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San Robin

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5/25/2012 22:20:59   

San Robin

Location: Falconreach Inn, Interview, Aeris Battlespire (Book 3), Supervillain Showdown!, Edamlet, FwendQuest, Temple of the E-Damed, The Gouda-Grotto, A Lincoln Log to the past, The Legen-dairy Artifact, Feta Finale, The Felonious Five, A Boneheaded Brawl, Return of the Felonious Five, Transformative Thankstaking

Quests given
Temple of the E-Damed
The Gouda-Grotto
A Lincoln Log to the past
The Legen-dairy Artifact
Feta Finale

Shops owned
Falconreach Inn
Golden Prize
Robins Shop
Roblos Shop

Aeris Battlespire (Book 3)
Blade of Janus (Shop)

Falconreach Inn (Books 1 and 2)

San Robin: Holy Undeniably Cheesy, Roblos, a customer!

  • Talk
    San Robin: Holy... um... spelunking, Roblos! And stop calling me Robin.

    San Robin: *cough* SAN Robin, that is...

    San Robin: Dynamically!

    San Robin: You never know what will happen if the wrong person gets his hands on that information!

  • ...Cheese?
    San Robin: I don't understand the question.

    San Robin: Look, I'll tell you just like I told Roblos. I like cheese. Of all fruit it is by far the most nutritious.


    San Robin: OH YEAH?!

    San Robin: EVIL-DOER?! You started this!!!

  • Adventure!
    San Robin: I'm kinda hungry....

    Falconreach Inn (Book 3)

    San Robin: Holy Undeniably Cheesy, Roblos, a customer!

  • Talk
    San Robin: Holy... um... spelunking, Roblos! And stop calling me Robin.

    San Robin: *cough* SAN Robin, that is...

    San Robin: Dynamically!

    San Robin: You never know what will happen if the wrong person gets his hands on that information!

  • ...Cheese?
    San Robin: I don't understand the question.

    San Robin: Look, I'll tell you just like I told Roblos. I like cheese. Of all fruit it is by far the most nutritious.


    San Robin: OH YEAH?!

    San Robin: EVIL-DOER?! You started this!!!

  • Anything New?
    San Robin: It was delicious!

  • Batoro?
    San Robin: I hate that guy....

    San Robin: And sometimes us...

    San Robin: I really hate that guy...


    San Robin: It was! But since you're being a popular "Hero" now, I have to do it!

    San Robin: Well, with Batoro roaming around at night beating up criminals, Roblos and I, we didn't get as much gold from drops as we used to....
    San Robin: And then I found some delicious cheese in some shop.... aaand I maybe kinda definitely spent all our money again.

    San Robin: Yeah, I feel just as rotten as that time I ate that Carsu Marzu...

    Supervillain Showdown!

    San Robin: Are you ready to fight, <Character>?

    San Robin: The first villain in the line is Hel-X-e. She may seem like a harlequin but don't be mistaken. She's nimble, strong, and her poison isn't funny at ALL!

    San Robin: They're two mutated raven brothers named "Corvus" and "Oz"! They can heal themselves and steal your mana!

    San Robin: I still remember the first time Roblos and I had to fight the Ravens... *shivers* that will never be a good memory!

    San Robin: The next villain will be a tricky one!

    San Robin: The next villain is really Toxic...
    San Robin: Toxic Myra has evil in every (plant)fibre of her being.
    San Robin: She can control plants to poison you, I hope you have green thumbs because you're going to need them with this one!

    San Robin: You took them all down, <Character>! They're not done yet though... can you defeat them when more than one is attacking?


    San Robin: Oh <Character>, I'm glad you're here!

    San Robin: As you might know, tonight I will start my one-man show.

    San Robin: But sadly enough I've heard that some fiends will try to sabotage it.

    San Robin: I have no clue, those guys obviously don't have the briefined taste that's required to like my show.

    San Robin: So if you could please keep an eye on how things are going back-stage, I would be very grateful.

    San Robin: He's keeping an eye on the audience.

    San Robin: Sweet! Thank you!

    San Robin: To brie, or not to brie? That... is the question...!

    San Robin: Alas, poor Yorkshire, I knew him, Taleggio.

    San Robin: Havarti now!

    San Robin: Thank you! Thank you!

    San Robin: Fine! You're not worthy of my talent anyway!

    San Robin: That's it! Come here, you!

    Frostval (Chapter 10)


    San Robin: Cluck Cluckmooooooooo Cluck!

    San Robin: I'm trying to find the best way to get chickencow cheese... Right now I'm trying to talk to it.

    San Robin: Hmm... what if I shake it? Sorry, what did you say?

    San Robin: Definitely! My favorite must be briescream!

    San Robin: Can my chickencow come?

    San Robin: Ok! Let's go then!

    San Robin: Hey buddy!

    San Robin: Oh... ok.
    San Robin: You two have fun....

    San Robin: I do! Have you, by chance, ever had cheese before...?

    Temple of the E-Damed

    San Robin: I'd rather discuss this with you alone... Here, I'll mark on your map somewhere where we can talk.

    San Robin: <Character>! What a coincidence to see you here!

    San Robin: All those pesky details...

    San Robin: Right to the point then... I need you to get me an ancient item!

    San Robin: Wha-no... Nooo why would you think that?!

    San Robin: I see your point... but I promise it doesn't have anything to do with cheese.

    San Robin: I need this ancient artifact to have one of my weapons enhanced by someone.

    San Robin: Hmm... I thought you knew.

    San Robin: About my dark secret...

    San Robin: No, I'm afraid it's true... you see... I... I'm... mana-impaired. I can't use magic.

    San Robin: Because I... I'd rather not talk about it...

    San Robin: It's just at the end of these ruins. Good luck!

    The Gouda-Grotto

    San Robin: Oh, I was waiting for you, come in!

    San Robin: <Character>, What are you doing here? I thought my cheese of the month was arriving.

    San Robin: Really? Ask away!

    San Robin: Well "lied" is a big word, I prefer to call it "bending the truth a little".

    San Robin: Vurrmen? It can't be!

    San Robin: They returned...

    San Robin: It's a long story.

    San Robin: *sigh* Alright then... Years ago I needed some help gathering artifacts for enchantments and joined a...
    San Robin: ... treasure hunting clan who described themselves as "Cheese loving treasure hunters".

    San Robin: Exactly! Imagine my surprise when I found out they were mainly Vurrmen! I couldn't brie-lieve it!
    San Robin: After the first shock I still decided to join them, they were surprisingly intelligent and knew their way around ruins.
    San Robin: The first few months were great, we explored a lot of temples and found all sorts of strong artifacts.
    San Robin: I even designed those cheese blades they're wielding now.

    San Robin: But then they decided to not just explore abandoned temples... inhabited temples were next on their list.

    San Robin: I couldn't let that happen, I HATE bandits and pillagers.

    San Robin: In a way.

    San Robin: I took their weapons and collapsed the entrance to the cave they made their home.

    San Robin: They must've tried to re-make the design or perhaps they found some prototypes.

    San Robin: But the fact that they're back disturbs me... say, could you-

    San Robin: Not exactly what I was going to say, but it works.

    San Robin: They cleared the entrance, this isn't good at all!

    San Robin: Watch out for the boss though! "The big cheese" is a crafty creature.

    San Robin: I know you won't. Good luck, I know you will mascarpown them.

    A Lincoln Log to the past

    San Robin: Oh, you're back? I thought you were still at the Gouda-grotto.

    San Robin: How did it go?

    San Robin: That's gouda to hear!

    San Robin: Things? Like what?

    San Robin: I really don't like to talk about that...

    San Robin: But I think you have the right to know.

    San Robin: You see, I haven't always lived in Falconreach. I was orphaned at a very young age and was taken in by a group of traveling merchants.

    San Robin: Don't worry about it, my time with the merchants was great!
    San Robin: We were like one big family, the traders taught me how to barter and the smithy taught me the basics of blacksmithing.
    San Robin: We traveled all across Lore, I've seen many places, met many people.
    San Robin: I've sailed with people from Osprey Cove and had weapon training with the ninjas from the Shadow of the Wind Village.

    San Robin: You can say that! And it's kind of necessary when you have a magic problem like mine.

    San Robin: But all in all it wasn't a "normal" life, but I was happy.

    San Robin: It really was.
    San Robin: Until... The merchants... my family... we were attacked by bandits.

    San Robin: I fought as hard as I could, I managed to beat a bunch of bandits, but during the fight, a loose arrow knocked down a tree branch...
    San Robin: ... which landed on top of my head. I woke up in a nearby village, some villagers found me and my family.
    San Robin: They told me I was the only survivor.

    San Robin: The bandits must've thought I was dead... the only reason I survived is pure dumb "luck".

    San Robin: I was furious, but...
    San Robin: I realized I couldn't do much at that moment, so I decided to keep traveling around and train while keeping an eye on nearby bandit activity.
    San Robin: During my travels, I met Roblos... and we decided to train and fight crime together.

    San Robin: Yes... we don't always see eye to eye, but in the end he is my best friend.

    San Robin: I haven't managed to find them yet.

    San Robin: I appreciate that.

    San Robin: It's getting dark, we better get back to Falconreach.

    San Robin: But there's still tons during the day!

    The Legen-dairy Artifact

    San Robin: I know how to track down the bandits! Are you up for it?

    San Robin: <Character>! At last you're here!

    San Robin: I found a way to find the bandits!

    San Robin: I was reading a book I just bought, "Stinky Cheeses of Lore and Where to Find Them".
    San Robin: And it described a mythical cheese with a smell so strong, it will grant you visions of whatever your heart desires!

    San Robin: In a way! But don't you see?! I could find the bandits this way!

    San Robin: But we do! The book has pictures AND a map!

    San Robin: Not really.

    San Robin: The book describes that you will have to battle your way through the cave to find and battle the Wizard of the cheese!

    San Robin: The book also says the cheese will only grant visions to those who REALLY love cheese.

    San Robin: Let's see...
    San Robin: Hmmmmmm...
    San Robin: Ah, here it is! "Temporary loss of smell, taste and consciousness".

    San Robin: Right!

    San Robin: Oh, it's such an epic name! "The Camembert of Clairvoyance"!

    San Robin: We just follow the yellow brieck road.

    San Robin: *snicker*

    San Robin: Hey, a cheese pun is a cheese pun!

    San Robin: Humbolt travelers, looking for answers.

    San Robin: Are you the Guardian of the Camembert of Clairvoyance?

    San Robin: It's an honour to meet you, Bishop! My friend and I would like to make use of the Camembert.

    San Robin: <Character>!

    San Robin: How is this possible?! In one hit!?

    San Robin: Not... worthy?! This person is the worthiest I know! I WILL prove you wrong!

    San Robin: I- I challenge you to a pun off!

    San Robin: Try me! Cue the epic music!!!

    San Robin: Woo! Master of puns!

    San Robin: What was that?

    San Robin: Oh... kay...

    San Robin: Yup, I'm the pun master!

    San Robin: Ah!
    San Robin: <Character>! I know where the bandits are!

    San Robin: Will there be cheese?

    San Robin: Count me in!
    San Robin: But what did you mean by "help"?

    San Robin: Right! Let's go, <Character>!

    Feta Finale

    San Robin: It's time to bring those bandits to cheesy justice!

    San Robin: I did! Or... I saw one of them, but somehow KNEW where the place was.

    San Robin: Probably.

    San Robin: I've thought long and hard about it, but... I'll just turn them in so they can get their just punishment.

    San Robin: I have to follow the good guy code! This IS my revenge.

    San Robin: Well, we still have a way to go until we get to the bandits, so I guess I can tell you.

    San Robin: And that's how I beat the rabid Taleggio tog and earned the right to use the Camembert!

    San Robin: I challenged Bishop to a pun-off and won.

    San Robin: Whichever you like, both were edam epic!

    San Robin: Oh don't worry, there's stilltons of them left!

    San Robin: Hold!

    San Robin: Over there.

    San Robin: Guard Togs. And these probably aren't the only ones.

    San Robin: Sounds like a plan! Battle on, <Character>!

    San Robin: I'll say.

    San Robin: Nope, came across a lot of mercenaries and other creatures, but no bandits.

    San Robin: And yet I feel we're close.

    San Robin: Over there!

    San Robin: We finally found you!

    San Robin: I don't have the faintest clue.

    San Robin: I won't let you get away with this!

    San Robin: I- I don't know, I... think I need some time, would you mind bringing him to jail for me?

    San Robin: I think so... I'll be at my usual spot, if you could please meet me later?

    San Robin: Magic? Me?

    Thankstaking (Chapter 12)

    The Felonious Five

    ???: <Character>!!!
    San Robin: I've been looking for you. Rumors of a vile alliance of villains have reached my ears.
    San Robin: The dastardly Nix is definitely involved. I brie-live their alliance has gotten their hands on an unspeakably evil orb with lots of power.
    San Robin: I camembert the orb's exact powers, I sort of bleu through the text on it.

    San Robin: Well, I'll stay nearby. I want to be sure they don't cause any trouble.

    San Robin: So... That happened.

    San Robin: Didn't you say you thought you saw Sally?

    A Boneheaded Brawl

    San Robin: It's really REALLY old and very dangerous. The effect you saw today is one of its more elementary uses.
    San Robin: You'd cheddar make sure you get that orb.

    San Robin: Ancient. A weapon from a war an epoch ago.
    San Robin: I brie-live I remember a reference to... Exalted, and Elementals. It's really fuzzy.

    San Robin: Probably a good idea if you don't touch it directly. Wrap a cloak around it first, or something.

    San Robin: No. We'll have to make sure we find it.

    San Robin: Agreed. Let's head back.

    San Robin: What's that sound?!

    Thankstaking (Chapter 13)

    Return of the Felonious Five

    San Robin: <Character>!

    San Robin: Oh? What makes you say that?

    San Robin: Good point. I'll scout around town. Shouldn't be too hard to find any signs of sentient food invading, right?

    San Robin: Doesn't it?

    San Robin: That... can't be gouda.

    San Robin: Ash, Aria, the villagers have all been transformed into Turducken!

    San Robin: Me too! I'll take care of South Falconreach. You can gather the ones running around on the north side of town, <Character>!

    San Robin: Sure did! Are you ready to turn them all back, Ruby, Twilly?

    San Robin: <Character>, why would you ever say something like that?!

    Transformative Thankstaking

    San Robin: Quack?!

    San Robin: Quack quack?

    San Robin: Quack!

    Appearance without cape
    Young Appearance (10 years before Book 1)
    Empowered Appearance
    Thankstaking 2018 Appearance

    Also See: San Robin (forum user)

    Thanks to
  • DemonicDarkwraith for image, without cape image, Younger appearance image, Empowered appearance image, and corrections.
  • Niki for corrections.
  • San Robin for additional dialogue.
  • Themis for Thankstaking 2018 appearance image.

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