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Rose Soldier(s)

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1/22/2013 10:58:40   
Voodoo Master

Rose Soldier(s)

Location: Path connecting Swordhaven Border, Swordhaven (Book 3), and Helm's Harbor, Smoke in the Trees, Oculus Tower, Severed Hope, Changing Winds, Fight, Flight, & Fire, Swordhaven (Book 3), Unbound, Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy), The Cheese Seller, Unigedd, Plans Entwined, Leaving the Nest, Rose Pajamas, Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions), That A'Way! (Book 3) -> Right -> Up Right -> Down -> Down Right, Sandsea Path, Hawk in the Sky, Crash and Burn, Convergence (Part 1), Doomwood Path (Book 3)

Quests given

Shops owned

Path connecting Swordhaven Border, Swordhaven (Book 3), and Helm's Harbor

Rose Soldier: Move along, <Class>.

Rose Soldier: Hmph, criminals. They got what they deserved for harbouring contraband items.

Rose Soldier (1): Hah, I can't believe you got 100 gold out of that old geezer!
Rose Soldier (2): Hehe, he was so scared he'd probably have given me more! I didn't have the heart to tax him out of house and home though.
Rose Soldier (2): THIS TIME!
Rose Soldier (1): HAAAhahaha!, Rose Soldier (2): Ahhahahaha!

Smoke in the Trees

Rose Soldier(s) (in unison): No, sir!

Rose Soldier (1): Over here! Found some rebels!
Rose Soldier (2): Alright you two, you're under arrest, by authority of The Rose of Swordhaven, under suspicion of banditry and unauthorized magic use.
Rose Soldier (3): Come along quietly for questioning, or things will have to get rough.

Oculus Tower

Rose Soldier (1): The Oculus, It's overloading!!!
Rose Soldier (2): Run!!!

Severed Hope

Rose Soldier: Sir-?

Changing Winds

Rose Soldier: Um... Thank you.

Rose Soldier: Stop making them mad, Carat!

Rose Soldier: We're supposed to be afraid of that tiny lizard?!

Rose Soldier: Sorry! I'm sorry! Yes! Yep! Understood!

Rose Soldier: I don't think they'll be happy back in Swordhaven to hear that you attacked us.

Rose Soldier: Lady Jaania leads The Rose to prevent the misuse of magic.

Rose Soldier: We would never doubt a hero like her. She saved the world twice already, after all.

Rose Soldier: I... We're told a different perspective.

Rose Soldier: Greenguard as a whole is at peace. You magic-users are stirring up trouble.

Rose Soldier: I don't see why not. It's all magic, after all.

Rose Soldier: Carat! Are you out of your mind?

Rose Soldier: Although, I guess it's better than being eaten...

Rose Soldier: I knew it! They're feeding us to the dragons! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I'm sorry!

Fight, Flight, & Fire

Rose Soldier: General Akanthus! DragonLord reinforcements have been spotted!
Rose Soldier: Requesting the order to retreat!

Rose Soldier: Sir!

Swordhaven (Book 3)

When entering Swordhaven (Book 3) for the first time:
Rose Soldier: Halt.
Rose Soldier: What is your business in Swordhaven, traveler?

Rose Soldier: Not now. I asked you a question, traveler!

Rose Soldier: Exploring, <he/she/they> says! Dressed like that?
Rose Soldier: And your name?

Rose Soldier: Your. Name.

Rose Soldier: I would thank you for not questioning my authority in front of the perpetrator!

Rose Soldier: Don't you get indignant with me! I say whether you can get into the city or not!
Rose Soldier: Without my approval, you're not getting past these gates! The safety of the city is in my hands!

Rose Soldier: You seem awfully... guilty about something. What did you say your name was, again?

Rose Soldier: Oh, you're going to be like that, huh? That's it, I'm going to get my supervisor! And... and backup!
Rose Soldier: You're in for it now, just you wait!

Market section, near Blet's Booth:
Rose Soldier: Are you sure you don't want to move... No one will rent this stall with how... pungent your wares are.


Rose Soldier: Is everything alright in there?!

Rose Soldier: Are you sure...?

Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy)

Rose Soldier: It's a combat tournament. There are risks involved.
Rose Soldier: Accidents happen. I know I wasn't about to step in front of Fangblade.

Rose Soldier: That's none of your concern. We don't answer to you.
Rose Soldier: Looks like nothing serious happened, so the tournament shall continue. By His Majesty, King Alteon's, decree, of course.

The Cheese Seller

Rose Soldier: *mumble* Ugh, this smell... Maybe if I won't acknowledge their existence, they'll leave...


???: So you do admit to stealing!

Rose Soldier: I thought I warned you what would happen if you were caught stealing, but I guess you didn't listen.

Rose Soldier: Backtracking isn't going to help you this time...
Rose Soldier: ... since we have a witness.

Rose Soldier: And that means you should get off scot-free for breaking the law?

Rose Soldier: Then stealing is stealing.

Rose Soldier: Well if you're intent on obstructing the law, I can get really serious.

Rose Soldier: Come on, kid.
Rose Soldier: You'll be coming with me down to the outpost.

Rose Soldier: "You'll be coming with me down to the outpost."
Rose Soldier: ...that's what someone who's completely heartless would say, isn't it?

Rose Soldier: It's funny...
Rose Soldier: A few years ago, I felt pretty much the same as this kid did.
Rose Soldier: Granted I've never lived on the streets...
Rose Soldier: ...but after my father's fields all burned one year and there was nothing but hunger that filled the pit of my stomach for months on end...
Rose Soldier: ...you'd think I'd know pretty well what that kid was talking about.
Rose Soldier: But I guess...

Rose Soldier: Hold on a second, kid.

Rose Soldier: ... Thanks for saying all that.
Rose Soldier: Come to think of it... I think I might know how to solve part of your problem.

Rose Soldier: Yeah... Sort of. Do you know Anders?

Rose Soldier: Yeah. I often tour around his place while I'm on duty.
Rose Soldier: He's told me recently that due to the sheer volume of orders for equipment from the Rose he's been getting...
Rose Soldier: ... he's been considering finding a boy to help him around the forge.
Rose Soldier: He said he'd pay them an apprentice's wage and if they work well, he might even consider taking them on as a real apprentice.
Rose Soldier: You should find Anders and tell him I sent you... He'd trust my word for it.

Rose Soldier: And that is?

Rose Soldier: Then... why don't you just come home and stay with me?

Rose Soldier: Listen.... Everything would work out.
Rose Soldier: I might be gone for long hours at times on duty... but you could take care of a little sister while I'm away.
Rose Soldier: ... and with mine and your wage during the day, it would more than pay to keep us stable!
Rose Soldier: What would you say? Would you take care of my little Sunshine?

Plans Entwined

???: Here, captain! I think we found a way in!
???: And... PULL!

Leaving the Nest

Rose Soldier: ...and when we got near, we saw a dragon followed by a huge explosion. What happened here? Ms. Messimy sent for us, where is she?

Rose Soldier: I see... I'm sorry to hear that.
Rose Soldier: We'll make sure to let headquarters know about this, and we'll make sure to honor her!
Rose Soldier: We'll leave some people here to help fix the damage that has been done.

Rose Soldier: Now, let's get this scum to Espina Rosa.

Rose Pajamas

Rose Soldier: What in Khazri's Four Winds is that awful noise?!

Rose Soldier: ...What's going on? Are weird people trying to run up to the Fortress again?

Rose Soldier: DON'T TELL SOFIST!

Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions)

Rose Soldier: State your name and business in the city.

Rose Soldier: And what is your occupation, Warren?

Rose Soldier: And the reason for your visit?

Rose Soldier: ...
Rose Soldier: You don't look much like a farmer. And I don't see any vegetables or fruits.

Rose Soldier: Magical produce is not allowed within the city limits per edict 2883, section B, subsection 1-D.
Rose Soldier: I'm afraid they will have to be confiscated, and I must detain you for—

Rose Soldier: And you are?

Rose Soldier: There's no invisible vegetables then?

Rose Soldier: Well...
Rose Soldier: Alright then. Go on. You'll be looking for the Ivory Tower for treatment.
Rose Soldier: East side of the city, can't miss it.

Rose Soldier: Can't be any weirder than the other folks we've had around here recently.
Rose Soldier: Between the Vind's elves and mages and who knows what else, I'm sure they'll fit right in.

Rose Soldier: Sure you did. Sure.

That A'Way! (Book 3)

Rose Soldier (1): So there he was, just looming over us all while we had to clear out bandit camps. It was surreal.
Rose Soldier (2): I'm sure glad I wasn't on duty that day. I heard he just walks slowly at dragons and even they get scared!
Rose Soldier (1): Oh, a traveler! I'm sorry, but this path is currently being secured from magical threats. You'll have to take another route.

Rose Soldier: Shall I escort you to Amityvale?

  • Travel - teleports player to Amityvale (Book 3).

    Sandsea Path

    Rose Soldier: They're still trying to build the road to extend the supply lines.

    Rose Soldier: You can tell that to their faces after we make it.

    Hawk in the Sky

    Rose Soldier: Lady Jaania!

    Rose Soldier: We're under attack! A magical assault from below!

    Crash and Burn

    Rose Soldier: By the Avatars...

    Convergence (Part 1)

    Rose Soldier: Please don't hurt us! We've been ordered to retreat, not fight!
    Rose Soldier: Lady Jaania told us that if we encountered you, to let you pass. We just... we just want to get out of here!
    Rose Soldier: ...What I wouldn't give for a warm mug of Moglinberry juice right now...

    Doomwood Path (Book 3)


    Rose Soldier: Please be careful on your way to Amityvale!

    Body Examination

    Rose Soldier: Hmm... yes, it appears that this person might have died.

    Outside the Household

    Rose Soldier: Yikes... this abandoned household is giving me the creeps.
    Rose Soldier: I hate it in here... I just wanna go home…

    Outside the Necropolis

    Rose Soldier: Halt! Access to the Necropolis is strictly prohibited!
    Rose Soldier: ...
    Rose Soldier: As soon as we deal with the crazied paladin threat.


    Rose Soldier: Hush! I'm on the lookout for any signs of vampires! Did you know that they can transform into other animals?
    Rose Soldier: My pet bat here is helping me sniff 'em out!

    Outside Amityvale

    Rose Soldier (1): Got orders from the Magus. We are to investigate the ruins to the south for suspected werewolf activity.
    Rose Soldier (2): I love it when you talk all serious-like!
    Rose Soldier (1): What?
    Rose Soldier (2): What?

    Rose Soldier (1): You know guys... whenever I look at this moon here, I have a feeling, like, it's sad, you know?
    Rose Soldier (2): Maybe it's just going through a phase?
    Rose Soldier (3): Ugh...

    Rose Soldier (1): You're still hung up on that?
    Rose Soldier (2): YES! I swear I saw a spectral apple! And that's dangerous!
    Rose Soldier (1): I think you should leave it alone... it might be repelling ghastly clerics.
    Rose Soldier (2): Oh har har!!

    Other information
  • Rose Soldier(s) previously appeared in the retired quests Smoke in the Trees, Unbound, and Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy); any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.
  • Rose Soldier(s) previously appeared in The Market section, beside the Quest Board of Swordhaven (Book 3); any retired content has been archived here.
  • Rose Soldier(s)' Smoke in the Trees dialogue was rewritten on May 29th, 2020; more information can be found in the May 29th, 2020 Design Notes.

    Unigedd Appearance

    Also See: Rose Guard(s)

    Thanks to Jay for images, also see link, updated dialogue, and corrections.

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