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Green Mist, The

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5/23/2008 23:13:55   
Space is where I lie

The Green Mist

Location: The Necropolis -> Artix -> Quests -> Next Page -> The Green Mist
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Too Many Cooks
Release Date: May 23rd, 2008

Objective: *wavy flashback lines*
Objective completed: Now you know the mysterious connection between Lady Vayle and Artix. But How did Vayle survive the Green Mist? Where has she been all this time? Does Noxus have the darkness orb?... Is anyone still reading this?

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 785
Gold rewarded: 41

(5) Cave Mushroom
(1) Forest Tog
(5) Zombie Villager

Lady Celestia

Saw (All Versions)
Pitchfork (All Versions)
Bottle Blade (All Versions)

Undead Slayer Badge

Artix: Something has been bothering me, <Character>.
Artix: Noxus has built Sepulchure a massive army and I think I may know how. In order to explain I'll need to start from the beginning.

At the beginning of the quest you equip Kid Artix armor

Many years ago in Doomwood...

*Shows Young Artix chopping wood*

Artix's Voice: I grew up in a village here in Doomwood...
Artix's Voice: It was not very large, but it was large enough that I had never met Vayle before THAT day...
Artix's Voice: I was in the forest outside of town chopping wood when I heard someone calling for help...
Artix: *whew* Nearly done!

Help! Someone, please, help me! Brother....!

Artix: That is coming from the river! I AM COMING!
Artix's Voice: I ran to the river as fast as I could...

If you run upwards at the very beginning of the quest:
Message bubble pops up and says, "No... I ran to the RIVER as fast as I could."

*You see who appears to be Young Vayle stuck in the river*

Artix's Voice: I saw that someone... a little girl... had fallen into the river...
Artix's Voice: She was clinging onto a rock but the current was too strong for her...
Artix's Voice: I had to try and save her...
Artix: Try to hold on, I will go get help!

Help! I can't hold on! Please, help me!

Artix's Voice: Town was not too far but I knew that, by the time I returned, she would be gone...

*You see them trying to reach each other's hands*

Artix's Voice: I tried to reach her...
Artix's Voice: But I slipped...

*Artix slips and falls into the river*

Artix's Voice: The rest...
Artix's Voice: ..Is darkness.
Artix's Voice: Some time later I awoke to the sound of sobbing...

*cry cry, sniiifff*

*Artix raises his head*

Artix: *Cough splurt* Uhhh. What a ride...
Artix: Note to self.... next time, use a tree branch to reach the person in the river.

*sniiifff* You're alive!?

Artix: I... think so. How can I tell?

Yeah, you're *sob* alive

Artix: Ow, my head.. Where are we?

*She lowers her arm off her face*

I... Don't know.

Artix: The river must have washed us up in this cave... You are from my village, right?
Vayle: I'm Vayle. Yeah, I live in the village too... with my brother.
Artix: What about your parents?
Vayle: They're... dead. It's just me and my brother now.
Vayle: We look out for each other. He'll be worried if I don't come home before sunset.
Vayle: He's the strongest, bravest best brother ever. If he was here, he would know how to get us out of this cave. *sob*
Artix: Do not worry Vayle. My name is Artix...
Artix: I will get you back to your brother as soon as I can! I think I see a tunnel over there.
Artix: There is no need to be scared. Follow me, I will protect you!
Vayle: O..*sniff* Ok.

If you run left at the first screen when inside the cave:
You see a blue crystal, if clicked, message box pops up and says, "Do you want to use this and recover your HP/MP?"
Note: It is a one time heal.

Artix: I see light! It looks like we have made it out, Vayle!
Vayle: What's THAT light? It's... pulsing.
Artix: I do not think we should...

*Vayle walks toward the blue light*

Artix: Vayle... come back. We should leave!
Artix: Do not forget about your brother! He will be worried!

*Light flashes*

Artix: VAYLE! I am coming!

*Artix walks over to her*

Artix's Voice: I knew exactly where we were as soon as I saw the chamber...
Artix: This looks like... the old Guardian Tower. We should not be here!
Artix: Are you alright? What... what happened to you?
Vayle: I'm fine, I think. I just touched that orb...

*Artix lifts the orb up*

Artix's Voice: As I lifted the orb, I heard it talking to me...
Artix's Voice: It was whispering in my mind...
Artix's Voice: It said that I would have great strength and great power...
Artix's Voice: It said that I could increase that power a thousandfold, if I gave myself over to the darkness...
Artix's Voice: ...
Artix's Voice: There was a moment when I almost...
Artix's Voice: ...
Artix's Voice: ...But I did not.

*Artix lowers the orb to the ground*

Artix's Voice: Right then and there I decided to turn my back on the darkness forever...
Artix's Voice: That was when I decided to become a power of good!
Artix: I am leaving, Vayle.
Artix: This is a bad place and we should NOT be here. Come on.

*Artix walks away*
*Vayle is about to touch the orb again*

Artix's Voice: Once we got back to the village, things did not quite go as I expected...
Brother: VAYLE! I was so worried. What... are those WINGS? What... ??!!
Vayle: Brother, please don't be mad! I got lost and this boy found me.
Vayle: His name is Artix and he...
Brother: YOU! Somehow you did this to my little sister! You... stay away from her!
Artix: But... No... I....

*Green Mist rolls in*

Artix's Voice: That night I was still trying to find a way to explain things to Vayle's brother...
Artix's Voice: That is when the Green Mist rolled in...
Artix's Voice: Suddenly everyone in town was transformed into... zombies...
Artix's Voice: That night I lost everything and everyone that I ever knew...
Artix's Voice: ...
Artix's Voice: I had no choice. I had to fight my way out..

If you go left at first screen in town:
Message bubble pops up and says, "Actually... I think I left town, right about now."

*Shows a town burning with someone in the distance*

Artix's Voice: As I looked back at the village I thought I saw a person.... with wings...
Artix's Voice: but then, the figure was lost in the smoke...
Artix's Voice: I turned my back on the village and ran for my life ...
Artix's Voice: I knew nobody could survive that. I thought I was the only one who lived...

*Shows Artix lying on the ground*

Artix's Voice: I wandered in the woods for... I do not know how long...
Artix's Voice: Eventually I reached the end of my strength...
Artix's Voice: I thought that I was done for... then...

*Woman comes in and Artix lifts his head*

Lady Celestia: Hello there, young man...
Lady Celestia: ...Would you like some tea?

*Flashback ends*

Artix: She nursed me back to health and began training me to battle the forces of evil (but I had enough tea to last me a lifetime).
Artix: My contact with the orb had changed me.
Artix: I could now sense the presence of the undead, and I instinctually knew the best way to battle them.
Artix: A few years later I joined the paladin order as a paladin-in-training.
Artix: I put all thoughts of the village behind and looked forward to my new life.
Artix: Then, when I saw Vayle it all came back to me.
Artix: She and I were the only ones who survived that night... we were unchanged by the Green Mist.
Artix: She and I were the only ones who touched that orb...
Artix: I think that orb was the Elemental Orb of Darkness.
Artix: I do not know how but I think Noxus got his hands on it, and is using its power to help construct Sepulchure's army.
Artix: If I am right... stopping Noxus is more important than I first thought.
Artix: I am just glad that you are by my side <Character>.
Artix: Together, I KNOW that we can stop Noxus and the necromancers!

  • Complete Quest!

    Thanks to
  • weapon of choice for Kid Artix information and corrections.
  • Martin13 for links.
  • Jay for additional reward link.
  • Voodoo Master for dialogue.
  • Peachii for corrections.

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