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Noxus Fumes

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6/25/2008 17:44:00   

Noxus Fumes

Location: The Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests -> Next Page -> Noxus Fumes
Requirements: Completion of Artix Vs. The Undead
Release Date: June 25th, 2008

Objective: The destruction of the leagues of undead has made Noxus angry. It's time to take down the Dean!
Objective completed: You have defeated the Dean of the Necropolis and foiled his plans to overrun Doomwood with this army of undead. It is hard to say if Vayle is friend or foe, but either way, the Darkness Orb is hers... for now.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(2) Minion
(7) Necrotized Creature
(1) Noxus - Boss


Helm Splitter (All Versions)
Flash Arc (All Versions)
Spellwing (All Versions)
Undead Slayer Badge
Golden Egg
Spotted Egg

Artix: It looks like the last of Sepulchure's undead army is being taken care of my the other heroes of Falconreach.
Artix: That means that we are free to go down into the Necropolis and finish this.
Artix: We have to get the Darkness Orb from Noxus at all costs!

  • Quest!
  • Done

  • Artix joins you as Guest A.

    <Character>: I can't believe the Necropolis is so empty now that the army is defeated!
    Artix: I cannot believe how much power you and the other heroes of Falconreach have when you work toward a common goal!
    Artix: I had a great time stomping those skeletons into the ground. I just wish there had been more.
    <Character>: Artix... we beat 5 million of them... you beat the other 5 million by yourself!
    Artix: I KNOW! I feel like I got ripped off! Oh well, at least Noxus should have something interesting up his sleeve...
    Artix: ...I just hope that we are ready for whatever he throws at us.
    <Character>: I hope that HE'S ready for US! Let's go... We can't let him escape with the Darkness Orb!

    Fight 7 Necrotized Creatures on your way to Noxus

    Noxus: Ah good, Artix and <Character Name>. Right on time.
    <Character>: Surrender the Darkness Orb, Noxus, and we may just let you walk out of Doomwood.
    <Character>: Sepulchure has his own ways of dealing with failures like you.
    Noxus: Give YOU the Darkness Orb? You could not control its power. I would never hand it over to you...even if I had it.
    <Character>: You don't have it?
    Artix: Only a necromancer with the power of the Darkness Orb could have built that army.
    Noxus: Don't you fools understand yet?
    Noxus: Artix, the day that you and Vayle came out of the Guardian Tower, Vayle brought the power with her...
    Noxus: ... Lady Vayle IS the Elemental Orb of Darkness now...
    Noxus: ... and I alone control her!

    I had spent months trying to enter the chamber beneath the Guardian Tower...
    ...But on that day I felt the power of the orb leave the chamber on its own.
    ...Imagine my surprise when I felt all that dark power flowing from a little girl...
    ...I knew that the orb had chosen to bind with this girl, and if I couldn't control the orb...
    ...Then I would control the girl. After I 'saved' her from the town we watched it burn together...
    ...and I began to teach her.

    Vayle: Thank you for saving me Master Noxus, but my brother... I wish you could have saved him too.
    Vayle: I wish I wasn't too late.
    Noxus: When you are a necromancer, child, there is no such thing as "too late".
    Vayle: !!!
    Noxus: I can teach you, if you like. Simply focus on your brother's energy... image capturing it in a bottle.
    Vayle: Master Noxus! I did it! I can feel him inside that crystal!
    Edgar: Hhhehhhelllp Mmmmeeeeeeeee
    Vayle: It sounds... it sounds like he's in pain. Oh, how do we help him?!
    Noxus: He just wants to live again, that is all.
    Noxus: We will find a way, Vayle. If you become my student, I will teach you all that I know and we will find a way to bring him back.
    Vayle: Do you promise? Do you promise that you can bring Edgar back?
    Noxus: It will take much hard work on your part, but yes... I promise, Vayle.

    Noxus: Since that day I have been using her... the power inside her... for myself.
    Noxus: I had to be careful not to teach her too much. With the Orb bound to her, she could easily overpower me.
    Noxus: The years passed and I raised her as a necromantress.
    Noxus: In time, with her help, I became Dean of Necromancy University and she became my star student.
    Noxus: Once you two troublemakers are finished, she will be able to rebuild Sepulchure's undead army in a matter of moments.
    <Character>: So you never even planned on helping her use necromancy to raise her brother?
    Noxus: Raise her brother? Necromancy is using dark power to control the dead... not revive them.
    Noxus: Necromancy may have that kind of power but I've never seen it.
    Noxus: Besides, how would I control her if I returned her brother to her? What would have been the point of killing him in the first place?
    Artix: Killing him? He died as a result of the Green Mist. Do you mean that you...?
    Noxus: That's right. The Green Mist was a deadly disease that I created to wipe out that village... YOUR village, Artix.
    Noxus: If I had known that your exposure to the Orb made you resistant to my corruption I would have made other... arrangements.
    Noxus: Especially considering what a thorn in my side that both you and <Character> have become.
    Noxus: All that ends here and now. I will finish you like I should have years ago. I will re-create the undead army...
    Noxus: ... and I will continue using Vayle as my puppet, for as long as I can use her brother as bait.
    Vayle: All these years... I TRUSTED YOU! YOU HAVE BEEN USING ME!!
    Noxus: Vayle! You misunderstood me. Let me make it clear to you.
    Vayle: No more of your LIES, "Master" Noxus!
    Vayle: <Character>, I can never forgive what you have done... there still may have been hope... but let me help you finish Noxus
    Vayle: With all of our power combined, this slug cannot possibly stand against us.

    Vayle joins your party

    Noxus: BAH! I was going to have to kill you for the Orb eventually, child. Now is as good a time as any.
    Noxus: COME! Face NOXUS and now the power of a TRUE NECROMANCER!

    You fight Noxus and 2 Minions

    <Character>: Thank you for your help, Vayle.
    Vayle: Save your thanks, <Character>. Noxus is defeated and the Necropolis is empty. That is enough for now.
    <Character>: But... the Darkness Orb... what will you do?
    Vayle: I will continue trying to find a way to save my brother. I still believe the key is in Necromancy.
    <Character>: Will you stay here at the University?
    Vayle: No, but Necromancy University has been here for centuries. Another master will come along and claim it.
    Vayle: I know that you and Sepulchure both need the power of the Darkness Orb, so I know we will meet again.
    Vayle: Just be ready for me. Next time that we meet it may not be as friends.
    <Character>: I'll be ready. Farewell, Vayle.
    Vayle: Farewell, <Character>.

    A few weeks later...

    ???: Hello?

    *Sally appears from the entrance of the Necropolis...*

    Sally: It's so empty...
    Sally: This will make the best doll house EVER!
    Sally: ...and it's all MINE!

    Thanks to
  • Stephen Nix for coloring and corrections.
  • eclipse4227, tblade64, and Windy for information.
  • Andy8, chandlerrulz, Dwelling Dragonlord, Gingkage, latedog, and Peachii for corrections.

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