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Greatest Hug of All

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2/18/2011 20:45:11   

Greatest Hug of All

Other name: Find the one responsible!

Location: Hero's Heart Day Chapter 4 -> Orb d'Amour -> Select a Quest! -> Greatest Hug of All
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Big D.'s Missing!, Snugglebear Armor must be equipped
Release Date: February 18th, 2011

Objective: SOMEone is behind all these pink undead trying to hug you to death! And that someone is probably EEEEEBIL! Or EVIL. One of the two.
Objective completed: Oh, the dehumanity! Noxus has been pinkified!
And you don't want to know how Twig will contain his magic. Twig has his own secrets. Vewwy vewwy SECWET secwets!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Glob of Love
(3) Kissing Bug
(1) Love Bug
(1) Bear Hug(ger) - Boss

Big Daddy

Token of Affection
Snugglebear Helm

Orb d'Amour: SOMEone is behind Big D.'s kidnapping and the pinkification of the undead. But who? And... WHY?

  • Find the one responsible!
  • Back

    Liam-Liam: Oh hoh! It's <Character>! In... is that a Snugglebear suit v4.0?
    Liam-Liam: ... Your tracker is blinking.
    Liam-Liam: Is THAT how you found your way here? That sneaky little cherub!
    Liam-Liam: Master will NOT be pleased!
    Liam-Liam: He HATES hearts! And cherubs!
    <Character>: So... who IS this mysterious Master who kidnapped Big Daddy?
    <Character>: Does he have ANY idea what he's getting into by taking one of my friends?
    <Character>: I'm the BOSS. And this is a Brilliant Disguise.
    Liam-Liam: Oh, I think my Master will be happy to see you, hero!
    Liam-Liam: In fact, if you want to justify his love, let me hug you!
    <Character>: Let you WHAT?!
    Liam-Liam: I wanna hug you. If you had my hugs-
    <Character>: I don't WANT your hugs. And I DON'T want to make your Master happy!
    <Character>: I'm here to get my friend back and save Hero's Heart Day. That's ALL.
    Liam-Liam: Sad day! How am I supposed to hug without you?
    Liam-Liam: Ah, well. If you want to see my Master, you'll have to FIGHT your way there!
    <Character>: And love is a battlefield, yes yes, I understand.

    Big Daddy: *(snore)*
    Big Daddy: ...shack.. little ol' place.. *(snore)* where... ... pancakes.. *(snore)*
    <Character>: Big Daddy!
    <Character>: Big D.?!
    <Character>: Alright, whoever is responsible for this, SHOW YOURSELF!
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Or I'll rip this Shack to shreds, from its tin roof all the way down to the floorboards!
    <Character>: NOXUS! I should have known! *(cough, nice outfit)*
    <Character>: Only YOU would be diabolical enough to abuse a holiday about love and pink and happyhappyjoyjoy!
    Noxus: <Character>, I don't know how you found me... AGAIN... but welcome to my home away from home. Away from home.
    Liam-Liam: It was trackers, Master. Dropped by the little love-cherub.
    Noxus: Ah, so. He thinks to outwit me? He does not know the POWER I command!
    Noxus: Or will, once I send new minions out into Lore to hug all its citizens!
    <Character>: I already cleansed Falconreach of your hugger-muggers and if you manage to send out more, I'll take care of THEM, too!
    Liam-Liam: You do not even know what you have done, <Character>!
    Liam-Liam: My Master was going to harness the power of hugs-
    Noxus: HUSH, minion!
    <Character>: Use HUGS? But.. but... The power of Hugs... it's immense!
    Noxus: Yes, the greatest, most powerful magic on Lore. Is Hug magic.
    Noxus: Stronger even than the magic of moglins.
    Noxus: Which is why that little red-hatted love-freak was taken.
    <Character>: But he's not a moglin. He just deals in love and love pot-
    <Character>: Oooooh. A hug potion. Made by a prisoner of love.
    <Character>: Clever, clever Noxus!
    Noxus: It is good to see you appreciating my work for once, HERO.
    Noxus: Yes, he finally got it right on Hug Potion #9.
    Noxus: It linked me to my minions in such a way that when they hugged humans, draining them of mana, it would transfer the magic power to ME.
    <Character>: So all you need is hugs.
    Noxus: Exactly.
    Noxus: And since YOU'RE here, I have the opportunity to absorb your mana.
    Liam-Liam: It would be the greatest hug of all, Master!
    Liam-Liam: Please, oh please, let me hug him/her! For you, Master, all for you!
    <Character>: Ugh, normally I would do anything for hugs. But I won't hug that.
    Noxus: I should say not. Liam-Liam is too useful to sacrifice.
    Noxus: No... what YOU need, <Character>, is my greatest, most huggable creation!
    Noxus: A Bear Hug.

    Bug Hug(ger) appears

    <Character>: *sigh*
  • Battle!
  • Heal

    <Character>: That's the way hugs go.
    <Character>: And now, Ob-Noxus, it's time to take care of YOU!
    Ob-Noxus: You think you can take me in battle? HAH!
    <Character>: Oh, no. No no no.
    <Character>: I'm going to call in back-up.
    <Character> (thinking): *wish REAL hard*

    Twig and other moglins appear

    Twig: Poof!
    Twig: I am hewe, hewo! How can I hewp you? I bwought the Mogluvs with me, just in case!
    Ob-Noxus: What is THIS? I am not battling a puny yellow-
    <Character>: Who said anything about battling?
    <Character>: Have you ever really, really really ever hugged... a moglin?
    Ob-Noxus: STOP!
    <Character>: In the name of hugs!
    <Character>: I mean, according to what you've said...
    <Character>: You gain power through hugs.
    <Character>: So here's what I'm thinking.
    <Character>: Follow along if you can, Necroninny.
    <Character>: Moglin magic is the second greatest source of power on Lore.
    <Character>: Hugs being the greatest, of course.
    <Character>: YOU, through a magic whatchamahicky-potion, gain power when hugs happen.
    <Character>: So what if, just WHAT IF, a MOGLIN who'd had some of the potion hugged YOU directly?
    <Character>: Would you turn pink and explode through the magic of moglin-hug transference

    Liam-Liam: Master, I'm scared. Save me!

    Liam-Liam Hugs Noxus

    Ob-Noxus: ARGH! Get off me, you coward!
    Liam-Liam: Eep!
    <Character>: Twig, mogluvs, you know what to do!
    <Character>: Moglin hug pile on!
    Twig: GO GO GO GO!

    Ob-Noxus: *muffled screaming*
    Twig: I WUV HUGS!
    <Character>: I should probably go check on them...

    Noxus is tied onto the Chains of WUV

    Twig: Do you wike my Chains of WUV, <Character>?
    Twig: These wiw leech his hug-magic out of him. He'ww be back to normal soon.
    Ob-Noxus: Arrrgh! Because you hugged me- *rage*

    Twig poke Ob-Noxus head

    Ob-Noxus: OW. *grumble*
    <Character>: Good! Looks to me like Noxus has lost that huggin' feeling.
    Twig: Woah-oh that huggin' feewing!
    <Character>: I think you're stronger than anyone knows, Twig.
    <Character>: I have my suspicions, but...
    <Character>: I'll keep your secrets.

    Twig eye blinks

    Twig: You WOCK, <Character>!
    Twig: As for YOU, Mistah Noxus..
    Twig: ...You give hugs a BAD NAME!
    Ob-Noxus: *(groan)*

    Big Daddy returns

    <Character>: Did you REALLY need to turn the monsters AND the Shack's inside pink with your magic hug potion?
    Big Daddy: They didn't know if it was day or night.
    Big Daddy: They started hugging everyone in sight.
    Big Daddy: And that's why NO ONE messes with Big Daddy!
    Big Daddy: Because the pink... the pink was for REVENGE!

  • Complete Quest

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