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4/26/2008 2:09:00   
PaperClip OF DOOM


Location: The Gate Keeper, Artix Vs. The Undead, Necropolis: Last Stand, Noxus Fumes, NoX-Mas, Greatest Hug of All, The Felonious Five, A Boneheaded Brawl, Return of the Felonious Five, Transformative Thankstaking, The Senseless

Quests Given

Shops Owned

The Gate Keeper

Noxus: The army is almost complete!
Noxus: The world shall be wrapped in the eternal embrace of darkness...
Noxus: HEAR ME, denizens of the Necropolis!
Noxus: I applaud your skill and effort. But we have little time to complete our most grand project.
Noxus: An army of 100 million undead unlike anything the world has ever seen before!
Noxus: I expect every Necromancer in the Necropolis to redouble their efforts....
Noxus: Especially you... Necromantress.

Noxus: Look at them. Thousands of loyal soldiers for Sepulchure. Your skill continues to impress me.
Noxus: However, as my top student, your recent defeat in Moonridge is quite unsettling.
Noxus: I expect you to redeem yourself by making an example of those two meddling heroes with your latest... creations.
Noxus: Now, my student.... ALL MY STUDENTS... BACK TO WORK!
Noxus: Sepulchure's flying castle will be here soon, and Sepulchure expects an army almost twice this size!

Artix Vs. The Undead

Noxus: They will be coming your way very soon, my pupil.

Noxus: Make certain that you do. I find your previous failures very disturbing. It is unlike you to fail so utterly.

Noxus: There will be no holding back this time, Necromantress. When the time comes, summon Edgar.
Noxus: Do I make myself clear?

Noxus: Do I make myself clear?

Noxus: Very good.

Necropolis: Last Stand

Noxus: Necromantress! To my side!

Noxus: All of our work...destroyed! Sepulchure will be furious unless we hand him those who are responsible.
Noxus: <Character>, Artix, and the other heroes of Falconreach have broken through our defenses.
Noxus: I want you to unleash your latest creations, the Strangeknight and his Shadowhounds, on them.
Noxus: This is your chance to avenge your brother. Do not fail his memory!

Noxus: Good! Use your hatred to fuel your magic! Let the Darkness Orb magnify it! Destroy them!

Noxus Fumes

Noxus: Ah good, Artix and <Character>. Right on time.

Noxus: Give YOU the Darkness Orb? You could not control its power. I would never hand it over to you...even if I had it.

Noxus: Don't you fools understand yet?
Noxus: Artix, the day that you and Vayle came out of the Guardian Tower, Vayle brought the power with her...
Noxus: ...Lady Vayle IS the Elemental Orb of Darkness now...
Noxus: ...and I alone control her!

I had spent months trying to enter the chamber beneath the Guardian Tower...
...But on that day I felt the power of the orb leave the chamber on its own.
...Imagine my surprise when I felt all that dark power flowing from a little girl...
...I knew that the orb had chosen to bind with this girl, and if I couldn't control the orb...
...Then I would control the girl. After I 'saved' her from the town we watched it burn together...
...and I began to teach her.

Noxus: When you are a necromancer, child, there is no such thing as "too late".

Noxus: I can teach you, if you like. Simply focus on your brother's energy... image capturing it in a bottle.

Noxus: He just wants to live again, that is all.
Noxus: We will find a way, Vayle. If you become my student, I will teach you all that I know and we will find a way to bring him back.

Noxus: It will take much hard work on your part, but yes... I promise, Vayle.

Noxus: Since that day I have been using her... the power inside her... for myself.
Noxus: I had to be careful not to teach her too much. With the Orb bound to her, she could easily overpower me.
Noxus: The years passed and I raised her as a necromantress.
Noxus: In time, with her help, I became Dean of Necromancy University and she became my star student.
Noxus: Once you two troublemakers are finished, she will be able to rebuild Sepulchure's undead army in a matter of moments.

Noxus: Raise her brother? Necromancy is using dark power to control the dead... not revive them.
Noxus: Necromancy may have that kind of power but I've never seen it.
Noxus: Besides, how would I control her if I returned her brother to her? What would have been the point of killing him in the first place?

Noxus: That's right. The Green Mist was a deadly disease that I created to wipe out that village... YOUR village, Artix.
Noxus: If I had known that your exposure to the Orb made you resistant to my corruption I would have made other... arrangements.
Noxus: Especially considering what a thorn in my side that both you and <Character> have become.
Noxus: All that ends here and now. I will finish you like I should have years ago. I will re-create the undead army...
Noxus: ... and I will continue using Vayle as my puppet, for as long as I can use her brother as bait.

Noxus: Vayle! You misunderstood me. Let me make it clear to you.

Noxus: BAH! I was going to have to kill you for the Orb eventually, child. Now is as good a time as any.
Noxus: COME! Face NOXUS and know the power of a TRUE NECROMANCER!

Frostval (Chapter 3)


Noxus: <Character>! I'm not sure how you found me, but welcome to my home away from home.
Noxus: My work, how demanding you are. I think that you've failed to capture the spirit of the season.
Noxus: Or you'll what? Kick me out of my SECOND home? Take most of my power from me, AGAIN?
Noxus: Did it ever occur to you that I might have done this to THOSE Moglins because they are YOUR friends?
Noxus: This is EXACTLY what I'm saying.
Noxus: You took everything from me! I had no choice but to look for a new source of power.
Noxus: In my studies I discovered something interesting about moglins...
Noxus: ...As sources of magic go these little creatures are one of the purest, most powerful sources on Lore...
Noxus: ...Second only to hugs, of course.
Noxus: I researched some extraction methods and the best way to remove all of their magic store it for MY purposes...
Noxus: ...Is to transform them into coal...
Noxus: ...then use them to warm my cave. The magic give off from their destruction would be stored in a specially designed fireplace.
Noxus: Of course, most any moglin would do but I chose Frostvale because of YOU They are your friends and I owe you!
Noxus: Actually I was hoping to capture you as well but you got very lucky.
Noxus: I will erase you from the history of Lore, starting with this absurd celebrating in your honor... Frostval.
Noxus: I plan on replacing it with my OWN celebration in My honor. I'm going to call it NoX-Mas. What do you think?
Noxus: Thank you.
Noxus: I guess that you might say something like that.
Noxus: You are right to assume that I don't currently have to power to stop you...
Noxus: ...Thankfully I'm very wealthy so I hired people to do that for me.
Noxus: Allow me to introduce the Two Ninja Turtledoves!

Noxus: Well, hero... you have nearly everything that you came to accomplish..
Noxus: Too bad for you that you just destroyed the ONLY hope that the frost moglins had of being returned to life! HAHAHAHA!
Noxus: That was no ordinary fire in that fireplace... That was Life Essence!
Noxus: Life Essence is a very rare, VERY expensive magical element... and the only thing capable of returning your friends to life!
Noxus: REVENGE IS MINE, <Character>. Remember this day! I know that I will... HAHAHA!
Noxus: The day I tricked you into dooming all of Frostvale.
Noxus: Have no fear, <Character>. They won't be trapped like that forever. I can build another magical fireplace in time...
Noxus: ...Then their magic will be MINE! AHAHAHAHAHAH!
Noxus: Our business is concluded. Return to your little blue friend and tell him that you destroyed the only hope of seeing his father again!
Noxus: Oh, and <Character>...?

Hero's Heart Day (Chapter 4)

Greatest Hug of All

Noxus: <Character>, I don't know how you found me... AGAIN... but welcome to my home away from home. Away from home.

Noxus: Ah, so. He thinks to outwit me? He does not know the POWER I command!
Noxus: Or will, once I send new minions out into Lore to hug all its citizens!

Noxus: HUSH, minion!

Noxus: Yes, the greatest, most powerful magic on Lore. Is Hug magic.
Noxus: Stronger even than the magic of moglins.
Noxus: Which is why that little red-hatted love-freak was taken.

Noxus: It is good to see you appreciating my work for once, HERO.
Noxus: Yes, he finally got it right on Hug Potion #9.
Noxus: It linked me to my minions in such a way that when they hugged humans, draining them of mana, it would transfer the magic power to ME.

Noxus: Exactly.
Noxus: And since YOU'RE here, I have the opportunity to absorb your mana.

Noxus: I should say not. Liam-Liam is too useful to sacrifice.
Noxus: No... what YOU need, <Character>, is my greatest, most huggable creation!
Noxus: A Bear Hug.

Thankstaking (Chapter 12)

The Felonious Five

???: I've had some experience with orbs. We'll need to tread carefully.

???: I still fail to see the value of this. So we cause some mischief... good... but what purpose does it actually serve?

???: ENOUGH!
???: Let us begin and have done.
???: Now, I've studied this orb carefully. As near as I can tell, once we charge the orb, it will release all the energy we give it in one big burst.

A Boneheaded Brawl

Noxus: Sally, what did you DO to my office? There's tea pots and dolls on every open bit of surface.

Noxus: Yes, and soon I will begin studying it. I will find out how to use it to even greater effect next year.

Thankstaking (Chapter 13)

Return of the Felonious Five

Noxus: I asked you to bring an assortment of magic items, so that we may select the best effects to channel through the Orb.

Noxus: I believe we can channel even MORE magic through the Orb if we attach it to something.
Noxus: Surely there is something here that will work for our needs.
Noxus: There's this infinity gaunt—

Noxus: Nix has a good point. Why not use some transformation magic?
Noxus: Let's do something that will REALLY change the way these do gooders think!

Noxus: Why the tiara?

Transformative Thankstaking

Noxus: The main course... has arrived.

Noxus: I believe your tiara may have run out of its proverbial juice.

Noxus: Magic isn't an exact science.
Noxus: It may take some time for it to recharge. It's possible the drain from the orb's amplifi—

Noxus: Joules, you really ought to—

Thankstaking (Chapter 16)

The Senseless

???: Not YOU again!

Noxus: Why is it always you?!

Noxus: You try not to hate the holidays when nobody ever invites you to the party!

Noxus: No! I hate the holidays because they're full of cheer!

Noxus: I hate that.

Noxus: Correct.

Noxus: I have a better idea.


Noxus: I created this monster to steal everyone's senses! That way, they can't enjoy those accursed holidays!

Noxus: Exactly. This creation is called the Non-sense!

Noxus: Yes really! Behold its power while you still can. Creature, take <Character>'s senses!

Noxus: I should've known the second you showed up.

Noxus: But I swear that one day I'll get you!

Projection Appearance
Side View Appearance
Frostval 2008 Appearance
Hero's Heart Day 2011 Appearance

Also See: Ob-Noxus

Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for images.
  • Ghostbear5 for the Artix Vs. The Undead dialogue.
  • PhantomBlitz for Necropolis: Last Stand and Noxus Fumes dialogue.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf for NoX-Mas dialogue.
  • Stephen Nix for information and coloring.
  • Peachii for corrections.
  • Voodoo Master for additional dialogue.

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