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Point of No Return (Part 1), The

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11/19/2022 16:54:52   

ArchKnight DragonFable

The Point of No Return (Part 1)

Location: Swordhaven Castle -> Queen Victoria -> Quests! -> Convergence -> The Point of No Return (Part 1)
Requirements: Completion of Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions)
Release Date: November 18th, 2022

Objective: As Warlic and Amadeus try to warn Queen Victoria of the impending danger, Jaania takes the next step in her journey to save Lore...
Objective completed: To be continued...

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Castle Guard
Queen Victoria
Stoic Knight
Worried Knight



*In Swordhaven Castle's throne room, Circe relays reports of the Greenguard Alliance's success in closing the Northlands Rift to Queen Victoria, as her bodyguard watches nearby.*

Circe: ...And the Golden Hand decided against remote projection, as they intend to conserve mana.
Circe: So they're all on their way back now.
Queen Victoria: Thank you, Circe. I was beginning to get worried after so long without an update!
Queen Victoria: The Rift being closed is a weight off of my mind. That just leaves...

*With the Northlands Rift closed, Queen Victoria requests an update from the Deadlands.*

Queen Victoria: What was the latest update from the Deadlands?
Circe: The Rose and the Vind are reporting occasional skirmishes with water elementals.
Circe: It looks to be the beginning of an organized incursion.
Circe: The rainfall hasn't ceased, and flooding has begun to affect some of the isolated settlements.
Queen Victoria: I see. We'll send support to Dragesvard and Dragonsgrasp, of course, if they'll accept it, and...

*Queen Victoria makes a plan for the Deadlands.*

Queen Victoria: We'll need to evacuate the Deadlands' residents to Battleon and Swordhaven.
Queen Victoria: Anyone without support is going to be in trouble for a while, if the Golden Hand need to make their detour.
Queen Victoria: Ugh. And I still have to do something about whatever Jaania is planning.

*Although Queen Victoria is annoyed by Jaania's plans, she quickly returns her focus to her own plans for the Deadlands.*

Queen Victoria: At least we'll be able to send <Character> ahead to Battleon to hold the line!
Queen Victoria: ...What would we do without—
Castle Guard: Your Majesty, I apologize for the interruption!

*A Swordhaven Knight enter the throne room with urgent news.*

Queen Victoria: What's the matter?
Castle Guard: A pair of petitioners from outside the city. They're demanding an audience with you, Your Majesty.
Queen Victoria: I'm a little busy at the moment but... Perhaps it couldn't hurt to let them through.
Circe: My Queen, if word of this gets out, there will be no end to them. You must abide by your boundaries.
Queen Victoria: ...
Queen Victoria: You're right, Circe.
Queen Victoria: Please, send them away, Sir Knight. I shall endeavor to hold an audience with them tomorrow.
Queen Victoria: They may return then.
Castle Guard: We er— we tried, Your Majesty.They're being rather... insistent.

*Circe and Queen Victoria pause before planning to investigate the pair.*

Circe: Shall I investigate?
Queen Victoria: Yes, that would be for the best. Thank you, Circe.

*In one of Swordhaven Castle's corridors, the disguised Amadeus and Warlic are blocked from seeking an audience with Queen Victoria by a trio of Swordhaven Knights; Circe hides behind in one of the columns.*

Amadeus: ...I am losing my patience... grandpa.
Warlic: Now, now, Timothy. There must be an amicable solution with these fine gentlemen.
Warlic: We just need to have a private audience with the Queen.
Worried Knight: Please, good sirs, if you just let us know what the matter is about, we can let her know and get in contact with you when she finds the time.
Amadeus: Time? Time is running out.
Warlic: Indeed. As we said, the matter concerns the security of not only Greenguard, but all of Lore.

*Circe's artifact detects that the disguised Amadeus and Warlic are using illusion magic.*

Circe: ...Illusion magic.

Circe: Powerful illusion magic.
Circe: Hm.

*Circe emerges from the column as she orders the knights to stand down in order to seek a private audience with Amadeus and Warlic.*

Circe: Stand down. I'll take them from here.
Stoic Knight: Ah. Lady Circe. Are you sure about that? The Queen is surely too busy for a pair of madmen—
Circe: It will be fine. Follow me, you two.

*Amadeus glares at Circe.*

Amadeus: Thank you.

*Circe opens a door to a private room with Amadeus and Warlic.*

Circe: In here. Quickly.
Amadeus: This is not the throne room.
Circe: You wanted a private audience, did you not? Now get in before someone sees you.
Circe: I will fetch the Queen.
Warlic: ...
Amadeus: Very well.

*Warlic and Amadeus enter the private room before Circe closes the door; meanwhile, in Brittany's chamber, Jaania and Hesperrhodos prepare to "fix" the sick Brittany as Akanthus watches nearby.*

Jaania: ...
Akanthus: ...Well?
Jaania: ...
Akanthus: Your aptitude for magic is astounding, but do not push yourself too hard for the sake of one girl.
Akanthus: If you lose yourself, you will not be able to make it to the Fissure.
Jaania: ...If I cannot heal one girl, there will be no point to a journey to the Fissure.
Jaania: I will succeed. I must.
Jaania: Go guard the door, Akanthus.

Jaania: I need to focus.

*Akanthus pauses before abiding by Jaania's order.*

Akanthus: ...Very well.

*Realizing her spell to save Brittany will exhaust her, Jaania ponders how she will succeed in her goal.*

Jaania: ...Mana. I need more Mana.
Jaania: ...What's left in the Tower should suffice...

*In a dark room, Circe tells Warlic and Amadeus to remove their illusions.*

Circe: Illusions down. Now.
Warlic: Aha. I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.
Circe: Who are you and what do you want with the Queen? Remove your illusions!

*Amadeus removes his Timothy illusion.*

Amadeus: It seems the game is up.
Amadeus: It has been a while, Circe.

*Circe glares at Amadeus.*

Circe: ...Spymaster Amadeus.
Circe: And your companion?
Warlic: Who, me? I'm just an old ma—

*Circe throws a dagger to intimidate the disguised Warlic.*

Circe: Next one's between your eyes.
Amadeus: Read the room, Warlic.

*Left with no choice, Warlic reluctantly removes his Warren illusion.*

Circe: The legendary blue mage...
Amadeus: Hence the need for disguise.
Circe: An unlikely pair to be sure.
Circe: Explain. What is it you want from Queen Victoria?
Circe: I will not tolerate obfuscation.
Warlic: Amadeus? Do we have time for this?
Amadeus: It would behoove us not to annoy the Queen's trusted... advisor.
Circe: ...
Amadeus: To put it plainly, General Akanthus of The Rose is plotting something that may threaten all of Lore.
Amadeus: He attacked me when I questioned him, and I was forced to flee. Hence my disappearance.
Amadeus: Warlic has been unable to determine Akanthus' nature as well, which is of great concern.
Warlic: We must inform Queen Victoria, and Jaania as well, if possible. And quickly.

*Circe processes the new information about Akanthus.*

Circe: I believe you.
Circe: We have had our own suspicions regarding the General and Lady Jaania.
Circe: I will take you to Queen Victoria. However...
Circe: ...I have one more question.

Circe: For you, Amadeus.
Amadeus: What is it?
Circe: How did you, a researcher and spy, survive a confrontation with the unstoppable General Akanthus?
Amadeus: I suppose I got lucky.
Circe: ...Now that I do not believe.
Amadeus: Perhaps I should ask how the cruel, self-serving, mercenary Circe became the lapdog of Swordhaven's royal family?
Amadeus: You are... surprisingly protective of Her Majesty.
Circe: ...
Warlic: Maybe this discussion can wait until later?
Circe: Yes. There are far more important matters at hand.
Circe: Re-disguise yourselves, for now. I will escort you to the strategy room.

*Meanwhile, in Brittany's chamber, Jaania, with the help of Hesperrhodos, casts an intensive spell to "save" Brittany as they pluck Brittany's soul from her body; soulthreads intertwine with them and Brittany's soul.*

Jaania: Yes. Almost there.

*Jaania's eyes glow white as she is about to complete her spell.*

Jaania: I will expunge this malady from you, body and soul!

*The apex of the Ivory Tower glows and releases mana energy in order to help Jaania complete her spell; scene fades to black.*

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