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7/10/2006 19:44:55   


Location: Testopia, Morning Falconreach (Books 1 and 2), A Hero is Bored, Willowshire (Rare), Dragon Attack at Willowshire!, Friday the 13th Invasion, Amityvale (Books 1 and 2), Meet Frostscythe, Xan Bossfight, Friday the 13th Invasion - The Last Stand!, Sepulchure's Flying Fortress, The Hatching, Frenzy at the Forge, Necromancer Nicto, From Ice to....., Slushroom Princess, Flashpoint, To Have All the Gold In Lore!, Ice Princess, Spidermancer, A DragonLord's Birthday!, Share and Share Alike, Princess-napped, In the Mountains..., We're Gonna Need More Fire..., Love Letter, Pet Insurrection, Willowshire Outpost, Tortoise and the Hare, Sort of, Bad Hare Day, A Hero Is Thawed (Retired), A Hero Is Thawed, Morning Falconreach (Book 3), Cure in Thyme, Breaking Down, The Felonious Five, Return of the Felonious Five, Transformative Thankstaking, Lucky Day Storybook, The Lucky Undead, The Final Lock, Best Day Ever!, The Undead Vs Artix, A Dragon's Day Out

Quests given
Book 1 - Dragon Egg Saga
A Hero is Bored
The Black Dragon Box
Opening The Black Box
The Sneevil Dumpsite
Egg Recovery
Summoning Help
The Secret Cave

Book 3
A Hero Is Thawed A Hero Is Thawed
Dragon Hatching
Hide n' Seek

Shops owned
Punt Twilly


Twilly: Hiyas! They built a new Petshop on Twillies old stump, so Twillies moved here!

Morning Falconreach (Books 1 and 2)

Before finishing quests in Oaklore Keep:
Twilly: Have you heard of the Priestess, Lady Celestia? She was supposed to meet me here. Could you ask Rolith in Oaklore Keep?

Before doing Robina's Quests:
Twilly: Hiyas! Want to look for the Black Dragon Box? You should ask Robina the Hood, she knows everything about hunting Sneevils!

After doing Robina's Quests:
Twilly: Oh noes, the Black Dragon Box was empty!? Oooh I know! You need to visit the most famous Treasure Hunter in the land!

After doing Valencia's Quests:
Twilly: 5 eggs? Wowzers! Which one is the real dragon Egg? I know, use the portal and ask Warlic the mage to help!

After doing Warlic's Quests:
Twilly: Amazing <Character>, you have the Dragon Egg! We better put it in a safe place. Hmm... I know a secret cave!

After putting the Egg to the Secret Cave:
Twilly: It is time! It is time! Quick.... let's go to the cave where your Dragon Egg is!

  • The Hatching - begins The Hatching quest.
  • Lady Celestia - teleports you to Sunbreeze Grove.

  • Back to Dragon Egg Saga
    Twilly: Amazing <Character>, you have the Dragon Egg! We better put it in a safe place. Hmm... I know a secret cave!
  • Invite Twilly - Twilly joins you as a pet.

  • Fire War
    Twilly: Cysero gave me a special necklace so I can comes back here whenever I wants! It only works for me though, Aria already tried...

  • Minigame Prizes
    Twilly: Did someone say cake? No cake please!!!!!!!
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    A Hero is Bored

    Twilly: Hiyas!
    Twilly: The path is clear, Priestess!
    Twilly: Oh noes! That is not a carpet Priestess... it is a Gorillaphant!

    Twilly: I will protect you Priestess!

    Twilly: !

    Twilly: But Priestess... you said his/her name was <Character> and he/she is the one who is destined to...

    Twilly: Especially since he/she is going to take that Black Dragon Box and...

    Dragon Attack at Willowshire!

    Twilly: Twillies brought as many people as Twillies could!
    Twilly: Gorgok!!!?
    Twilly: The sheep shredder.
    Twilly: The dingleberry destroyer!
    Twilly: Lets take Gorgok and his army down!
    Twilly: ...
    Twilly: "Twilly"

    Friday the 13th Invasion

    Twilly: Friday the 13th is so spoooky! Let Twillies join you and we can defend town together!
    Twilly: Zorbak!? What are you doing here?

    Amityvale (Books 1 and 2)

    Twilly: Hiyas! Are you guys talking about me? If you need me I will be over there on the stump!

    Meet Frostscythe

    Twily: We did it! We won!

    Twily: Woah...

    Twily: Is he a DragonLord?

    Twily (thinking): Only a DragonMaster? Whew.. he has not become a full fledged DragonLord yet... his Dragon will not be full strength.

    Twily: Did the big frost boss guy just catch a cold?
    Twily: *Chuckles*

    Xan Bossfight

    Twilly: It worked! I was able to heal him! That was close <Your Character>. Xan nearly finished you off.

    Friday the 13th Invasion - The Last Stand!

    Twilly: Zorbak!? What are you doing here?

    Sepulchure's Flying Fortress

    Twilly: Twillies is curious too.
    Twilly: *gulp* Twillies knows.
    Twilly: Only stories, rumors and legends... but some of them must be true.
    Twilly: That is one of the Great Dragons... one of The Ancient Ones... or what is left of it.
    Twilly: HE must have had his army of necromancers animate the skeleton. It's HIS flying fortress!

    The Hatching

    Twilly: What took you so long? You almost missed it. Oh, I'm so excited! I've been waiting so long for this day.
    Twilly: I don't get to see a dragon hatch every day, especially one so special.

    Twilly: Sure, Lady Celestia gave me the exact date and time of the hatching.

    Twilly: Really? Like what?

    Twilly: <Character>, look, it's MOVING!

    Twilly: A crack in the egg shell! It won't be long now!

    Twilly: Why would you boil water?

    Twilly: Just be ready for anything. We still don't know which dragon this will be, the savior of the world, or its destroyer.

    Twilly: Here we go!

    Twilly: Mmpphmmhm mff!

    Frenzy at the Forge

    Twilly: There are many boars! All over! There's one and there's one and one what that way, over there!

    Necromancer Nicto

    Twilly: Wow! What a wonderfull day outside!
    Twilly: Hmm?
    Twilly: ...oh...
    Twilly: ...my...
    Twilly: ...stick...

    Twilly: liiieeeeeee!!!
    Twilly: Ooooo lookie! Twilly can see Yulgar's Inn from up here.

    From Ice to.....

    Twilly: Hmm...
    Twilly: Yep, she is definitely fwozen...
    Twilly: ...
    Twilly: Oh.
    Twilly: Pwincess?
    Twilly: Awwwww... Twillies is so happies for you! *snuggle*
    Twilly: ...
    Twilly: *chuckles*
    Twilly: Oh no, oh no, oh no!
    Twilly: Sure a little kissy never hurt anybodies!

    Slushroom Princess

    Twilly: Twillies hasn't ever seen a flower like this before...
    Twilly: RUN!

    Ice Princess

    Twilly: Ok, Dr. Twillies is in!
    Twilly: What seems to be the twouble?

    Twilly: I thinks so..

    Twilly: *gasp!*

    Twilly: Hmm... this is a pwoblem.
    Twilly: This is the third case of hydra ankle owie-itis syndrome this month.
    Twilly: Which one was it?

    Twilly: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...
    Twilly: ...
    Twilly: You just let Dr. Twillies handle this.
    Twilly: How's that feel?

    Twilly: Ah-ah-ahhh, that's DR. Twilly today. *wink*

    Twilly: Uh ohs...
    Twilly: *sniffs the air*
    Twilly: I think Cysero 'sploded something again...
    Twilly: Oh Ash, it's you! No luck with your girl friend?

    Twilly: Aww, Twilly is sorries.
    Twilly: I wish I could heal your voice, but it's not hurtings you... so it's not something to heal. There has to be some bright side...

    Twilly: Oi.

    Twilly: Wwoooohhh, Twillies is getting dizzy!


    Twilly: Mmm, I likes the loud biscuits...
    Twilly: ..but they make my ears jiggle..
    Twilly: *Yawn* Sure, Ashies.. wait.. where are we going?
    Twilly: Do they have some biscwuits there? Twillies has a craving...
    Twilly: Twillies is coming!
    Twilly: What is it, Ashy?


    Twilly: I sure hope this was a good idea, Aria...
    Twilly: ...

    To Have All the Gold In Lore!

    Twilly: What's this, <<You>>?
    Twilly: It looks a little burnt.


    Twilly: Don't Worry I'm back!
    Twilly: *AHEM* I'm back... and I'm fine. Don't anyone worry about me. I just rescued the Dragon Eggs... ALL OF THEM... BY MYSELF...
    Twilly: I have to get these things back to the cave before they hatch.
    Twilly: Oh NOW you're listening. The dragon eggs hatch exactly one year from the appearnce of the Dragon Amulets...
    Twilly: ...on June 10th. I thought everyone knew that.

    A DragonLord's Birthday!

    Twilly: I like my hat.
    Twilly: Oh boy...

    Mogloween (Chapter 4)

    Share and Share Alike

    Twilly: We's moglins can helps, <Character>.
    Twilly: If we absorbs the greedlings magic then we can make sure they don't cause troubles.
    Twilly: We're gonna really want candies though from now on though.... I think you'd be better be in disguise if come visit with candies.

    In the Mountains.... (Act 7)

    Twilly: Um.. me?
    Twilly: Um, well.. Twillies doesn't really think th--
    Twilly: Okies, well I guess it's just a hug..

    Twilly: ...
    Twilly: Can we try something else please?

    Twilly: This isn't exactly what Twillies meant...

    Twilly: Oh noes, Twillies can't watch this thing!

    Twilly: Oof.. I feel squooshed..

    We're Gonna Need More Fire... (Act 8)

    Twilly: Chillies! Quick! The cage bwoke!!!

    Twilly: Oh noes, oh noes, oh noes!!!
    Twilly: AAAAAHHHhhh!

    Twilly: Frostval is almost here!

    Love Letter

    Sepulchre (Twilly): Time to face your DOOOOM!!!

    Twilly: HEEEEHEEEEheheeehehehee!

    Twilly: HEEeeehehee! That was the best shadowpuppet Twillies has ever seen!

    Pet Insurrection

    Twilly: What's wrong, Awia?

    Tortoise and the Hare, Sort of

    Twilly: Go Clyde!!!

    Twilly: Yay!

    Bad Hare Day

    Twilly: What?

    Twilly: Oh! Thanks, Ashy. It's kinda hard to hear at this attitude.
    Twilly: Ash lost a bet. And now he has to be my tree stump for the day.

    Twilly: We--

    A Hero Is Thawed

    If you select the 'Punt it back...' option:
      Twilly: Whyyy iiiis iiiiit aaaalllllwaaaaaayyyyss meeeeeee.....!

    Twilly: The cult of The Rose is trying to stop magic!
    Twilly: Magic users and magical creatures are suffering under the rule of The Rose!

    Morning Falconreach (Book 3)

    Twilly: Hiyas! Glad you made it here, <Character>! <Dragon> has been waiting a long time for you!
    Twilly: Hiyas <Character>! Glad to see you made it to Falconreach! <Dragon> has been waiting patiently for your return!


    The Hero "Egg" Saga

    Your dragon is now in possession of one hero pet! Watch "Hero Hatching" to see how they did it!

  • Hero Hatching - begins Dragon Hatching quest.

    If you're curious about how you got a dragon in the first place, check out Book 1's main story!

  • Dragon Egg Travel to Book 1 - teleports you to Falconreach (Books 1 and 2).

  • Hide n' Seek - begins Hide n' Seek quest.

  • Invite Twilly - Twilly joins you as a pet.

  • Invite your Dragon! - <Dragon> joins you as a pet.

  • Minigame Prizes
    Twilly: Did someone say cake? No cake please!!!!!!!
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    Cure in Thyme

    Twilly: So the M.O.P. are now guarding Andy in a secret location. They don't want anyone finding them. Andy is fine, but he can't have any human contact.
    Twilly: They keep him hidden, give him everything he needs, and take care of him.

    Breaking Down

    Twilly: We'll try to help with what we have but, <Character>, you need to seek out anything that could help heal them!

    Twilly: This... this will work. You did a great thing, <Character>! You helped to heal everyone!

    The Felonious Five

    Twilly: Hiyas, <Character>!
    Twilly: These monsters don't bother me at all. They look delicious!
    Twilly: I suppose they would be scary to the townspeople though. Which would explain why they all ran away.
    Twilly: I can heal you up, if you'd like!

    Twilly: Go get 'em! I'll cheer you on from over here. And maybe have a snack or two...

    Return of the Felonious Five

    Twilly: Yep!

    Twilly: They actually are!

    Transformative Thankstaking

    Twilly: Oh noes...

    Twilly: Looks like we have another two for our herd of Turducken!

    Twilly: No wait, come back! It'll last like—
    Twilly: Oh well, at least all the villagers are safe. And Robin too!

    Lucky Day Storybook

    Twilly: Hiyas <Character>! It's such a nice day, isn't it?

    The Lucky Undead

    Twilly: Wow! I can't believe you saved all three togs from the well! And before lunch time too! That's amazing, <Character>.

    Twilly: And then you saved that poor bird from a birdhouse fire. You're incredible.

    Twilly: Falconreach sure is lucky to have you, <Character>.

    Twilly: Oh, hiyas Zorba—

    Twilly: Well, there's plenty of housing being built here in Falconreach, maybe we can—

    Twilly: Actually, while thatched, the foundations are made from stone! I'm sure—

    Twilly: Here we go again...

    Twilly: I've never heard of any legendary golden luck dragon before.

    Twilly: What if you give me your staff to hold while <Character> is off doing her/his thing?

    Twilly: I won't! Moglin's honor!

    The Final Lock

    Twilly: Zorbak, no! We have to wait for <Character>!

    Twilly: Be nice, Zorbak! <Character> went quite far to find them!

    Twilly: I'll mail it to you!

    Best Day Ever!

    Twilly: It's not healthy to eat a lot of candy at once, <Character>!

    Twilly: Oh, yeah! I'm saving him a place in the line!
    Twilly: He said he forgot something and will be right back!

    Twilly: Oh noes!

    Twilly: I... I think it's done something to Artix!

    Twilly: I dont think his eyes usually glow green...

    Twilly: Uh oh!

    Twilly: I'll help out!

    The Undead Vs Artix

    Twilly: Huh?

    Twilly: OH!
    Twilly: Oh yes, I'm very scared! You're scaring me, Artix!

    Twilly: It must be the book!

    Twilly: It seems very talented.

    Twilly: Umm, guys? The book?

    Twilly: Due to how long Artix spent with the book, it's now able to make an Ebil undead copy of him!

    Twilly: Zorbak likes to brag.

    Twilly: Oh noes, we spent too much time expositioning!

    Twilly: I'll get the book!

    Twilly: Aww, you guys!

    A Dragon's Day Out

    Twilly: Gaaaah!
    Twilly: I'm sorry, I didn't know it was your stuuuump!

    Twilly: Oh, phew! Thanks, guys! You just saved me from an angry tog! I took a nap on a stump and apparently it was—

    Twilly: Oh noes, what happened? Did I do something wrong?

    Twilly: ...Why are you looking at me like that, <Dragon>?

    Other information
  • In Meet Frostscythe, Twilly's nametag misspells his name as Twily.

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image and corrections.
  • Krazy_Kakadu for quests given information.
  • ILmaster13 for the entry reformat.
  • Stephen Nix and Voodoo Master for location links, dialogues, and correction.
  • Peachii for location links and dialogues.
  • Niki for dialogue and corrections.
  • Pink_Star for location links.
  • Baron Dante for Falconreach dialogue.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf for dialogue.
  • margus2000 and Stridoom for corrections.
  • DemonicDarkwraith for updated dialogue.

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