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Felonious Five, The

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11/17/2017 23:09:55   

The Felonious Five

Location: Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 12 -> Oishii -> Act 1
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 17th, 2017

Objective: Aw cheese... Looks like a vanguard of vile villains are trying to violate the peace of Thankstaking. Time to clear this out.
Objective completed: Now to track Sally. Surely she'll lead the way to the source of this mischief.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Chocolate Moose
(3) Grape of Wrath
(3) Spineapple Slice
(4) Turducken
(5) Turkeylime Pie
(3) Undead Turkey

Guardian Rikah
Roof Guy
San Robin

I Scream Bowler (I-VIII)

Access to Felonious Five Loot.


*A black orb decorated by a texture with pink and light green spirals is placed in front of a long black table. Seated at that table are five familiar but silhouetted nefarious evildoers are seated at a long black table in a dimly lit gathering room. The only light that illuminates it comes from the bright flame flickering in the fireplace in the room's center.*

???: There it is. As I promised. Now, I have delivered on my promise. Each one of you here has something in common.
???: A problem, of sorts, and I believe that the answer to that problem is in working together.
???: To find out if we are capable of doing so efficiently, I have a little test for us.

???: That orb is all we'll need.
???: I've had some experience with orbs. We'll need to tread carefully.
???: Meh, been there done that.
???: *Giggle* This could be fun!
???: Waaac. Wac waac waaac.
???: Now, the problem we all have is; <Character>. Always ticking that beak into everyone's-
???: Shut up Nix. As I was saying, always sticking that BEAK into everyone's business and always interfering.
???: Now... Here's what we're going to do...

*Meanwhile, in Falconreach, you approach Oishii and Gretel in the midst of their conversation. Once you stopped running, the former turns around to greet you with a smile.*

<Character>: It's all quiet here. We've got guards posted everywhere we can think of.
<Character>: The Guardians are pitching in, and have agreed to double the guard at night.
Gretel: I can assure you, dearie, not one living thing is getting through the special wards I created around the kitchen.
Oishii: This year, there's NOTHING to worry about. You'll see!
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Well, I'm going to go on a quick check around town, just to be sure there's nothing wrong.

30 or so minutes of "a quick check around town just to be sure there's nothing wrong" Later

<Character>: Alrighty... other than some mention about a girl looking for her pet dracolich, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary.
<Character>: Time to-

*You spot Sally blissfully running through the area and you are quick to spot her. Her presence in Falconreach puzzles you.*

<Character>: Sally...?

*You become stricken with suspicion the longer you look.*

<Character>: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

*Your suspicions recede in a heartbeat.*

<Character>: Nah.
<Character>: Couldn't have been.

<Character>: There aren't any creepy dolls around.

*You turn around and walk away. Meanwhile, back in the dimly lit gathering room, Sally is seated again to rejoin her fellow evildoers.*

???: There, upon the wall.

???: I have enchanted the mirror to allow us to... watch the fun.

*The mirror over the fireplace depicts view of the exterior of Gretel's bakery.*

???: I still fail to see the value of this. So we cause some mischief... good... but what purpose does it actually serve?
???: Meh, entertainment is entertainment. Perhaps after this we can get to some serious fun.
???: Bonehead better be ok. I need him for my tea parties. He's so cute.
???: Wac. Wacwacwacwac. Waaac.
???: I know Nix. You really want your crack at <Character>. Don't worry, you'll get it. Don't you think they're going to realize what happened?
???: They'll send out someone to track down whoever is responsible.
???: Wac. Wac wac wac? Waaac!
???: Why do you think I sent Sally, you silly bird?
???: So they HAVE someone to track. And when <Character> gets here...
???: ... WE'LL be ready!
???: ENOUGH!
???: Let us begin and have done.
???: Now, I've studied this orb carefully. As near as I can tell, once we charge the orb, it will release all the energy we give it in one big burst.

*Everyone at the table places their hands (and flipper) on the orb, causing the texture to change to a spiral, indicating that it is powering up to prepare for the blast mentioned. Meanwhile, back in Falconreach, you report back to Oishii and Gretel.*

<Character>: Well, I've gone all over town, looking for any signs of trouble, it's actually surprisingly quiet right now.
Gretel: Well, dearie, isn't that the way it usually is?
Oishii: Gretel and I plan to keep a close eye on things around here just to be sure-
???: <Character>!!!
San Robin: I've been looking for you. Rumors of a vile alliance of villains have reached my ears.
San Robin: The dastardly Nix is definitely involved. I brie-live their alliance has gotten their hands on an unspeakably evil orb with lots of power.
San Robin: I camembert the orb's exact powers, I sort of bleu through the text on it.
<Character>: Well, I've been patrolling and everything seem quiet. There was one thing, but I may have been mistaken.
<Character>: I thought I saw Sally, but I didn't hear any screaming, so I figured I was seeing things.
San Robin: Well, I'll stay nearby. I want to be sure they don't cause any trouble.
Gretel: As I said, not one living thing is getting to this feast, dearie.

*Abruptly cuts to black. A quadrilateral panel depicts San Robin, Oishii, and Gretel at the bakery's exterior appears in the middle of the black screen. Another appears to depict a tiny dracolich entering the bakery unnoticed. The third depicts the dracolich biting a turkducken's leg to grab it followed by the final quadrilateral panel depicting the undead creature empowering the delectable poultry meal with dark magic. While Gretel had said no living thing will get to the feast, it turned out that the undead could, which all leads up to a burst of black magic radiating pink and light green-colored wave textures exploding through the chimney. The meals for the harvest feast break out of the bakery to wreak havoc on the dis-repaired town.*

San Robin: So... That happened.
Gretel: Oh my.
Oishii: Really...?

*You navigate your way through Falconreach once again to rid the streets of the vile reanimated food.*

Sheppie: All clear over here, hero.
Stribog: They came out of the scaffolding! From the bushes! They're coming out of the freaking walls!
Sheppie: Mostly coming from the woods though.
Stribog: I may have overexaggerated.
Sheppie: We'll keep an eye over here if you can go and take care of anything else wandering around town.
Guardian Rikah: The Guardians have been deployed across town as well. Thanks to the help from the Rose, we-
Stribog: Really? you're gonna bring politics into this? When the town is under attack?
Guardian Rikah: I just meant that we were prepared for a sudden crisis like this. Anyway, you go do your hero thing, hero!

Twilly: Hiyas, <Character>!
Twilly: These monsters don't bother me at all. They look delicious!
Twilly: I suppose they would be scary to the townspeople though. Which would explain why they all ran away.
Twilly: I can heal you up, if you'd like!

  • Heals, please! - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    Twilly: Go get 'em! I'll cheer you on from over here. And maybe have a snack or two...

    Roof Guy: Oh no, oh no, look at all of them down there.
    Roof Guy: I knew I should have stayed in bed today.
    Roof Guy: And what if they come back? I don't think I can ever come down from here. They might find me.
    Roof Guy: Better to just stay up here for the rest of my life. "Roof Guy," they'll say, "the monsters are gone!" But I'll know better. It's just a matter of time.
    Roof Guy: Who needs other people anyway? I can live up here with my hammer.
    Roof Guy: Drink rainwater. Eat the smells coming from the inn's chimney. Talk to myself.
    Roof Guy: On second thought, maybe come and get me when this is all over?
    Roof Guy: Hello? Are you still there? Wait- where are you going?

    Linus: Squawrk. (A dark shadow hast cast is pall over thine city, <Character>.)
    Linus: Sqwaak. (Doest thou truly belive thou hast the power to push it back? For eternity?)
    Linus: Squaaawk. (Perhaps mine cerebrum doest decieve me, and thou hast the potential within thineself.)
    Linus: Squirk. (We shall see. However, a boon of thine cause, 'ere thou takest thine leave.)
    Linus: Squawk. (Thou never heard from me. Thou sawest nothing. Thou heardest nothing.)

    *You clear out the reanimated food around the eastern and center areas in Falconreach and return to the bakery's exterior where Oishii, Gretel, and San Robin await.*

    <Character>: Well, that's the last of them. It's a big mess, but cleanup should be fairly easy.
    San Robin: Didn't you say you thought you saw Sally?
    <Character>: Yeah. I think I saw her just outside the western gate, we can start there.

    <Character>: Let's go.

    *You head down west posthaste. In that direction, the dracolich that broke into the bakery is carrying the turducken it bit in its ribcage. It stops moving once it reached the outskirts of town.*

    Bonehead: Urp...

    *It grows to massive size shortly after it burps. Abruptly cuts to black, leaving behind a cliffhanger.*

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - opens Felonious Five Loot shop.

    Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Seems like some of the fiercer townsfolk have that way covered.
  • The mayor's tent is barricaded from the inside.
  • Luckily these monsters don't seem to be after gold. This is still irresponsible though!
  • The sounds of battle and... eating? are coming from this direction. Best to stay clear.
  • Of course the path to the Guardian Tower is being protected by the Guardians.
  • The weapon shop looks like it was closed today. Lucky!
  • The shopowners of Falconreach are defending their stores. Seems messy.
  • You can hear the sounds of eating coming from behind Cysero's door!
  • You don't suppose a turducken could fit into this oven? Maybe? Best not to try.
  • The pets don't seem terribly spooked by the invasion. Brave!
  • The Guardians at the gate are doing their best to hold off the oncoming hordes!
  • There are # enemies remaining around Falconreach.
  • Seems like the Guardians have this way under control.

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