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12/30/2007 16:11:57   
Legendary AK!!!


Location: Warlic's Zone -> Right, Breakfast With Warlic, Summoning Help, Xan's Volcano Fortress, It's Elementary, The Coming Storm, The Final Showdown, ArchKnight Falconreach -> Down -> Left, Basilisk Cave, To Have All the Gold In Lore!, Ice Gems, Attack On Drakonnan!, Final Battle!, Epilogue, Ice Princess, Into the Void, Seeking Advice, Mayonnaise Cubed, Face Your Destiny, The Dragon Drakath, Eclipse, Full Darkness, Extreme Full Darkness, Reagent Race, The Wizards Apprentices, Playing With Fire, The Master Apprentice, Revenge, Petty Squabbles, The Duel, The Merge, A Tale of Two Timelines, Dueling Timelines, Corundum Corruption, The Mage Tower, A New Student, The Obsidian Tomb, Theano: A Thorn's Story, An Elegy of Ice and Fire, Heroes, Plans Entwined, Loose Ends, Ambition's Crossroads, Frostval in Falconreach, The Unboxing, Direct Current, AdventureFriends! (Part 1), AdventureFriends! (Part 2), Broken Circuit (Part 1), A Quiet Night, Into the Abyss, Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions), The Point of No Return (Part 1), The Point of No Return (Part 2), From the Embers, Chasing Answers, Hawk in the Sky, The Arrival, At Fissure's Edge, The Final Steps, Convergence (Part 1), Convergence (Part 2), The End of Magic (Part 1)

Quests given
Warlic's Zone
Dragon Egg Saga
Breakfast With Warlic
Crossing the Line
Get Warlic's Ingredients
Summoning Help

Warlic Random
A Named Elemental
Miner's Barracks
What's Mine Is Mine

Save Lymcrest
The River Of Fire
Fetching Fire
Everyone Knows It's Windy
The Pure Pool
Xan's Volcano Fortress
The End?

The Letter
The Crystal Shard

ArchKnight Saga
Necromancer Nicto
Necromancer Verata
Necromancer Klaatu
From Ice to.....

Shops owned
Warlic's Shop (All Versions)
Xan Reward Shop

Warlic's Zone

Warlic: Interesting... very interesting. I am Warlic, the blue mage. How can I help you, <Class>?

  • Dragon Egg
    Before finishing Valencia's Quests:
    Warlic: Hmmm, yes, interesting. You should speak with Twilly, the little red moglin, in the town of Falconreach.

    After doing Valencia's Quests:
    Warlic: A Dragon Egg is not a matter to be taken lightly. Let us be swift with this most interesting quest.
    • Warlic's Tent
      Warlic: A Dragon Egg? So you have five eggs and can't tell them apart? Interesting. Please, step into the tent and tell me more.

    • The Tome
      Warlic: You must re-enter my Mage Tower and recover the Tome of Summoning from the upper-most floor.

    • Strings of Flame
      Warlic: We must summon an unspeakably powerful creature to determine which egg is the right one. To summon "IT" I require several reagents!
      Warlic: #1 Bag of Fire Yarn
      Warlic: Venture into the Fire Cave, north of here, and see if you can find Bag of Fire Yarn.
      • GO

    • Brickhead - get the #1 Bag of Fire Yarn from Fiery Heart of Mt. Shining Star to unlock this dialogue.
      Warlic: The creature we are summoning is incredibly dangerous. Let's see, I still require several more reagents.
      Warlic: Indestructible Litter
      Warlic: Go into the Earth Cave to the east. It is a dirty job, but you must defeat a Stone Head boss and take his rubble.
      • GO

    • You're All Wet - get the Indestructible Litter from Stone Head monster in It's A Dirty Job... quest to unlock this dialogue.
      Warlic: I fear the creature we summon might be too difficult to control. Just in case you should get a powerful water weapon.
      Warlic: Bag of Fish!
      Warlic: Travel to the southern waterfall and bring back a bag of Salmon.
      • GO

    • Ol' Wind Bag - get the Bag of Fish near the Waterfall Secret Cave to unlock this dialogue.
      Warlic: We just need one more thing to summon the monster that will show us which egg is the Dragon Egg.
      Warlic: Bag of Wind-nip!
      Warlic: Mmm, wind-nip. Wind elementals just cannot get enough of the stuff. Search the wind cave to the North.
      • GO

    • The Summoning! - get the Bag of Wind-nip near the Floating Cave to unlock this dialogue.
      Warlic: We are ready to summon the monster who can determine the egg. I must warn you again, this is extremely dangerous.

    • THE EGG!
      Warlic: We did it! While I would love to study your egg further, you should return to Twilly and find a safe place to hide the egg until it hatches.
      • YES!!!!
  • Elementals Random Quest
      Warlic: Something has thrown the elementals in the area out of balance.
      Warlic: My friends in the mining town of Lymcrest are having some problems with them.
      Warlic: Out in the quarry several very strong elementals are causing havoc.
      Warlic: Please go and stop the first one that you run across, to help them keep in check.

      Warlic: Something has thrown the elementals in the area out of balance.
      Warlic: My friends in the mining town of Lymcrest are having some problems with them.
      Warlic: The Barracks where the miners live is being swarmed by furious elementals.
      Warlic: Miner Thirtyniner, the foreman, thinks that they might be after a special item inside the barracks.

      Warlic: Something has thrown the elementals in the area out of balance.
      Warlic: My friends in the mining town of Lymcrest are having some problems with them.
      Warlic: Several of the mine shafts in the area have become infested with dangerous elementals.
      Warlic: If you can clear out one of the shafts the humans and dwarves who live there can start to get their town back on track.
  • Other Quests
    Warlic: Lymcrest needs help, and there is the matter of the letter I sent to you...
    • Save Lymcrest
      Warlic: I will make these quests available to you in exchange for Elemental Essences from the Elemental Quests.

      • River of Fire - turn in 3 Elemental Essence to unlock this option.
        Warlic: Recently the mining town of Lymcrest, to the west and south of here, has been having a lot of trouble with the local elemental population.
        Warlic: Something has thrown off the balance between the elements and has driven them mad.
        Warlic: To add to their troubles, the river that runs beside the town... the river itself... has been set on fire.
        Warlic: I would like you to go investigate this river of fire. See if you can help the miners. I will see if I can find the source of the elemental imbalance.

      • Fetching Fire
        Warlic: I see, Xan is behind the river of fire. All of the elemental disturbances are most likely his doing as well.
        Warlic: You may have already found this out for yourself, but I should warn you if you wish to continue helping me. Xan is a very dangerous foe.
        Warlic: He has been after me for years, and if he sees you as my ally, he will also be after you at all costs. His hate for me runs very deep.
        Warlic: It all goes back to the time that we both spent at the magic academy in Swordhaven. Xan and I were always competitive...
        Warlic: ... but when it came to the affections of Jaania, we were out of control. One day there was an... accident...
        Warlic: Xan was engulfed in flames, and the only thing that I could do to save him was to change the normal fire to a healing fire.
        Warlic: The flames that surround his body are the only things keeping him alive, but he lives in constant agony.
        Warlic: For all his madness and hatred, I am glad that I was able to save him... but poor, beautiful Jaania...
        Warlic: Excuse me, I was lost in thought. Back to the threat at hand. I think I can change the river back to its natural water state.
        Warlic: But I will need a sample of the flaming water from its source. It flows from a fire cave in the elemental mountains.
        Warlic: Bring me a sample of the pure flaming water, so that I may test my theory. We will save Lymcrest together, <Character>!

      • Wind Mountain
        Warlic: Xan has actually changed the nature of the water itself. Any normal water poured into the river will set on fire.
        Warlic: I might be able to reverse the process. There is a spring of purest elemental water in the mountains.
        Warlic: To get the spring you will have to clear the mountain pass. It is normally guarded by wind elementals...
        Warlic: But there is a Wind Cyclops guarding the mountain pass now. Any traveler who gets too close gets blown off the mountaintop.
        Warlic: If I enchant the bottle before you clear the pass, the magic will wear off before you can get the water sample...
        Warlic: ... and the water will lose its purity. A way must be cleared before you can get the sample.
        Warlic: If you can defeat the cyclops and clear the pass, return to me and I will enchant a container for the spring water.

      • The Pure Pool
        Warlic: The enchanted bottle is ready for you to get a sample from the purest part of the Pure Pool, the waterfall that feeds the pool...
        Warlic: ...but I learned something in Lymcrest that you might find interesting. Many years ago before the village even had a name...
        Warlic: ...a baby boy named Xan was born under unusual circumstances. As he grew it became apparent that he possessed some natural skill in magic.
        Warlic: The miners were made nervous by his skill in magic, which is common with the magically gifted, we are often misunderstood.
        Warlic: In this small mining village there were no other children to play with and young Xan was hungry for attention...
        Warlic: So Xan tried to get attention the only way he knew how, by causing bad things to happen and hurting innocent people.
        Warlic: Xan, of course, was too clever to get caught but everyone suspected that the strange fires in the village were his doing.
        Warlic: As Xan grew to be a young man he became proud of the villager's fear... which he mistook for respect.
        Warlic: Eventually, tragedy struck and Xan's parents were killed in another mysterious fire, the day that Xan left for the Magic Academy in Swordhaven.
        Warlic: The fires stopped that day in Lymcrest. I'm not sure if Xan just couldn't control his power or if he was just always dangerously insane...
        Warlic: ... but it appears that Xan has returned to punish the miners of Lymcrest who he felt always treated him with less respect then he deserved.
        Warlic: We HAVE to stop Xan and change the river back before Lymcrest is "punished" further! We have no time to waste!
        Warlic: Now that the pass is clear, head to the Pure Pool and take a sample of the pure elemental water for me, while I prepare the counter-spell.

      • Xan's Fortress
        Warlic: I have great news! You did it!
        Warlic: The pure elemental water worked. We've started a reaction that will change the river of fire back to water. Lymcrest is safe...
        Warlic: ...for a while. Lymcrest is still in danger. It will always be in danger... as long as Xan is in possession of the Pyronomicon.
        Warlic: We don't have any choice, <Character>. We have to try to sneak into Xan's volcanic fortress and take the Pyronomicon any way we can.

      • The End?
        Warlic: <Character>! We've got a BIG problem. When Xan was knocked into the lava, the remaining magic of the Pyronomicon bound to it.
        Warlic: Xan, in his lava titan form, has erupted from the side of the mountain. He's lost control of himself.
        Warlic: In this form his magic is more like madness and there is nothing I can do to control it. Xan has become a lava beast...
        Warlic: ... and he will be impossible to stop until he burns himself out. But with magic fire... that may never happen.
        Warlic: Lymcrest, Falconreach and every town for miles is doomed... Unless... Yes, a DragonLord and his dragon might be able to stop Xan!
        Warlic: Do you think that you have the power to stop Xan?

      • Reward Shop!
        Warlic: The miners from Lymcrest are very particular about who they sell their weapons to. But you have earned their thanks.
        Warlic: They have allowed me to sell these items to you and only you! You may purchase anything that you see here.

    • The Letter
      Warlic: Thank you for coming so quickly <Character>. There is a new threat amassing and I believe that you may be our only hope.

      • What's wrong?
        Warlic: I have been following your adventures closely. I must say that, so far, I am impressed.
        Warlic: But a great Darkness is coming, and our side is not prepared to battle it.

        • What can I do?
          Warlic: I sense great power within you, which will attract this new threat.
          Warlic: You must arm yourself with a weapon powerful enough to drive back this new threat.

          • I see, go on...
            Warlic: I have recently come into posession of several powerful Weapons of Light.

            Warlic: I'm afraid that they are rather useless at the moment. They have lost their magical charge.
            Warlic: If you would be willing to pay for the cost of the spell and gather the missing part... then they are yours.

            Warlic: I have read of a cave far from here. Inside grows a Crystal Tree. A single shard from the tree could power all of these weapons.
            Warlic: I can teleport you there, and back again once I sense the power of the crystal shard in your posession.
            Warlic: Are you ready to leave?

        • I side with the Dark!
          Warlic: That is your choice. But the power I sense in you will draw this new danger to you like a moth to the flame.
          Warlic: You will need a powerful weapon when the time comes.
          • I see, go on... - see 'I see, go on...' dialogue
  • Talk
    • Elementals
      Warlic: Elementals? Indeed, this is why I am here. Xan has twisted these mountains creating monsters of elemental evil.

    • Xan
      Warlic: Xan? Alas, our conflict has continued for some time. I do regret what happened between us that caused his affliction.

    • Blue Mage
      Warlic: Blue Mage? Ah, you see Black, White and Red were already taken. Interesting, indeed!

    • Portal
      Warlic: Portals? Portals are magical gateways th... oh, you already know that. They have been quite handy since I found them and turned them on.
  • Weapon Shop
    Warlic: <Character>, I appreciate you helping my friends in the mining town. To thank you, I would like to make special elemental weapons for you.
    Warlic: Bring me one of the metal weapons and some elemental essences you will find in the quest.
    Warlic: I will enchant the metal weapon with the element of your choice... Fire, Water, Stone or Wind.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP and MP.

    If you have the Crystal Shard in Temporary Items, removes it from Temporary Items:
    Warlic: ... four-legged, living crystal beings?

    Warlic: I fear I have made a terrible, terrible mistake.
    Warlic (thinking): Is it possible that the tree <he/she/they> battled was actually a Vizalain... ? I wonder what impact this will have in the future.

    Warlic: I am sorry, where was I? Ah, excellent work!
    Warlic: The Weapons of Light are now ready! This will help you greatly in what is to come!

    See what happened to the Vizalain as a result of your victory. Happening now in AdventureQuest!

    Breakfast with Warlic

    Warlic: Oh, we're not in a tent. That is just the portal that leads here to my Mage Tower.
    Warlic: We pay a little more for the extra dimensions, but we thought that it would be worth the rent.

    Warlic: Yes, me and my roommate, Cysero. He's a decent roommate... mostly because he's gone most of the time.
    Warlic: Anyway, Twilly told me how these eggs came into your possession. You've had quite an adventure so far.

    Warlic: I have begun doing research on the Black and White Dragon Boxes. The texts are ancient and difficult to translate, but it looks bad.
    Warlic: If I'm correct, the texts say that this egg will hatch the Great Dragon that will destroy all of Lore!

    Warlic: We may be able to avert this catastrophe but first we will need to reveal which egg is the true Dragon Egg.
    Warlic: I have a good feeling about this one, but we will need a power spell to dispell the illusion.

    Warlic: Of course not, it's an illusion. All dragon eggs have a natural magic illusion around them that helps protect them.
    Warlic: I have to find a spell powerful enough to counter the dragon magic on the egg. While I do my research make yourself at home.
    Warlic: Feel free to make yourself a snack while you wait. I won't be very long. Watch the egg that will destroy Lore carefully. *He walks away*

    Warlic: I have great news!
    Warlic: As it turns out, I believe that YOU have the egg that will hatch the dragon that will SAVE all of Lore from destruc... *sniff sniff*

    Warlic: Uh... No thank you. So you... uh... cooked the egg?

    Warlic: You COOKED the dragon egg that would have saved the world.

    Warlic: Quickly... did the egg taste like Honey and Mackrel?

    Warlic: Ok, then that wasn't the Dragon Egg. One sure way to tell if an egg is a dragon egg is the taste test.

    Warlic: Unfortunately, no. The magic is very strong. We will have to summon a creature that feeds on dragon eggs to dispell the illusion for us.
    Warlic: I will need your help, hero. The Ancient Tome of Summoning lies high in my tower, behind a barrier that I cannot pass.

    Warlic: Not... exactly. The Tome is on Cysero's half of the tower.
    Warlic: You see, his insane experiments and dirty laundry were driving me nuts, so we painted a yellow line separating his half from mine.

    Warlic: Think so? Let's see if you feel that way after fighting past his magical accidents and his enchanted filthy laundry.

    Summoning Help

    Warlic: Well done hero. We've got the Fire Yarn, Indestructable Litter, Salmon, and the Wind Nip.
    Warlic: Everything that we will need to pull this monster from its world into our own.
    Warlic: We are ready to begin the spell. Remember, this creature is VERY dangerous, and feasts on dragon eggs.
    Warlic: It will sniff the eggs and it wil begin to dispell the dragon illsuion when it finds which egg is the real one.
    Warlic: Once it has unveiled the true dragon egg, you will have to step in and banish the beast back to its own plane.
    Warlic: Otherwise, it will devour the egg.

    Warlic: Alright, here we go.

    Warlic: Do not be fooled by the Doomkitten's appearance. It only assumes this form to...

    Warlic: Just... just let it pick an egg.

    Warlic: THERE! It's chosen an egg and it's beginning to dispell the illusion! QUICKLY... banish it!

    Xan's Volcano Fortress

    Warlic: We must be very careful. Xan has wanted me dead for years and I'm sure that he doesn't like you very much either...
    Warlic: ...after everything that you've done to stop him. So... what's your plan?
    Warlic: Right, but I mean after that...
    Warlic: Xan won't just say 'Oh, you want the book that increases my powers a thousand times? Sure, here you go. Have a nice walk back.'
    Warlic: I mean, how do we get out?
    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: That's really not much better than my plan.
    Warlic: That's reasonable. Lead the way.
    Warlic: Magic.
    Warlic: There are no guards here, and not a single monster on the path leading to the door.
    Warlic: <Character>, wake up.
    Warlic: WAKE UP!
    Warlic: I TOLD you it was a bad plan.
    Warlic: Xan... with all the new power... have you found a way... a way to free Jaania?
    Warlic: Xan, It was our combined unleashed magic that trapped her. If we work together... use our powers together again... then maybe...
    Warlic: What?!
    Warlic: We don't have a choice.
    Warlic: Yes, but one of us has to live. Xan is too strong for us with the Pyronomicon. If I win he's sure to kill me anyway. If you live he might let you go.
    Warlic: You're going to have to defeat me.
    Warlic: <Character>, I know you want to do what is right but this is our only choice, and if I have to really fight you, just to get you to defend yourself...
    Warlic: ... then, I'll do it. I won't hold back, so you better not either!
    Warlic: That's RIGHT!
    Warlic: Quick <Character>. You have to defeat Xan! I think I can cut the power of the Pyronomicon off from him.
    Warlic: I have to keep chanting this spell to contain the Pyronomicon's power! It's up to you!
    Warlic: Can we talk about this later, please? I need to focus.
    Warlic: Simply amazing. What a battle!
    Warlic: I don't think so. But you beat him, and we've got the Pyronomicon.
    Warlic: It's too powerful to destroy, but it's too dangerous to keep in my tower. I think I know the right place to keep it hidden...
    Warlic: ...and who knows, maybe Xan was right. Maybe it is powerful enough to free Jaania.
    Warlic: The important thing is that it is out of the hands of that madman. I can't believe that you were strong enough to defeat Xan on your own.
    Warlic: You saved Lymcrest, my friend, and you saved me. Thank you <Character>, I am forever in your debt.

    It's Elementary

    Warlic: Nythera, welcome. I'm very happy your parents agreed to let you become my apprentice. Your potential for magic is great.

    Warlic: In due time. If you do well in your studies and the tasks that I assign I have the permission of your parents to restore some of your natural powers.

    Warlic: I have an assignment for you already, Nythera. This area is inhabited by four elemental tribes of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.
    Warlic: There are rumors of a fifth tribe, but I believe they've moved to the jungles in the south.
    Warlic: I wish for you to commune with their leaders. Each is wise and you could learn much from them.
    Warlic: I wish to work with them and study their magic. Their natural power is something that very few wizards spend lifetimes studying and striving for.
    Warlic: Without their cooperation it would take, literally, hundreds of years and millions of essences to finish my experiments.

    Warlic: These aren't just elementals, they're forces of nature, and very powerful. You must show them the proper respect and humility.

    Warlic: Good luck, Nythera.

    Warlic: ... you did what?!

    Warlic: They are all great! Even though each element believes in it's autonomous power, their true greatness comes with working together.
    Warlic: By their power combined... they are our world. They are Lore.

    Warlic: *sigh* Elementals are sensitive creatures. They are not used to humans directly interacting with them on the level you did.
    Warlic: I suspect you surprised them more than anything. Your confrontation with them will not be forgotten though.
    Warlic: I fear for adventurers and their dealing with the elementals in this area now.

    Warlic: No, it is mine. You weren't ready for this yet. I'm sorry Nythera, but I cannot give you access to your powers yet. You have much to learn.

    Warlic: I said if you did well in your tasks. Your confrontations have caused much strife here. As I said before, you have much to learn.

    The Coming Storm

    Warlic: Remind me to teach you the value of patience next.

    Warlic: You could not handle the power I possess, Apprentice.

    Warlic: I know more than you think, you still have much to learn.

    The Final Showdown

    Warlic: You must learn from your mistakes, my apprentice. You are forgiven this time, but, as I've said, there is still much left for you to learn.
    Warlic: Rest assured, you will someday wield your dragon magic again, though.

    Warlic: Yes, <Character> I had a feeling it would come to that.
    Warlic: Nythera is a very strong willed being and powerful on her own, even without her magic.
    Warlic: Unfortunately, it took such a drastic measure for her learn and open up.
    Warlic: If we had truly battled, the clashing powers could have destroyed all of LORE. Fully unleashing my power has its consequences...

    Warlic: Dying is of little consequence to me, I have been to Death's Realm before. We all float there.
    Warlic: I had faith in you though, my friend, to protect the townspeople.
    Warlic: When that final vial was thrown and I saw what needed to be done, I knew I could count on you to defend those innocent in the matter.

    Warlic: Stop, <Character>. The Avatars await.

    Warlic: Please my friends. I know Nythera's pride has angered you, but she realized her error. Please, leave now, and we can begin to set things right.

    Warlic: I am sorry it has come to this, but Nythera is my responsibility!

    Warlic: ... and I could rule over this land? With an iron fist and woe be it to any who dare oppose me?

    Warlic: There are certain... limitations to my power. Each spell I cast, generates mana rather than expends it. If I gain too much mana...
    Warlic: Every spell I cast could be my end.
    Warlic: This is something I'd like to keep between us. I am not sure why my magic works as it does. That is what I am trying to find out with my research.
    Warlic: Until I know for certain, I am here merely to observe and lend a hand only when needed.
    Warlic: Besides, it is very important to let those who would be heroes... actually be heroes sometimes.
    Warlic: It is important that I let you write your own story. As you find out soon when you guide a young hero to knighthood.

    Warlic: I will take care of her. She is now ready to actually listen to my teaching now.
    Warlic: Someday, she will take over for me here when it is time for me to leave.

    Warlic: YES.

    ArchKnight Falconreach

    Warlic: Ash! It's good to see you again. I have something to... discuss with you.

  • Three Necros
    Warlic: Artix has informed me of your friends issue. I believe I can help.
    Warlic: First though, there are three necromancers in the surrounding area whose magics are disrupting my own.
    Warlic: You must venture forth and defeat them if I am to be able to help you save the girl.
    • Klaatu
      Warlic: There is a disturbing wood controlled by the Necromancer, Klaatu.
      Warlic: His wicked art allows him to rearrange the parts of this skeletal minions in order to create an unstoppable army of undead.
      Warlic: He has even re-made his plants out of bone!
      Warlic: Go Ash, and defeat Klaatu!

    • Verata
      Warlic: There is a forest of evil trees that is the work of the Necromancer, Verata.
      Warlic: His vile works consists of capturing souls and using them to create monsters of lesser creatures.
      Warlic: The giant spiders, bats and deadwoods that permeate these lands are his doing.
      Warlic: Venture forth into the Dead Woods, Ash, and defeat Verata!

    • Nicto
      Warlic: The Necromancer Nicto has a stronghold to the west. He has been working for 15 years on a powerful spell to turn himself into... a Liche.

      Warlic: No. A Liche.

      Warlic: Who's the all-powerful mage here?
      Warlic: Anyways, you must venture into his stronghold, defeat his skeletal minions and stop the spell cast.
  • The Unfreezing
    Warlic: The three necromancers have been defeated and the air is clear. I am ready to start my spell, Ash.
  • Now what?
    Warlic: I'm sorry, Ash. Neither I or Artix have been able to find any information on your mystery girl.
    Warlic: If she is a princess, no one has reported her missing. I think it's much more likely that she's just a girl who got lost in the woods.
    Warlic: If you're still looking to save a princess though, I know of someone who might be able to help you, Ash.
    Warlic: Head over to the eastern park, you'll find them there.

  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    From Ice to.....

    Warlic: It's alright, my friend.
    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: Ooooo...Kay.
    Warlic: Please focus on the matter at hand. This requires complete...
    Warlic: Yulgar? What happened!?
    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: Must we have to be smithing this very moment?
    Warlic: I mean, how the heck did you drag that anvil all the way over here?
    Warlic: *chuckles*
    Warlic: Alright then... Let us begin!
    Warlic: *Slams his staff into the ground*
    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: I left the spell in my tent.
    Warlic: Aria, will you hold this pure fire orb for me until I get back?
    Warlic: Thank you, I will return in just a moment.
    Warlic: I apologize for the wait.... thank you.
    Warlic: Where were we...
    Warlic: ah, yes...
    Warlic: With this pure orb of fire, I weave my enchantment!
    Warlic: Mah dna sgge neerg ekil ton od I!
    Warlic: Ma I mas meht ekil ton od I!!!
    Warlic: !!!!!
    Warlic: Interesting...
    Warlic: Yulgar might be on to something here... give it a try adventurer.

    Basilisk Cave

    Warlic: Um, Ash, you might want to stand back and check your work...

    Ice Princess

    Warlic: Ahem.
    Warlic: Ash... the hero and I have been talking and may have found the solution to the...
    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: ..fire issue.

    Warlic: You will have to be very careful, the north is home to many dangerous species.
    Warlic: But one might hold the cure, as most of the monsters in that area have developed natural ways to combat fire.

    Warlic: If the wisps are keeping her frozen, then you might be able to use one to freeze the fire out of your friend.

    To Have All the Gold In Lore!

    Warlic: ...Bread?
    Warlic: Have you seen how far down it is?
    Warlic: There he goes...
    Warlic: Should we tell him?

    Ice Gems

    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: What the... ?
    Warlic: Sigh. Cysero...

    Warlic: Yes, yes, the Claymore needs to be upgraded.

    Warlic: The power of the Claymore was enough to take down Akriloth, but Drakonnan...
    Warlic: Drakonnan, is a different matter.
    Warlic: His power has grown exponentially, and created a pressure in the balance that I can feel.
    Warlic: It recently... changed... as well, as though he absorbed anothers...

    Warlic: ...

    Warlic: <Character>, journey north and collect Ice Gems.
    Warlic: Their power combined with that of the Claymore might be enough to defeat Drakonnan.

    Warlic: It's imperitive that we go on the offensive soon though, before his power grows even more.

    Attack On Drakonnan!

    Warlic: It won't.

    Warlic: I can feel the disurbance to the elemental planes.
    Warlic: Fire is wildly out of balance.
    Warlic: Drakonnan is using the Fire Orb. Increasing his army, increasing his power. I...
    Warlic: I can't see everything, but I know if we don't stop him soon... we will never be able to.

    Warlic: This is disturbing.
    Warlic: Many of the people seeking refuge at the camp are no longer here...
    Warlic: The mana potion master...
    Warlic: The SoulWeaver...
    Warlic: I thought they had moved on to find someplace safer, but now I wonder....

    Warlic: This is not your fault, <Character>. Some things... are fated. Konnan's path was his to walk.

    Warlic: Come, <Character>, Yulgar...
    Warlic: If we're going on the offensive then we should plan our first mission.
    Warlic: I think, <Character>, that you need to go ahead and scout...

    Final Battle!

    Warlic: The pit is protected by a force field. We're going to have to break through it to get down below.
    Warlic: I can try... It will generate a lot of mana to break through though...

    Warlic: NO.

    Warlic: What do you know of my magic, moglin?

    Warlic: Unfortunately... he's correct.

    Warlic: Anything else is just too risky.


    Warlic: I do not sense the Fire Orb at all.
    Warlic: I believe it has been fully destroyed in the final struggle.

    Warlic: There is no hint of the orb in the mountain and it would take great magic to hide the amount of power that the orb possessed.
    Warlic: What was once fire, has returned to it. I will try to contact Fiamme, so that she can coalesce fire into a new orb.
    Warlic: Until then, I hope the realm of Fire on Lore is not too greatly weakened.

    Into the Void

    Warlic: Nythera, you're back! Good, good. We need to have a talk.

    Warlic: As you posited. That was an excellent thought on your part.
    Warlic: Which brings me to my point. You've improved remarkably since your... mischief... last Summer.

    Warlic: And you will, one day. That's why I think it's time we began furthering your education.

    Warlic: Now, lets discuss the matter of your magic.

    Warlic: Nythera...

    Warlic: You know you have your human magic from your father, yes?
    Warlic: That's what has let you act as my apperantince while your other magics have been blocked.

    Warlic: You're sensing your Dragon Magic. And your Void magic.

    Warlic: Before you ask, I will explain. I will try to be brief, as you young ones are impatient.

    Warlic: It's more properly Void ELEMENT we will discuss today.
    Warlic: Mastering the basics first is the sure sign of a steady foundation in an education.
    Warlic: Take this tome, it contains advanced magical concepts and practices which you can benefit from studying.
    Warlic: You are familiar with Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. You've studied them extensively these last three months.
    Warlic: But there is a another major element we've never covered: that of the Void.

    Warlic: I am not well versed in the Void. I know of it, that it exists.
    Warlic: But I am not attuned to it like I am to the other elements. I can't touch or manipulate it, only study it.
    Warlic: This will be your area of expertise one day, Nythera. So let's begin.
    Warlic: You should know my methodology by now. To really learn something, you need to study it up close.

    Warlic: Exactly. And we'll do it in the best place TO study it: the Void itself.

    Warlic: Now is not the time to learn the answer.
    Warlic: Any first introduction like that should be taken as a warning, not an invitation!

    Warlic: No good can come from that Voice.
    Warlic: If it had been friendly, it would have shown itself and offered an intoduction, rather than to lure you to itself.

    Warlic: Now is not the time for you to regain your magic, Nythera.
    Warlic: We are beginning the process of further educating you so that you'll someday soon be able to have your magic restored.

    Seeking Advice

    Warlic: After you ran away, I contacted your parents to let them know you were missing.

    Warlic: Those would be the Creatioux. I know of them.

    Warlic: You went back into the Void alone? That was VERY dangerous, Nythera.

    Warlic: Nythera, the time for childishness is past. you're old enough now to understand the power of the forces you'll be working with.

    Warlic: There is a catch.

    Warlic: You mentioned the Creatioux. I know of them, as I said.
    Warlic: They would be appropriate Guardians to oversee your re-acquaintance with your powers.

    Warlic: The path to your magics MUST be found through the Creatioux. I cannot take you any further.

    Face Your Destiny

    Warlic: I have faith that you'll achieve things greater than you can currently imagine.
    Warlic: So long as you work WITH the Creatioux, and not against them.

    Mayonnaise Cubed

    Warlic: AAAHHHHH!!!! CYSEROOOOOooooo!!!!
    Warlic: *sob*

    The Dragon Drakath

    Warlic: Drakath and Fluffy combined using the power of the Orbs?
    Warlic: On the darkest night...I don't think even I could stop him now...


    Warlic: NOW!

    Warlic: In a world overtaken by shadow...
    Warlic: Falconreach will remain a beacon of light.

    Warlic: No, this is all wrong... the dracolich is from the White Dragon Box...

    Full Darkness / Extreme Full Darkness

    Warlic: It... It is reckless and paradoxical but... it actually might work.
    Warlic: The Orbs have to be returned as soon as possible though if we succeed.
    Warlic: I am relieved that my roommate had enough restraint to limit the possible catastrophic damage to less than a days time....
    Warlic: At least the light shield is--
    Warlic: !!!

    Warlic: Yes, we must move swiftly.

    Warlic: Go, <Character>, <Your Dragon>! You're our only hope!
    Warlic: You must destroy the Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich!

    Reagent Race

    ???: *sigh*
    ??? (thinking): It's too nice out to be studying...

    Warlic: Yes, sir.

    Warlic: *snort*
    Warlic: Really?

    Warlic: *sigh*

    Warlic: You really think you can handle it here?
    Warlic: This isn't some backwoods magician we're studying under. You're in the capitol now.

    Warlic: We'll see. I doubt you can even handle something as simple as gathering reagents though.

    Warlic: It's on then.

    Warlic: Alex, is that you?

    Warlic: Took you long enough. Not too shabby though, Country.

    Warlic: Took you way longer though.

    Warlic: !

    The Wizards Apprentices

    Warlic: Welcome. I am the great and powerful Warlic. Can I ask what your name is?

    Warlic: Not yet, but he should be here shortly.
    Warlic: I just finished gathering reagents.

    Warlic: Hmph.

    Warlic: So... what are you reading?

    Warlic: This is Swordhaven though!
    Warlic: You're sitting in one of the most complete magical libraries in all of Lore! I can get whatever you might need.

    Playing With Fire

    Warlic: So what are we going to do now?

    Warlic: It's going to take him forever to clean that mess up. Unless he wants us to do it and I'd rather not stick around for that order.
    Warlic: Let's get out of here.

    Warlic: Ugh, I'm bored.
    Warlic: There has to be something to do!

    Warlic: Hah! You don't need ley lines to make portals!
    Warlic: Check this out!

    Warlic: *(ouch!)*
    Warlic: Heh, see?

    Warlic: Technically, I'm not supposed to use my powers, but that's no fun.

    Warlic: Too many spells and I explode or something.

    Warlic: Jaania!

    Warlic: I'm... not sure but we need to go after her!

    Warlic: Haaahaha! You don't like one of the major elements?

    Warlic: Hah! That's no fun! We were looking for something to do, now we have it. Let's find our own way out!

    Warlic: See? That wasn't so hard!

    Warlic: !!!

    The Master Apprentice

    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: *Thinks* I'm more powerful than anyone who lives on this dustball and I'm stuck as an apprentice with untalented, scared children.
    Warlic: *Thinks* It's sickening.
    Warlic: *Thinks* I've lived beyond time and I'm stuck as a... as a teenager learning how to control myself again!

    Warlic: *Thinks* I had infinite power before. I could do anything... I could have done anything.
    Warlic: *Thinks* Could have created and molded worlds!
    Warlic: *Thinks* I couldn't follow him though.... and now I have to start over.
    Warlic: *Thinks* I have to rebuild myself....

    Warlic: *Thinks* Rebelling gained me this humanity and a second childhood... and now I have to compete with...
    Warlic: *Thinks* ...that.
    Warlic: *sigh*

    Warlic: HAAHahaha!

    Warlic: I am better than any of them.


  • His morning tea...
    Warlic: Oi, what a night.
    Warlic: But what a beautiful morning.. Hey, I wonder if Jaania would like to have tea...
    Warlic: Hehe, Alex would just love that now wouldn't he?

    Warlic: My pleasure, Jaania. I just imported this tea from the far west, and I wanted to make it a special occasion.

    Warlic: Don't mind if I do.

    Warlic: BLUBBBAblubbasplurtsquish

    Warlic: *sigh* *bubble*

  • His toothpaste...
    Warlic: Hey Jaania, would you like to have some tea? It'll help you stay alert for that test today.

    Warlic: What?

  • His wardrobe...
    Warlic: Hey Jaania--

    Warlic: I know!

    Warlic: Wh-what? Hey, it's not me that smells! It's the whole building. Everywhere I went this morning it smeled like that.

    Warlic: What?

    Warlic: Hey, I DO smell! What is going on?!?!

  • His shampoo...
    Warlic: Oi, what a night.
    Warlic: But what a beautiful morning.. Hey, I wonder if Jaania would like to have tea...
    Warlic: Hehe, Alex would just love that now wouldn't he?
    Warlic: Oh, right, I'd better shower quick... we've got a big test today!

    Warlic: AAAAAAHHHH!!!
    Warlic: MY HAIR!! WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?! OMGOSH!!!

    Warlic: NOOOOOOooo!

  • His spellbook...
    Warlic: Pfft, easy. How many jiggawats do you want?

    Warlic: Fine then. Prepare to be--
    Warlic: ... Amazed?

    Warlic: ???

    Warlic: No, but I-- it wasn't supposed to--

    Petty Squabbles

    Warlic: Hmph.

    Warlic: Psh, child's play.
    Warlic: All they are are elemental essences sculpted into pleasing shapes.

    Warlic: !!!

    Warlic: Yes sir!

    Warlic: What a long day, I'm out of here.

    Warlic: *(Hehehe)*

    Warlic: Don't blame me for your clumsiness.

    Warlic: Yeah...

    Warlic: Smooth, newbie, smooth.

    Warlic: If it was me, what exactly are you going to do about it? Put ink in my tea again?

    Warlic: Please, you're a fool. You have no idea who I am or what I'm really capable of.
    Warlic: You don't deserve to be here.
    Warlic: You don't deserve her.

    Warlic: Prove it.

    Warlic: You heard me. I've grown tired of these petty squabbles.
    Warlic: If you think you can defeat me, then prove it... tomorrow... after school.

    The Duel

    Warlic: AAARRGHHH!
    Warlic: I'll show him!

    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: A mage with a fear of fire... this will be too easy!

    Warlic: You're dumber than I thought.
    Warlic: I can't believe you actually showed up, bumpkin.

    Warlic: You want to know what my problem is?
    Warlic: You have no idea where I come from. What I could be.
    Warlic: I am the greatest mage this world has ever seen and you have no business occupying the same space as me.
    Warlic: You have no business even being in the same league with me!

    Warlic: YOU'RE NOT as good as me!
    Warlic: I gave up everything. Everything! I stood up for what I thought was right and ended up... ended up... here.
    Warlic: I lost my wings. I lost my capacity... I've had to rebuild it all! Every spell burning... sparking...

    Warlic: THIS ENDS HERE!

    Warlic: MAGIC DEFLECT!!!

    Warlic: Alex!!

    Warlic: No, no, I'm sorry, Alex, I'm sorry. What was it? What did you cast?
    Warlic: I can't stop it... but... but... I can make it heal.

    Warlic: I didn't mean... I... I....

    Warlic: I... I don't know what he did... How did he create this... He... he cast something that I don't know if I reverse it....
    Warlic: I--
    Warlic: I can't do... anything...

    Warlic: I... I was so wrong.
    Warlic: I was supposed to be better than my father... instead I was blinded by ego....
    Warlic: I have to find out what he cast. I have to find a way to make this right....

    The Merge

    ???: I...

    Warlic: I... <Character>... I... we're outside Oaklore?

    Warlic: I... remember...

    Warlic: I... remember the light shield.
    Warlic: When we were holding back the darkness from Falconreach. Protecting the town from the Super Mega Ultra Darkness Dracolich...
    Warlic: I created too much mana. I... I could feel myself...
    Warlic: Expanding.
    Warlic: I was afraid I was going to explode... destroy the world that I had tried so hard to save.... I opened a portal...
    Warlic: ...but as I went through... I felt myself being pulled apart. I felt supreme power on one side.
    Warlic: And... and... fragility... feelings... on the other. I thought... I thought it was the end.

    Warlic: No. No, I won't remember.

    Warlic: Xan....
    Warlic: I... I am so sorry.
    Warlic: I should have apologized to you a long time ago.... There's so much... so much that I wish I had done differently.

    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: Jaania... ?

    Warlic: Jaania..! H-how... ?

    Warlic: ...

    Warlic: Jaania... I--

    A Tale of Two Timelines

    Warlic: Did you really have to make a banner?

    Warlic: What I do with my time is none of your concern.

    Warlic: ......

    Warlic: Interesting. It appears that something happened to cause different timelines that Lore exists in to start to merge.

    Warlic: By the Avatars... look.

    Warlic: Artix, what are you doing!?

    Warlic: It's....

    Dueling Timelines

    Warlic: It's probable... Who knows how many timelines have been merged at this point?
    Warlic: There's apparently at least one where his full clutch survived.

    Corundum Corruption

    Warlic: <Character>, thank you for coming.
    Warlic: I've sensed something dire that could lead to a catastrophe if it's not dealt with.

    Warlic: You have to understand, I'm still dealing with the effects of what happened to me.
    Warlic: Being split into two beings is not something even I can simply, and quickly, recover from.
    Warlic: It's going to be some time still before I have fully regained enough control that I'm not a danger to everyone around me.

    Warlic: Something drastic indeed.
    Warlic: Do you remember the crystal monsters you faced many years ago? The group that included the living tree?

    Warlic: There are several groups of them scattered all around Lore, hidden away from any who would try to use them for evil.
    Warlic: One of those groups is in danger.
    Warlic: A Corruption I thought removed long ago survived and has once again taken root. If left unchecked it will corrupt everything around it.

    Warlic: You misunderstand. I didn't solve this problem. You did.

    Warlic: Not that time. Much, much, earlier. You probably can't even remember it anymore.
    Warlic: Suffice it to say that you thought you had removed all traces, but you missed something.
    Warlic: I don't fault you for it, but now we need to stop this before it spreads to other creatures and the earth around the cave.
    Warlic: You will need to destroy any corrupted Vizalain you come across as well as removing it from any of the crystals that show any signs of it.
    Warlic: As you move through the cave this crystal will draw any of the corruption in the earth around you to it, as well as removing it from the enemies you defeat.
    Warlic: Move through the entire cave, do not ignore any pathways, and do what must be done.

    Warlic: Ah, you return. I take it everything is as it should be?

    Warlic: Excellent. Let's deal with that crystal now.

    Warlic: The "corruption" was actually pure Darkness that the Shadowscythe were experimenting with a very long time ago.

    Warlic: They don't want to just stop at our world. Their goals are much larger.
    Warlic: They are a group of evil Darkness elementals. They've tried, and failed, to conquer the Universe before.
    Warlic: Long before Lore existed there was only darkness; they will stop at nothing to return it to that state.
    Warlic: They first tried with a virus, something to corrupt living beings, and what that failed to corrupt everything they wanted it to they moved to... other ways.
    Warlic: They eventually learned how to bind themselves to items, but this type of corruption was a sort of stepping stone.

    Warlic: Not precisely. This was just one plan, one... trial of many in their attempt to corrupt everything else with Darkness. Think of it as a series of tests.
    Warlic: This was just one of those tests to see what they could and couldn't do, and what would and wouldn't work.
    Warlic: I sent this "corruption" of the Vizalain's back to the Plane of Darkness where it belonged. Voidstar will know how to take care of it.
    Warlic: Sadly, those pure creatures of Light had to suffer from this "infection" for all this time. They can now experience life as they were meant to.
    Warlic: Thankfully, it should be the only traces of... this trial at least... left on this world.

    Warlic: Thank you for your help, but now I must return to my solitude and finish my recovery.

    Warlic: So do I, <Character>, so do I.

    The Mage Tower

    Warlic: Welcome, <Character>.

    Warlic: I know why you're here.

    Warlic: And the answer is no.

    Warlic: We had this conversation a long time ago, <Character>. As much as I'd like to help... I'd rather not. You know what happened last time.

    Warlic: What you need if someone who is almost as good as me... and much better suited to help with a dragon problem.

    Warlic: Nythera. Remember our talks.

    Warlic: She will be perfect.
    Warlic: And this will be a good, shall I say, test. She's much more mature now... aren't you?

    Warlic: Outstanding! I'll send you both to Falconreach.

    A New Student

    Warlic: <Character>! I wasn't expecting to see you so soon!

    Warlic: And you brought a Rose member?

    Warlic: So... you are the spy I keep hearing about.

    Warlic: I have an intricate relationship with the flying eyes and especially the elementals all-around...
    Warlic: I learn much about what goes on in the world because of them.
    Warlic: Now, why are you here? It must be rather important.

    Warlic: Ha! What makes you say that?

    Warlic: Hmm...
    Warlic: That is interesting. Though she isn't an Infernal.

    Warlic: She hasn't caused mass destruction yet. Infernals are prone to entropic behavior, causing chaos wherever they go.
    Warlic: She could be a Celestial, however. Though I doubt that.

    Warlic: They are beings, much like Infernals, however they are prone to Order and tend to have peaceful natures. But there aren't many left.
    Warlic: None on Lore, that I've heard of.
    Warlic: Belle, may I observe you?

    Warlic: Hello.

    Warlic: The amount of Mana flowing through your body... is impossibly high!

    Warlic: It should have killed you, several times over, in fact.

    Warlic: I have never seen this before...
    Warlic: It's amazing. Imagine every person on Lore having a connection to the Mana Core.
    Warlic: You could say each person has a "filter" that controls the flow of Mana going to them.
    Warlic: Some people's "filter" allows more Mana than others, but it holds enough back, so that it won't kill the person.
    Warlic: Kind of like how a straw can only suck up so much Moglinberry Juice at once. Mana bandwidth, you could say!
    Warlic: Your filter seems to not exist...
    Warlic: You aren't a Celestial, or an Infernal. You appear to be something new entirely!

    Warlic: You are a Soulweaver, correct?

    Warlic: And Vitael is your Soul Ally.

    Warlic: Vitael, going off of my limited knowledge on Soulweaving, Elemental Spirits are linked to one particular element, correct?

    Warlic: And those dark spots, by your...umm... hooves and antlers, how did those come to be?

    Warlic: I believe your link with Belle, and her link to Mana, has begun corrupting you.

    Warlic: Not in a bad way, but it is clear that this link has already had some effects on you.
    Warlic: And Belle, your link to Mana, as well as your skills as a SoulWeaver, may be able to yield unique results.

    Warlic: Well, your link to Vitael allows you to weave with her Soul Threads, right?

    Warlic: Therefore, your link to Mana may allow you to "weave"... ...with Lore itself.

    Warlic: Mana is the "Soul Thread" of Lore. Due to your link with it, you may be able to weave with it, creating new objects into existence...
    Warlic: Perhaps even "unravel" existing things into nonexistence...

    Warlic: Yes, and abilities like that... can be extremely dangerous if used incorrectly.
    Warlic: I know from experience.
    Warlic: That is why...
    Warlic: I will teach you.

    Warlic: Yes, even if it is just briefly.

    Warlic: Ha! You already seem more eager to learn than my last student.
    Warlic: Just promise you won't kill me like she did.

    Warlic: A message, from Nythera.

    Warlic: "Theano" is the name of the Thorn's leader, yes?

    Warlic: I had Nythera do some hunting on any information available on him.

    Warlic: You may want to sit down for this, there is a lot here. And I don't like the looks of it.

    The Obsidian Tomb

    Warlic: She's coming back.
    Warlic: I did all I could for you... but it doesn't mean it'll work out.

    Theano: A Thorn's Story

    Warlic: The report says that what they found was one of Theano's experiments, but there is no other information.

    Warlic: Belle, listen to me. You mustn't let your anger control you. Especially not now.

    Warlic: Are you sure?

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    ArchKnight DragonFable

    An Elegy of Ice and Fire

    Warlic: Hello, Jaania...

    Warlic: Spell? What are—

    Warlic: Xan... I told you—

    Warlic: Xan, we should leave.

    Warlic: Xa—

    Warlic: Alex—

    Warlic: No!

    Warlic: Alexander!


    Warlic: ALEX, STOP!

    Warlic: ALEX!

    Warlic: Alex...
    Warlic: No...
    Warlic: W-what... what have I done.

    Warlic: He was in pain!

    Warlic: I had to help him...

    Warlic: Alex, talk to me!
    Warlic: Alex!

    Warlic: He hoped... I...


    Warlic: Alex, do you... do you need anything?

    Plans Entwined

    Warlic: Something about this is so familiar. I can't quite put my finger on it.

    Warlic: Whatever they find in there, it can't bode well. It has an air of ominousness, just thinking about it gives me a headache.

    Warlic: It's on the edge of my brain but I can't quite...

    Warlic: Alex, Alex, wake up! The general, Akanthus, he's arrived.

    Warlic: ...and now they're bringing something out...

    Warlic: Jimmy, I can't read it. Enhance.

    Warlic: Enhance!

    Warlic: I— Why am I shaking like this? This thing, I know I've seen it before.

    Warlic: What's so funny?

    Warlic: Amadeus...

    Warlic: Who is this Amadeus? What would he know about this... thing?

    Loose Ends

    Warlic: It appears to have worked.

    Warlic: Good. If Jaania thought Belle was alive, she would never stop looking for her.
    Warlic: I must admit, Belle's abilities would have proven incredibly useful to my own studies. However...

    Warlic: Belle and I discussed it and we both decided to remove the power from her.

    Warlic: I will admit, the fine details escape even me. But the theory behind it is quite fascinating.
    Warlic: As you saw before, Belle had a direct, unrestricted connection to the Mana Core.
    Warlic: She was able to draw any amount of Mana she wished from it, with training, of course.
    Warlic: However, Manaweaving was a different story.
    Warlic: While her body could withstand the Mana flowing through it, her soul was not as durable.
    Warlic: As she Manawove, the amount of Mana flowing through her threatened to unravel her soul, as well as Vitael who was bonded to it.

    Warlic: In order to prevent something like this from happening, even on accident, Belle and I applied a sort of... mana filter.
    Warlic: In theory, it restricts the amount of mana that Belle has access to at any time.
    Warlic: Belle was the one who created it, I just offered some insight on the theorywork.

    Warlic: As a result, Belle has normal access to the elements...
    Warlic: ...but no longer has access to the unlimited flow of mana that allowed her to Manaweave.

    Warlic: Of course, Belle. You've greatly improved my understanding of the workings of mana.
    Warlic: It will take some time for me to fully test my theories, but you've set me on a new thread to follow.

    Ambition's Crossroads

    Warlic: Greetings, young one. This eyeball who you have named "Flappy" is indeed one of my friends.
    Warlic: As for you...

    Warlic: I had my suspicions, but it's true, then.
    Warlic: Amadeus.

    Warlic: Sepulchure.
    Warlic: ...Valen.

    Warlic: Amadeus it is, then. Come, come. You two must be tired.
    Warlic: And your... injury. We'll have to treat it.

    Warlic: I certainly can. And what should I call you...?

    Warlic: It's a pleasure to meet you, Lynn. I am Warlic.
    Warlic: Now, if the two of you will follow me, the entrance to my tower is just this way.

    Frostval in Falconreach

    ???: I do, however.

    Warlic: I was just nearby, doing some Frostval shopping.

    Warlic: Anyway, returning to the matter at hand.
    Warlic: I've seen these little rascals before, although... only in books. I thought they were only a myth or legend.
    Warlic: They are called the Coalepti, said to display impish behavior, and are attracted to love, joy, hard work and dedication.
    Warlic: It appears that the incredibly strong aura emanating from the giant pile of gifts was just the right catalyst needed to transform a myth...
    Warlic: ...into reality.

    Warlic: I have an idea.
    Warlic: Cy, hand the gift to me.

    Warlic: Don't make me do this.

    Warlic: I'm warning you.

    Warlic: *Deep sigh*

    Warlic: Now then. You should carry this around, <Character>. This last moglin gift, this artifact of love and hard work, will act as an ultimate lure.
    Warlic: The Coalepti will be unable to resist its appeal, and will come running to you.
    Warlic: Go, <Character>.

    Warlic: Save Frostval!

    The Unboxing

    Warlic: Hmm...

    Warlic: I have a bad feeling about this.
    Warlic: What was it again that the book said about stressed coalepti...?

    Warlic: Yes... And let's hope this is the last time they show up.

    Warlic: Ah, this must be it.
    Warlic: It appears that the coalepti are able to consume and assimilate the positive emotions I mentioned before. In other words...

    Warlic: They digested the contents of the gifts...

    Direct Current

    Warlic: Alex! We have guests.
    Warlic: Do you mind putting on a kettle for tea?

    Warlic: Calm down, both of you.
    Warlic: You are under my roof, and I will not tolerate any ridiculousness.
    Warlic: Let this be a new beginning.

    Warlic: Alex, this is Amadeus.

    Warlic: Amadeus, Alex.

    Warlic: Good, good. Now that the introductions are out of the way, Alex, the kettle, if you would be so kind?

    Warlic: Come with me, Amadeus. You too, Lynn.

    Warlic: Hmm?

    Warlic: You saw him as a tool, Amadeus. A useful pawn to be played wherever you chose.
    Warlic: But I see him as a long lost friend, who I wronged with my arrogance and mistakes.

    Warlic: Certainly. But you needn't fear. From helping Alex, I've learned even more of the limitations of my abilities.
    Warlic: As much as I can change the world around me, as much good as I intend...
    Warlic: I can try to help, I can make things better. But ultimately, it's up to people to change themselves.

    Warlic: That is something you must ask yourself. Surely you must have recognized Jimmy.
    Warlic: Yet you still followed.

    Warlic: You're not wrong.

    Warlic: I do.

    Warlic: Let's get you taken care of first. I can stop the injury from getting worse, but I'll need Nythera's help, when she returns, to begin the recovery.

    Warlic: What do you think, Nythera?

    Warlic: Hmm.

    Warlic: I can't imagine the constant pain you must be in. I have some ideas I could try–

    Warlic: But–

    Warlic: ...

    Warlic: Of course. And, I should mention, the two of you can stay as long as you like.
    Warlic: My tower is safe. A sanctuary, should you require it.

    Warlic: Take some time to rest. We can talk when you're ready.

    AdventureFriends! (Part 1)

    Day 1
    Mr. Warlic: Attention, students! Attention!

    Mr. Warlic: Thank you.
    Mr. Warlic: Now, before today's class begins, I'd like to address the matter of this year's QuestVenture.

    Mr. Warlic: Please, everyone, there's no need to panic.
    Mr. Warlic: As you may be aware, with the recent decrease in demand for adventurers' education, Aspenvale Academy has, sadly, been struggling for funding.
    Mr. Warlic: Unfortunately, that means if things don't start looking up for our financials soon, there might not be a QuestVenture this year. However, we have-

    Mr. Warlic: I- I know this is disappointing news for many of you, but please, rest assured, we, your teachers, are doing all we can to find more funding, including a new transfer student initiative that-

    Mr. Warlic: A fine idea, Jaania. As much as I'd like to say it won't be necessary, every little bit would help. Proceeds from a student fundraiser would be an excellent addition to the QuestVenture funds.

    Mr. Warlic: With that business out of the way, on to today's lesson! Please turn to page 403 of "Fundamentals of Hitting Things Very Hard", where we shall be discovering the fascinating anatomy of togs!

    Day 4
    Mr. Warlic: While I appreciate your feedback on my lessons, Robina, perhaps you could refrain from disturbing your fellow students while vocalizing your disdain?
      If you select the 'Agree with Robina' option:
      Mr. Warlic: You're not going anywhere. While I understand that the basics of adventuring can be... rather dull at times...

      Mr. Warlic: Without proper training, you could end up getting hurt, or making problems even worse. Some of the things you learn today might even be useful during the QuestVenture. And you wouldn't want to let down your partner, would you?

      If you select the 'Say nothing' option:
      Mr. Warlic: Victoria, are you feeling well? This has been very... unlike you.
    Mr. Warlic: No, no, it's perfectly understandable. You're all under a lot of pressure these days. I get your frustration, students, I really do. But the QuestVenture is just around the corner, and your fundraiser is tomorrow!
    Mr. Warlic: Study hard, complete your exams, and you'll get your adventures, I promise.
    Mr. Warlic: Now, if there are no more interruptions, let us practice the fine art of quickly counting gold and experience after a battle.

    AdventureFriends! (Part 2)

    Day ?
    *redacted*: *redacted*

    *redacted*: *redacted*

    *redacted*: *redacted*

    Broken Circuit (Part 1)

    Warlic: I appreciate your trust in me, Amadeus. How goes your recovery? I hope your accommodations have been comfortable?

    Warlic: I am glad to hear it. You're welcome to stay as long as you need.
    Warlic: But back to my questions. I want to know what happened to you. Tell me about General Akanthus.

    Warlic: Do you have any personal suspicions in particular on his origins?

    Warlic: I see. And what of his goals?

    Warlic: The device! Yes! The one he pulled from the ruins!

    Warlic: Was?

    Warlic: I... see. We must inform Queen Victoria.

    Warlic: And Jaania...

    Warlic: Why does Jaania trust him so much? If he has made so many mistakes as you've mentioned, and seems to be going behind her back...

    Warlic: So she trusts him because he saved her life.

    Warlic: Jaania... We should...

    Warlic: ...

    Warlic: Thank you, Amadeus. I appreciate your assistance.
    Warlic: I'll need some time to prepare. And think.
    Warlic: If I need anything else, may I ask you?

    A Quiet Night

    ???: May I see it as well?

    Warlic: Greetings!

    Warlic: I was just visiting an acquaintance who lives in the north, and I figured I'd also visit Frostvale!
    Warlic: Because... I come bearing gifts!

    Warlic: I left them near the bonfire, but DON'T OPEN THEM YE- and they're gone, hah!

    Warlic: I haven't been up here in a while, I do love this air.
    Warlic: It's quite refreshing!

    Warlic: You mean the frozen person?

    Warlic: Already ahead of you. I have indeed examined him, and...
    Warlic: I really don't know what to think of it. It does appear to be a magical effect, but not one that I can break, because...
    Warlic: Because this person wasn't simply frozen, he was turned into ice.
    Warlic: And unraveling such a spell, if it even is one, requires a certain finesse that my magic is too volatile for.

    Warlic: But I do believe it can be reversed!

    Warlic: Come, <Character>!

    Warlic: Yes, Chilly?

    Warlic: Umm... I don't think I shoul—

    Warlic: No, really, I—

    Warlic: *Sigh* Very well.
    Warlic: (I swear, peer pressure will be my, and this world's, undoing...)
    Warlic: Alrighty, how about...

    Warlic: There we go, nice and small!

    Warlic: Um. That's...

    Warlic: That's... not supposed to happen.

    Warlic: Yes, thank you, I have eyes.

    Warlic: Phew, that's a good thing.
    Warlic: The bad thing is... I can't unmake them. There are way too many, and I'd rather not cast a spell that large.

    Warlic: Oh.

    Warlic: Well, that's one way to do it.

    Into the Abyss

    Warlic: Won't you join us for a moment, first? This tea is something special.
    Warlic: Nythera procured it during one of her adventures to the southern empire.

    Warlic: And where is Lynn? She's welcome to—

    Warlic: Hold on a moment, Amadeus.
    Warlic: What's the plan?
    Warlic: A direct confrontation with Jaania and Akanthus would probably be rather... destructive.

    Warlic: Whoever- whatever Akanthus is, I will need to inspect him in person to figure out his secrets.
    Warlic: I have my suspicions, but Magesterium experimentation is not my area of expertise.

    Warlic: We're on our own there.

    Warlic: A reasonable plan.

    Warlic: Agreed.

    Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions)

    Warlic: Okay. I'm finished.

    Warlic: Are you ready, Amadeus?

    Warlic: And what about yours?

    Warlic: Erm. My name is... Um.

    Warlic: War... ren.
    Warlic: Yes. Warren!

    Warlic: I'm a farmer!

    Warlic: I'm... I'm here to sell my vegetables. And fruits. And other... farmer-ly products.
    Warlic: Like cheese.

    Warlic: Well, that's because they're invisible.
    Warlic: Invisible, magical vegetables! Very popular!

    Warlic: Grandpa?!

    Warlic: ...Thank you.

    The Point of No Return (Part 1)

    Warlic: Now, now, Timothy. There must be an amicable solution with these fine gentlemen.
    Warlic: We just need to have a private audience with the Queen.

    Warlic: Indeed. As we said, the matter concerns the security of not only Greenguard, but all of Lore.

    Warlic: ...

    Warlic: Aha. I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.

    Warlic: Who, me? I'm just an old ma—

    Warlic: Amadeus? Do we have time for this?

    Warlic: We must inform Queen Victoria, and Jaania as well, if possible. And quickly.

    Warlic: Maybe this discussion can wait until later?

    The Point of No Return (Part 2)

    Warlic: I could not say. It may simply be absorbed. Or it may explode, shatter Lore, and end existence as we know it.

    Warlic: Or any number of unforeseen possibilities in between. Jaania must be informed of the danger.

    Warlic: There was... there was a massive shift in the flow of mana... But from where?
    Warlic: ...To where?

    Warlic: Hold on, Amadeus. We shouldn't risk collateral damage unless we have no other options.

    Warlic: Let us speak to Jaania, General. I don't want to have to coerce you.

    Warlic: Jaania, please, listen! Amadeus is telling the truth!

    Warlic: I... I've made mistakes in the past.
    Warlic: So many mistakes.
    Warlic: But you have to believe us!

    Warlic: This... this confirms my suspicions...
    Warlic: Jaania, surely you've noticed?

    Warlic: Lore?!
    Warlic: Akanthus is unaffected by magic! By... anything!
    Warlic: He's not connected at all!
    Warlic: There's nothing Lorian about this!

    Warlic: Jaania... Please. We're telling the truth. And if we can't stop Akanthus...
    Warlic: What hope do you have?

    Warlic: Are you truly so naive?
    Warlic: Open your eyes to reality!

    Warlic: ...Jaania... If only... so many years ago... If only I weren't so...

    From the Embers

    Warlic: ...

    Warlic: We all did.

    Warlic: Amadeus. Enough. Even if chaos were to erupt in Swordhaven, I doubt Jaania would look back.

    Warlic: Jaania's sure to be on guard for that. I doubt any spells I weave would manage to get through.
    Warlic: I'm... sorry.

    Warlic: Amadeus, wait—

    Chasing Answers

    Warlic: I...
    Warlic: I don't know if I can. I don't want to push too hard. Too far.
    Warlic: ...Lose control in the city.

    Warlic: ...

    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: You're right, <Character>. Thank you.
    Warlic: I still have my doubts...
    Warlic: ...but it can't hurt to try!

    Warlic: Queen Victoria, I shall require use of a balcony facing the Ivory Tower, if possible.

    Warlic: He does present a rather large obstacle.
    Warlic: I have never encountered a being such as he. Whatever hypotheses you may have, Magester, I would like to hear them.

    Warlic: I... I can try to teleport you there.
    Warlic: I'll need a more exact location, of course, and it has been a long time since I've traveled south of the Whispering Steppes...
    Warlic: But I can do it. I can teleport whoever needs to go.

    Warlic: ...

    Warlic: And I will find my own way to help, worry not.

    Warlic: Right. Well, I will need some space. And if someone could get Vseslava a map...

    Warlic: Can't hear. Focusing! Almost... ready...!

    Hawk in the Sky

    Warlic: I will warn you... Jaania is a powerful mage. Even with the Magesterium's support, you may not be able to bring the airship down.

    Warlic: ...And even if everything goes to plan, you'll still need to find a way to deal with Akanthus...

    Warlic: ...
    Warlic: ...I should get going.

    Warlic: Some of the things left behind in Jaania's laboratory are quite concerning. I'll have to return to my tower to confirm my suspicions.

    Warlic: Do not worry. I will stay in touch.
    Warlic: And I have my own means of reaching out to our friends if needed.

    Warlic: And to you.

    The Arrival

    Warlic: Ahem!

    Warlic: And you as well, <Character>!
    Warlic: Amadeus.

    Warlic: I imagine there will be much for us to talk about.
    Warlic: We'll find you later, <Character>.

    Warlic: Their assault plan seems sound to me. Although...
    Warlic: I did have to remind them that I am not a being of pure destruction.
    Warlic: They had the distinct idea that I would somehow rain destruction from the sky and wipe the entire Rose encampment off the face of Lore.

    Warlic: Indeed. Quite puzzling.
    Warlic: Regardless, I doubt we could foresee everything going according to plan once we catch up to Jaania.

    The Flame Within

    Warlic: I'd have to agree. Even with my aid, a lot could go wrong.

    Warlic: Alex?

    Warlic: It was intended to draw attention. And this seemed like the best way to—

    At Fissure's Edge

    Warlic: It's magically protected, but I do think we'll be able to get through. Jaania must be focusing the majority of her power elsewhere.

    Warlic: So this is how we descend…

    The Final Steps

    Warlic: It may be best if I do not exert myself too much before the inevitable confrontation.

    Warlic: Besides... we will all need to work together if we want to succeed.

    Warlic: It's the... the mana enveloping us.
    Warlic: I should have anticipated this.

    Warlic: It's a good thing I didn't fly down here alone. If it caught me off guard, I would have been drowned in mana, and, well...

    Warlic: I'd have to do more research to discover the exact nature of this phenomenon, but... I do have a theory.
    Warlic: Alexander and Amadeus, your bodies and souls have both... greatly shifted, let's call it, toward specific elements.
    Warlic: Alexander toward Fire, and Amadeus toward Darkness.
    Warlic: Alteon, you do not have such an alignment. I can sense a small imbalance toward Energy, but...
    Warlic: I can only surmise...
    Warlic: ... that severe elemental alignments of the body and soul provide some mitigation against the effect of the enveloping mana.

    Warlic: <Dragon> can normally regulate their element, right? I assume that they are therefore unaffected.
    Warlic: Or perhaps they are simply unaffected due to their... unique nature.

    Warlic: As for you, <Character>...
    Warlic: Hm. I'm not sure. I'm sensing some Ice, but it's not you...

    Warlic: Ah. That would explain it.
    Warlic: Similar to the Rose's attempted use of trithril, Aegis, as an Ice aligned soul, is acting as, well, a shield against the tide of mana.
    Warlic: The decay toward Ice would be a significant part of the efficacy...

    Warlic: I think I have a handle on things now. I just needed to... adjust some of my internal elemental balance. Still, best to get this done quickly.
    Warlic: Given our proximity to the Mana Core, and my... nature, I shouldn't be casting any spells unless absolutely necessary, but...
    Warlic: I can extend some protection to you. That should be manageable.

    Warlic: Very well. Let's see.. I think Energy would suit your soul.

    Warlic: Glad to be of service.

    Warlic: I imagine we still have quite a ways left.

    Convergence (Part 1)

    Warlic: While we may not be able to hurt him, I'm sure we can keep him occupied with our combined abilities!

    Warlic: Don't worry about me, <Character>. I know my limits.
    Warlic: Zvezdana, perhaps you'd like to assist as well?

    Warlic: There's your opening, <Character>! Get to Jaania!

    Convergence (Part 2)

    Warlic: The proximity to the Mana Core must be interfering with <Dragon>'s abilities. | There must be a way to go after Akanthus... but...

    Warlic: I'm nearing my limit as it is. If I were to try to fly even closer to the Core itself...
    Warlic: It would put more than just Lore at risk, as you know.

    Warlic: Hmm...
    Warlic: ...I could try to funnel some excess mana to <Dragon>...

    Warlic: Certainly, but, er...

    Warlic: That should be enough for a return trip, so long as <Dragon> conserves their energy.

    Warlic: And we'll be waiting. But... if things start to look bad...

    The End of Magic (Part 1)

    Warlic: Exhausted and drained of mana, as far as I can tell. She should recover, with time.
    Warlic: To push herself so far... What was she thinking?
    Warlic: Even if she had triumphed over <Character>, she wouldn't have been able to follow through with her plan, much less face all of us.

    Warlic: It was not my intent for my tower to become a rehabilitation center!
    Warlic: ...But I suppose it would be the best option, for now.
    Warlic: Assuming, of course, the Magesterium is willing to relinquish their claim on her judgment?

    Warlic: I'm sure we can figure out the details later.

    Warlic: Well, given <his/her/their> record... I think it's fair for us to put our faith in—

    Warlic: Was that the device?

    Warlic: No... That's impossible... The Mana Core shouldn't be...

    Warlic: <Character>! What happened down there?!

    Warlic: No. We can't.

    Warlic: Aequilibria... they, it... is the Mana Core itself.
    Warlic: I don't have time for a full lecture, but basically, the Mana Core is the, until now, dormant embodiment of Aequilibria.
    Warlic: Like Infernals and Celestials, it generates mana, but to an infinitely higher degree.
    Warlic: Mana flows from and back to them by way of threads. Not entirely physical threads, that is, but—
    Warlic: Regardless, without that flow, most life on Lore would cease.

    Warlic: Knowledge doesn't mean anything if we can't act upon it.

    Warlic: Maybe... Maybe we can escape to the Void. And then find our way to the Elemental Planes...

    Warlic: I... I'm sorry. The Mana Core erupting will tear Lore apart.
    Warlic: I could try to let Nythera know. But there's no guarantee we will find her in the Void.

    Warlic: Destroying Aequilibria would be destroying Lore's source of mana.
    Warlic: Even if you could, that would doom any survivors.
    Warlic: Everyone needs magic to live. The end of magic would be the end of not just Lore, but all life on it.

    Warlic: Your spell to control the flow of mana...?

    Warlic: Yes... While Aequilibria is the source of the flow of mana, it is still distinctly separate.

    Warlic: But in your current state... Where would you get the mana required...?
    Warlic: Unless... I...

    Warlic: That's where I come in. As you know, due to my Infernal heritage, I generate mana.
    Warlic: Jaania will draw from me, instead.

    Warlic: I... I remember all too well. But after the initial spell is cast, the seal should be able to be held with a controlled flow.
    Warlic: I won't let the mistakes of my past happen again. I promise.

    Warlic: True. Eventually, we will run the risk of the spell being worn down...

    Warlic: If only there were a way to passively repair any damaged parts of the seal...

    Warlic: Yes, what is it, Alexander?

    Warlic: The elemental balance of the spell would shift heavily toward fire... we would have to compensate for that, somehow.
    Warlic: I... I should be able to do it, but...
    Warlic: Are you sure, Alexander?

    Warlic: Well, <Character>? How does it sound?
    Warlic: Think the three of us can contain Aequilibria?

    Warlic: As long as we can, certainly. But it doesn't have to be permanent.
    Warlic: If you can find a way to force, or otherwise put Aequilibria back into slumber...
    Warlic: Then maybe we'll be able to release the spell.

    Warlic: So, <Character>. Will you place your trust in us?

    Warlic: No. We're running out of time!
    Warlic: Aequilibria is stirring, and the Fissure is the path of least resistance!

    Warlic: Thank you, Amadeus.

    Warlic: <Character>, this is it, we're almost done! We're counting on you and <Dragon>!

    Other information
  • Warlic will temporarily disappear from Warlic's Zone after completion of The Coming Storm, but will return after the completion of The Final Showdown; Warlic will permanently disappear from this zone after the completion of Full Darkness / Extreme Full Darkness. To access his dialogue in Warlic's Zone, talk to Nythera and click 'Warlic?' and 'Illusion of Warlic'.
  • Warlic previously appeared in the retired quests The Obsidian Tomb and An Elegy of Ice and Fire; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

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    Young Warlic Appearance
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    Book 3 Appearance (Left)
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    Frostval Appearance
    AdventureFriends! Appearance

    Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for image, side view images, Frostval image, additional dialogue, other information, and corrections.
  • Voodoo Master for location links, and additional dialogue.
  • Jay for Young Warlic appearance image.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf and Stephen Nix for location links and additional dialogue.
  • Barong the DemiGod and SalvationXI for additional dialogue.
  • Brilliancy and Pink_Star for information.
  • Dwelling Dragonlord for corrections.

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