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Vayle / Lady Vayle

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2/9/2007 8:37:57   

Vayle / Lady Vayle

Location: Moonridge in Doomwood; Moonridge: Saved!, The Green Mist, Artix vs The Undead, Noxus Fumes, Memory-Demons, The Necromancer of SiOO, Pallors Plan, Frostval - Winged Darkness, Wicked Queen, Frostval 2012

Quests given

Shops owned
Mogkee Shop

Moonridge: Saved!

Lady Vayle: Excuse me Mayor. I would like to meet and thank our heroes, personally.
Lady Vayle: So, the two of you signal handedly defeated the Necromantress' undead army?
Lady Vayle: Defeating an undead army of that strength requires a great deal of skill and power.
Lady Vayle: That was quite impressive. Let me be the first to PERSONALLY thank you.
Lady Vayle: !!!
Lady Vayle: Impossible! This cannot be the little boy I met during the...
Lady Vayle: Artix, he... he saved me...

The Green Mist

Help! Someone, please, help me! Brother....!

Help! I can't hold on! Please, help me!

*cry cry, sniiifff*

*sniiifff* You're alive!?

Yeah, you're *sob* alive

I... Don't know.

Vayle: I'm Vayle. Yeah, I live in the village too... with my brother.

Vayle: They're... dead. It's just me and my brother now.
Vayle: We look out for each other. He'll be worried if I don't come home before sunset.
Vayle: He's the strongest, bravest best brother ever. If he was here, he would know how to get us out of this cave. *sob*

Vayle: O..*sniff* Ok.

Vayle: What's THAT light? It's... pulsing.


Vayle: I'm fine, I think. I just touched that orb...

Vayle: Brother, please don't be mad! I got lost and this boy found me.
Vayle: His name is Artix and he...

Artix vs. The Undead

Vayle: You destroyed my brother! I have kept his spirit safe in his spiritcrystal for YEARS... ever since... that night!
Vayle: I was so close to getting Noxus to teach me to bring him back...
Vayle: but I used his spirit to animate that undead and you DESTROYED HIM and THE SPIRITCRYSTAL!
Vayle: Now his spirit is gone... forever! It's all your fault!
Vayle: NO! YOU LIE! I LOVED my brother Edgar, and YOU destroyed him... I HATE you, Artix. I HATE YOU!!!
Vayle: Noxus was right. I should have destroyed you when I had the chance.
Vayle: I was holding back because of what happened when we were children, but that's over now...
Vayle: I will avenge my brother if it is the last think I do. You will pay... BOTH OF YOU WILL PAY!

Noxus Fumes

Vayle: Thank you for saving me Master Noxus, but my brother... I wish you could have saved him too.
Vayle: I wish I wasn't too late.
Vayle: !!!
Vayle: Master Noxus! I did it! I can feel him inside that crystal!
Vayle: It sounds... it sounds like he's in pain. Oh, how do we help him?!
Vayle: Do you promise? Do you promise that you can bring Edgar back?
Vayle: All these years... I TRUSTED YOU! YOU HAVE BEEN USING ME!!
Vayle: No more of your LIES, "Master" Noxus!
Vayle: <Character>, I can never forgive what you have done... there still may have been hope... but let me help you finish Noxus
Vayle: With all of our power combined, this slug cannot possibly stand against us.

Vayle: Save your thanks, <Character>. Noxus is defeated and the Necropolis is empty. That is enough for now.
Vayle: I will continue trying to find a way to save my brother. I still believe the key is in Necromancy.
Vayle: No, but Necromancy Univeristy has been here for centuries. Another master will come along and claim it.
Vayle: I know that you and Sepulchure both need the power of the Darkness Orb, so I know we will meet again.
Vayle: Just be ready for me. Next time that we meet it may not be as friends.
Vayle: Farewell, <Character>.


Vayle: YOU! What are YOU doing here?
Vayle: You don't belong here! Get out! Haven't you done enough?
Vayle: Well, you DID! You took my brother- my life, my only remaining family member- away from me!
Vayle: And nothing you or I can do will bring him BACK!
Vayle: I will NEVER forgive you!
Vayle: So just GET. OUT.
Vayle: Wh-what?
Vayle: I...
Vayle: But you TOOK HIM from me!
Vayle: But...
Vayle: Well...
Vayle: You DID help me destroy Noxus.
Vayle: All of my anger over my brother aside, I must admit that.
Vayle: He TRICKED me! He LIED to me!
Vayle: I owe you a debt for bringing him down.
Vayle: Then let me give you some information for free, <Character>.
Vayle: I received a letter the other day. It spoke about... the Darkness Orb.
Vayle: He knows about me. What I am. And he wants to USE me in return for letting me use him to get back at you.
Vayle: I won't lie, the offer was tempting. But you're only trying to help me.
Vayle: I can see that now.
Vayle: *SCREAM*
Vayle: Is there ANYONE who DOESN'T want to USE ME?!
Vayle: Does no one care what I want? Doesn't anyone care about ME?
Vayle: *(Quietly)* <Character>, all my life I have been used, one way or another.
Vayle: Everyone wants something from me. Even YOU.
Vayle: I thought that had ended when Noxus was slain.
Vayle: I am not going to just submit anymore, and I'll start with YOU!

Vayle: (weakly) They are the same thing!
Vayle: What? What? What are you talking about?
Vayle: Will someone tell me what is going on?!
Vayle: Oh, oh my.
Vayle: ...
Vayle: ... Never used, abused? Never hunted again for something I didn't realize I shouldn't want?
Vayle: Oh YES! Please, do what you need to.
Vayle: I feel... different. Not as strong. Shouldn't I feel a hole inside?
Vayle: I... I think...
Vayle: I think I will go back to the Necropolis. Open up a school there again.
Vayle: But this time, one for GOOD necromancy. One for HELPING the dead, instead of enslaving them.
Vayle: No more will I teach what Noxus taught me.

Vayle: I never really intended to accept the offer, as tempting as it was at the time.
Vayle: And now... it's writer can just do WITHOUT the Darkness Orb!
Vayle: But you might want to be careful, <Character>. If HE learns I am no longer attached to the Orb...
Vayle: He will come seeking it. And if he finds it, he'll find YOU!

The Necromancer of SiOO

Vayle: Sigh... Now what do you want, <Character>?

Pallors Plan

Vayle: Why are you here, <Character>? Why try and impersonate a forest creature to make it through the woods?
Vayle: I thought after out last meeting, when you took the Orb, that I was clear. I will not be used again.

Vayle: They have my wings?
Vayle: So you're working with someone who successfully aligned the moglins to the darkness realm without the Orb?

Vayle: And what about the entire Amethyst City that you've just put in danger? You could have just sent Thom...

Vayle: Do you honestly thing that I would just leave the City open to the surface without guards? Without a gatekeeper?
Vayle: What do you think that giant skull is? The Mayor?
Vayle: I have an entire City that I've been trying to protect...

Vayle: Sigh. And you've possibly led an entire army to my doorstep....

Frostval - Winged Darkness

Vayle: I refuse to submit to whatever dark plan this Queen wants me for. We'll fight together... for now.

Wicked Queen

Vayle: Enough. I will not wait for more of these winged creatures to attack what I've worked so long to protect.
Vayle: Whatever this Pallor wants me for... I'll refuse her to her face.

Vayle: I'm not going to sit and wait. I'm not going to run. I'm going to fight.
Vayle: We'll follow the fleeing mogkees and monsters back to her lair.

Vayle: Do you really need to ask, <Character>?
Vayle: Let's go.

Vayle: What do you want with me, you wicked witch?

Vayle: All that and more. You started a war with the Amethyst City, something I've worked hard to keep safe...
Vayle: I'll call you whatever I want. Witch.

Vayle: You want... my wings? You can buy magic wings from any half decent enchanter.

Vayle: You want my secret? My wings were "gifted" after I touched the Darkness Orb... and lived.

Vayle: ...
Vayle: Yeah, I was here too.

Vayle: I'll help you with the rest of the moglins. Then... I'm going to spend some time studying this "tome" that she found.
Vayle: And... thank you, <Character>.

Vayle: Oh, I know... and if anyone else threatens my City... I'll be prepared.

FrostVayle!, Act 23

Vayle: A few of the mogkees wished to remain touched by darkness. I'll need to spend some time with them... but they might wish to join you soon.

  • Talk
    Vayle: Your moglin friends are safe... for now.
    Vayle: You really should consider something, or some place... more secure for them though.
    Vayle: They've been through a lot since they've run into you....
    Vayle: I know how they feel.
    Vayle: Anyways... Merry Frostval, <Character>.

  • Mogkee Shop
    Vayle: A few mogkees have embraced the darkness, do you want to hire one?

    Kid Vayle Image
    Alternative Image

    Also See: Necromantress

    (The following are quotes from the design notes and newsletter about Vayle, compiling most of what we know for sure about her)


    (Hire Vayle to do it... she did a great job in the Inn in Falconreach)
    -Design Notes


    The mysterious and strange Lady Vayle has been a resident of Moonridge for many
    years. She has been whispered about in the corners of Moonridge for ages now. While
    normally aloof, she has been know to lend her great knowledge of magiscience to help
    sick children in the village and has donated gold to help rebuild after many of the
    undead invasions in town.

    No one knows where she came from or what she does. Did she come to Doomwood from a
    mysterious, far off land? Does she come from the lands to the west, where it's
    rumored Lord Frydae XIII used to vacation before his... conversion? Or is she a
    survivor of one the desolate, doomed towns in Doomwood that were overrun by undead?
    .. and why does she have wings?


    Lady Vayle, Necromantress
    Forlorn, haunted, and evil are the words used to describe this dark woman shrouded in mystery. How a woman of her young age would have acquired the knowledge and skills to raise an army of the undead is beyond comprehension. Necromancy is the art of Dark Magic which and is, for all purposes… Evil. In DragonFable, the Guardians from the scores of Guardian towers across the land have sought out to destroy all Necromancers. To the best of our knowledge, there are very few of their Masters still living. Which is why Vayle confounds us… openly flaunting her powers she is more powerful than any Master we have fought before. None who have set out to face her in combat has returned to tell us more. However, we do know what she looks like and the Guardian Lore Masters recall having seen those strange wings of hers before in an ancient book. Alas, that old book was stolen quite some time ago...
    -Design Notes

    Thanks to
    -- Roachbug for the frontal picture of Vayle.
    -- Stephen Nix for dialog and links.
    -- Peachii for dialogs and corrections.
    -- #13 for Kid Vayle image.
    -- Zyrain for alternative image.

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