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2/27/2016 9:44:56   


Location: Swordhaven (Book 3) -> Up -> Right -> Enter the library -> Librarian -> Unbound
Location: Swordhaven (Book 3) -> Up -> Circe -> Quests -> Unbound
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: February 27th, 2016

Objective: There has to be more information on the Rose somewhere in Swordhaven...
Objective completed: You... are going to have a headache.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Angry Clawkin
(2) Clawkin Wanderer
(1) Mushroom
(2) Nature Elemental
(1) Seed Spitter
(3) Sneevil
(2) Tog

Rose Soldier

Emerald Key
Willow Bark Medicine


*You pay a visit to the Swordhaven Library. You open the door to find the librarian going through some books and old papers, looking for something specific.*

Librarian: Expense Report: Residential Sewer Extermination, three years old...
Librarian: Hmm, Demolition Cost Projection for the old magic school....
Librarian: Ugh, really? They kept eight year old timesheets for the city guards?
<Character>: Hi, excuse me...
Librarian: The library isn't open yet.
Librarian: I've got years of boxes of apparently useless bureaucratic paperwork that they've archived to go through...
Librarian: ... and no time to help you find a copy of The Dragon Rogue and the Drakel or The Paladin's Dark Secret...
Librarian: ... or whatever saucy novels all the bored guards are reading at the moment.
<Character>: No, it's not that... I just wanted to ask you a few questions.
Librarian: [Disgusted Noise]
Librarian: Liste-

*Both of your eyes widened in extreme surprise upon glancing at each other.*

<Character>: Circe?
Circe: You.

*She throws several daggers at you, but you shield yourself from them. Circe then performs a backflip on your shoulders and removes her large skirt in midair. You glance at her and she smirks. She kicks a table in your direction and you dodge the airborne object. Frowning, she arms herself.*

<Character>: You're not getting away this time, Circe! What are you doing here?!
Circe: Attempting to work.
<Character>: For who?
Rose Soldier: Is everything alright in there?!
Circe: Do you think I don't know the precarious footing you're on with the Rose? All I have to do is scream and your "visit" is DONE.
<Character>: And how do you think they'll feel about the new "librarian's" other work?
Circe: Do you really think I'd stick around to find out?
<Character>: How much time do you think you'd have to find whatever it is you're getting paid to find?

*Circe rolls her eyes and opens the door to answer the Rose Soldier at the entrance.*

Circe: Hiiiiiii! Ooooh, it's fine!
Circe: This lovely <Class> was trying to help me rearrange the shelves and they fell right over!
<Character>: Hello!
<Character>: My bad!
Rose Soldier: Are you sure...?
Circe: Thank you soooo much for checking though! Sighs. Now to straighten up this mess! Have a nice day!

*She slams the door. The Rose Soldier looks away and looks back at the door, then he shrugs.*

Circe: I'm surveying the situation here for... concerned parties.
<Character>: Who?
Circe: ... One of the King's daughters for one.
Circe: Apparently, she's been trying to find out more information about the Rose...
Circe: ... and hasn't been satisfied with what she and her... friends have found out so far.
<Character>: Really? You expect me to believe that?
Circe: I really don't care what you believe. I just want to do the job and get my gold.
<Character>: That... I believe.
<Character>: I need to find more information about the Rose too. I think, with your help, I can get into the Ivory Tower through the sewers and...
Circe: I don't work for free.
<Character>: If you want a chance to finish your job here and get any gold at all... then you'll help me break into that tower.
Circe: Fine. While we wait for dark make yourself useful and help me fix this ridiculous mess you made.

*By nightfall, you and Circe go inside the sewers and hide behind some crates and see two Rose Soldiers guard a circular gate. Circe blows some blue, glowing dust at the soldiers and they fall asleep.*

Circe: They're just asleep... ...don't give me that look...
Circe: This is as far as I go.
Circe: According to the plans I found, this leads to the basement of the tower. Do whatever it is... YOU do and then get out.

*You get up and run in front of her to get inside the gate.*

<Character>: Ok... ...if you set off any alarms while I'm in there....
Circe: If you blow my cover, <Character>... ...it won't be just the Rose hunting you.

Explore the basement to see if you can find any insider information. Once you reach a specific door:

*You approach a door with a gold lock on it. You try to open it, but it won't budge.*

<Character>: Locked... I nee-

*A muscular creature approaches you and knocks you out in a single punch. As your vision dims, you get a brief glimpse of a green and brown creature and you black out. Like the other enslaved magical beings, this creature has light blue eyes. Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Second location replaces the first after completing the quest for the first time.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • The Angry Clawkin was working on this.
  • This door is locked.
  • More empty cages.
  • This alchemy table has seen recent use...
  • Another link to the sewers... but this grate is welded shut.
  • Sacks of food.
  • The pillow is still warm.
  • Empty cages of several sizes.
  • One tree is in bloom and the other is barren.
  • A plant from Betrubung?
  • Your stomach twists as your mana seems to be... pulled toward this orb.
  • This plant is dried out.
  • It looks like someone is sleeping down here...
  • These boxes are empty.
  • One of Zadd's shackles...
  • Someone's reading spot?
  • Mushrooms from the faerie forest... but they're missing... something.
  • One tree is flourshing and the other is struggling.

  • Chronologically, it is recommended to complete the quest Starcrossed - The Thorns of the Rose before beginning this quest.

    Next Up: The Beast

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