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Lady Celestia / Priestess

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3/9/2007 15:59:46   

Lady Celestia / Priestess

Location: A Hero is Bored, The Black Dragon Box, Sunbreeze Grove (Book 1) -> Left, The Green Mist, Elemental Attack! - The Storm War, The Funeral, Diplomatic Mission, Rescue, A DragonLord Birthday!, Baby Steps, A Tale of Two Timelines, Snowy Forest, Dueling Timelines

Zones permitted
Armor Customization

Quests given
Dragon Modification
Dragon Elementization
Dragon Customization

Dragon Quests
The Long Walk
Flight Training
Baby Steps

Togzilla Attacks!
Aeris Dragon Tournament

The DragonLord Armor
Mad Skillz

Other Quests
The Chef
The Dishwasher
The Event Planner
The Waiter
The Mastermind
Titans of BattleOn!

Primal Dragon Skills
Primal Dragon Training

Shops owned
Dragon Chow Shop
DragonLord Artifacts

A Hero is Bored

Priestess: Please pardon us we are just passing through.

Priestess: Oh my. Who put this in the middle of the forest.

Priestess: Thank you for saving me brave <Class> Might I know the name of my hero?

Priestess: *sigh* Twilly...
Priestess: Alas, we are out of time. Good <class>. I must ask an important favor of thee.
Priestess: Would you please let Captain Rolith know that we're taking the shortcut? He's just ahead in Oaklore Keep.
Priestess: I am certain we will cross paths again.

Priestess: *sigh* Twilly.....

The Black Dragon Box

Lady Celestia: <Character>! We must protect the Black Dragon Box at all costs!

Lady Celestia: Thank you, I am grateful for the rescue. Alas, the box was taken by a sneevil while you were busy smack-talking.

Lady Celestia: Well, you were really on a roll. I didn't want to interrupt you.

Lady Celestia: You must recover the Black Dragon Box before it falls into the wrong hands.
Lady Celestia: Travel to the town of Falconreach and meet with Twilly. He has friends who will be able to help you find that Sneevil.

Lady Celestia: Well... if you are going after the box with Twilly, then... *thinks* ...I am going to teleport back home and have some tea.
Lady Celestia: Thank you. Bye!

Sunbreeze Grove
(before The Hatching or Dragon Hatching)

Lady Celestia: Greetings <Character>. It's good to see you again. Welcome to Sunbreeze Grove, my home.
Lady Celestia: Have you recovered the Black Dragon Box and customized your egg yet?
Lady Celestia: I see. Perhaps you should return to Falconreach and speak with Twilly.

Sunbreeze Grove
(after The Hatching or Dragon Hatching, before Sepulchure)

Lady Celestia: Greetings <Character>. It's good to see you again. Welcome to Sunbreeze Grove, my home and that of my apprentice, Elysia.

  • Talk
    Lady Celestia: Greetings, <Character>! Welcome to Sunbreeze Grove!

    Lady Celestia: In this place of peace, you can deepen your bond with your dragon, learning from each other and growing together.
    Lady Celestia: Although Elysia is still learning, she shows great promise. We are happy to assist with your dragon's growth and training.

    Lady Celestia: You'll do well, Elysia, I'm sure of it! You have so much potential. There is time for you to realize it.

  • Baby Dragon Quests & Training
    Lady Celestia: Though young, your dragon is very powerful. Still, they have much potential for growth.
    • Equip - equips Pet Dragon.
    • Train
    • Feed Dragon
    • Grow Dragon
      Lady Celestia: Your dragon is growing quite nicely, <Character>.
      Lady Celestia: They have grown in both strength and abilities. You have raised them well.
      Lady Celestia: If you can provide the gold required to pay for the necessary reagents, I can help it grow, using energy from your Dragon Amulet .
      Lady Celestia: This will permanently increase them in size, and will also allow you to load them not as a pet, but as a true friend, allowing you to equip another pet.

      Lady Celestia: 10,000 Gold for this one-time upgrade. Your dragon will also gain +100 stat points to train with.
    • Buy Food - opens Dragon Chow Shop.
    • Dragon Quests (DA Required)
      Lady Celestia: You and <Dragon> have much to learn together.
      • Equip - equips Pet Dragon.
      • Bonding
        Lady Celestia: Hello <Character>! It's very good to see you and <Dragon> again. I'm afraid to say that I need your help once again.
        Lady Celestia: An old friend of mine has a very important package for me. Unfortunately, he is a bit of a recluse.
        Lady Celestia: He lives in a cave far to the east and I cannot make the trip myself.
        Lady Celestia: Be SURE to tell him that I sent you and make it back with the package before nightfall.
        Lady Celestia: The walk will be nice and it will give you and <Dragon> a chance to do some real bonding.
        • Read: Your Dragon And You Basic Needs
        Lady Celestia: Have fun and be careful!
      • Flight Training
        Lady Celestia: It has been prophesized that you and <Dragon> will change the world. For the better or worse remains to be seen... but I have a good feeling.
        Lady Celestia: The path you two walk will be dangerous though.
        Lady Celestia: The more lithe and quick <Dragon> is, the better chance there is to succeed against whatever may come your way.
        • Read: Your Dragon And You In Flight
        Lady Celestia: Send <Dragon> into the woods to practice flying through the trees. Watch out for rogue elementals, my good friend Warlic has said they're grumpy.
      • Baby Steps
        Lady Celestia: It's time to see how well your dragon can handle the world on their own. It's important that <Dragon> knows they can avoid battle.
        Lady Celestia: We'll start slowly. Just stand to the side, <Character>, and direct <Dragon> to where you would like them to go.
        Lady Celestia: If your charisma and luck are high enough, your dragon should be easily directed and you can avoid almost all the forest creatures.
        Lady Celestia: You may have to battle any creatures <Dragon> runs into. Collect 5 plants and try to avoid as many creatures as you can.
  • Elementize
    Lady Celestia: I see that you've been taking good care of your dragon.
    Lady Celestia: I always had faith that you would succeed. Your dragon is very special, and so, it would seem, are you.
    Lady Celestia: Unlike most dragons, your dragon has the ability to shift their element at will.
    Lady Celestia: With your guidance, I'm sure you will be able to help <Dragon> choose the best element for the moment.

  • Launches Dragon Elementization.

  • DragonRider (Requires lvl 10+, DA Required)
    Lady Celestia: With the power of a Dragon Amulet, you can help your dragon channel their energy and become temporarily full grown!
    • Titanize! - equips DragonRider Armor; required for subsequent options.
    • Revert
    • Dragon Training (Requires lvl 10+)
      Lady Celestia: In order to battle effectively atop <Dragon> as a DragonRider, you will need to hone your skills together.
    • Dragon Arena (Requires lvl 10+) - begins Aeris Dragon Tournament quest.
    • Primal Dragon Training - requires Toddler Dragon.
      Lady Celestia: She's been driving herself to the point of exhaustion for this project!
      Lady Celestia: Her dedication to her studies shows true promise. I am proud of you, Elysia!

      Lady Celestia: Good luck, <Character>. I'll be watching the training, but I have complete faith in you, <Dragon>, and Elysia!
  • Customize
    Lady Celestia: As dragons grow, their appearance may change and adapt to their environment. Since your dragon is traveling and bonding with you...
    Lady Celestia: Your vision for your dragon will have a great influence on their appearance. And don't forget to give your dragon a proper name!

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
  • Launches Dragon Customization.
    • Customize!
      Lady Celestia: So that is the vision that you have for your dragon? Such interesting choices!
      Lady Celestia: Now, when you use your Dragon Amulet to unleash your dragon's full power...
      Lady Celestia: ...you will see that the bond between you has thus shaped the appearance of your dragon.
      Lady Celestia: If your vision of your dragon should change for whatever reason, you're welcome to return and I can help you focus.
      Lady Celestia: Cherish your bond with <Dragon>, as not every DragonLord is lucky enough to share in such a connection!
      Lady Celestia: I'm sure your journey together will be the stuff of legends. I can't wait to hear the tales!
    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    Lady Celestia: Ah, I see. Your bond with your baby dragon is strong but you lack the power of the Dragon Amulet.
    Lady Celestia: It allows you to speak the language dragonsó and how can you expect your dragon to learn their name if you don't speak their language?
    Lady Celestia: It also strengthens the bond between the two of you, so that you are able to shape this rare dragon's appearance.
    Lady Celestia: Without the Dragon Amulet, I'm afriad that you may only call them Draco, which means "Dragon"...
    Lady Celestia: ...and you will never be able to change their appearance.
    Lady Celestia: Since you are tied to the dragon by the threads of fate, they might, in rare cases, be able to unlock their own potential...
    Lady Celestia: But such instances may be quite rare indeed, and will ask much of little Draco.
    Lady Celestia: The Dragon Amulet would allow you to unlock their power at times when YOU need it, and not only when decreed by Destiny.

  • DragonLord (Requires lvl 8+, DA Required)
    Lady Celestia: The order of DragonLords keeps its secrets close, but I can help you learn their power. Use the armor well and fairly.
    • Unlock - begins The DragonLord Armor quest.
    • Equip - equips DragonLord class; required for certain options.
    • Train - begins Mad Skillz quest.
    • About
      Lady Celestia: With the power of a Dragon Amulet, DragonLords can channel the spirits of elemental dragons in battle to attack, defend, and even heal.
      Lady Celestia: DragonLord armor can be augmented with an Artifact such as Dragon's Patience or Dragon's Rage to increase your power.
      • Artifacts?
        Lady Celestia: Artifacts are special items that can enhance and change the way specific classes work.
        Lady Celestia: Equip an appropriate Artifact outside of battle, then try it out in battle to see what's changed. (Artifacts cannot be changed in battle.)
    • Unlock Armor Customizations - requires DragonLord to be equipped and fully trained.
      Lady Celestia: It has been some time since I first carried the Black Dragon Box through the forest outside of Oaklore Keep.
      Lady Celestia: You've become a formidable hero, well versed in your skills, <Class>. I am proud of all that you have done.
      Lady Celestia: In celebration of your efforts and growth, I can now unlock alternate appearances for your DragonLord Armor.
      Lady Celestia: Your time with the Dragon Amulet has made it possible for the armor to evolve, but it does require some expensive reagents.
      Lady Celestia: You can change your armor's appearance in the Armor Customization Room. There is also a portal in Falconreach that can take you there...
      • Color Custom 20,000 Gold - requires 20,000 Gold.
      • Evolved 20,000 Gold - requires 20,000 Gold and previous upgrade.
      • CC Evolved 20,000 Gold - requires 20,000 Gold and previous upgrade.
      • Armor Customization Room - teleports player to Armor Customization.
    • DragonLord Artifacts - opens DragonLord Artifacts shop.
  • Quests!
    Lady Celestia: Ah, <Character>, I have a few tasks which I think you can help me with.
    • Titans of Battleon! - begins Titans of BattleOn! quest.

    • Recipe For Disaster
      Lady Celestia: It has come to my attention that a group of enterprising dragons wish to come to Falconreach.
      Lady Celestia: They plan on starting a litte business venture and, well, we really should nip it in the bud.

      Lady Celestia: Yes, <Character>, they wish to set up a catering business in Falconreach.

      Lady Celestia: No, <Character>, you don't understand... they want to have you for dinner.

      Lady Celestia: No... they want to EAT you for dinner. Falconreach is such a hub for so many quests and wars that it attracts adventurers from all over.
      Lady Celestia: They want to start a new "Adventurer for Appetizers" program. You have to stop them!
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    The Long Walk

    Lady Celestia: Well, that is an exciting story! That old coot has needed someome to kick his butt for centuries, Hee hee!
    Lady Celestia: And you got my package to me before sunset! How wonderful! It's a very special blend of tea that is best served at dusk.

    Lady Celestia: Thank you so much for getting it for me! It may seem like a lot of trouble to go through for tea leaves but this is VERY GOOD TEA!

    Flight Training

    Lady Celestia: Your dragon will need plenty of combat practice! Take <Dragon> to the woods to practice!
  • Practice!

    Lady Celestia: Well done! <Dragon> is learning quickly!

    The Green Mist

    Lady Celestia: Hello there, young man...
    Lady Celestia: ...Would you like some tea?

    Elemental Attack! - The Storm War

    Lady Celestia: The elementals are advancing! If they reach the tower all of Falconreach will be destroyed!

    Lady Celestia: <Character>, thank goodness you're here!

    Lady Celestia: Nythera has foolishly called down the wrath of the Elemental Lords and we're about to pay the price.
    Lady Celestia: As the elements surround us, there will be no end to the waves. For each we destroy, another can be created.
    Lady Celestia: We must keep the front pushed back from Falconreach though!
    Lady Celestia: When the avatars of the Lords finally arrive, it will be at the front of the war and they will destroy anything in their path.
    Lady Celestia: If the front reaches Falconreach, it will be destroyed.

    The Funeral

    Lady Celestia: Warlic, my dear friend, without your help the dragon box would have most assuredly fallen into the wrong hands.

    Diplomatic Mission

    Lady Celestia: <Your Character>, the Avatars of the Elemental Lords have arrived. You put forth a valiant effort to defend Falconreach, in the end though, the waves of elementals were too much. The Avatars unleashed their wrath upon Falconreach and now all that stands is the Guardian Tower. The townspeople have sent up tents for now, and I have lent what little magic I have to make them appear as if they were home while inside. There are more pressing matter for you to attend to though, <Your Character>. The elemental waves has subsided as the Avatars are gathering their power for the coming battle with Nythera. We must try and head off a direct battle between them, otherwise we risk all of Lore facing the same fate as Falconreach. Go and see if you can talk to Avatars, make them see there has to be a better way then to answer a child's challenge.


    Lady Celestia: Nythera, you have no idea what you have done. Not only you have incurred the wrath of the Elemental Lords and called down their avatars upon Falconreach... you risk the destruction of Lore with each spell cast! You have no idea how Warlic' magic works! Not even he himself understood fully. If you overload on mana...
    Lady Celestia: Are you asking for my help, Nythera? If you're overloading you are going to need it.
    Lady Celestia: I'm fine, <Your Character>. I think it's time we take our leave though. Quickly, <Your Character>, we can escape on dragon back! Or, we'll have to fight our way out!

    A DragonLord Birthday!
    (before Sepulchure)

    Lady Celestia: <Character>, welcome to your birthday celebration! We've all gathered here in your honor!

    A Tale of Two Timelines

    Lady Celestia: What has happened?

    Lady Celestia: I am cold...

    Lady Celestia: Artix...
    Lady Celestia: You mean well... but the timelines are too different. Every moment, every breath here...
    Lady Celestia: I am not meant to spend any more Frostvals among the moglins in this timeline....

    Snowy Forest

    Lady Celestia: You must stop the merging madness, hero. I can only imagine the horrors, the agony, that await if our greatest enemies rise again.

    Lady Celestia: The coldness seeps through me....
    Lady Celestia: Once you've defeated the evils that have merged... We must use the wand to separate our timelines once again.
    Lady Celestia: Please hurry, the agony I feel will only drive those who were defeated in my timeline.

    Dueling Timelines

    Lady Celestia: The egg... I hope Elysia raised him well.

    Lady Celestia: It is time to go back, Artix.

    Other information
  • Lady Celestia's dialogue in Sunbreeze Grove (Book 1) has been modified during various releases; any retired content has been archived here.

    Priestess Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Voodoo Master for image, location link, and dialogues.
  • Peachii for Priestess appearance image.
  • latedog for Sunbreeze Grove dialogue.
  • Senomi for The Black Dragon Box dialogue.
  • Lord Darkovia for A Hero is Bored dialogue.
  • SlyCooperFan1 for DragonLord and Dragon Quests information.
  • Martin13 for a location update and The Green Mist dialogue.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf for the complete "The Storm War" dialogue.
  • Windy for dialogue.
  • Stephen Nix for dialogue and corrections.
  • Doomstalker for correction.

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