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Secret Cave, The

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4/6/2007 19:49:50   

The Secret Cave

Location: Falconreach -> Twilly -> The Secret Cave
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Summoning Help
Release Date: April 7th, 2007

Objective: N/A
Objective completed: N/A

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0




Twilly: Amazing <Character>, you have the Dragon Egg! We better put it in a safe place. Hmm... I know a secret cave!

Information: You did it! You are now in posession of the Dragon Egg! Now, how can you make it hatch and become a Dragonlord? Visit you egg and watch over it. The real event is just about to start.

Egg customization: You can only choose your egg's design once as it will determine the dragon which hatches. Take your time and discuss it on the forums. The stone statue (conviniently located in this secret cave) is enchanted and will keep your Dragon Egg warm until it hatches.

Next Up: The Hatching

  • Image sheet of all the eggs: CLICKY
  • On 2010-06-25 Design Notes the following information was given:

    Egg 1: This egg swirls with toxic and sickening colors that, when unleashed, are poisonous to your foe, giving them a severe allergic reaction to it.
    Egg 2: This egg hatched into a dragon cool and collected under pressure. Even the most patient creatures are subject to intense bursts of anger...
    Egg 3: The initial view of the egg seemed to indicate that it was covered in lava. Having been exposed to extreme heat, this mysterious pattern actually keeps the owner cool and focused in the heat of battle...
    Egg 4: This egg ripples out from a central point. Strange phenomena, such as shockwaves and quakes, are experienced when the egg is mishandled...
    Egg 5: Part of this egg seems frozen, cold, and unrelenting. That very unrelenting presence has been known to upset migratory creatures and send a cold chill down the spine of even the strongest of beasts.
    Egg 6: Like flames rising, the power within this egg grows more and more brilliant over time.
    Egg 7: The swirling void on this egg seems to sap energy and life away from those around it.
    Egg 8: I could hardly find information on this egg - if it exists, it is well hidden. It is a very inconspicuous egg that may harbor some surprises...
    Egg 9: This malignant egg seems to thrive on the pain and suffering of others.
    Egg 10: The symbol on this egg shows an enormous projection of energy exploding from a central point. One could guess that this egg stores power and suddenly expels it.
    Egg 11: A sense of peace and tranquility emanate from this egg. It is rumored to cure diseases and restore life to the dying.
    Egg 12: The wisps of color are said to be dictated by the flowing of the wind. The egg itself is as light as a feather...
    Egg 13: This egg is sparkling just like solid gold. It is said to be able to put any passerby into a trance...
    Egg 14: Shadows float around this egg at their own will. The shadows are rumored to harm both the physical being of an opponent and their very will to live...
    Egg 15: The spots on this egg may have resulted from the egg's struggle against a disease. The magic appears to be keeping the disease at bay; however one must be careful in handling it to prevent catching it themselves!
    Egg 16: This egg glows with a sickening green color. If exposed to wildlife for too long, rumors run that the wildlife will become mutated.
    Egg 17: It has been hinted at in legends that this egg grows brighter in color when it is not threatened.
    Egg 18: Is there anything worse than being hit by a biting wind on a frigid day? Well, the very design of the egg seems to have been sculpted by buildups of ice and snow blowing about it...
    Egg 19: The wisps in this egg appear to ebb with clockwork regularity. They infrequently speed up to twice their normal speed, but the significance of this virtually unknown.
    Egg 20: Some say this egg can produce a wide range of frequencies of sound. The locals have reported deep throaty rumbles and shattered glassware ever since the egg was brought near the town.
    Egg 21: The pattern on this dragon egg is a fairly archaic pattern used in some magical trinkets to increase luck significantly.
    Egg 22: All that is known about this egg is found in healers' diaries. All written information about it gives little information about its power, apart from its ability to heal deep wounds over a large amount of time.
    Egg 23: In myths of old, great villains tried to break open this egg but were harmed by the very damage given to the egg. Despite being slightly cracked, it remains intact.
    Egg 24: Violent patterns swirl around this egg, much like a vortex of air.
    Egg 25: Many writers describe the markings on this egg to be similar to an ink blot. One famous writer in particular, Edgar Alton Prose, believed this egg to be discovered in an evil house belonging to a person who helps you find your seat in a play. This startling fact may give this egg some unknown sense of evil...
    Egg 26: Some say that great magic is under the swirling smoke of this shell, while others think it is just a cheap parlor trick. It could be the ace up your sleeve...
    Egg 27: Stories speculate that this egg could be dropped off the tallest mountain and would not crack due to its protective shell.
    Egg 28: Three distinct lines run down the sides of the egg. They are said to drastically increase reflexes and greatly hasten the user to do normally impossible feats! However, such impossible feats come at a price...
    Egg 29: The very color of this egg can drastically shift one's mood, causing anywhere from mild to severe anger spikes. Not one researcher has studied it enough before getting angry and burning all the materials they found, so it remains a mystery.
    Egg 30: Rumors speculate that the colors dripping down the egg become more intense each time the egg suffers damage.
    Egg 31: The grayness of the egg is speculated to come from the shadow of the moon mixing with the brightness of the sun. Is believed that both the shadow of an eclipse and the sun's halo around the moon affect the egg's strength.
    Egg 32: Many arcane Mathemancers have argued for centuries over what this egg's symbol means. Not one seems to be able to find the exact value of this symbol.
    Egg 33: The runes glow glaringly as if they contain numerous spells built up from over the course of thousands of years. You should be glad they aren't targeted against you...
    Egg 34: The arcane symbols have been dissected by mages and found to affect many tactical aspects of fighting.
    Egg 35: No legends anywhere mention anything about this egg. What it could do is virtually unknown.

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  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
    11/22/2010 4:51:49   
    Legendary AdventureGuide!

    Egg Skill List
    Egg Skills are special abilities that activate randomly while you are fighting during a Titan Fight. They can activate when you use the normal attack button during a Titan Fight, and do not activate for your Baby/Toddler Dragon. Please note that Egg Skills will not start activating unless your Dragon has completed the Primal Skills quest and is a Primal Dragon. This means the egg skills only work for Dragonlords, and do not work for free players.

    Egg 1: "Your attack infects your enemy!"
    "Damaging, violent sneeze!" - Inflicts a 375-400 dragon element Magic DoT for 3 turns
    Runny Nose - Lowers enemy boost by -25 for 3 turns
    Red Eyes - Lowers enemy bonus by -20 for 3 turns

    Egg 2: "Your rage leaves a damaging scar on your enemies!"
    Outburst - Inflicts a 600-800 dragon element Magic DoT for 4 turns

    Egg 3: "Your bold confidence increases your damage"
    +40 Boost for 3 turns

    Egg 4: "Your every footsteps cause the earth to quake!"
    QUAKE - Inflicts 750-2475 dragon element Magic damage, followed by
    "Aftershock" - Inflicts a 218-327 dragon element Magic DoT for 3 turns

    Egg 5: "Your opponent trembles in fear at your power!"
    Terrified! - Stuns for 1 turn, followed by
    Opponent is affected by your ominous presence - Inflicts a 218-327 dragon element Magic DoT for 3 turns

    Egg 6: "Your primal rage increases your damage"
    Rage Building - +22 Boost every turn for 4 turns. This effect stacks, so that on the second turn you will have +44 Boost, and so on.

    Egg 7: "The arcane power within you destroys enemy HP and MP!"
    Health Rip - Inflicts a 480-720 dragon element Magic DoT for 3 turns
    Mana Tear - Inflicts a 300-500 dragon element Magic Mana DoT for 3 turns

    Egg 8: "You suddenly blend in to your surroundings and hope to surprise your opponent!"
    Surprise - +100 Crit for 2 turns
    Camo - +125 Dodge for 3 turns

    Egg 9: "You feed on some of the health drained from your opponent!"
    Health Steal - Inflicts a 300-900 dragon element DoT for 4 turns
    Health Sap - Heals you for 300-450 damage every turn for 3 turns

    Egg 10: "A mass of energy starts collecting"
    Countdown - Does nothing for 3 turns, followed by 2490-4050 dragon element Magic damage

    Egg 11: "Your health and mana are magically restored"
    Heals 600-800 HP and MP for 3 turns

    Egg 12: "The wind suddenly lifts you off the ground, granting you exceptional evasion!"
    Dodge +150 for 2 turns
    Enemy's bonus -40 for 1 turn

    Egg 13: "Your opponent is distracted by the shine of the runes"
    2 turn stun.
    3 turn increased stun chance

    Egg 14: "A veil of darkness shadows your foe"
    Shadow Slash: 3 turns of DoT dealing 700-900 damage

    Egg 15: "A plague strikes your opponent!"
    Each turn:
    "The plague greatly increases in size and damage!"
    Attacked by a virulent plague!, 4 turn(s) left.
    Damage is always the same.
    1st turn: 42
    2nd turn: 139
    3rd turn: 466
    4th turn: 1562

    Egg 16: "Your enemy becomes affected by radiation poisoning"
    Enemy: Poisoned by radiation!, 3 turn(s) left (DoT for 400-600 damage)
    Loss of power!, 3 turn(s) left (causes Boost -25%)

    Egg 17: "You inflict a searing wound with a throbbing pain"
    Damaged by opponents crippling blow!(1 turn left)
    Damage over time decreasing!(3 turns left)
    First hit does roughly 1000 damage, then roughly 500, then roughly 500

    <Needs Confirmation of damage>

    Egg 18: "Your Enemy has been exposed to a freezing chill"
    Freezes foe to the core (2 turn stun)

    Egg 19: "The flow of time has been disrupted for your enemy"
    Enemy: Easier to hit, 3 turn(s) left; -75 dodge
    Enemy: Slow attacks, 3 turn(s) left; -30 bonus

    Egg 20: "Piercing sound waves attack your opponent"
    A piercing screech debilitates your opponent!
    Opponent is affected by Sonic Barrage: DoT for 3 turns, 300-600 damage

    Egg 21: "Your ability to do massive damage greatly increases!"
    Self: Critical Luck, +45 Critical for 4 turns

    Egg 22: "A wave of magic bathes you in long lasting healing!"
    Effect: Applies "Healing Circle" a 10 turn HOT healing approx. 200-300 per turn
    Player status: Long-lasting cycle of HP healing, 10 turn(s) left

    Egg 23: "The damage your opponent does to you will be reflected next turn!"
    First turn Reflect shield appears; during attack. Absorbs the opponent's damage.
    Second turn: Opponent takes damage equal to the amount dealt to you in the previous turn.

    Egg 24: "A swirling mass of air is covering up the battlefield"
    Inflicts 2 different DoT to the enemy
    "Being torn apart by the cyclone"- 3 turns, 300-600 wind damage
    "Smashed by flying building material" - 3 turns, 300-600 wind damage

    Egg 25: "The sound of something wicked this way comes"
    Self: Raven's Eye- Increased Accuracy! (3 Turns, +20 bonus)
    Enemy: "Pendulum-like beats in song saps HP", Does DoT damage for 3 turns equal to normal attack

    Egg 26: "A magic show...in the middle of the battle?"
    "<Character> is affected by Dissapearing Act!"
    Your Character Effects:
    Hard to miss attacks! for 3 turns
    Now you see yourself...now you don't! for 3 turns (Your dragon dissapear out of nowhere)
    Enemy's Effects:
    Struggling to find attacker! for 3 turns
    After 3 turns:
    "You mysteriously reappear!"

    <Need information about the specific effects>

    Egg 27: "A magical wall seals you from the inside, greatly reducing damage taken!"
    Enemy damage is decreased by -22% for 3 turns, maxing out at -66% boost on the third turn

    Egg 28: "Suddenly you gain imense speed and are gifted with attack twice"
    Your dragon performs a double attack <This works with all ATTACKING skills, including Burn and Megaburn, but does not include Coil and Mana Regen. It also does not work with Primal Skills>
    After 2 turns:
    "You no longer are hastened by arcane magic!"

    Egg 29: "You have entered a berserk rage"
    Gives random amounts of boost for 5 turns

    Egg 30: "You inflict a wound that grows in strength as you weaken"
    Berserk wound, 3 turn DoT
    Cripling first then Searing pain, 3 turn DoT

    <Needs more information about the DoTs>

    Egg 31: "An eclipse covers the battle field"
    Self: Halo of the sun: increases damage temporarily (Boost +30% for 3 turns, reducing by 10% each turn)
    Enemy: Blinded by darkness: (Bonus -30% for 3 turns, reducing by 10% each turn)

    Egg 32: "The glowing symbols release powerfull mathemagics"
    A 5 turn DoT attack that does the following:
    1st turn: "Pi smash" 314 damage
    2nd turn: "Radial blast" 159 damage
    3rd turn: "Diameter dash" 265 damage
    4th turn: "Ratio Smack" 358 damage
    5th turn: "15 decimal smack" - 979 damage

    Egg 33: "The arcane runes glow, debilitating your foe."
    Enemy crit decreased for 3 turns (Crit -20)
    Enemy dodge decreased for 3 turns (Dodge -50)
    Enemy damage decreased for 3 turns (Boost -25%)
    Enemy accuracy decreased for 3 turns (Bonus -10)

    Egg 34: "The runes glow sharpening all your senses"
    Crit Increased for 3 turns (Crit +10)
    Dodge Increased for 3 turns (Dodge +50)
    Damage Increased for 3 turns (Boost 15%)
    Accuracy Increased for 3 turns (Bonus +25%)

    Egg 35: This egg is capable of doing any of the egg skills randomly. It can stack up to three different abilities at once in battle.

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    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
    11/22/2010 4:54:13   
    Legendary AdventureGuide!

    Thanks to
    -- sheogorath for the input.
    -- Dwelling Dragonlord for the DN quote.
    -- AztecArcher for image link.
    -- Ultrapowerpie and the people at DFGD for the original egg skill list.
    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
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