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6/25/2010 19:47:07   
  Stephen Nix
Penguin Lore Keeper (DF)


Location: An Icy Wind, The Ruins of Bask, The Adventure of the Broken Tower, Free Fall, Donovan, The Chase, Betrayal, Unbound, Swordhaven (Book 3) -> Up, Timelines, Ambition's Crossroads, Broken Circuit (Part 2), Reasons to Fight, Roots of Change, The Point of No Return (Part 1), The Point of No Return (Part 2), Fallen Facade, Hawk in the Sky

Quests given
Swordhaven (Book 3)
The Beast
Tournament of Champions / (Easy)
Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy)

Shops owned

An Icy Wind

???: The dragon still resists?

Circe: Consider it done.

The Ruins of Bask

(Female voice): Help... Help me!

(Female voice): Here... over here! The wall fell... I'm trapped!

(Female Voice): Please, help me.

Circe: Thank you so much, hero!
Circe: I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't come along! I'm Circe.

Circe: Did you... did you say Vilmor?

Circe: That monster destroyed Bask, destroyed my home! It was Vilmor that laid these traps!
Circe: Because of that power-hungry DragonLord all my friends and family are gone!
Circe: Hero, if you are after Vilmor, let me come with you! Let me help you capture Vilmor!

Circe: I know the danger, I am not afraid! I only need... want to see justice served to Vilmor....

Circe: Thank you, hero, your kindness will not go unrewarded...

The Adventure of the Broken Tower

Circe: The Tower is in ruins, hero. What exactly do you expect to find?

Circe: The towers were places of the Guardians, placed to protect the Orbs.
Circe: Obviously, Vilmor foolishly thought to steal the Orb contained within, not knowing it had been stolen years before.

Circe: Someone very talented, I would think.
Circe: No one even suspected the Orb had been taken North.

Circe: Lead on then, hero.

Free Fall

Circe: Scraps of paper and an old medal... how will any of this help take Vilmor down?

Circe: And what does that matter? That monster destroyed the entire town and should have been dealt with long before this.

Circe: What could be worse?

Circe: Yes, definately.

Circe: Avalanche! Hurry, <Character>!

Circe: RUN!


Circe: Sharing time is over.

The Chase

Circe: Sharing time is over.

Circe: Hmpf, who would have thought you could outrun a entire mountain side.

Circe: Hahaha, oh this?
Circe: It's made specially from dragon scales.

Circe: Poor thing sheds them awfully fast when you put fire near it.

Circe: Aim a little off?

Circe: You have to catch me first.

Circe: Hahaha.

Circe: You're going to need to be a lot quicker than that, dragonlord.

Circe: Hmph..


Circe: I had to improvise.

Circe: I got you Vilmor.

Circe: I don't work for free DragonMaster.

Circe: ...

Circe: What.

Circe: Oh. That would require some improvisation... and you don't pay for that.
Circe: Hahaha...

Circe: *fades away*


Circe: You.

If you have a Dragon Amulet:
Circe: Attempting to work. But you've been busy yourself, haven't you? Ally to The Rose, and the Vind. Playing both sides, are we? But to what end...?

If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
Circe: <Character>. Hero of Falconreach. Frozen for years. Ally to The Rose, and the Vind. Playing both sides, are we? But to what end...?

Circe: Look, I don't know what you want here in Swordhaven, but I can't afford to have my cover blown.

Circe: Oh, I'm sure our little scuffle won't reflect well on you either. Attacking a poor defenseless librarian like this!

Circe: Hiiiiiii!

Circe: Ooooh, it's fine!
Circe: This lovely <Class> was trying to help me rearrange the shelves and they fell right over! So clumsy!

Circe: Thank you soooo much for checking though! Sighs. Now to straighten up this mess!

Circe: Have a nice day!

Circe: Right. I guess I'll go first. I'm surveying the situation here in Swordhaven for... concerned parties.

Circe: ...

Circe: One of the King's daughters actually.
Circe: Apparently, she's been trying to find out more information about The Rose. Did a respectable job, even.
Circe: ...and hasn't been satisfied with what she and her... friends have found out so far.

Circe: And if I was working for someone else, you'd have just confirmed my target! No wonder she couldn't rely on you to figure things out.

Circe: Lady Jaania. The Ivory Tower. You're actually insane, aren't you?

Circe: I know a way in.
Circe: While we wait for dark, make yourself useful and help me fix this ridiculous mess you made.

Circe: They won't be asleep for long.

Circe: The basement to the Ivory Tower should be through that grate, hero.
Circe: And this is as far as I go.
Circe: According to the plans I found, this leads to the basement of the tower. If you get caught... I was never here. Got it?

Circe: I wouldn't dream of it. But if you find some way to blow my cover, <Character>...
Circe: The Rose will be the least of your worries.

Swordhaven (Book 3)
(after Unbound)

Circe: Oh, <Character>... it's always so nice to see you...

Circe: ... and if you blow my cover and I'll hunt you to the ends of Lore...

  • Talk
    Circe: <Character>.

    Circe: I hate you... so... much....

  • Quests
    Circe: Ah. <Character>. My favorite co-conspirator. What can I do for you today?
    • Unbound
      Circe: You still have the library to finish straightening up, too.
      • Start Quest! - begins Unbound quest.

    • The Beast
      Circe: If you blow my cover while you're in the Ivory Tower I will find you and I will end you.

    • Timelines - begins Timelines quest.

    • Tournament (Pt 1)
      Circe: Let's get you signed up for the Tournament of Champions. The posting should be just over there...

    • Tournament (Pt 2)
      Circe: Yes, yes, you won a couple fights, very impressive. Now get back in there before your next match!
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.


    Circe: Psst.

    Circe: I see you managed not to get thrown into a Rose prison. Well? Did you get what you needed?

    Circe: Oh, I'm not. My client, on the other hand, has taken an interest in your poking around.
    Circe: But looks like you're safe enough. Saves me having to find a way to rescue you.

    Circe: And...?

    Circe: You know, she hasn't been seen in public for quite a while. I wonder if that has something to do with it.

    Circe: What's your next step, then?

    Circe: Empty-handed? That doesn't sound like the hero I remember. | Empty-handed? That doesn't sound like the hero I've heard so much about.

    Circe: Why not talk to the King? He's the one funneling funds to The Rose, you know.

    Circe: Yep. Good King Alteon. I'm sure he would listen to a hero like you, right?

    Circe: Got your interest, huh? Well, it just so happens there's a tournament going on in a couple weeks. A tournament of champions.
    Circe: And the reward... is an audience with the King.
    Circe: You can fight, right? Find the billboard around town. Try signing up or something.
    Circe: Or if you really can't figure it out, find me in the main square later and I'll point you in the right direction.

    Ambition's Crossroads

    Circe: My Queen, would you have me investigate... personally?

    Broken Circuit (Part 2)

    Circe: My Queen–

    Circe: And I see you declined to bring up the subject of your ailing sister.

    Circe: It will be done.

    Reasons to Fight

    Circe: Got you.

    Circe: Oh, but you do. That airship is of Gnomish make. And I heard a certain gnome snuck into the city around the time the airship arrived.
    Circe: And certain very important people have questions for certain gnomes such as yourself.

    Circe: Umm...

    Circe: Your... potato is correct.
    Circe: The Rose has control of this city. They would have sent more than just me.
    Circe: And they'd probably be... uniformed.

    Circe: ...If we're all in agreement then?

    Roots of Change

    Circe: And what exactly does this... trithril coating mean? What... is it?

    Circe: The Rose withdrew from Atrea after the Proclamation rift was destroyed, didn't they?

    Circe: From what I have seen, there appears to have been a slight shift of Rose troops southward under General Akanthus' command.
    Circe: However, all other obligations have been fulfilled as you requested.

    Circe: It will be done.

    The Point of No Return (Part 1)

    Circe: ...And the Golden Hand decided against remote projection, as they intend to conserve mana.
    Circe: So they're all on their way back now.

    Circe: The Rose and the Vind are reporting occasional skirmishes with water elementals.
    Circe: It looks to be the beginning of an organized incursion.
    Circe: The rainfall hasn't ceased, and flooding has begun to affect some of the isolated settlements.

    Circe: My Queen, if word of this gets out, there will be no end to them. You must abide by your boundaries.

    Circe: Shall I investigate?

    Circe: ...Illusion magic.

    Circe: Powerful illusion magic.
    Circe: Hm.

    Circe: Stand down. I'll take them from here.

    Circe: It will be fine. Follow me, you two.

    Circe: In here. Quickly.

    Circe: You wanted a private audience, did you not? Now get in before someone sees you.
    Circe: I will fetch the Queen.

    Circe: Illusions down. Now.

    Circe: Who are you and what do you want with the Queen? Remove your illusions!

    Circe: ...Spymaster Amadeus.
    Circe: And your companion?

    Circe: Next one's between your eyes.

    Circe: The legendary blue mage...

    Circe: An unlikely pair to be sure.
    Circe: Explain. What is it you want from Queen Victoria?
    Circe: I will not tolerate obfuscation.

    Circe: ...

    Circe: I believe you.
    Circe: We have had our own suspicions regarding the General and Lady Jaania.
    Circe: I will take you to Queen Victoria. However...
    Circe: ...I have one more question.

    Circe: For you, Amadeus.
    Circe: How did you, a researcher and spy, survive a confrontation with the unstoppable General Akanthus?

    Circe: ...Now that I do not believe.

    Circe: ...

    Circe: Yes. There are far more important matters at hand.
    Circe: Re-disguise yourselves, for now. I will escort you to the strategy room.

    The Point of No Return (Part 2)

    Circe: As the gnome says, there are risks. I'll do what I can.

    Fallen Facade

    Circe: I got us aboard. I assume this is where you figure out a way to disable this gnomish airship.

    Circe: Shh! Keep it down!

    Circe: And what exactly does this accomplish?

    Circe: How do you feel? Any thoughts of murderous intent or destructive ideations?

    Circe: We don't have much time. What's the plan?

    Circe: Hurry it up. The others will be wondering what's taking him so long.

    Circe: You're going to make the ship stronger. Wonderful.

    Circe: Good. For the escape... Cover might be blown if they're expecting a Manahunter to exit the hold.
    Circe: I'll need you to—

    Circe: ...

    Circe: A little busy here.

    Circe: ...

    Hawk in the Sky

    Circe: Are you trying to get <him/her/them> to give up on the plan?

    Circe: I've...
    Circe: ...had worse.
    Circe: <Character>. I've seen the way you operate. Whatever may come, I'm sure you'll find a way to haphazardly smash through it.

    Circe: They'll be fine out there. <Character>'s leading the charge.

    Circe: Oh?

    Circe: ...Your people still need you, My Queen.

    Other information
  • Circe previously appeared in the retired quests Unbound and Timelines; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.
  • Circe previously offered the retired quests Unbound, The Beast, and Timelines; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    Unhooded Appearance
    Book 3 Appearance

    Also See: Circe (forum user)

    Also See: Librarian

    Thanks to
  • Jay for images, additional also see link, and corrections.
  • Occavatra for spoiler tag.
  • AztecArcher and margus20000 for information.
  • SalvationXI and Slayer Zach for corrections.

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