We need to know what they are planning, how many races are involved and put down any and all use of magic.

*A Rose Soldier with purple hair interjects.*

Rose Soldier: Races, sir?
Z: Yes, Soldier. Some of you have not been involved in the outer raids. Humans and elves are not the only races to be wary of.
Z: There are many that require... identification and rehabilitation.


Z: Any questions?
Rose Soldier(s) (in unison): No, sir!
Z: You have your orders. Move out.

*The soldiers depart, excluding the soldier with the purple hair who appears unsure if he wants to follow them, but after a few moments decides to do so. Meanwhile, in Sulen'Eska...*

Kara SuLema: "N" came back last night with unsatisfactory reports. I am not happy at all.
<Character>: "N"?
Kara SuLema: She is very secretive. She has spent the last four years being "N" so that those she watches out for remain safe.
Kara SuLema: The Rose would love nothing more than to learn about her and take her into custody.
<Character>: I see. What was in her reports?

*A Clawkin is running somewhere, and only its legs can be seen. Then the scene returns to Sulen'Eska.*

Kara SuLema: The Rose is in the vicinity of a Clawkin village. In another day or so, they will have found the village.

*The Clawkin keeps running. You can see her face now.*

Kara SuLema: She was in the middle of evacuating them when she was attacked.

*The Clawkin enters the scene and falls to her knees in front of Kara.*

Bote Andedan: Lady Kara... they came. Again. Took many. Children... Ni-

*She suddenly notices you are there.*

Kara SuLema: She brought the message, Bote. But, you should have been safe for another day.

*Her eyes fill with tears.*

Bote Andedan: Few escape. Why do they not leave us alone?
Kara SuLema: Because, Bote, the Rose wants something it cannot have or control.
Kara SuLema: Please, go to the medic and get your wounds attended to. <Character> and I will right this.

*Bote leaves.*

<Character>: I've spent years... dealing with Clawkin ambushes and annoyances. You mean to tell me there is more to the creatures?
Kara SuLema: <Character>, there is much you humans have neglected in this world. The Clawkin... are a wonderful race of people.
Kara SuLema: All in good time, you will get your answers. For now, we must help the village out.
<Character>: I am learning so much every day... let's go.

Find the Clawkin village in the swamps. In your way you will encounter many Rose ManaHunters and Energizers.

*You and Kara arrive too late. The village was burned down to the ground.*

Kara SuLema: We... are too late!
<Character>: I am sorry, Kara. We got here as fast as we could.
Kara SuLema: Had I used my magic, we would have been here almost immediately.
<Character>: And you would have attracted more attention than you could afford.
Rose Soldier: Oh, she's already attracted so much attention. Both of you. And you did exactly as we thought.

*The two are surrounded by many Rose Soldiers.*

Rose Soldier (1): You came to their rescue, and now we have you.
Rose Soldier (2): Pathetic, bleeding heart rebel, we will destroy you here, then move on towards the swamps where you are hiding.

Defeat them all.

*The last one to arrive is the purple haired Rose Soldier.*

Carat: Kara SuLema, my name is Carat, I do not come to fight. Actually, I don't know what I am doing anymore. I don't know who is right. I don't know who is wrong.
Carat: I am torn, but I had to see you. I had to tell you something you need to know.
Kara SuLema: What?
Carat: We have imprisoned a woman whose name is Elanee. She was taken captive and is questioned at all hours, as they are trying to break her.
Carat: She cries for one named Ogorek.
<Character>: Ogorek? But... oh no... His wife?
Carat: I do not know who he is, but I know what she is. If you know this man, tell him she is alive, for now. Here is where she is kept.

*Carat hands Kara a scroll.*

Carat: You have no reason to believe me. I do not blame you for not trusting me. But, recently, I have begun to question everything.
<Character>: Then join us.
Carat: Maybe in time, once I have sorted everything out in my mind. For now, I must remain torn.
Carat: Perhaps, perhaps we will meet again, under better circumstances.

*Carat leaves, and Kara opens the scroll.*

Kara SuLema: I know where this is. We must go after her.
<Character>: There is no question. She must be rescued, as well as anyone else we find there.

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot Shop Quest drops for DC - opens Smoke DC Drop Shop.

    Other information
  • Quest Map.

    Thanks to Niki for quest map.

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